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Books that explain why life is so depressing?

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The selfish gene

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It's not, you're just configured badly

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You are depressed. Life just is.

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Industrial Society and its Future
Industrial Society and its Future
Industrial Society and its Future

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Because you pay too much attention to bodily sensations you have labeled 'depression'.

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>Books that explain why Ted Kaczynski was so psychotic
Wrong thread

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The Foundation for Exploration. It doesn't need to be this way.

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Journey to the end of the night
Journey to the end of the night
Journey to the end of the night

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Somebody randomly messaged me on Goodreads telling me to read this

Are you the author shilling your own shit ?

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notice how no one ever addresses Ted’s actual arguments and resorts to ad hominem

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I have, but no one responds to it.
Does Ted acknowledge the 19th century technology that nearly tore apart the old west? Primitive tools really. Wolves, bison nearly went extinct. Depleted soil that caused the dust bowl. Not excusing the modern problems at all, but it’s the system of capitalism that misuses technology. That’s to blame.

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>but it’s the system of capitalism that misuses technology. That’s to blame.
I wonder when butterfly will stop coping, if ever.

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Not an argument.
Why does everyone resort to ad hominem against butterfly instead of addressing what he says?

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Not an argument.
Why does every marxist resort to their own theory instead of supporting why it should be allowed to exist?

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The narcissism of God. We exist as a side-project of his creative pursuits. Our happiness never mattered

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>Our happiness never mattered
Jesus Christ!
Oh, mea culpa...
Your "happiness" is relative. Relative to what?

What do you think?

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Technology is just a tool. A sword into a plowshare is socialism. A plowshare into a sword is capitalism. A dream that we can forget how to make metal is Ted Kaczynski

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A dream that we can forget how we ate the apple is (You).

That's the whole thing, butterfly-san.

YOU ate it. Now you must spend your life forgetting that, or digesting that, but if you go the digestion route don't be surprised when it bursts forth at some point--in true Alien fashion--when you least expect it.


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Technology is not just a tool and that’s what you’re miss. Honestly, I see you in so many threads trying to distill everything down to the horrors of ultimate evil capitalism and even though I agree with you sometimes, I’ve never once seen you actually walk through a logical argument as to why you’re convinced of this. You can things to support it like “technology is a tool” but that doesn’t make it true and it doesn’t support your thesis. In fact, technology almost by its very nature can not be just be a tool so why do you really believe that capitalism is the root of all evil? Please walk out a rational, nuanced argument.

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Life is only depressing for us because we haven't found a tribe to be loyal to, and feel accepted in.

Oversocialized blue light-addled, serotonin deprived, low test bugmen will disagree.

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>Technology is not just a tool and that’s what you’re miss.
It is. And it does support the thesis.
>waits for the reasoning

Capitalism is a whole system we inherited from ages past. It has grown more complex and even intertwined with our technical advances.
I already acknowledge that some technology is harmful. It was invented for that. Why? To protect the wealthy elites! To ensure the state’s strength! ITS OBVIOUS. Put two and two together man.
Without capitalism, statism lapses into localized and manageable districts of mostly equal peoples. Technology would probably slow, but forced reversion may lead to primitive ancapistans or other such sealed off cults of personality

> why do you really believe that capitalism is the root of all evil? Please walk out a rational, nuanced argument.
The reward system favors only the most heartless sociopaths, so have left the world run by said sociopaths. The system itself breeds them and assures them as they wall themselves into their luxurious lifestyle. They used to assume it was god favoring them, now it’s their own “smarts” that they fool themselves into believing put them there.
Anything this bad motivator touches corrupts it. Families in poverty usually argue over money and property. Anywhere you see bribery, that’s money doing that. Sex for money is a perversion. Sex for pleasure is not. The hierarchies are another aspect. Rich families have recently been caught buying university educations for their dullard kids, who go on to manage all the wage slaves with lower education. You know all this, don’t you? Rarely does this system reward quality, no, only that which turns extra profits. It’s why this life is so cheapened! You MUST know all this already? Are you just testing me?

First you say under socialized then “oversocialized”
You’ve disagreed with yourself.

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orthodoxy by g k chesterton

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>It is. And it supports the thesis.

>Technology ("science of craft", from Greek τέχνη, techne, "art, skill, cunning of hand"; and -λογία, -logia[2]) is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes

I fail to to see how technology = tool but I’ll concede semantics for now. Otherwise, nothing else you said is at all nuanced let alone convincing. You claim capitalism is a system we inherited from ages past. What does this even mean? What exactly makes capitalism a “system” and technology a “tool”? Who did we inherit it from? You go on to say that it was invented to protect wealthy elites. Do you mean to imply that wealthy elites are the inventors of technology, or some technologies? Can you pinpoint an example? Then you say without capitalism, statism lapses into localized and manageable districts of equal people’s? Where and when, exactly? As to the rest of your post, you’re implying a causal relationship where I don’t think you can claim there is one.

