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Post people who misunderstood Hegel

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>It can be quite easily be expounded lucidly in one syllable
And yet he took a considerable lot more in that quote to say something that doesn't even give an accurate or well-informed portrayal of it. Russell is a hack

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Go ahead and explain it in plain language, anon.

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I never said I was capable of being so reductive, I'm simply pointing out Russell's hypocrisy.

>"I COULD end this whole man's career with ONE SYLLABLE... But instead I'm just going to posture about it being obscure and absurd by being obscure and absurd myself."

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>w-words too hard! Im gonna do numbers instead!
Was it autism?

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Idolatry is for weak-minded people. Meme about ideas, anon, not thinkers you have put on pedestals.

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>he thinks these """"thinkers""""" have genuine """"ideas""""

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so, let me guess. Mr Guenon disparages systems... and then inserts his own after this ruthless criticism? What a genius.

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>Not even being able to read Russell

You seriously want me to believe that you understand Hegel any better?

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Wait, you think that one quotation is the entirety of what Russell wrote about Hegel? Are you seriously that retarded?

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While Russell will always be owed some minimum respect for cucking T.S. Eliot, clearly he isn’t owed very much.

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Post more STEMlords BTFOing philosophy

>My son is taking a course in philosophy, and last night we were looking at something by Spinoza – and there was the most childish reasoning! There were all these Attributes, and Substances, all this meaningless chewing around, and we started to laugh. Now, how could we do that? Here’s this great Dutch philosopher, and we’re laughing at him. It’s because there was no excuse for it! In that same period there was Newton, there was Harvey studying the circulation of blood, there were people with methods of analysis by which progress was being made! You can take every one of Spinoza’s propositions, and take the contrary propositions, and look at the world – and you can’t tell which is right.

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Very based and truthpilled.

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So then direct me to the "words of one syllable" that Russell wrote that renders the entirety of Hegel's thought invalid.

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Russel is such a fucking perfidious albion, not to mention a shit eating smug cuckold. The more I read of him the more I utterly despise him as a person. He is quite possibly the fucking worst personality in all of philosophy.

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Oh look, it's a seething pseud. How delightful.

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For once, Bertrand is right.

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go back to being dead, Bertrand

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>inserts his own
Guenon's (pbuh) thought is not "his" (pbuh) own, he (pbuh) is merely a messenger. He (pbuh) claims no originality in his (pbuh) uncorrupted transmission of Ancient Perennial Knowledge...

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Guenon is a mathematically illiterate moron.

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>by which progress was being made!

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$10 says this anon can't even solve a 10th grade math problem.

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Let's be real science itself really predates philosophy and belongs more to medieval occult theology.

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Boxes don't float.

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>Guénon was a brainle-
He was proficient at Greek, Latin, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Sanskrit, Hebraic, Arabic and Chinese, was trained in mathematics and was extremely well-read in both eastern and western philosophy
>Guénon was a stupid posing larpe-
He was initiated into both a Vietnamese Taoist Triad as well as the al-'Arabiyya Shadhiliyya Sufi order, furthermore in all his writings he stressed the need for personal and genuine participation in whatever Traditions one aspired to follow. His acquaintances both Egyptian and western observed that he scrupulously followed Islamic observances during his life in Egypt
>Guénon was a literal nobody, he was not influenti-
Among the many western philosophers, artists and authors who were influenced by him or who heaped praise on him include Carl Schmitt, Georges Bataille, Aleksander Dugin, Antonin Artaud, Olavo de Carvalho, André Breton, Mircea Eliade, Alain Danielou, Julius Evola, André Malraux, Albert Gleizes, René Daumal, Raymond Queneau, Paul Ackerman, Huston Smith, William Chittick, Steve Bannon, Harry Oldmeadow, James Cutsinger and Hossein Nasr. Furthermore as Nasr notes in his article 'The Influence of Rene Guenon in the Islamic World', Guénon is well-known and influential among the intelligentsia including traditional Islamic scholars in certain Islamic countries such in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Malaysia.
>Guénon just made a bunch of stupid and unjustified comparisons between religio-
To the contrary over the course of some twenty odd books he painstakingly and patiently elucidated the fundamental agreement between the metaphysics of Advaita Vedanta, Taoism, Sufism, Hermeticism and Christian esoterism, work that Coomaraswamy built on and further confirmed

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holy..... B A S E D

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I enjoyed solving this in the /sci/ thread

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I cannot comment on any other things you mentioned because I'm unfamiliar with them. Unlike Guenon, I do not claim familiary with subjects I only have surface level knowledge of.
>was trained in mathematics
He wrote a whole book about how differential calculus was wrong WAY AFTER Cauchy published completely rigorous foundations of the subject. One of the chapters is titled "Zero is not a number". The fact he cannot comprehend simple well-established mathematical concepts like calculus leads me to believe he was a brainlet.

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Mathematician here. I honestly have no idea what russell did other than prove the concept of a set of all sets doesn't work (which is trivial and not worthy of very high praise). His work on predicate calculus was rudimentary.
Other than that he tried to autistically reduce math to logic, he was a logicist in terms of philosophy of math however he of course failed and was utterly dominated by the superior Platonist Godel and the god loving intuitionist Brouwer. Logicism in math is literally wrong, in the truest absolute sense. Math objectively does not come from logic, rather logic comes from math. Math comes from the Platonic. This is not opinion the logicist school does not exist anymore because it doesn't work when compared to platonism and intuitionism.
I've never met anyone who wasn't a midwit non-mathematician who likes Russell. For those of us who actually study math, he's just a loser who failed and wrote a giant book of utter meaningless nonsense. He's not important in mathematics whatsoever.

