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Is the Trojan War the most important conflict of all time? Even into the 13th and 14th century scholars were trying to tie their lineage back to either the Trojans or Romans. In the Prose Edda (c.1220) it is written:
>One of the kings was named Munon or Mennon. He was married to Troan, the daughter of Priam, the chief king. They had a son who was named Tror, the one we call Thor. He was brought up in Thracia by a duke named Loricus and when he was ten years old he received his father's weapons.

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No. Ww1 was.

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WW1 wasn't even the most important conflict of its century

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Idk about most important. Definitely highly prestigious and mythic. But any major battle going far back enough in history will be incalculably important.

In addition to being the Hellenic founding myth though, the legendary and mythic nature of it gives itself to Invocation, sewing as no one can disprove a lineage from Troy like romans with Aeneus.

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>But any major battle going far back enough in history will be incalculably important.
This. It's just important because some written texts survive, I bet there were plenty of comparable wars throughout the bronze age but no one cared to write it down.

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WW1 was clearly the most important war since the French Revolution.

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Napoleonic conquest was the most important event ever

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The Covid 19 outbreak has had more of an impact on global society than the Trojan war.

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What is your reasoning here?

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The Battle of Teutoburg Forest

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are you fucking retarded? asking for a friend.

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Most important conflict in European history, maybe. But it's pretty much completely irrelevant in the rest of the world.

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WW1 didn't usher in the atomic era. Splitting the atom was more important than any political, social or economic ramifications WW1 could ever have.

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It was a series of raids glorified. Not a single war

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What are you talking about? This upholds all that. The Iliad is a story. You think they were real characters?

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raids are war. don't confuse war with campaign.

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Smash and grabs aren’t the same as siege warfare. Aggressions all the same of course.

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Ignore the responses, anon. WW2 was more important than WW1.

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If you want to go down that road, then the Punic Wars would fit the bill.

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You're a real character.

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Romans would never exist if troy never fell because Romans were just refugees from troy so if troy wasn't destroyed Rome would never exist so yep your kinda right imo

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fictional or not, you can't deny the longstanding effect it had on the identity of all of Europe, the Levant and northern Africa.

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Oh yes. I know the effects.

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Midwits, all of you. Both wars had such defining effects on the development of the modern world that an attempt at understanding which omits either is necessarily deficient. It’s like asking whether heat or fuel is more important when starting a fire.

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I feel there's merit to having a debate over which war was more relevant, WW1 cracked the old order wide open and made a mess out of the geopolitical status, which in turn gave rise to the movements that gave us WW2

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The Cold War brought us to the moon.

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The First Gulf War taught us lessons in leadership and logistics

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Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door. /his/ is two blocks down.

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Siege warfare is nowhere near equivalent to the entire concept of war.

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Based, partisans btfo.

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>when you realize that every great conqueror was larping as Achilles

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Gang warfare and viking raids aren’t actual wars.

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17 Now the flood was on the earth forty days. The waters increased and lifted up the ark, and it rose high above the earth. 18 The waters prevailed and greatly increased on the earth, and the ark moved about on the surface of the waters. 19 And the waters prevailed exceedingly on the earth, and all the high hills under the whole heaven were covered. 20 The waters prevailed fifteen cubits upward, and the mountains were covered. 21 And all flesh died that moved on [c]the earth: birds and cattle and beasts and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth, and every man. 22 All in whose nostrils was the breath [d]of the spirit of life, all that was on the dry land, died. 23 So He destroyed all living things which were on the face of the ground: both man and cattle, creeping thing and bird of the air. They were destroyed from the earth. Only Noah and those who were with him in the ark remained alive. 24 And the waters prevailed on the earth one hundred and fifty days.

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What the fuck do you know about war you stupid dyke

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If I were to sock your nose flat and send your head to the pavement, that would not be war.
Read a little history.

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You're literally incapable of inflicting physical harm upon me and you're literally incapable of defending your nebulous definition of war predicated on idiotic modern conceptions of campaign or standing armies

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Come over and I certainly could.
As for the topic of this argument, you’ve yet to even start. Stupid troll topic. 1/10 I guess.

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This completely ignores the fact that WW1 directly caused WW2.

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