> are you just testing me?
Yes. I want to see how well thought out these arguments are. I’m anti-capitalist myself but I don’t share these sentiments you have and I’m very suspicious of the depth of your arguments despite seeing you make them everywhere.

Please address my questions.

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>I’m anti-capitalist
>Defends capitalism and elitism
Do you even know why you oppose capitalism? Your questions sound like you don’t.

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I guess the other anon is trying to say that if you don't know how to make an effective argument against capitalism you should just probably read and lurk more, people who do not know how to make good arguments against what they are opposed really jeopardize the whole movement against it.

You had your shot to explain yourself to someone willing to understand your point of view and you are pushing him away.

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Any Sowell book.

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>people who do not know how to make good arguments against what they are opposed really jeopardize the whole movement against it.
Plain speak arguments aren’t “nuanced” enough for him? And you think a more college educated approach is the only thing that can save the movement?
This was about Kaczynski insistence on technology being the boogeyman, and this anons inability to address the argument. He’s against capitalism is he? But he’ll defend it and put forward no counter of Kaczynski’s. I’m swinging at air here. It’s not my turn to go again, but I’ll address these bad faith “arguments”

Technology is a tool, I don’t care what the word origin is, but I will concede that it is a special kind of tool. It’s one of those things that escaped out of Pandora’s box, the fruit of knowledge, etc. it cannot be unlearned. What the hell does Ted say about this? Keep everyone as dumb as possible? The solution has never been the reactionary Luddite one.
Do you actually need to know the background for the system we inherited from ages past? You need an essay on this twitter feed, or can I just cite the historical facts of the matter? When some humans established agricultural communities and had to defend their new sedimentary lifestyle from predators and the still nomadic tribes, the hunters became warriors and the warriors became soldiers and the chiefs became kings and enslaved people with the points of the swords. The soft metals became more decorative, jewelry, and event money. The social necessities of these ages drove the development of these technologies one after another. Primitive state and primitive capital. Both held together with law, or the word made solid.
I don’t care what you call which, but it’s bleedingly obvious which is the system that can be changed and which is something that can only be ignored by a contented society.

How about this way. Technology is driven by curiosity, human desire to know. Capitalism isn’t.
Capitalism is driven by an obsessive compulsive disorder. Greed.

> Do you mean to imply that wealthy elites are the inventors of technology
Oh and where do I say this? They take all by force
>Can you pinpoint an example
The World of Odysseus, by Finley
>Then you without capitalism...
Anarchist theory and practice. Lots of reading can you find Wikipedia?
> the rest of your post, you’re implying a causal relationship where I don’t think you can claim there is one.
What, the mental state of the owner class? Do you not believe in psychology?

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pic related

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yes, he does.

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how to make myself configured goodly

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Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung

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About halfway through this atm, good stuff.

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Diet exercise and proper frame of mind can all help.
I don’t think the unibomber’s gripe is that frame of mind

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Based books for based people

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what is your exercise routine

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Lots of riding and walking. Getting around by bike. Not enough really. I wish I had more leisure time to join a gym.

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Materialistic determinism is a dead end in virtually all discussions of the human condition.
>why am I depressed: chemicals
>why does my life suck: chemicals
>why do I make bad choices: chemicals
>what is making my arguments: chemicals
>how do I know things: chemicals
>who am I: chemicals
>why do I believe in God: chemicals
>why do I believe in chemicals: chemicals

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So after you get the right chemical balance going and you fix all those problems and you’re happy etc. this is a “dead end” to you?

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I think that's an incomplete view of the human condition.
I could chemically "balance" you with drugs, give you the primo shit, but are you happy or just chemically induced happy? Why is a state of happiness the ideal state?
This limits the scope of metaphysics purely to the material. What about spiritual health? Philosophical health? Moral health? Etc.

If I give Ted Bundy a billion dollars and drugs, what if he still had life goals to be a serial killer? He just has some perverse worldview that he's justified abstractly, that chemicals don't really explain.

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>What about spiritual health? Philosophical health? Moral health?
These are coping mechanisms for people who cannot afford good heroin from the golden triangle

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I said “happy etc.” you want to give some agency to your mythical ghost that’s fine. Isn’t it “moral” to not want to be a serial killer? Achieving the Good, one uses their proper frame of mind to live well and keep it going.
And it isn’t a shot in the arm. I’m talking naturally occurring chemicals that are in all bodies, even depressed people. Well I guess I’m talking about serotonin, it aren’t there others? Do doctors give people serotonin injections to cure depression? Im guessing it doesn’t work that way. I apparently have high levels of it.

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Culture of Critique

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In short

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Mickeys argument here is totally on-sensical and a non-sequiter

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Donald’s reasoning is weak too.

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It's cuz of teh JEWS!!!!1!1!!1!1!!

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Read the Bible including the New Testament and you will understand why you are suffering.

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>Achieving the Good
Where does Good come from?

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