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What does this even mean?

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>can't read simple russian
leave, pablo

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girls think, that guys like this

what guys like in reality

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Russian is a nigger tier language.

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someone please explain

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this thread has too many memes, anyone got more actual literary humor anons

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>The phenomenolgy of spirit goblin isn't real and he can't hurt you

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FUCK dust jackets. Yes i throw them away.

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What's supposed to be the "China" part of this? Is just like any surveillance state

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Dust jackets exist, in my mind, so other people don't touch the good part of my book...

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Holy shit that was one of the first images I ever saved from 4chan 10 years ago.

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based rgc poster??

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what the fuck????

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Actually bretty gud. Who did this? ____ the bunk?

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Thank you, resolutive stranger

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Chinese laws are fucked up and you are in some cases better off legally if you kill a person than if you stop to help them after an accident. Thats why you see webms in china of some lady getting mildly bumped by a car then the driver freaking out and trying to run her over so she cant sue him.

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i know its not the point, but fuck, that monologue is so good

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Is this the greatest post in this boards history?

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the only problem i have with this post is that the screencap crops out the fact that the dude's car is running as he fills it up

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specifically the legal part.

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god i want this so badly

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kek, couldn't help but to read it in his voice

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I haven’t seen this ever posted here before. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it

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What's the sauce of the first two?

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CPC shills on /lit/?

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Who is this supposed to be?

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The joke is that in China people don't get involved in crimes or testifying because the system is so corrupt it will simply backfire on them and fuck them over too, and generations of corruption and doing anything they can to survive have made the (mainland) Chinese callous and cruel, because compassion is a weakness that will just get you killed/jailed.

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This irritates me.

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Which Russian is this based on?

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Seems to be based on a Demons character but Stavrogin would never want Stepanovich around.

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What’s the story behind this classic?

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I love these, thank you sm anon

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Pretty sure it’s actually meant to be dosto
Can someone post the NIGGERS story

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I think it’s just a nondescript Dosto protag. Rakilnikov doesn’t have an elder nor does Stavrogin. No character would want Stepanovich to show up anywhere.

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>black people like Samuel L Jackson

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Lol the wife of the governer pre-fête all but sucked his dick

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Pretty sure she even did that.

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completely lost it at the retard shanking, for some reason.

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I remember when this was posted on /pol/

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Wowww, this education system is fucked. You know these same people would have failed Plato for not using enough citations. Analytic philosophy was a mistake.

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Hahaha wtf. What a twist

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My sides.
Isn't "61%" an approved on american school system?

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Yes, it's the minimum passing grade. I would guess the teacher found this deliberate insult amusing.

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I like the other version where the text isn’t smushed into the corner

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Bump I still want the guy who’s story was 60% the word nigger

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That would be a 65

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Yeh, I'm thinking based

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the second one is definitely Nietzsche, I forget which book

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It is a relatively faithful, if simplified translation.

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might aswell just read a summary then if that's all you're after

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I only open these party wojak memes to see if someone inserted
>My feet hurt
so this one passes.

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Pynchons my fav writer for sure because my fav thing in books is goofs, gags, jokes and rambunctious behavior, and his books are full to the brim of it. Every novel is like one of those novelty snake cans, you open the book & POP you get a face fulla snakes and you fall back cackling. The mad mind, the crack genius, to do it! and then you think hmmm whats he gonna do next, this trickster, and you pick the book back up and BZZZZZZZZZZ you get a shock and Hahahahahah you've been pranked again by the old pynchmeister, that card. "Did that Pynch?" he sez, laughing yukyukyukyuk. Watch him as he shoves a pair of plastic buck teeth right up into his mouth and displays em for you- left, right, center- "you like dese? Do i look handsome???" Pulls out a mirror. "Ah!" Hand to naughty mouth. And you're on your ass again laughing as he snaps his suspenders, exits stage right, and appears again hauling a huge golden gong.

