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Brothers. I have discovered and understood that consciousness/awareness is without parts and thus non-dual. For one cannot split his awareness into the hating and the loving, into the perceiving and the not perceiving, into the seeing and the blind, into the ignorant and the enlightened. It is all non-dually without parts and thus immaterial. I have finally refuted materialist doctrine with the help of contemplating upon Guénon. I have escaped the spiritual desert...

I sincerely thank all of you who helped me on my path.
Peace and blessings be upon you.

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Based! Where do I start with Guenon?

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Crisis of the modern world or the Introduction to the Study of the Hindu doctrines

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>will tho

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>Crisis of the modern world or the Introduction to the Study of the Hindu doctrines

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non duality is an idea from the indian philsophers who tried to salvage the vedas after buddhism and all they came up with is mahayana.It is pure retardation and 100% wrong view, so of course it pleases the midwit bourgeois full of spleen.

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>non duality is an idea from the indian philsophers
Holy based...

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>pic related
>the light/darkness shadow/duality getting refuted by a non-Dual Being standing right in the center of it
Holy based... Guénon ﷺ is truly the master of sacred symbolism.

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Could anyone tell me what the counter-arguments against Aristotelianism/Thomism are? Or point me toward some good books on it.
1. Argumentum ex motu, or the argument of the unmoved mover;
2. Argumentum ex ratione causae efficientis, or the argument of the first cause;
3. Argumentum ex contingentia, or the argument from contingency;
4. Argumentum ex gradu, or the argument from degree; and
5. Argumentum ex fine, or the teleological argument.

I'm guessing non-dualists would dispute most of these arguments.

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>what the counter-arguments against Aristotelianism/Thomism are?
It's rationalistic while true intellectuality is inherently supra-rational.

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new duality, nice job gaynon

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>counter-arguments against Aristotelianism/Thomism
The Bible and the Church established by Christ. It teaches neither "natural theology", nor vain pagan philosophy.

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Not only does Shankara not disagree with those arguments but he actually uses most of them or near-equivalents of them in his writings when he argues against other schools like Buddhism and Samhkya which deny the existence of an ultimate intelligent/conscious creator. The areas where he would disagree with Thomism would be in another area, namely the idea of a dualistic God existing separate from creation who creates out of nothing. According to Shankara when you actually analyze the details of how this would pan out it doesn't make any sense, he discusses this in his commentary on Gaudapada's Karika. For example a truly infinite God cannot exist in relation to a creation which is not God because something which is truly infinite precludes anything else from existing as other than that infinite thing, and also there is no way that something infinite could create or give rise to something non-infinite like creation because such an act inevitably involves either the infinite and eternal becoming non-infinite and non-eternal (in which case it wouldn't be truly eternal/infinite to begin with) or some sort of change in the creator which makes him non-immutable and hence not truly infinite/eternal. Aquinas seems to want to posit some utterly simple monadic God but then doesn't fully accept the implications of what this entails. According to Shankara these arguments that Aquinas uses do point to a supreme entity but it ends up being more logical to say that this entity is the only thing that actually exists and that the illusion of a separate created world stems from the supreme entities power of maya/divine art/illusion/etc. A Trappist monk wrote a book called "Christianity and the Doctrine of Non-Dualism" where he argues that Thomism is actually compatible with and in alignment with Advaita Vedanta however.

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Thanks for response. Yeah it was mainly the points about change, creation and the teleological argument that I thought Shankara would disagree with since its highly dualistic.

I'll check out his commentary on the Karika, thanks.

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ya Rabbi
don't you kuffar and fasiq not know that Muhammad SAW is the last prophet?
that he closes the door of prophet?
why are you calling this Al-Masih Guenon Ad-Dajjal the Messiah?

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Please do not spread false teachings on this board, brother. It is under the protection of Guénon (swt).

