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Books about the absolute decay of civilization? Pic related.

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what? your simple brain cant understand Beyonce or Jay-Z? U mad?

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>Napoleon crowning himself
>Egotist imperialist.
>Capitalists defeat him and continue their mad cash grab
>EU elites import cheap labour to help bankrupt the social-democracy reformist capitalists
What are you even talking about, Spengler boy? Do you hate capitalism as much as I do? Or is their skin and sex that bothers you?

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How about books on the absolute decay of /lit/?

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I respect you a lot on an intelectual sense, but please stay away of politics.

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Yeah, I would say Napoleon incarnates the decay of civilization as well.

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No. It’s my specialty. Why are you against peace and freedom?

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What if we move beyond the concept of civilization?

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Napoleon did good things for France.
>Metric System
>Napoleonic Code
>Got rid of an expensive colony that wasn't producing much for France and would've been lost to a costly war.
>Concordat of 1801
There's much more but to say he was an egotist imperialist just undermines his civil achievements.

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No such things.

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>fuck your royal blood bullshit, im going to crown myself emperor and theres nothing you can do about it
>fucks shit up despite all of Europe teaming up against him
sounds based to me

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That's Napoleon crowning Josephine.

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Some tyrants can make good things, wasn’t judging in my greentext. Just asking what the OP meant. I’m more against imperialism than his ego, that is his most interesting feature.
Poor Haiti is still supposed to pay France I was told somewhere

Ah, thank you.

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You understand nothing about society or the underlying conditions that cause that shit pic.

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None of your implications have any coherence with the questions you did at the end of your post. Which means you found excuses to defend this stupidity. Why? Which means you just made the first excuse that popped into your head to try and defend this crap. Why? If you have any self-respect just admit it's wrong.

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>decay of civilization
what's your point?

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I am asking a question. Where’s the answer?
What decay? I see decay, but in that picture? Not so much.
Perhaps more importantly, what civilization? When or where have we ever had Such a things?

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>What decay? I see decay, but in that picture? Not so much.
That's maybe because your moral compass is rotten for consuming too much marxist propaganda and is destroying your brain.

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Capitalism has not been kind to you, huh? What’s the source of your hate?

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I think the act of making Haiti pay wasn't unfair. Haiti's stunted growth can be better attributed to the USA's reluctance to help the new government out. The sum to be paid was unfair though.

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>Poor Haiti
Poor for what? They it had all coming.

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My morality is of a higher pure source than yours.

I have one life to live and it made a fool of me and causes nothing but suffering, but I want it to end for pragmatic reasons as I want life, human, and all other earthlings, to thrive, not wink out in the dark cold night.

Capitalism is as much to blame as racism

Fuck you degenerate

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i would read buttercunts diary desoo

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why does anyone still entertain butters with the (you)s it craves?

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my heart has been forever branded with the mark of the beast.
she tugs at my heart strings. i am foolishly drawn to her like moth to a flame.
>ywn cradle buttercunt in your arms, listening to her life story, as you try to waddle your penis into her vagina
>"can you actually just listen to me, for once, instead of just trying to fuck me?"
>"gomenasai, no speak engrish"

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How could you be an anarchist and believe in morality.
Your morality is anti-morality.
Morality doesn't stem from all individually it's comes from the highest portions of society downwards.
God you are fucking dumb.

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That thing had it's mind ruined by liberation styled anarchism and perhaps too much neo-Marxism. That kind of ideology can only survive as a leech upon something like capitalism. Funny enough without capitalism it's ideas would collapse.

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>Capitalism is as much to blame as racism
Haiti had rich land and some plantations that made it to the other end of the revolution. If they were able to find trading partners, they would've become a huge agricultural industry. The racism and anger of their lost slave economy that many European countries felt made this process 100x more difficult.

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Why frumpy black chicks in front of my kino painting

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>they would've become a huge agricultural industry
they wouldn't and didn't because the people there are astonishingly retarded.

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Vanity of vanities

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Raised a Christian conservative. My early life was terribly stunted and wasted. We’re all just wage slave fodder for the machine. Yes the global system of capitalism is the cause of all that is wrong with the world.

