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Books that refute Fascism?

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Just watch Rick and Morty. I think it contains the greatest refutation of fascism in history.

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The IKEA catalog

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Much like communism, fascism's inability to compete with a neoliberal capitalist society is refutation enough.

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Okay now this is based

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The Doctrine of Fascism
Mein Kampf

Basically this
Liberal Democracy proved itself to be stronger, therefore better. Although the rise of both systems left important contributions to it.

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>stronger is better
Sounds like fascism to me

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>neoliberal capitalist society
you mean the post holocaustic industrial meat packing technocratic despotism engineered by the nazi scientists smuggled by CIA operation paper clip, the RAND Corporation and Social Science research divisions of MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, or UChicago funded by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations?

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Why? Whats the point its a dead ideology that history dabbed on hard and the next generations are so absolutely on board with leftism and liberalism its gone pretty much for good.

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>Whats the point of a history that stretches back to the Neolithic age and that continues to my retarded rant on 4bans

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>completely ignoring the geopolitical considerations surrounding the failure of those systems

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Based Kantbot

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>implying nazi scientists were still nazis while employed by neoliberals

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>implying nazi scientists were ever naziscientists.jpg

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I love him so much

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Fascism is retarded on its own terms. If life is a spiritual battle between lesser and higher races, and that the only true morality is whatever is best for the volk, then the Nazis were degenerated modernists who got butt raped by the superior races of the Anglo-Saxon, the Jew, and the Russian. According to fascist thought, the allies should have turned every German city into Dresden. Anything less would have been jewish morality.

Somebody likes Kantbot

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>implying they weren't

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>I don't know what fascism is but boy I sure hate it: the post

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Consider the geopolitical context of the thriumph of liberalism.

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Consider the geopolitical context of the triumph of liberalism

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Welcome to Making Sense 101. Let us take this horrible example

>Fascism is retarded on its own terms.
Ok can’t wait to hear how they make sense of this!
>If life is a spiritual battle between lesser and higher races,
not exactly fascism but ok
>and that the only true morality is whatever is best for the volk
the true political obligation but go ahead
>then the Nazis were degenerated modernists
here we go!
>who got butt raped
oh geez
>by the superior races of the Anglo-Saxon, the Jew, and the Russian.
so fascism does work?
>According to fascist thought, the allies should have turned every German city into Dresden. Anything less would have been jewish morality.
Let us all marvel at this genuine and sincere piece of cringe

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>implying you have any idea what you’re talking about

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>Fascism is retarded on its own terms
No it’s retarded on your terms, or your terms are what’s regarded, or what is the same, you are retarded.

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Just watch this guy

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>imagine taking advice from a self assumed cuckold.

No thank you.

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Not an argument. Not that you would have any lol

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Why do you hate your father anon?
Did he not breath life into you?
Did he not give you that voice to speak, that sound to hear, that sight to see?
What makes you hate yourself so?

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How did he refute it?

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First off, you're an idiot because your image falls for the fascism = nazism fallacy. The intellectual father of fascism was mussolini and Italian fascism was never antisemitic. At any rate, read A. James Gregor and Stanley G. Payne and Roger Griffin.

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Prove it.

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The reason this guy "wins" so much is he either
a. reels in people by promise of just a discussion then when the stream actually happens, he suddenly starts a debate. leaving people unprepared.
b. He chooses people known for sucking at debating
c. Constantly misconstrues the other person's argument, talking over them, interrupting them.

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>Literally couldn't even finish college
>in a Music degree


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Already did

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He shows how fascists don't understand their own ideology and how they have a system that isn’t feasible in any possible way and shows all the contradictions in the ideology. Along with this he shows that fascists have no understanding of any kind about statistics, economics, science etc. Not unlike flat earthers

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That's a fallacy.

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he pwned striker

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Show me an example where this happened

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That's a big cope to get around the fact that fascists cant answer basic questions about their ideology. If we say he talks fast that means the debate is nullified and all the stuff the retarded fascist says doesn't mean anything.

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why is it SO rare for antifascists to lift weights? it seems almost universal that they are out of shape.

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Literally who.

That's all he does. "Debating" literal "WHOOOS". The guy's not even pseud material.

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Prove it

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Make me, bitch.

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Evropa shall rise.

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I'm going to get flak for mentioning it but a. and c. happened in the jontron "debate". The original video was named A Conversation with Jontron before he renamed it. As for b. Striker is known for sucking at debating. There are plenty of other examples.

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We don't need to because we already have this guy ready to fight anyone at the protests.

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>Just watch this guy

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history book

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Literally just do 5 pullups between sections of Marx or whatever.