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>closes the door of prophet
That only applies if Guenon (pbuh) is a created being who is not coeternal with Allah (swt) and who thus came into existence after Muhammad (saw) did, may Allah (swt) forgive me for even saying such blasphemy upon our Great Teacher (pbuh).
Very based.

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Brothers, we need to convene a Guenonian Council to deal with disgusting heresies like the claim that Guenon (pbuh), the Forerunner for the Mahdi, is the Dajjal.

May Guenon (pbuh) bless us and enlighten our hearts through a careful study of his (pbuh) texts.

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Excuse me, brother, for slandering you.
I meant to accuse the vile heretic >>14851804 instead.

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I agree, brother. These confused souls must be led to the light by those who are well versed in Guenon (pbuh).

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>I have discovered and understood that consciousness/awareness is without parts and thus non-dual
>I am parroting what someone else said

Abstract philosophy is dumb and meaningless. Prove me wrong. Morality, free will, consciousness, etc; all subjective and inherently irrelevant.

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>Abstract philosophy is dumb and meaningless. Prove me wrong.
Nobody could prove your wrong, for Guenon (pbuh) would agree with you here. However, what you miss is that the brother's discovery is not mere philosophy, it is a direct revelation made to Adam (pbuh) in the Garden of Eden.
>Morality, free will, consciousness, etc; all subjective and inherently irrelevant.
Please study Guenon (pbuh) more carefully before making such statements on /lit/.

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Guénon thought artistotleanism was the only truly western metaphysic, he thought Neoplatonism came under oriental influence

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whaats the story behind that picture?

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Was Guenon a mason? Do I need to join a lodge to become a guenon-like traditionalist but living in the West? I doubt there are even traditional lodged anymore for some reason.

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Is anyone else into contemporary idealism: Bernardo Kastrup, Phillip Goff, Itay Shani, Miri Albahari etc?

As DMX once said, I sometimes think I’m the only nigger

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Do any of the brothers know on which finger Guénon (pbuh) wore his AUM-inscribed Divine Ring?
I want to engrave His symbol on a ring and wear it proudly, like a true Guénonian (pbuh).

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Question for Guenon experts (peace be upon you). What would Guenon (or Schuon) say against radical Islam, the extremes of the Sharia; the killing of apostates, the stoning of fags and physical violence against women for trivial errors? Also the problems that Mohammad is claimed to have had, sex with a 9 year old, sexing his female slaves to the point of infuriating his wives, his robes were often covered in semen, etc... I know they personally wouldn't do such things, but Islam does make harsh Sharia and sexual deviancy seem moral and cool.

Also what were their arguments for the existence of GOD?God as a personal being, not simply some hindu monad abstract platonic shit.
I'm a Christian and know why I believe, but I'm wondering why they would believe, what was their path and argumentation like?

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i was into timothy sprigge, but realized it wasn't what i was looking forr.

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Traditionalism like any form of Leftism is just irrational hatred for the West, because the existence of the West proves their inferiority. They would completely embrace all Islams perversities, just like the left embraces pedophilia.

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>the killing of apostates
>the stoning of fags
>sex with a 9 year old
Based. Or are you implying that a man should become so onions'd-up so as to ignore his sexually mature pubescent wife?
>violence against women for trivial errors
Guénon (pbuh) did not condone that. Just as one would not hit a dog for its trivial errors caused by it being a dog, it is not appropriate to physically discipline a woman for merely displaying her faulty nature.
>sexing his female slaves to the point of infuriating his wives
Based. One has a duty to satisfy his slaves if he is to take from them the ability to get married and have a husband satisfy them. Muhammad (saw) was merely doing his duty as a proper un-onions'd man.
>his robes were often covered in semen
That is only natural for a male of Muhammadian (saw) stature. There is nothing shameful in that.

>I know they personally wouldn't do such things
Guénon (pbuh) himself moved to Egypt partly with the goal of marrying quite a young girl who would be able to be with his children as their equal. He (pbuh) also despised all forms of homosexuality as a manifestation of the reign of quantity.