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Can someone explain the joke? This screenshot gets posted all the time, in every board. I don't get what makes it so humorous.

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At least he has good taste in games.

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The part about everything here written in red ink kinda gets to me.

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I totally agree
I suppose greentexting could have some deeper symbolism I've been missing all these years.

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It's clearly marked D- though. These things vary somewhat regionally, I'd guess.

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First is Ellul Propaganda lol

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Who is the person in neutral and who is the person in neutral evil?

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Neutral is Cormac McCarthy and neutral evil is Tao Lin.

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Stop the trolley at once. The CCTV will capture you trying to save the other 5. Try to spread the tape as much as you can to gain social media approval. Even if China is that much of an unethical shithole? I still have hard evidence. Unless, of course, some corrupt officials are involve in the mess and will have to take the blame if i'm innocent. If that's the case there's truly no way out

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I’m too far gone if I know all these guys and have read at least one work from each right

>> No.15650059

>newfags are ten years old
Jesus Christ I've been on this site too long

>> No.15650079

Unironically, fuck sourcing and citations. It's the most idiotic part of academia in non-hard sciences, especially philosophy. It's pure fucking gatekeeping.

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No teacher marked that thing

>> No.15651207

it's from Wittgenstein's prefaction to the Tractatus

>> No.15651240

Wrong. Wittengstein is the second one.

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Hard fucking keks

>> No.15651335

If they die you pay for funeral, but if you fuck them up and make them retarded then you have to support them for the rest of their life

>> No.15651345

I don't understand? This paper is terribly written.

>> No.15651374

...you need to read more sir

>> No.15651377

Can you post that thread in this board too?

>> No.15651387

I fail to see how reading more would cause me to lower my standards.

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I will spoonfeed you this once. Every word of that essay is lifted directly from Marx.

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el kek

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More cases than you, Muhammad

>> No.15651526

spotted the analytic

>> No.15651538

Yeah don't pull lol

>> No.15651560

this is 100% fake but made me lmao regardless

>> No.15651580

I ordered the Lattimore version, did I mess up?

>> No.15651649

Why did she went blind?

>> No.15651654

That's the poop is working its magic.

>> No.15651656

>lol forbidden word
There you go

>> No.15651660

I mean stating it like this seems to suggest more permanent condition than being temporary blinded because of poop in her eyes

>> No.15651674

It seems to me that we are missing some crucial detail.

>> No.15651679

This is not how sex works at all.
Good shit lol

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Not to mention everyone acting like they know what they're talking about. I argued about show vs tell with some anon, who seemed to think telling was a basic dramatic action but showing was just adding more detail. His example was something this:
"He cried."
"Tears pulled from his eyes and streamed down his face."

When really it's:
"He was sad."
"He cried."

Telling is explaining (exposition), showing is demonstrating (dramatic action). What's worse, anon's example above is using passive voice, which is ridiculous and useful as a rhetorical device only to a first-person narrator.

Obviously you can tell I'm still seething over it.
tl;dr, people on this board, stop being so ignorant. I forget who this quote is ascribed to, but it's worth noting: "Being well-read is not the same as reading well."

>> No.15652971

Same. They're unnecessary. If you're worried about damaging your books, you probably don't even read.

>> No.15652989

Sauce? I'm assuming this is satire.

>> No.15653042

I find "Wine-dark" to be fine and very moving. Greeks did not have words for colors. In any case, I'm not going to learn Ancient Greek, because I don't want to. I read for myself and no one else, and I will continue to do so.

>> No.15653138

I'm reading the Lattimore version of the Iliad right now. It's a very good translation, I can see why it deserves its praise on here.

>> No.15653167

ego tripping woman

>> No.15653179

Wrong board.

>> No.15653182

>Greeks did not have words for colors.
this seems like a bit of a meme to me. They did have a bunch of words to refer to colors, it just seems some(all?) of them originated from objects of those colours, which Im sure has happened in many languages.