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This guy claims to be about stats and science, until he is confronted with the stats and science proving the inferiority of black people. Then he starts backtracking and making all sorts of excuses, trying to make out as if it is all "due to sociohistoric factors" and "racism". He had an encounter with Alternative Hypothesis (some far-right genetic determinist on YouTube with a faggy voice), who presented him clear evidence on black inferiority, and Destiny refused to engage, concluding, "I'm pretty confident in my physics knowledge, but I wouldn't debate the world's smartest flat-earther." In other words, he has already taken as an a-priori assumption that all races are equal, and any evidence to the contrary he dismisses as being comparable to flat-earth theory.
The funniest thing is that in the face of all this he still tries to act like some disinterested 'egoist' who cannot be moved by ideology, even though his ideology precludes him from accepting what should be a very obvious fact: niggers are inferior.

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I don't remember the debate since it's like 6 years old but you need to give me examples. The people who say that type of the stuff are the people who are trying to get out of admitting they lost. No one would ever admit they lost it's easier to say the guy committed fallacies. Usually you can put the entire conversation in logical form and show there was nothing wrong.

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There’s a point where you just have to ignore fascists because their arguments are irrational

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One that was in 2016 and he isn't wrong. You would lose to the smartest flat earther too. Don't deny it. His argument during the debate was that he has Alt hype didn't have the consensus of the scientific community and that he (destiny) couldn't debate because he doesn't have the information. That's not losing.

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The video is on youtube. You can just look it up. There are plenty of videos about the topic.

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You can't just say someone commits fallacies and then not point out where. If you don't have any examples why would you even post it.

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He literally just did point out where retard what are you even talking about.

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I did point it out to you. The youtube video. I'm not going to waste 2 hours rewatching it just to pinpoint the exact things when you can just watch the video yourself.

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It's a 3 hour conversation. That's not pointing out where. It's saying someone makes fallacies and then just stating the name of their 800 page book like that proves something lol. You actually have to show where the fallacies are committed.

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Italian - English dictionary say a fasces is a faggot

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>I haven't watched any of his videos and I'm not going to because I don't want to be wrong
Why are you even sucking this guy's dick then?

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Destiny can only harp on consensus because his brand of liberal ideology dominates the cultural sphere in our part of the world right now. 100 years ago the scientific consensus was that blacks are inferior. The scientific consensus in other countries like China is that blacks are inferior. To mindlessly grovel in front of higher education institutions like Destiny does is not how you're supposed to approach science or thought in general.

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>Kant does nothing but commit fallacies
>Any examples
>Here is the entire Critique of Pure Reason
This is your brain on fascism

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the bible

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Nice flat earther rhetoric. I wish you guys could be self aware.

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I'm not going to do research that you can do on your own. Why do you refuse to watch the video?

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>Fukuyama is right about everything and you can't prove me wrong
>He's pretty wrong in The End of History and The Last Man
>I've never read that, please explain it to me

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Interesting how long 1 book has been link unironically. Goes to show who controls things.

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>Kant does nothing but commit fallacies
>Any examples
>Here is the entire Critique of Pure Reason
>I have read it where are the fallacies?
>I'm not gonna do the research for you if you can't even read the book.
You have to be baiting

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How could anyone look in that man's eyes and value anything he has to say about life?

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Yeah and Hitler was wrong in Mein Kampf. I don't have to give any examples why I'm just gonna say the name and that's enough.

>> No.16083305

>Fukuyama is right about everything and you can't prove me wrong
>He's pretty wrong in The End of History and The Last Man
>I've never read that, please explain it to me

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Why can't I use this same logic to disprove every possible book in existence? Just by stating the name I automatically win the argument and don't have to give any reasoning?

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>soifaggot constantly shouts over his opponent in this video and he changed the name after posting it indicating it was meant to be a discusson
>durrr dats like saying dis book is wrong and not esplainin y durrrr

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Also your committing only fallacies. I'm not gonna provide any examples and tell you where though just read the thread :)

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I did the first part for you guys. It isn't that long

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what a tedious debate this is. politicfags are so boring, on all sides, if you debate about politics just please go burn in hell.

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It's not even politics, it's retards sucking this manchild's dick and then other retards calling him bad at debating and giving no evidence. Everyone involved is definitely boring and cringe though.

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He won't because there are no fallacies lol. It's just a cope to get out of having to admit that fascists lose. It's nullified because fallacy even though I can't point any fallacies.

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Why did he first post the video as a discussion then?

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becoming pickle

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You guys are baiting or you are showing everyone how low iq fascists are. Do you really not understand what I'm saying?

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This video has nothing to do with fascism

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I'm literally a Marxist, my dislike of this scrawny faggot has nothing to do with him being the millionth person on earth to make striker look retarded. I want to hear you explain why he posted a video of him yelling at Jontron titled as a discussion and then renamed it afterwards.

>> No.16083418

I don't know why. Why does it matter?