>arguments for the existence of GOD
Guénon (pbuh) was mainly concerned with the supra-intellectual supra-argumentative realm. He did not care much for rationalistic 'proofs' for God, placing instead an importance on revelation and initiation.

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Guenon (pbuh) cried out for the West and lamented its self-induced demise very deeply.
Very based...

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>On October 11th 1991, Frithjof Schuon, the leader of an international religious order, was indicted on the felony charge of child molestation. committed under "cult pressure and influence". The indictment, passed down by a five member Grand Jury, headed by Lucy Cherbas, stated:
>"that Frithjof Schuon... did perform fondling or touching [on three girls] 15 years of age, 14 years of age and 13 years of age, respectively, with the intent to arouse or satisfy sexual desires of Frithjof Schuon, in violation of I.C. 35-42 43. [And that] said persons were compelled to submit to touching by force or imminent threat of force, to wit: by undue cult influences and cult pressures, in violation of 35-42-4-8."

>Jesus Garcia Varela, a high ranking inner circle member of the cult, had been investigated by the Louisville Police in 1991 for nude photos of his 2 young daughters. He escaped prosecution of this episode by claiming that it was a common practice in Spain to visually record a girl's puberty.

>Michael Fitzgerald's son was present at the Gatherings. The boy, then perhaps 14, had been made to watch his mother and her sister, Jennifer Casey, dance nude for Schuon at one of the Gatherings.

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>He escaped prosecution of this episode by claiming that it was a common practice in Spain to visually record a girl's puberty.
Holy based....

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>>sex with a 9 year old
>Based. Or are you implying that a man should become so onions'd-up so as to ignore his sexually mature pubescent wife?
It's based to admit young girls are aesthetic (even attractive) sure, peacocks and ferrari's can also be attractive and beautiful to the naked eye; but it's soi-onion'd to act on that lust with a 9 year old, or a ferrari or a peacock. It's debasing. Totally within the reign of quantity and a symptom of the kali yuga.

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Consumating your marriage with an adult woman does not involve any lust when it comes to such holy men as Guénon (pbuh) and Muhammad (saw). Also, abandoning your responsibilities as an older husband to satisfy the needs of your horny 9 year old wife is a pure mark of selfish materialistic degeneracy.

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>having sex with a 9 year old still playing with dolls
Mohammad was not based nor our nigga.

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>timothy sprigge
I’ve never read him. Any books you would recommend?

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That was so normal then out of all his wives only A'isha, radhi Allahu anha, wasn't widowed or divorced before he married her. Being in a marriage and physical erotic/intimate early establishes lifelong love and pairbonding (obviously I am not defending child predators, randomly groping kids for lust without lifelong matrimony only traumatizes them)

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He would take baths and diddle her as young as Six, that's child grooming, he didn't fully rape her until she was Nine.
And people wonder why England is having child grooming epidemics and diverse rape gangs.

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>he didn't fully rape her until she was Nine.
>implying you can rape your wife
Progressive liberal detected!

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Guenon was a sufi more than a muslim. He opposed attempts at decolonialization and politics in general so no doubt he would opposed salafist islam, which is the biggest enemy of sufism.

Schuon was a syncretic weirdo who fucked kids. Look it up.

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>He would take baths and diddle her as young as Six
How does that not promote a healthy future husband-wife mentor relationship?

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fathers groom their daughters like that, pragmatic bonding doesn't equal healthy and moral.

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Muhammad (saw) is the standard-giver of morality. How can you say that an action done with such pure intent by such a great man (saw) is to be looked down upon merely because some swine abuse their daughters?
There is nothing wrong with explaining to your future bride how to feel pleasures on her first night, perhaps even going so far as to perform a symbolic/play-acted demonstration of the act so she feels more comfortable latet. One could argue that it was his duty to teach her, as such a holy man (saw) who was many times her age.

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