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Shut up and read some De Beauvoir, you incels.

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>would never date you

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Looks like someone doesn't know the difference between feminism and late capitalism

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>she had a significant influence on both feminist existentialism and feminist theory

lmao pass

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Feminism only exists because of capitalism

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Imagine thinking that is hot

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She was attractive, but her soul is ugly.

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The totality of feminist literature is just one big bundle of resentment because we were born with bigger muscles and they're the ones that have to incubate the child.
They wouldn't be in this mess had they the self control to not give in to their ovaries' desire to be fertilized but then again this is women we're talking about lol.

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This is the most evil haircut style a woman can have

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I don't believe women are capable of the reflection necessary for any serious work to be done. The best you can hope for a great deal of rhetorical justification cover for the utilitarian aims inherent to any being in possession of a vagina.

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Dead thread. Post some Existential Comics.

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Massive white incel coping itt

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Could you post a pic where she's looking even halfway decent and also tell us if you're from an uggo country like England that might find this frog attractive

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Almost. Patriarchy only exists because of capitalism. Feminism only exists as a counter-reaction to both.

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Have sex

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So fragile.

Well, good thing what you believe doesn’t matter.

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Someone ban this fucking faggot already.

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>women can't pee standing up

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Nice refutation dude

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>prominent cheekbones
>straight nose
>nice thick eyebrows
>sturdy yet feminine jaw
>healthy looking hair
>warm eyes

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De Beauvoir hot as a young chick, and looked better than her age throughout most years. She's not a model but she definitely doesn't fall from hot too.

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Dangerously based

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What good is refutation in the face of such timid close-eared creatures? You’re plainly not ready for anything sensible in this present state of hyper emotional anxiety. Do get well.

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>regarded as mother of feminism
>also be one of the many side bitches
>also groom women into having sex with your cross eyed pimp

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I love how anglos sperg out about de Beauvoir yet if you make them read the second sex without telling them who wrote it they'd call it redpilled.

Compare Butler to de Beauvoir and you will understand that feminism isn't the problem, but anglos and their protestant moralism is.

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You just know

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Well de Beauvoir proves you wrong because she literally writes about how feminism is just one big bundle of resentment because we were born with bigger muscles and they're the ones that have to incubate the child. But I guess I'll leave anglos to entertain their boogeyman, else they would get bored since they lack the intellectual capacity for philosophy.

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lit has TERRIBLE taste in women holy shit
even tranny butterfly posts a hot chick every now and again lmao

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Butler isn't that bad either. All the fuckery /pol/spergs think originates from the left originated purely from capital.

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She has nice well developed facial features. Not defending her views just stating a fact.

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I guess you’re not the literary type. We like women with as much brain as a pretty face

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Post her ASS already

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("fuckery" includes tattooed femwhales who get mad when you tell a sexist joke)

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>muh anglos
Get over yourself, women lost the gender war because they'd rather submit to man than bleed for freedom

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but none of the bitches in this thread have a pretty face

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What does it mean to be an incel. If there has ever been a time where I have wanted to have sex and haven’t had access to it, am I an incel? Or does it mean you are a virgin and can’t get a gf no matter what. Because I’d say everyone has times where they are horny and have no one to fuck.

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>durrrr her beauty comes from her mind
NOW who's the incel

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You don’t seem to understand what beauty is.


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Sorry for that one double, I only found the rest after posting it. She's 42 in this pictures mind you.

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*sniff* *sniff* BBRAAAAPPPPP

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I don't wank to these. Just a final proof of her hotness.

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Patriarchy (nebulous term but okay) has existed since the dawn of humanity whereas feminism came about once industrialists Bernays'd women into filling work spaces.

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oh he's british it finally makes sense.

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His flaw is naming it capitalism and not the monied statism that “dawned” in recorded history, not the dawn of humanity.

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I can't stand feminists and pedophiles from my country, so no.

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Read some rapist child molester who worshipped Stalin and was a liberal pseud? No thanks I’ll read Judith Butler

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Based, but also have sex

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is this the "can i speak to your manager" haircut of the 20th century?

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The thing is, I actually have. It was a long time ago, but It happened.

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sorry i don't read books written by pedophiles

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The redpill is there isn't one.

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lmao no

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>Well, good thing what you believe doesn’t matter
Of course not, the service industry model that had taken over all social life is one that women are naturally superior to men in. This necessitates their social and political advancement. My only desire is to let young men know the nature of their disposition, so they can be prepared for interactions with the lm

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she was only right about cunny

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Am I having a stroke or did you just repeat what he said and claim that it in any way proved him wrong? We've reached a truly astounding level of intellectual discourse.