It’s called a conversation.

What a dumb post. Read some theory already.

Capitalism is the leech. Without it the world would be damn near paradise. Oh, but you’d rather wait till the extinction event.

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nigger culture is essentially "dat money dough" isnt it

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i dont actually care about the so called suffering and ills of the greater world
im only interested in your life story
would you attribute your stunted and wasted early life due to being raised a christain conservative? what kind of time frame are we speaking of when you say early life. toddler buttercunt? teen buttercunt? 0-18 buttercunt?

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What is this from?

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Here is the video. I now see what the Butterfly was talking about. There was a scene, with a painting of essentially nationalist sentiment, while in front where the dancing negroes singing about..

"Gimme my check, put some respeck on my check
Or pay me in equity, pay me in equity
Or watch me reverse out the debt (skrrt)
He got a bad bitch, bad bitch
We livin' lavish, lavish
I got expensive fabrics
I got expensive habits
He wanna go with me (go with me)
He like to roll the weed (roll the weed)
He wanna be with me (be with me)
He wanna give me that vitamin D (D!)
Ice ornaments, icy style tournaments (woo)
You ain't on to this (no)
Don't think they on to this (no)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Bought him a jet
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Shut down Colette
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Phillippe Patek
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Get off my dick (uh, hey)"

yes it is you fucking nigger lover

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They very much could. You don't need a smart population to create a competitive economy or industry. Foreign governments kept installing different autocrats to maximize profits and kept the money away from the local economy.

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Yes, I am mad. Post your address.

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935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in DC. Go for it you lil bitch.

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I'm on my way. Prepare you butt, faggot. I'm going in, no lube.

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>Bourgeoisie art.
>nigger lover
Wrong board, pig.

Up until I found my way out of those thought tunnels. Embarrassingly late in life.

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you're bottom. no take backsies.

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I am also a dumb fucking cunt.

Please rape my face

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>I respect you
You have already fucked up and the damage may be irreparable

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how late are we talking about. also, what's so bad about a conservative christian upbringing? because of the lesbian thing?

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This shit is fucking disgusting. Jesus Christ.

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that being the case, it seems the most natural course of action that he would ask for literature about the subject

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Honestly a baller music video idc

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they had a single cash crop export economy, their entire economy would have been in thrall of the price of one single commodity

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cause ur a dumb niggety nog

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Nah I just like the idea of shaking things up re academic art. It's so rigid (and outside the few greats, pretty boring)

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That's just like your opinion, man.

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>tripfag calling others pigs

That's rich.

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>lesbian anarchist tripfag calling others a degenerate

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Fuck the French, they deserved it.

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holy shit i had no idea butterfly was so racist, i used to like him

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>Or is their skin and sex that bothers you?
Yes. Nigger women are disgusting.

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"Peace and freedom" are what caused our current society. Why do I want more of it?

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>Or is their skin and sex that bothers you?
Are we still pretending that women and niggers are equal to men and whites?

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>Niggers deface something that nigger society could never have created no matter how many thousands of years it was given to advance
Wow what a surprise.

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Is that book good?

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It's not something you can provide for a source for like you can't convince a schizophrenic that the voices aren't real. You deny such a thing as western civilization when it's so obvious that I feel like you are doing it just for leftie points. You act like there isn't a difference between a cathedral and a square bunker or there is no difference between a Beethoven symphony and some retard rapping about raping women over repetitive beats on a pirated version of Ableton.

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You just had to send them back to Africa. Lincoln knew this was the right course of action after abolition.

Why didn't you go through with it, America? Why did you commit such a huge mistake? Integration will never happen.

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It's because they worship niggers and hate white people. It doesn't matter how absurd the claim is, they'll say it if it's to denigrate whites and defend niggers. Europe has no culture and we should deface and piss on everything it has created, but the hood has a very vibrant and beautiful culture that should be preserved.

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yeah, BTFO that strawman, anon

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The most beautiful interior of any building in the world. I listened to a harpsichord quintet play Bach there last summer

>> No.15668342

I think that's the only thing that can explain it. Call it a strawman if you want, but that's what I observe in their behavior.