>> No.15653203

Well, they didn't have specific words for what is blue, red, etc., just objects which had a color in common, which is exactly what you said. I find it to be poetically elevating.

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Racism aside, Lovecraft is a terrible writer with obnoxious style and should be canceled on that principle alone.

>> No.15653256

They didn't have one for blue specifically, but neither do eg. Russians, they have a word for light blue and one for dark blue. There were ancient greek words for 'rose' and 'gold' and stuff. And the distinction between a word for a colour and a word for an object that is a colour is a bit arbitrary, look at orange in English.

>> No.15653316

>cut their throat
How does an Italian even confuse Brits with Americans?

>> No.15653549

the Aristotle complete works dust jackets are pieces of shit though the book aren't much better

>> No.15653886

and your point is?

>> No.15653908

did he really say that

>> No.15653910


No, lovechad is great

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oh mann

>> No.15654133

Ah, the Tumult!

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File: 1.73 MB, 1020x953, what is wrong with america.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>Qne day

I di3d

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why are these considered some of the best posts ever? I'm not offended or anything but I just don't get how you could unironically find taboo words hilarious. are you guys 12? are clowns funny to you as well? shit is so cringey

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>> No.15654502

The teacher is shitting all over his text which is literally from the first chapter of Das Kapital, so obviously the teacher hasn't read it (which is retarded) and has trouble understanding the text (which isn't hard).

>> No.15654851

Are you coping because you’re no different than the teacher who is being made fun of in the image? Or are you actually that stupid that you don’t see the humor in some English teacher criticizing one of the most influential texts of the last 200 years?

>> No.15655100
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>To discover the various uses of things is the work of history.

>> No.15655228


>> No.15655255

or maybe it actually isn't that good

>> No.15655262


>> No.15655269

None of the corrections are wrong, though. There really is no thesis presented in the page.
The bible is a thousand times as influential as das kapital, what's your point?

>> No.15655754

The fun is not in the word, the word nigger is not funny, what is funny is his despair caused by it, his uncontrollable dread over the genetic ancestry of those around him, an immense fear as a consequence of a black man
And his ride is pretty dope too

>> No.15656237

i've seen several of these from various threads and this is the less funny

>> No.15656926

Who the fuck is filling their cars up with milk?

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pls no hate I'm only 20

>> No.15657438

also I forgot I didn't even finish half of them so that explains the bookmarks

>> No.15657618

where's the lit hum-
>a clockwork orange

>> No.15657685

We already know you're a pseud. You don't need to throw
>muh fallacies
to show us anything further.
The point is simple: the student shows careless disregard for an assignment by plagiarizing Marx. The idiot teacher doesn't even notice this. The idiot teacher then proceeds to critique the writing as if it were a student's final essay. When you truly know what the piece of writing is, you realize how stupid and how shallow these corrections are. The anon who replied without understanding this isn't well read, agrees with the teachers corrections, has a complete lack of understanding as to the purpose of writing and thinks following a simple 'where is your thesis' style has a place in real writing. If your student was organically able to create a text as influential and powerful as Marx's work, you would actually sit there and nitpick inconsequential things.

>> No.15657695

Why don't you tell us what you think is the best post ever on this board?

>> No.15657727

The anon who wrote the book with 11,000 uses of ‘nigger’

>> No.15657742

That was literally one of the posts the anon said wasn't that good.

>> No.15657836


>> No.15657902

You do realize the teacher only criticized the presentation of his ideas and not the ideas themselves, right? The fallacy doesn't apply here. When the entire question is how to present information and not the information itself, we can clearly see that Marx did it in a way that is far more impressive and effective than I, you, or that teacher will ever accomplish. Your point is further diminished because I don't even agree with Marx.

>> No.15657959

considering the entire passage was plagiarized in the first place, it's not like the teacher is criticizing any living person's ideas
grading based off the presentation is more or less what I'd expect from a low-level English course, but that's just my assumption from the poorly-censored top bit
and with bits like
>To discover the various uses of things is the work of history.
it's debatable if the ideas themselves are worthy of being held up to more than a teacher

>> No.15658114

But that's not the joke though. The joke is that Karl Marx's most famous stuff would have failed your 9th grade English class. Every post in this discussion has been a roundabout cope from that first anon who didn't even know he was reading Marx.

