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If Odysseus is so adept at making entire stories up on the spot (i.e. the tale he told the swineherd as a beggar), could the events during his journey like the cyclops island and Scylla/Charybdis be lies he told to gain sympathy from King Alcinous and the other Phoenicians?

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who cares, nerd.

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Could be.

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Yes. Could very well be.
All of it though, is a lie told by Homer and other poets.

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No it all happened, the Illiad and the Odyssey are all unironically non-fiction accounts of history brainlets

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i thought this was implied

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>fiction is fictional
no way

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Who are you butterfly? Is it true you are a tranny? What do you stand for?

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My personal headcanon is that Athena /ss/'d the shit out of Odysseus' son.

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