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>I'm literally a Marxist
Also that's why you hate him lol. He btfos all your Marxist buddies too. Vaush was the only one who beat him and it was with socdem tier arguments.

>> No.16083442

I think it matters that he's framing it as a discussion to everyone and clearly he was not treating it as such. I mean this thread is case and point, people use it as evidence that he's such a great debater when there was clearly a disparity in motive between the two guys going into this. If I invite you to my house to have a polite discussion but then when you get here I start yelling at you with all of my sources already pulled up, you're going to look like a retard regardless of what we're arguing over.

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>100 years ago the scientific consensus was that blacks are inferior.
nice head canon.

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That's because Vaush pulls the same scheme that he does. Anybody who thinks either of those guys is some master debater is a retard.

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A history of the last century and the abject failure of fascism during that time. Liberalism must come to an end from something that goes beyond the roots of enlightenment humanism (which communism is a re-examination and reiteration on different terms of, while fascism was a reaction to that “humanism”) and forms a new way of looking at the world, that will likely be materialistic (unlike fascism) but not atheistic (unlike communism), it will arise in our lifetimes but not for decades yet.

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We haven't had enough of a crisis yet. The masses need to be entirely turned away from liberal democracy in order for the Enlightenment to finally die.

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What are you talking about. You can put their arguments into logical form and it works fine.

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That doesn't invalidate anything said during the debate which is the he showed himself to be a racist fascist who couldn't defend his be

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not my diary desu

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Destiny doesnt even really argue properly. What I notice is that he often talks very quickly to seem smart but also overwhelm his opponent. What he does essentially at a low level is badger weak people and then back them into a corner by forcing them to admit to fallacies in their own arguement that destiny creates by getting them to make false admissions by carefully manipulating and leading their view point.

It goes something like okay well you Support Trump, I support Trump because hes anti-abortion okay well did you know that Trump is increasing the Fema act and power of the intel agencies creating thus creating concentration camps, Yes well not entirely I...So by admitting that it means you are pro Nazi HEY LOOK EVERYONE THIS GUY IS A NAZI I WON ARGUEMENT.

Basically what Destiny does is lead people into selective cognitive traps where he cherry picks their ideas and throws them back at them forcing them to admit to misinterpreations of their own statements forcing them to look stupid. Basically what desiny does is selectively manipulate information very quckly.

He does not argue very well hes more of just a talkative bully who badgers people who dont have experience in dealing with his shit and from my experience dealing with these people is that they are extremely narcissistic and see nothing wrong in their method.

I wouldnt be surprised if Destiny was a jew.

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Just look into basically any universities book syllabus. Do retards really need to be spoonfed this? Makes sense for fashie retards to ask since its generally obscure shit they would need to be looking for

>> No.16083710

You are wrong though because he literally tells the person that he is debating that he could stop at any time if they don't understand something. He goes point by point and restates his position if the person asks. He also asks his opponent if he gave a respectable overview of their opinion. You can see this in the first 10 minutes of the second Fuentes debates where he asks him if it is. Bring up any example and we can put it into logical form and show that there is no wrong doing.

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There are none. Stupid white people were just fooled into hating fascism by the Jewish press. Minorities obviously hate fascism because it goes against their interests. It is obvious that the quality of life of anyone will be higher in a homogeneous, fascist society.

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Ride the Tiger - Julius Evola
A Traditionalist Confronts Fascism - Julous Evola
Fascism Viewed from the Right - Julius Evola

>> No.16084765

You can buy mein kampf at barnes and noble lmao it's a totally impotent ideology

>> No.16084773

How do these guys deal with 'race realists'? I mean it is honestly extremely hard for the antiracist to win that argument if the racist guy knows even slightly what he's talking about. Do they just refuse to debate those people?

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None exist.

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>points make actual sense
>reasons given by opponent cant be refuted logically
>hurrr im going to ignore you
>nothing you say will change my mind
Quite funny how lefty acts like dumb religious people when "what they believe in" comes under scrutiny.

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Friedrich Hayek - The Road to Serfdom

>> No.16086046

Who's the dumbfuck who keeps posting youtube videos on a literature board? Go back.

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>inability to compete
compete for what? a good economy? progress?
Not everyone is a braindead consoomer, some people are about things that actually matter.

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Belief systems cannot be refuted.