>> No.15658125

maybe the first poster was the real /lit/ humor all along then

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gosh i love this

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>> No.15660109

it's fake dude

>> No.15660119

marx is an excellent writer and actually studied lit in college

>> No.15660125
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>> No.15660245

>father leaves before birth
>baby shaken by uncle

>> No.15660490


>> No.15660523

Some of the criticisms are essentially valid, given that its clearly a high school level essay. Its probably only 1000 words, expecting a certain level of concision is normal.
"double preposition" is fucking laughable though.

>> No.15660579
File: 30 KB, 534x388, 6ade6b320c6285428c8abacd8f2a8924bcff5317a3f3fc2e3c453ce8d3697c38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, pleb. Keep reading your trashy edgeboi manchild who, by the way, had so little talent he used more modifiers than verbs.

>> No.15660594

>diercke atlas, Böll, Steppenwolf, Herr der Fliegen
basierter Anon.

>> No.15660627

Lold in the beginning then it hit me

>> No.15660681

Marx is cringe and so are you.

>> No.15660685

Is this accurate

>> No.15660689

holy shit wrong thread my bad

>> No.15660782
File: 20 KB, 319x240, Aleksandr Dugon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Over 9000 hours in Gimp

>> No.15661116
File: 18 KB, 248x189, pepelaughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man I hope this is real

>> No.15661330

All the critiques the teacher presented other than the double proposition are valid. No adult gives a shit about Marx, thus most people wouldn't recognize his tedious and vague horseshit. Faggot professors and edge lords such as yourself give his drivel the time of day and worship mostly invalidated and old writing.

>> No.15661332

Brainlet take on this. When reading certain literature, the author has already made assumptions on what the reader should know, thus a lack of exposition of the issue at hand leading to the thesis remark. In the class environment, the instructor will critique your use of the material being taught, regardless of the conclusion.
It’s like a student proving that pi is irrational but by copy and pasting a well known proof that is way beyond the scope of the class. Basically, “not what I asked for”, and not that authors of the past would be considered incompetent.
What’s really funny is that the teacher has obviously never read Marx.

>> No.15661739


No, but you could read a third of the list at that pace. The page total for all the books is around 49,218 pages. To complete them all in a year you have to read 135 pages a day. If you read at the pace of 50 pages it would take you 984 days, almost three years.

Bible- 1200
ISOLT- 4215
W&P- 1225
Middlemarch- 864
Moby Dick- 378
The brothers Karamazov- 840
Bleak House- 912
Gravitys Rainbow- 760
Ulysses- 730
Infinite Jest- 1,079
Don Quixote- 863
Les Misérables- 1400
2666- 900
Le Comedie Humaine- 396
Clarissa- 1534
Atlas Shrugged- 1168
LOTR- 1178
ADttMoT- 732
The man without qualities- 1774
The magic mountain- 894
The Glastonbury Romance- 1174
The years of lyndon Johnson- 3000+
Black Lamb and grey falcon- 1100
The tale of Genji- 1300
Great Classic Chinese novels- 850+1800+820+329= 3799
Harry Potter- 4224
The Stand- 823
Rising up and Rising down- 3352
The neopolitan Novels- 1700
Goodnight moon- 32
zibaldone- 2000
The civil war: a narrative- 2968

>> No.15661809

Also if the average reading speed is 200-250WPM, or 2mins a page, it would require around 5 hours of reading a day to make it through them all in a year

>> No.15661895

I would like to see this so-called "evidence".

>> No.15661985

yeah, 50 pages a day is more than 18,000 pages a year

>> No.15662424

Based, thank you

I was aware of that

>> No.15663388



>> No.15663399
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