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Where do I start with this bad boy?

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youtube is where you start and end with him.

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But he says he like writing not talking

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most of that is just taken from his books with a few words changed so not sure why people keep posting it like it's some epic shit

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holy based

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I dunno, anon. He writes about a lot of different stuff. There is a chart on warosu, dunno if it is legit though.

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I started with in defense of lost causes

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I know it's wrong but I can't take him seriously when he's spitting and slobbering all over the place and touching his face. I need to read what he's saying so I don't have to listen to him.

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With the sublime object of ideology, or if you actually mean where do you start with philosophy than you should watch both perverts guide movies in reverse order than start with the Greeks, or because your probably an zoomer and not that patient you can read a history of philosophy than Kant then Spinoza than Hegel than maybe some of Zizeks easier stuff

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no one deserves to read kant and hegel

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Oh come on none of his shit is hard to grasp

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pretty spot on impression, bar the last sentence.

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Don’t start with supreme object, start with his introductions to Lacan, then read Mapping Ideology. Much easier reads. Zizek can range from dense academic to not to hard to read. I don’t have any pics on my phone so here’s a guitar amp I just bought

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"entertaining process of alienation" absolutely reads like Zizek

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Yeah man

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daily reminder that this has not been refuted

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Just start with Community Season 1.

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He's' just a watered down Stalinist trying to infiltrate mainstream discourse with maymays targetted at weak libs, so start with Stalin.

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I've heard very good things about Santiago Castro-Gomez' book on Zizek as a no-bollocks way to understand his thinking and contributions to cultural theory (only in Spanish AFAIK)

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