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It would be much more beautiful with a group of niggers twerking in it don't you think?

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The Brown-eyed American is no different from the Negro. Please don't pretend otherwise.

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>Jews are no different than niggers
Yes we know

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if black girls want to dance around in their underwear for my entertainment i have nothing against that
in fact i positively encourage it

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I agree but that's the only thing that's being produced now

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The Sainte-Chapelle is in Paris. Whites are the indigenous people of Europe

>> No.15668436

Sorry but the BBC told me that blacks were the indigenous people of Europe so we should give the country back to them, okay? You're not a racist are you, mate?

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Oration on the Dignity of Man by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola. Go suck your popes dick, faggot.

>> No.15668444

No. We’ve had neither.

Yeah. Brings the era to life and sheds light on our “western” heritage. And though I’m a modern and love Thomas Paine’s takedown of bully kings, I can still enjoy Odysseus.

And on a similar note. I am of European decent, so appreciate the *culture* of my home content, despite its Christian degeneracy and its hypocrisy in ever calling itself “civilized”. This general shittiness being a Christian tendency or a imperial Roman tendency or a combination, I don’t know. But you infantile bigots need to mature pretty quick to keep up. Or “western” culture is doomed to be forgotten

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Black people are truly dignified. Every time I see some of them fucking out in the street or looting a store I think to myself, "All men truly are equal; all men are dignified," and I prostrate myself before my MLK altar.

>> No.15668467

>No. We’ve had neither.
We have more than we did before and we are worse off for it.

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You didn't really respond I'm just curious do you not a see difference between between a cathedral and a square bunker or a Beethoven symphony and some dude rapping to beats? Are they equally good to you?

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I'd rather western culture disappear than capitulate.

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Follow your leader

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if anything this music video just proves people like Beyonce and Jay Z have to buy their way in because they produce nothing of merit

>> No.15668487

Holy shit I love niggers now! Now that I know one was a saint it makes their continual raping, murdering, robbing, and terrorizing of white people perfectly fine.

>> No.15668494

Jay Z made the blueprint.

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>Gay pedophile cult likes niggers

>> No.15668527

Funny because the second violinist was black. Of course it made no difference at all.

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Wait til you see what that mouth do when a child is near

>> No.15668535

You're fucking dumb. Honestly just kill yourself

>> No.15668542

What wrong with this?

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>War worshiping fascist
Off yourself.

Yes, I see difference. I know the difference between baroque and rococo for crying out loud.

Well let me go into a little more detail. Everything changes. No exceptions. When I say “forgotten” I mean dismissed because it brings a sour image to future generations minds. You schizophrenic racist bitches are making MY CULTURE look bad. Indeed some of it IS bad. But the more we adapt it to our tastes the more longevity it can have.
Again, we always change. You can’t do anything about it but adapt or fall off in obscurity. You never ever ever go back and relive a period. The Renaissance wasn’t reliving antiquities, the Romantic era even less so. They’re echoes, fond remembrances, and without them, the past is finally forgotten

Pictured. A production of Hamlet

>> No.15668550

Damn a black person can learn violin??? Holy shit there's no difference at all then. We should open our borders and flood our country with Africans and it will be perfectly fine.

>> No.15668552

>When I say “forgotten” I mean dismissed because it brings a sour image to future generations minds. You schizophrenic racist bitches are making MY CULTURE look bad.
That's fine with me. I'd rather it die with a shred of dignity remaining than become something you find acceptable.

>> No.15668556

>Off yourself.
No arguments?
>Yes, I see difference. I know the difference between baroque and rococo for crying out loud.
So then why do you shill for contemporary art?

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Black people are better off in chains desu.

>> No.15668653

Hold up. Didnt Europeans make it to Greenland before the current "indigenous" people?

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dumb trannie pseudo roastie pacifist vegan nigger lover

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Bro, you just posted cringe.

>> No.15668884

Slayyy queen

>> No.15668898

I was ready to abandon misoginy until I met you

>> No.15669320

>Why are you against peace and freedom?
Because those are signs of the decline.

