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I never read guenon . So where do I start ? Also is he a meme ?

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Intro to Doctrines then Crisis of the World and then pretty much anywhere you want. Most people rec. his magnum opus right after you get through his first few books. He's not a meme himself but don't expect Guenon(pbuh) to know what he''s talking about in terms of Western Philosophy/intellectualism, he also completely discards all of Western Philosophy/developments, like all of it, completely. If anything he should inspire you to read the foundational texts in Hinduism/Buddhism, thats what he would have wanted. Good read overall.

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He isn't a meme. He literally inspired most 20th century philosophy on both the left and right

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Holy based...

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top lel

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You need to record this quote to gain the further right to read Guenon (pbuh).

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kek, i wasn't aware philosophy was a popularity contest.

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He basically reads like a mix of old school metaphysician like Plotinus, Aquinas, or even Leibniz, plus shitty obscurantist 20th century continental philosophy prose, plus the sanctimoniousness of a Pope. Have fun.

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Imagine thinking anyone actually read Guenon besides Evola

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Guenon is based pbuh

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Hi nigger, why are you wearing gloves?

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Intial my hand get really sweaty when I take notes .
Know it more of and identity thing

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Why would you learn 10000 languages superficially? It seems like you're learning some simple phrases in 40 different languages, like those pseud "polyglot" youtubers

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I'm trying to work my way into comprehension . Even "conversation" can be faked by scripting .
laoshu50500 is pretty much a master at small talking in multiple languages

Me personally I rather not talk to people even in English my conversation are somewhat scripted .

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He provides a great insight into how an NPC operates. Merely using premade templates as an attempt to "converse", faking an understanding of the language to the listener while having absolutely no idea of what he is saying on a deeper level.

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Legit I'm impressed
He mastered pronunciation
Understand that people will ask him about his language hobby
Rinse and repeat

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Trying to work your way into comprehension in what languages?

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