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Why is there a subset of communists drawn to Catholicism?

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Die princip des hoffnungs

Mein deutsch ist shreklich

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>Das Prinzip der Hoffnung

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they want to be part of a cool religion, but they dont want to follow the rules (no contraception, fasting etc.)

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Catholicism isn't cool

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They refused to read divini redemptoris

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Neither group really wants to be in charge of anything. They need a Leviathan (either the Pope or the Politburo) to run things for them so they can concentrate on beer and soccer.

It is for this reason that Reader's Digest was used as a propaganda mag to keep US Catholics from turning red during the Cold War -- that's why it contained such a large amount of marriage tips, dirty jokes, etc.

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Read liberation theology

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Saint Oscar Romero, pray for us

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Habe laut gelacht, danke daf├╝r

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it is tho, once you realize their efforts are aimed at reaching out in order to interpellate the absolute, and not just babbling nonsense about a ''christian lore old white guy living atop some clouds''

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>Why do two stupendously large demographic groups overlap somewhat

No idea.

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