>> No.15669328

Lol, just take the race out of it for a minute -- this is the most gaudy nouveau riche thing I've ever seen.

>> No.15669341

Christian ideals that fights against human nature and spirit to the extreme

>> No.15669342


Based butterfly.

>> No.15669353

You can't honestly be naive enough to think that's the issue.

>> No.15669363

Yes, everyone in that pic should be forced to wear a niqab.

>> No.15669371

Thesis statement of thread: Niggers
I just saved you from reading yet another racist thread.

>> No.15669374

You can't honestly be naive enough to think that doomsday /pol/ prophets aren't just incels who hate every single depiction of the female body because it reminds them that they are genetic dead-ends.

>> No.15669383

Lol, apparently you are. Amazing.

>> No.15669401

being black is such a pathetic mode of being

even when you're rich you look pitiable

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>> No.15669432

then off yourself and stop trying to drag people down with you

>> No.15669446

No thanks. Get fucked.

>> No.15669454

ok, good, i haven't been on /pol/ in years

>> No.15669462

>early 19th century Austria, Russia and Prussia
lmao you know nothing about history stupid tranny, as expected of an anarchist

>> No.15669520

>a nation founded on uncompromising genocide of the white population
>it ends up with poor diplomatic and trade relations
Who would have thought! Example of how leftists are overgrown children who can't handle the most rudimentary expectations of other human beings. Haiti would no longer exist in periphery of any other civilisation.

>> No.15669534

Buuuuuuuh huuuuuuh, im sad becus i read about slaaive he not how nappy onlyy wurk all day me thing kill kill and genocide is good now

>> No.15669537

concerning niggers, i don't care as much about brown skin as low IQ

>> No.15669943

Yes, shacking your disgusting ass and tits like the monkey you're around the various masterpieces of art is a problem, trannie.

>> No.15669951

It's all been downhill since Legacy of Totalitarianism In a Tundra

>> No.15669985

Why though?

>> No.15670012

Well, it shows bad, worthless, and ugly art in front of great, beautiful, and rich art, surely that is to create a contrast which is very noticeable for most people.

>> No.15670035

Seethe more incel.

>> No.15670077

Because is indecent, they shacking their asses like the monkeys they're is contrary to the paintings. They represent the lowest of the lowest, while the art of the paintings is peak human culture.

You're the one seething, worthless tranny.

>> No.15670093

>Because is indecent
>they shacking
You type like a moron, you have no business lecturing others on culture

>> No.15670097

The french? No. The haitians in the other hand got what they deserved in the last 200 years of that shithole of a country.

>> No.15670102

How many substantial, on-topic threads have you made in the last week?

>> No.15670114

>Because is indecent, they shacking their asses like the monkeys they're is contrary to the paintings
Napoleon didn't ask anyone permission to crown himself emperor, and those queens didn't ask your permission to twerk inside of your head RENT FREE. If anything, they're more similar to each other than either are to you, as you're just a reactive little bitch slave crying on the internet, lmao.

>> No.15670131

and you're a little bitch licking the boots of power

>> No.15670135

>>15665548 >>15665571 >>15665594 >>15665598 >>15665611 >>15665619 >>15665632 >>15665640 >>15665641 >>15665646 >>15665657 >>15665659 >>15665675 >>15665681 >>15665689 >>15665711 >>15665713 >>15665738 >>15665742 >>15665763 >>15665774 >>15665804 >>15665838 >>15665842 >>15665905 >>15666010 >>15666036 >>15666037 >>15666051 >>15666072 >>15666080 >>15666084 >>15666096 >>15666142 >>15666165 >>15666178 >>15666182 >>15666202 >>15666215 >>15666233 >>15666251 >>15666257 >>15666263 >>15666269 >>15666277 >>15666300 >>15666356 >>15666402 >>15666465 >>15666466 >>15666470 >>15666587 >>15666592 >>15666611 >>15666835 >>15666867 >>15667031 >>15668180 >>15668193 >>15668213 >>15668217 >>15668242 >>15668246 >>15668248 >>15668274 >>15668282 >>15668319 >>15668339 >>15668342 >>15668347 >>15668374 >>15668389 >>15668401 >>15668417 >>15668427 >>15668429 >>15668436 >>15668441 >>15668444 >>15668447 >>15668467 >>15668472 >>15668475 >>15668479 >>15668480 >>15668486 >>15668487 >>15668494 >>15668518 >>15668527 >>15668529 >>15668535 >>15668542 >>15668549 >>15668550 >>15668552 >>15668556 >>15668583 >>15668653 >>15668842 >>15668871 >>15668884 >>15668898 >>15669320 >>15669328 >>15669341 >>15669342 >>15669353 >>15669363 >>15669371 >>15669374 >>15669383 >>15669401 >>15669411 >>15669432 >>15669446 >>15669454 >>15669462 >>15669520 >>15669534 >>15669537 >>15669943 >>15669951 >>15669985 >>15670012 >>15670035 >>15670077 >>15670093 >>15670097 >>15670102 >>15670114
Shut the fuck up and listen to some music