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I like the part about the error. Guenon is based.

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>Mathematician here
What's your area of mathematical research?

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Who would you recommend as math adjacent philosophers?

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>He wrote a whole book about how differential calculus was wrong
And he (pbuh) would be correct.
>completely rigorous foundations of the subject
LMFAO!!! Guenon (pbuh) retroactively debunked and refuted even the very notion that a profane set-theoretic formalist foundation can be anything but illusory.
>"Zero is not a number".
See pic related.

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You're being technical, what you should REALLY be pointing out is his lack of rhetorical skill in making such a mistake. Where in it becomes something obviously more than technicality.

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>math adjacent philosophers
Any pre-scholastic theologians.

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>i have no idea what he did
>this is why he sucks
Hows calculus 2 going?

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>>i have no idea what he did
He's literally irrelevant in my circles so that speaks a lot about his worth. Mathfag here as well.

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>god loving intuitionist Brouwer.
I thought intuitionism was inherently atheistic? How can you not accept excluded middle and accept God who witnesses the truth value of every proposition?

>>"Zero is not a number".

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Diff. Geo.
He literally didn't do anything and I don't any mathematician who gives a shit about him. His work in philosophy doesn't even work godel and brouwer completely refuted him

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as long as the problem of induction remains unsolved i reject every single scientific "discovery"

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Brouwer intuitionism was basically saying "ONLY GOD KNOWS" and that we humans have to submit in our ignorance to the lord.
Brouwer believed that humans were embedded by God with the "notion of twoity" which is where mathematical intuition comes from. From there, our God given intuition allows us to construct mathematics, but it's still a mental construction that only exists due to the gift of the "notion of twoity" that God has given to us. Modern constructivists are largely computer scientists for obvious reasons but they differ in terms of the motivation for their philosophy from Brouwer and the original intuitionists.

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Based and Humepilled

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He's literally irrelevant in my circles so that speaks a lot about his worth
It really doesn't. I assume your area of math feels the impact of hegel every day?
>He literally didn't do anything
>t. guy who literally doesn't know what he did.
>I don't any mathematician who gives a shit about him
How many mathematicians know much about the history of phil of math? 99% of research mathematicians have zero serious interest in phil of math. The fact that you bring this up just shows how butthurt you are and how little you know.

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>set-theoretic formalist foundation


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>impact of hegel
Completely irrelevant to math and anything surrounding it.
Also he was refuted by Guenon (pbuh) so he is doubly irrelevant.

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Based post, brother!

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He isn't relevant in the history of phil. of math either, other than maybe being the poster child for the failed philosophy of logicism.

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>not relevant to the history of phil of math

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And here we have another undergrad who cannot understand the difference between symbolic and philosophical logic

>differential geometry

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Why are Guenon fags so forced and cringe

I get that you subscribe and are influenced by a certain philosopher's ideas, but why can't you just convey his pure substance without your pbuhs and other attempts at ironic "humour".

Sure he'd be genuinely ashamed to look on at his philosophy and contributions had been reduced to by such drivel and stupidity.

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Don't even bother trying to reason with them, they will just scream cringe hylic at you. It isn't much more than flavour-of-the-month idolatry pushed by maybe one or two schizos, the rest are just gullible idiots jumping in on a hot new meme (pbuh).

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Indeed, my previous attempts at discussion with them devolved into ad hominems and being denounced as an "anglo hylic"

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Cringe! Repent. Hylic...
The brothers know the word of our Great Teacher ﷺ and follow it well...

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can mudslimes stop forcing this pseud already

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No you don’t.

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Okay, let's take:
>E1: PROP. 3. Things which have nothing in common cannot be one the cause of the other.
So the contrary proposition would be
>¬E1: PROP. 3. Things which have nothing in common can be one the cause of the other.
Where is an example of two things with nothing in common causing each other, Mr. Feynman? What a pseud.

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>le progress man
There's something to admire in Feynman's attitude, but he failed to escape the single biggest lie of his time.

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Imagine if Guenon (pbuh) was around when Feynman started the anti-philosophy - pop sci movement. He would've been utterly refuted.

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why do you guys say pbuh all the time

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like clockwork. I keep thinking the images of guenon have been edited like the smallbrain photos of Land, but then I remember that is actually the top of his head *wheeze*

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Hegel misunderstood hegel

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Peace Be Upon Him, brother...

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Oh okay. I'm still gonna imagine that it's the sound of you spitting

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Feynman was based.

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there is no difference between symbolic and philosophical logic.

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I guess you can say his relevance is being the loser of the philosophical schools of the time.

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A productive, honest failure is still infinitely more worth than nonsensical quackery (hegel).

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Don't be mad that you haven't been initiated into the ancient mysteries of Ancient Egypt and Greece KEK

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Based. Philosocucks eternally seething about FeynChad

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So based... The hylic would surely suffer greatly... Thankfully, Guénon (pbuh) can use a retroactive refutation to refute him even in his Higher State of Being...

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Hyperbole is a thing faggot

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Its hyperbole you tards

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Haha what problem nigger just obtain empricial evidence

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lmao took you 7 hours to look and you still couldn't find it. If analytic philosophy is so inscrutable, you think he'd be able to contradict hegel without relying on insubstantial rhetorical tricks

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You put up bold words, but your actions reduce to sucking its teat.

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corner to the left of b?

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