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Personally, I have matured enough as a person to arrive at a point where I'm ready to leave Rene Guenon behind and move on to finer things. Where will this quest take me?

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read hegel, fuck geunon

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marry Land.

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There is nothing beyond Guenon. The primordial tradition is unchanging and the only truth. All true study leads up to it.

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lol shut it faggo

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The logical step after Guenon is reading primary esoteric texts. Start with the Vedas, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Taoism, alchemy, whatever. The world is you oyster.

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I’m actually working on a post-traditionalism book chart. One of these days I’ll share it

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make sure to include a "late stage traditionalism" subsection

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You mean stuff like “Ride the Tiger”?

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Swallow the schuon pill

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>Where will this quest take me?
Directly to Hell.

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More like Schuon, Lings, Pallis, (((Nasr))), Burckhardt, and (((Upton))).

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shankara, ibn arabi

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Those are non-dually Guénon (pbuh).

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Try some ralph waldo emerson

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That’s a step back to romanticism/sentimentalism

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albanian nationalism

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Checked, based, and /thread

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Based as fuck

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David Myatt

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Based Abdul Al-Qari (pbuh) poster.

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Esoteric Marxism, realising that the proletariat is the true depository of perennial tradition.

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Abstract Algebra
Then draft your own philosophical treatise joining mathematics and metaphysics that'll be read by micromillions of /lit/anons.

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Read the one author Guenonfag always feared people would actually go and read.


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I'm sure a lot of people swallowed the Schuon "pill" at his commune.

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/lit/ is not ready for the final kuqpill

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/lit/ duhet të bëhet i vetëdijshëm mbi të vërtetën e shenjtë

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>old thing good new thing bad
>I'm smarter than most
So I take it this guy is /lit/'s version of Evola? Because of course /lit/ can't like "mainstream" traditionalists, so they have to find some French intellectual who converted to Islam instead.

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Yes. Evola is vastly superior to Guenon, but /lit/ is majority pseuds.

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> and move on to finer things. Where will this quest take me?

Śaṅkarācārya (pbuh)


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Seconding this

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