>> No.15670152

Nope. I can write as I please and still criticize the degenerates and their monkey dancing.

>> No.15670159

>as you're just a reactive little bitch slave crying on the internet

Dancing in front of classical paintings is reactive, as well.

>> No.15670164

Thankfully classical music will be illegal soon; it aids in the oppression of minorities by supporting the idea that there is something unique and superior about the compositions of old dead racists.

>> No.15670173

I don't imagine these monkeys dancing in my head, that would be disgusting lol

>> No.15670183

Just Spengler.

>> No.15670219

>Raised a Christian conservative
Jesus Christ, years of visceral repulsion towards her posts finally explained, all of her neuroticisms laid bare. This is literally the intellectual equivalent of the Lex Luthor backstory, what an absolute embarrassment.

>> No.15670247

But it’s still in your head, as any idea or thing for which you perceive is constructed inside your head, even if you don’t imagine monkeys dancing, perceiving it makes it inside your mind

>> No.15670259

Yeah well, I never asked your permission to cry on the internet, nor did /pol/ or reddit ask anyone before killing /lit/, so surely they are the real Napoleon

>> No.15670272

Which books is that from?

>> No.15670284

>and those queens didn't ask your permission to twerk inside of your head RENT FREE
They had to ask permission to shoot their music video there in that gallery though.

>> No.15670295

lmao you're deluded tranny-faggot, keep worshipping the monkeys

>> No.15670296

In this case, The Culture Industry and The Culture Industry Reconsidered.

>> No.15670302

>people really think degeneracy isn't as old as mankind itself

>> No.15670317

Sure, but it is rarely so omnipresent and self-congratulatory.

>> No.15670334

Depends where you're looking at it from. There was plenty of degenerate in Nazi Germany and 50s America too. It's just not typically coded as such because it's white degeneracy, or fetishised as harmless spectacle. I'd recommend reading Mass Ornament by Siegfried Kracauer.

>> No.15670348

The problem is the genuine propaganda we have these days by sick people. No one has the balls anymore to go up against the elite so they will create eternal scapegoats.
Very nice.

>> No.15670359

Popular media has always been capitalist propaganda.

>> No.15670361

Yep, just like in this thread a legion of retards try to justify this shit.

>> No.15670405

>Knows Lex Luthor’s backstory

Nice one. Been listening to some Martinu recently

You apparently know nothing about the industrial revolution and capitalism

I don’t think you get the yin/yang nature of “peace and freedom”

Decline of authoritarian controls. This is an ultimate good. Stop being a degenerate

>> No.15670409

Disgust for degeneracy is just as old

>> No.15670429

And it's always been hypocritical too. It always turns out that the anti-degenerates were degenerates themselves.

>> No.15670494

That’s not at all true, generally, people who’ve done much to improve the moral character of people in general have themselves been sincerely good people, though many degenerates was anti-degenerates

>> No.15670510

Christianity has swallowed up armies of good people with its degeneracy

>> No.15670513

People out to improve people's moral character aren't necessarily anti-degenerates though. Anti-degeneracy is a different ballgame.