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The second repetition

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I wanna read that book looks like I'm gonna have to lift this huge stack off of it oops dropped them and now there are books all over the floor and the pages are stained with my period blood because I'm an empowered woman that bleeds openly all over the floor woops guess I'll read later and spend some time writing my essay on why all girlz rule boyz druul so that my galfriends can give me a book deal or a six-figure job at a media outlet, university, etc woops I'm 40 and have no children eggs oh my eggs good thing I froze them haha now I'm pregant with tyrone's baby oh-hoho don't mind if I have a sip of wine though sipsipsipsipsipsip oh no my child has severe fetal alcohol syndrome and the father is nowhere to be seen oops look like I'll ditch the child into the foster-care system so he can grow up to be a 60 IQ mutt that leeches off the welfare state and oops looks like I spent all my money on expensive vacations to some plastic resort in the tropics where I just sat out in the sun tanning and getting drunk oops looks like I'll need to rely on my pension more but hmmm the population is aging because women like me don't want to have kids ooops looks like I'll just vote for political parties that'll import more low-skilled workers so I can be sure I'll have 8 Indians working 3 jobs to fund my life support when I'm a brain-dead 95 y/o woman in the hospital with the government pumping $10k worth of drugs into me every day because I'm a human being and we need to respect human rights even woops now I died of a superbug good thing I got to live out those final 15 years without producing a worthwhile thought wooopee I love being a literary woman with big piles of book woopee aren't I an intellectual see boys? see boys? I'm smart too see boys? Don't mind me just peeing my birth control into the water supply don't mind me just peeing my antidepressants into the water supply don't mind me don't mind me oops woopsie

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I simply proved that he never read de Beauvoir, since his argument against feminism is de Beauvoir's premise in the Second Sex. Instead he entertains his own paranoid delusions of what de Beauvoir ought to write about. I mean sure, it's easier to dismiss your boogeyman than actually engage with the sources you haven't read.

And you have the balls to prop yourself as some sort of champion of intellectual discourse? But remind me, who clicked on the thread without having read de Beauvoir? You or me? Shut your ass anglo, clearly you're the one going around /lit/ checking out threads you've got no knowledge of. This is peak parody, some illiterate fuck lecturing me on the nature of argumentation.

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I look at feminism threads because I enjoy watching a shitshow, I didn't mean to be rude though so plz forgive

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>Patriarchy only exists because of capitalism. Feminism only exists as a counter-reaction to both.

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I'm sorry but there's a serious question of authenticity here. Biological males, no matter what feminine affectations they adopt, cannot speak meaningfully about the struggles of women.

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why do frog women all look like gay men?

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Yes they can because they are wiser than you. Being catered to via institution after you got bored of being provided for completely by individual men is not a "struggle." You will have struggle when I break your orbital socket.

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Thank you for confirming trans "women" are simply violent, resentful misogynists with nail polish.

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Existentialism is bunk. Any observation on the behavior, artistic creations, and intellectual output lead to the same point. Whatever variety there is among women is superficial, the utilitarian nature of vaginal pleasure can be found at the root of it all.

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lmao imagine seeing phantom trannies everywhere. seethe and cope.

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They ARE everywhere.

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The word you want is "essentialism", and it's the realest thing(s) about human existence. By definition.

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I find it very funny that De Beauvoir is a feminist icon, given that she acted as procuress for Daddy Sartre, feeding him her young nubile students so he could fuck them.

The Ghislane Maxwell of french intellectuals.

still, it is a little based ngl.

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>Patriarchy only exists because of capitalism
im done with the thread

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Simone Weil and Dorothy Day had some good works but with them out of the way you're based and redpilled

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gross legs

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Context of these images?

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taken from her onlyfans

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Stacy is never a feminist

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>patriarchy only exists because of capitalism
>There was no such thing as patriarchy in feudalism, classicalism, or ancient prehistoric human societies

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Nah, Butler really is that bad. Id say adorno gets a bad rep, though.

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Everyone supporting de Beauvoir here sure does sound like - dare I say it - a normie.

Read Weil.

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>In Chicago, 1950, Simone de Beauvoir had a torrid affair with the American writer Nelson Algren, with whom she experienced a kind of sexual awakening. Art Shay, a photographer for LIFE and Time followed Algren an interesting character. On a very hot day in Chicago, Simone, dripping with sweat, stopped by Art’s place to take a shower. As she was freshening up, Art took a few magnificent photographs.

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Point very much proven.

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>le normies le shrek haha get memed

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Yes. Confucian china was well know for its generous belief in sexual equality.

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This is what I come here for

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you can have my next happy meal toy

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utes baby

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These people are so cringe. Can't you just pull out like a normal human being?

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I would sodomize her like a rabbit not gonna lie.

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Being an incel is when you disagree with progressivism

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Unironically correct

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Refuted by Friedrich Nietzsche and Deleuze. Read theory Femcel

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