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Will any of the future greats come from /lit/? Will historians scour the Warosu logs in order to study the culture that brought about so many great authors and philosophers, similar to the Venetian cafes in the 20th century? Is pic related us?

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>Is pic related us?
no, /lit/ would be the guy looking in through the window from outside

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>Will any of the future greats come from /lit/?

Just me and Tao Lin

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Post your work

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>Is pic related us?
I certainly hope not.

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There will probably be some greats who have browsed this board a little bit. But absolutely no one who regularly posts here will succeed

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I wrote this


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99% of the audience on lit is 20 yo american orbiters craving pussy, the remaining is the low iq borugeois wanabee

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Are there any places better than /lit/ right now?
Universities seem to be in pretty poor shape and mainstream sites are perhaps worse

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>come from
None who do will phrase it as such. They will say, "I've been there," and then throw a penny in your general direction.

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I've never seen anything here that rises above the level of an inside joke.

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there aren't going to be future greats, society doesn't function in a way that a great literature can be written now and accepted, and spread enough to be influential.

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no. this board is shitposts and /pol/ redpill attempts. any future great is either being molded in an actual academic environment, or in a group of people that don't shitpost about the same 10 books on repeat

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This, it is so hard to extract anything meaningful on this board.

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I want to be a great writer and a great poet, and I've been browsing this board since its creation.

Yes, it did used to be much better. No, it wasn't ever GREAT. I actually miss when science fiction and fantasy books weren't all shunted off to the general, at least then there were actual book threads in the catalog.

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>molded in an actual academic environment

academic environment = trains people to be like this so they can get jobs only letting more people into the 'academic environment' if they act like this so only people like this will get in so they can get jobs only letting more people into the 'academic environment' if .....

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Take your meds schizo

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i read literature and philosophy and come here in desperation to find valuable discussion. same with /sci/. retards unironically believe the start with the greeks meme too.

4chan has a problem with selecting a few cliches/pieces of culture it obsesses itself with, and discussing nothing else. and they're not even good. you have people treating the ted kaczynski manifesto (or elliott rodger's one) like a valuable piece of writing, instead of reading something which wasn't written by a rambling idiot. read mark fisher. or actual academic stuff. but stop pretending that knowing a glorified piece of internet subculture makes you smarter than the average normie.

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i've been celebrated on television, presented my work on opposite sides of the globe, was lauded for a widely-listened to interview on npr, met celebrities, and earned a degree from one of the top programs in my field. i'm two degrees of separation from President Obama through two completely different contacts, bitch. don't talk to me about this shit. i am great.

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This. The whole thing is a never ending cycle of shit. Subversive, brainwashed faggots and trannies propping up more subversive, brainwashed faggots and trannies

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diversity is our strength

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Boo hoo James Staples is an expert in Mysticism. You fags are just jealous.

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rip NYU.

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Gatekeeping tranny concern troll. /lit/ is indeed shit, but calling it shit and then using the half-agreement in the average /lit/ browser's mind as a launching point to tell them to read "real" stuff, which is stuff you agree with and want to promote of course, is disingenuous as fuck.

Kill yourself you manipulative little fag. This is ironically exactly why this place exists and why it still has value, because you have no actual power here except shitty manipulation attempts like this. Elsewhere you could rely on numerical superiority, peer pressure, or direct access to the reins of power so you could ban people. People read shit like the Unabomber because of faggots like you trying to gatekeep them and shame them for doing so. You are creating your own enemy by trying to effeminately control people's minds.

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Who would be Hegel in this scenario? Would it still be Hegel?

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>read mark fisher.
Midwit detected

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You could go pretty much anywhere else and find a culture that was what you're describing, ie. following the lead of academia. It begs the question of why you would come here at all, since you're well aware this place doesn't and cannot function like that.

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You wish. This place never gave birth to anything worthwhile.

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/lit/ is the squirrel

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explain to me me why i shouldn't encourage people to read stuff I agree with/think has value, just like you encourage me to read material which you similarly think has value. i think it's more disingenuous to accuse me of trying to be manipulative just because i've expressed an opinion that's different to the consensus of this board. isn't free discourse the ideological pillar of this website?

also, i don't know who you envision me to be, other than another opinionated college student on this website. i have no 'agenda'. feel free to read your unabomber shit but don't try to convince me it's some kind of fucking masterpiece. the only reason it NYT/Washington Post published it was to stop ted from mailing more bombs to people. if you genuinely believe any piece of writing with mainstream popularity only exists as some kind of tranny mind control tool, you are retarded.

lol of course the knee-jerk reaction to my criticism is to accuse me of being a coloured-hair queer theorist. have you ever spoken to members of a philosophy department? or gone to a conference? some are insufferable, yes, and some are normal people with insightful things to say. i don't really know why you're surprised to find it's weirdos that study niche fields of history.

i agree with you. maybe i should change my expectations on what i expect from this board. the whole model of studying the humanities in academia is blindly following a set reading list, writing your essays in a format which functions like a glorified book report. but at least in the process of doing that, if you're not a retard, you pick up ideas to build on, and meet some people you can actually have interesting discussion with. can /lit/ offer the same thing? not really. I still browse (and enjoy) it for other reasons. So maybe I was too harsh.

how will i ever recover from this?

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You’re killing it Danny; keep it up.

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I never said they are tranny mind control tools, I said you're a tool who tries to control the minds of others because your faggot friends are all trannies.

If you're going to gatekeep, gatekeep something interesting. You're promoting "academic" books like that's some kind of magic word that bestows worth. You're a master's student who thinks he's part of the cognitive elite. Enjoy your future job curating a website and twitter account for some internet company that sells overpriced juice.

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I think the people that will become famous in the current time period probably drop by here, but aren't regulars. I don't think any of the content normal users make will prove to be valuable in the future purely on the basis that corporations control the narrative and everyone and their mother is producing content right now. This whole period is going to be forgotten except for some tech advancements and will be a paragraph in a history book.

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Anon, if you're one of those people posting threads about how My Twisted World is art, you got memed

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Is no one going to mention Gaskun? I think he’s produced more work than most people on the board

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I come here because I have direct experience with how Jews and white women destroyed much of the publishing industry. They dominate as literary industries and merely push agendas. Most of them don't even know the traditions and history of the genres they like.

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I don't know. Stirner stole money and died in poverty, remembered only as a meme on this imageboard. Sounds pretty /lit/.

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Yeah most of the time it's just wading through shit, but I think you have to have low expectations because that's the case everywhere on the internet. I just treat this board as a place mostly to shitpost, & occasionally you might have a half decent or maybe amusing convo.

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i wish this dude would post more, they were the best part of crit threads for me

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why were you consorting with women, anon
you haven't betrayed us, have you?

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Post a single screenshot from this board of literary quality. Not "haha niggers", but something actually decent.
Can't be done.
I rest my case

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the next greatest philosopher/author in our generation will be embracing the blackpill ideology when women get replaced by sex robots as our caring and loving partners.

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The duality of man

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Honestly, I think they will study us, like they will study /pol/ for how altright developed. This board no doubt will become important for promoting the new conservative trend in philosophy and literature, where people keep reading a lot of old stuff and living in the past, instaid of creating new things, because the creative force of society is just spend. This is /lit/ and this will be the future.

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> they will study /pol/ for how altright developed
They should study newspapers, because it was invented there, and only after that idiots found out it was fashionable.

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What is the point of this board anyway?

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I don't think there will be historians in the future.

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>starting with the Greeks is a meme
Fucking retard

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