>> No.15670534

Obviously it has (just look at communism), but Christianity makes itself clear that’s its not anti-degeneracy, by making its ideas obvious, although it likes to portray itself as such

>> No.15670539

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
23 Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!
24 Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the Lord of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

>> No.15670543

>Anti-degeneracy is a different ballgame
No, it isn't. Take your semantics out of here retard.

>> No.15670560

There's clearly a world of difference between Nazi anti-degeneracy ideology and campaigns and Mr Rogers.

>> No.15670565

To set out to improve moral character (atleast if that involves stopping bad moral character, and not just improving already good one to be better) requires one to be a anti degenerate.
Anyways, I don’t at all see the claim that most anti-degenerates are degenerates as supported a claim. Indeed, if most people, though most times, saw degeneracy at their home they would be very much against it. Surely you are not claiming that most people are degenerates?

>> No.15670584

All people who want to improve the moral of others have explicit rules of what someone should NOT do. And they oppose things that they seem like inmoral. Obviously this fits like anti-degenerate.

>> No.15670591

But we're clearly not defining degeneracy here as just immorality are we? Moral violations such as murder, rape, or theft aren't typically what concern the anti-degeneracy crowd.

>> No.15670602
File: 128 KB, 960x960, u7v8bn4v1rh31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

meanwhile, actual faggots...

>> No.15670608

such poetic art..... wow

god should just shit and piss on this world. Its the only respect we deserve.

>> No.15670618

Ancient Greek men used to shove cut garlic cloves into each other's asses to sustain an ongoing erection during their orgies

>> No.15670620

>I went into a lit thread expecting actual books

My recc.'s:
Alasdair MacIntye, After Virtue
The Triumph of the Therapeutic, Philp Rieff

Mockingbird, Walter Tevis, if you want sci-fi.

>> No.15670627


Do you masturbate to this picture or something? I see you post it a lot

>> No.15670630

To think those evil Christians put a stop to this beautiful cultural tradition.

>> No.15670638

Cry more, soft little baby

>> No.15670640

Greeks were anti-homosexuals, faggot. Who you don't know since you're too busy sucking dick.

>> No.15670652

Are you only talking about /pol/ and the nazis as anti-degeneracy crowds?
Although, even they would consider rape, and some murder, and robbery, as degeneracy.
Degeneracy is not just, or even necessarily, immoral actions in that form, but also lack of moral character, or moral character which is necessarily against mans normal spiritual health

>> No.15670656

Jude 1:7 ESV
>Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire

This is my third post on /lit/. Ask your doc to up your lithium sweetie

>> No.15670662
File: 1.17 MB, 1200x881, 1563878683998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can't people understand this? There are times of generation, times of degeneration. There's always a bit of both, but some times are worse than others. People like you think there's no such thing as a golden age, despite living in the tail end of one. You don't believe in good or evil, you don't believe in health or disease, you just think everything is relative and that's why you're a faggot.

>> No.15670672

Just to be clear, I was not agreeing with you, but asking why you can't understand the world.

>> No.15670691

It's pretty hard to separate degeneracy discourse from its Nazi origins. So yeah that's mostly what I'm talking about. Like it or not, the term degeneracy is pretty permanently linked with Nazi ideology, and as such Nazi understandings of degeneracy.

If you're really just talking about pursuing a typically Christian moral culture, that seems to me a totally different zone. This all may seem semantic, but there are important differences, because we can both agree that the local priest and the typical Nazi approach "degeneracy" in totally different ways.

>> No.15670717

You fucking retards don't understand anything, yet all think you are so smart. You can't even understand modern negro aesthetics, how will you ever hope to understand the highest truths? Instead you will keep on making yourselves retarded reading books you will misunderstand and hurt yourself with because they are ultimately too confusing and complex for you.
This image is a quintessential example of the high brow low brow. The whole point is to promote a certain type of poverty-stricken luxoriousness. Gangster rap promoted it in the 90's, but stayed at the basics with money, cars, fame, and women. Since then, it has extremified to high art, extremely expensive fashion, modern architecture, finer drugs, business management, comparing yourself to god, and so on. Most late-20th century black art is in this style.

