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What are you doing to fight racism and remember George Floyd, /lit/?

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I watch ebony porn

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unironically went to a protest

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Realize it’s not a race war, it’s a class war

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I got a book about that, should you be interested

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that image hurts to look at.

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She fucks white bois only.

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Treating communism as a fashion statement is pretty dumb

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She looks like she smells like a mens locker room

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nothing really. i'm not that bothered. sorry not sorry.

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I really hope for my boner that this person is a woman and not a tranny

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Seems like fighting racism for a low class cuck like me is groveling towards black people. No thanks

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Class has always existed.
But we can slave some species, niggers for example, to sustract their value.
Therefore reaching a level of perfect equivalence between scientific knowledge and political practice.

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A lot less dumb than unironic Maoists.

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i imagine real women will eventually have to feminize themselves beyond the uncanny valley of shemale-female distinction.
seems like a natural antithesis to real women being confused for trans.

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Doing my duty and eating the ass of every WOC who requests it (and is hotter than a 7).
Other than that just supporting the labor and workers movement, racism will end once material circumstances allow it. Austerity causes the insecurity which leads to racism's appeal. Improve material conditions for all working class americans- decrease racism.
No amount of relatively wealthy PMC radlibs reading "white fragility" is going to stop racism.
I only have my boots, my arms, my back, and my extremely long and dextrous tongue.

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Maoism is just Marxist-Leninism but with the peasants as the revolutionary class, which made sense for China as it wasn't industrialized yet.

Zeng is the one who ruined everything and made China the authoritarian shithole it is today

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Fucking Asian women

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Mao would've turned it into something far worse. He was a good military commander and propagandist but a complete moron in all other aspects.

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>What are you doing to fight racism
Most racism in America is directed against the white majority, I help fight it by dropping subtle red-pills to all my friends and co-workers and turning them onto various talking heads like Jared Taylor, Candace Owens, Jesse Lee Peterson, etc according to the power-level of the person I am red-pilling

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Yeah obviously the great famine was a result of Mao's retardation and ignorance about farming methods, but there are always growing pains in trying to industrialize quickly

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I don't care, I don't live in America.

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There are also always additional growing pains in being led by a moron, even if they proclaim their uninteresting take on Marxist-Leninism as the source of their decisions, because no amount of ideology can make stupid people competent.

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LOL it might have been at one time, but the Cultural marxists pit race and sex against each other nowadays. Communist revolution depends upon a clandestine vanguard group generating and maintaining hatred and <i>ressentiment</i> within a society to pit its elements against each other, thus destroying it and leavingthe vanguard in control of the smouldering ruins. Victory! But it proved impossible to keep workers that full of hate once their basic needs were for the most part met. Most workers just want a good job, not to kill the bosses, take over the factory, and share all the wealth. Down at ground level they really don't care if the boss has a rolls so long as they can have a toyota, they are too based in their own lives. But negroes and mentally ill people (like trannies) are much easier to manipulate.

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Nothing, problems always replace themselves: thus, politics is always a fruitless pursuit.

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>Most racism in America is directed against the white majority
literally only incels believe this

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Nothing, I really don't care. It'll all blow over in another month. At least it stopped the WuFlu lockdowns, though.

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Organizing my right wing friends into study groups and book clubs. The progressive left is rapidly going off the deep end and I'm starting to see that without organized resistance they'll take all of us with them.

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the only thing the intelligence apparatus enjoys more than infiltrating and destroying lefty book groups is infiltrating and destroying r*ghtoid book groups.

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>The progressive left is rapidly going off the deep end and I'm starting to see that without organized resistance
You've been browsing /pol/ for the last several years, stop lying

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you know that black that migrated from real Africa recently don't like "native" american black? it is not color, it is environment, black community is echo chamber and mental ward at the same time.

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stop gaslighting every opinion outside your echo-chamber. I've lived on three continents, speak five languages, and have rubbed shoulders with plenty of ivy tower elites. it's obvious to most people that anglo moralism combined with technologically enabled mass surveillance is creating a situation of totalitarian social control, and having actually traveled and experienced life outside the anglo-sphere I can say with complete certainty that most people in most countries of the world do not have to fear losing their careers and complete social isolation over making a risque joke.

every time someone points out what is actively happening, disingenuous useful idiots like you jump in to either minimize it, make excuses, or pretend like it's normal and has always been this way. people are starting to get tired of your shit.

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All of America's racial issues can be explained by reading clinical literature on co-dependent relationships. Only problem is that this view doesn't glamorize suffering or offer any moral catharsis.

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Do you have any idea how ugly this bitch is without makeup

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Nothing, because he was a criminal nigger and racism=survival of my genetic cluster.

I've noticed the mods quickly deleting anti-BLM threads globally, though.

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>hurrr race is only 'color'
Fuck off man. Somalians are even worse than 'African Americans' (who tend to have at least some European admixture).

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No, it's a war against a corrupt elite minority (not bourgeoisie) who have indoctrinated European peoples against our own interests for short-term gain, and all the non-whites who seek to inherit the West.

Whites need to realize that we're already in the race war; we are steadily losing hegemony and demographic supermajority to foreign invaders. The lack of military conflict doesn't make the consequences any less real.

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I'm waiting for them to start demanding we kill our literal fathers, not merely our figurative ones

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leftists always say this, while sucking corporate and nigger cock and attacking white people for existing

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Chinks are so fucking ugly

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It's just cuz that's a man.

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