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Did the Greeks start with the Greeks?

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Damn where can I see her taking black dick?

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I normally don't ask this but.. a female girl reading a book is the only thing that drags me out of depression so...

M'lady, what's your name if I may inquire?
*blushes shyly*

As an addendum, I as a persona happen to be of trans-extraction, though I am unaware of whether this is tangential or not.

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disgusting emotional void coomer, you'll never make it

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A thread died for this. Think of that before you post such a bad shitpost

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They are made up of native and invader peoples and turned into what we call Greeks later.
Herodotus is good, if inaccurate, but I like reading about what contemporaries have discovered. This one is really good.

Get out.

All girls are female

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No. They started with the atlanteans.

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If it was im the last position of the last page it wasn't a good thread

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Lmao lurk more. Most of the threads drowning are actually lit based. What does well is godawful shitposts

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It seems to have been this one

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Okay you got me this time

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>lurk more
Go back to r*ddit eith your 2009 memes

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Also stop using butterfly's name

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Damn but you actually need to lurk more

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> all girls are female
Untrue since you exist

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