>> No.15670719

>Nazi origins
Damn, I never knew that Max Nordau was a Nazi.

>> No.15670724

So how do we defeat degeneracy?

>> No.15670736
File: 34 KB, 572x631, 1511964161302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet you would buy tickets to this

>> No.15670743

Which book of the bible has that scene where the guy would rather throw his daughter to a bunch of pervs than give up his male guest. Just to avoid their butt rape?
Hebrew clerics got off to passages of that shit

>> No.15670746

>just watched the video
>it's beautiful
>the dance is nice
OP, you're idiot but you have good taste lol

>> No.15670750

Let's not pretend that degeneracy isn't entirely at this point associated with Nazism, regardless of actual origin.

I mean I think degeneracy is just a meme used to obscure capitalist processes. I don't care much about it.

>> No.15670769

do you ever read the shit you type out?

post body with timestamp. I want to see how physically unattractive you are

>> No.15670777

All you retards like throwing these words around, but have no idea what they mean, which is why you constantly end up in conflicts over them. Something can only be "degenerate" if you place negative value on it's actions, which means degeneracy, sickness, etc. is all relative to your own desires. THIS is why you guys spend hours conflicting over this idea. Truth does not intersect at all with desire, so why do you argue over this? The only thing you could hope to gain is to seduce someone over to have your desires. But even here you guys do not plan! You all run around like chickens with their head cut off, flabbergasted when anyone disagrees with you!

>> No.15670797


>> No.15670804

Did you digest one word I said? I didn't make any value judgements in my post, I was just showing that you guys are too stupid to even understand nigger aesthetics. Let me repeat myself, then, if you didn't understand me: I'M NOT SAYING THE NIGGERS ARE GOOD AT MAKING ART, I AM SAYING THAT YOU ARE A RETARDED ZOMBIE. Get it, faggot?

>> No.15670808

based, anon
educate those plebs lmfao
and those negros are based for flexing even harder nowdays. Because when you and your gf are alone in the Louvre rapping about how
you "made it", what is that if not a fucking flex? They made it.

>> No.15670811

But the Nazi approach to degeneracy is more correct anyways, they are not the high point of anti degeneracy. Christianity does everything to strip you of your spiritual health, in which case the ugly, the weak, and the dominance of the sexual, replaces it, in which Christianity won’t allow too, to instead try to find some love for God. Christianity does nothing but promoting degeneracy, while still not allowing it.
The Nazis at least didn’t get it this wrong, but their solution was flawed, and they themselves fell into degeneracy as part of their ideology, by allowing weakness, and actually taking it as a part of their ideology.
This said, the Nazis approach to degeneracy has always existed, as said, as long as humanity, you didn’t even contest that either (if you are truthful, and meant they’re approach to degeneracy all along).
It is not an idea invented by Nazism, it’s natural, although forbidden by Christianity.
In this sense degenerates have often been anti-degenerates, but I don’t see it supported that most anti-degenerates in history have been degenerates rather than not. Anti degeneracy in the ‘Nazi’ sense is normal and healthy, so of course they’ll adopt it too

>> No.15670822

>I mean I think degeneracy is just a meme used to obscure capitalist processes. I don't care much about it.
Capitalism has always been the promoter of degeneracy, even if communists are degenerates, if the communist utopia is achieved, people will turn away from it

>> No.15670843

The retardation here surprises me. "Disgust for degeneration is old"? YEAH RETARD, BECAUSE DISGUST IS A NECESSARY ASPECT FOR CALLING THINGS "DEGENERATE". I'm disgusted by you.

>> No.15670849

Haven’t read the bible in a long time. Can’t recall.

>> No.15670855
File: 487 KB, 600x404, 1463379884079.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look, based on your post, I just thought you'd like butt lazers. It seems like negro aesthetics.