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I honestly believe the strongest should rule.
Yes. By whatever that will mean in given scenario.
Much like olden times. Leaders were descended in some shape or another by the strongest who gave the weak the chance to grow.
Only after the weak outnumber the strong by much more does society seem to decline.
Under no circumstance does this mean people cant rule themselves.
They cant rule each other and one another without failing sooner or later.
I have tried to figure out how a government could work long term and pass on its values without decline/decay.
Going through the history of the roman empire and victorian Europe does one see that almost everything was tried. And it all failed.
Fascism was starting to crack well before the end. I don't think it would have led to cliques just by the very nature of Nationalism. The whole goal was to make the world belong to the "strong" the "aryan". Had they succeeded what would have become of them? No other race or religion would have persisted past the purging.
The strong would have effectively purged all who could have ever opposed them.
They most likely would have accented only to fall without enlightening themselves. On Humanism and Romanticism. We now have the ability to see why is was wrong for the world to be this way. We absolutely have the ability to live in a utopia but the few and the many rage against it through pretext. We all know the end goal is to wipe out the people group know as "white". Its the only race to persist throughout history through failure and rise above again and again. China was close. Succumbed because they failed the victorian age enlightenment. Currently white countries are failing is similar ways. Being so blind and forced self guilt. For sins non of them even commited.
I believe the cracks in Nazi germany were only because their was no clear succession. It was very much a military junta if Hitler were to die. The one being the most successful would have lead. That was the issue. Clear lines of succession would have sealed many cracks in the Nazi state. That and not losing.

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AoT fans are fucking retarded, fuck off underage fag

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low iq post

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Both Communists and Fascists fought each other and Liberals won the wars, kek.
Liberals played 4D chess with fashies and commies.

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Yep you're right, fags are trying to cope by saying he talks fast or whatever he is a very based e celeb

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>loses a debate vs a literal faggot who has a black boyfriend

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This is quite possibly one of the worst threads in the history of /lit/, and it shocks me that you lot are the kind of people that post on this board. I'm sure a few of you are adept in other departments of philosophy but nearly every post itt is drivelous and trite. It is so obvious that the majority of you have never read anything that supports or refutes your political stance and lack the intellectual rigor to construct your own arguments; if you are the type of people that fascism, anti factism/communism, and neoliberal capitalism attracts than it is to my chagrin that I recognize we, as a species, are doomed to perpetual servitude

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Look my faggots le enlightenment subhuman pussy with no opinions is here

>> No.16087093

What is my opinion worth if it utilizes this thread as a vessel for its actualization? You, who gossip about youtubers whilst discussing ideologies you've never studied and a history that you've never read, would spit on intellectual discussion the moment it deviates from your preconceived worldview. There is nothing more pathetic than capitalists pretending to be fascists, communists, and equitable/meritocratic. Economic/social liberalization and its consequences have pillaged and murdered our once noble continent and yet you, who remain either economically or socially liberal, fight over who is to rule its ashes

>> No.16087107

Anything published by Noseberg & Co
For pre-Fascist books, make sure to read the hundred page introduction about how it's actually anti-fascist

>> No.16087116

Liberal capitalism absolutely mogs it in all other measures of quality as well.

>> No.16087122

Then go kill yourself retard

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Gravity's Rainbow

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how can a continent be noble?

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read it

>> No.16087178

not that anon but now that I think about his reply I agree with him.
But a stupid fucking ameri can't possibly get it. Even the people from continent have some vague bullshit past romanticism about it's nobility because a*glos and native elite raped it beyond repair.

>> No.16087184

you didn't answer my question

>> No.16087224

What is Fascism really? Isn't it just basically hyper-pragmatism, bereft of any humanitarianism? It only appropriates other ideologies when they serve a pragmatic purpuse.
It seems like Fascism is less an ideology and more a type of movement within politics, i.e. something comparable to flow regimes in fluid dynamics for example. Fascism could perhaps be describes as a sort of laminar flow.
It is the political process of clawing your way to fortune and power, using hyper-pragmatic means; Fascism is only characteristically violent insofar as violence is so often the the most pragmatic solution. Once it has clawed its way to power it stagnates into a specific ideology or dissolves, therefore Fascism only exists as movement and not a fixed ideology.

>> No.16087229

If you want to understand pure Fascism read Sorel's Reflections on Violence

>> No.16087241

>n-no, that's not TRUE fascism.

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Compete for existence brainlet
Also fascism will rise again and all the soiboy pseuds in this thread will get the rope.

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looks like it's terminal, oh well.

>> No.16088556

>That doesn't invalidate this thing that you just invalidated now let me repeat myself without addressing anything you've said

>> No.16088564

What did he mean by this?

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None that I know of, at least none that are ableto make a convincing argument. Most use strawmen, ad hom, or just start shouting "MUH SHOAH" as their main talking points.

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>Just watch this guy
THIS guy?

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nobody gives a fuck about chapo fag house

>> No.16088817

Mussolini called himself a Socialist until the bitter end, retarded pic

>> No.16088841

Why does it look like he's about to be autopsied? Fucking awful nude

>> No.16088911

>who presented him clear evidence on black inferiority
I feel like you're just false-flagging.

>> No.16088929

based and fayerabendpilled

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