>> No.15670856

>This image is a quintessential example of the high brow low brow. The whole point is to promote a certain type of poverty-stricken luxoriousness. Gangster rap promoted it in the 90's, but stayed at the basics with money, cars, fame, and women. Since then, it has extremified to high art, extremely expensive fashion, modern architecture, finer drugs, business management, comparing yourself to god, and so on. Most late-20th century black art is in this style.
Not at all. This is supposed to signify the triumph of their style of popular art over high (i.e., white of the past) art and culture of the past. If you think they're just trying to promote class with the juxtaposition, you haven't kept up the the cultural discourse held by black community over the past fifteen years. It's an orgiastic celebration of mass produced culture.

>> No.15670859

The Nazi's fell into weakness because it was a project controlled by Jewish Phoenicians, which explains why all the top Nazi's were gay Jewish actors and nearly all photos of Hitler and Himmler are faked, with heads posted on bodies that aren't their own.

>> No.15670886

why was the rest of europe so buttblasted at what happened in france?

>> No.15670888

We understand that is shit. Fuck off and kiss the feet of your master faggot.

>> No.15670903

>But the Nazi approach to degeneracy is more correct anyways
Lol then why were you trying to distance yourself from it.

How about you just define what is and is not degenerate anyway.

Degeneracy is just a ploy to displace alienation and commodity Fetishism onto specific cultural or ethnic groups, without realizing that all culture under capitalism is necessarily "degenerate".

>> No.15670904
File: 521 KB, 684x1026, chukudu statue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In a few hundred years they'll add another pair of wheels, and then we're really rolling.

>> No.15670910

No, it isn't. That's what you WANT it to mean, so you can complain more about degeneracy. Waka Flocka Flame doesn't fucking care about the "cultural discourse" when he made Flockaveli. When Nas samples classical music he doesn't care about the "cultural discourse". When Jay-Z makes his 3000th song promoting his business ventures, he doesn't care about the "cultural discourse". When Kanye West uses models of roman sculptures in his concerts, he's not making an inciteful comment on the underrepresentation of blacks in history. It is not an orgiastic celebration of mass culture, that IS the mass culture. Their is no "triumph" in incorporating someone elses work in your own. In fact, THAT SIGNIFIES THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

>> No.15670918

Look, this isn’t reddit, so people won’t just assume that every conception of good and beauty is just desire and subjective. Which is good, because that position is retarded, and if you read some philosophy you can be cured by this retardation. There is real objective negative value that can be assigned to evil.
But even if it was just subjective (in which case, of course, assuming you’re not a cuck, why not just force everyone to conform to my subjective desires?), then I don’t think it would be true to say that 4chan has been done bad in radicalising people.

>> No.15670929

And you still don't understand them. Lol.

>> No.15670958 [DELETED] 

These are negrous jumping around paintings and yelling shit. Fuck off redditor.

>> No.15670967

These are negroes jumping around paintings and yelling shit. Fuck off redditor.

>> No.15670971

>There is real objective negative value that can be assigned to evil.
Oh, yes, "real objective negative value". That's a cute attempt. Maybe YOU should read some philosophy, faggot, because it's clearly made you retarded. Maybe you should start with Spinoza's refutation of teleology which destroys every possible argument you could make for "objective" value. But you probably won't understand it.
>in which case, of course, assuming you’re not a cuck, why not just force everyone to conform to my subjective desires?
You should. Did you even read my post? I feel like your eyes glazed over it and you only saw the parts you understood. I was saying everyone in this thread was doing it POORLY.
>then I don’t think it would be true to say that 4chan has been done bad in radicalising people.

>> No.15670984

>Lol then why were you trying to distance yourself from it.
Did you bother reading the rest of my post? Fair enough if you didn’t when I make a statement like that, but I do explain it too. The Nazis are just one in a long line of people, the majority of people in history too, but the Nazis is where stupid and didn’t solve it clearly in a good way at all, and they incorporated degeneracy into their ideology. Associating normal human behaviour with one aspect of weak, genocidal, madmen is clearly not good.
>How about you just define what is and is not degenerate anyway.
In its simpelst form it’s weakness. It is hate of what is beautiful and healthy, and what is good and art, and supporting the suppression of normal human emotions (notably, in Christianity, anger, and in communism, the wish for domination) and spiritual health

>> No.15670987


>> No.15670989

okay you're too retarded probably this is bait

>> No.15670993

Kill yourself

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