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Reminder: This isn't for shitposting. Serious discussion of Guenon(pbuh) only, brothers.

Also don't forget to submit essays, poems, and short fiction for the magazine! Send it to [email protected]

All of Guénon's (pbuh) books

Traditionalist-affiliated blog that hosts many of Guénon's (pbuh) letters

Resource for different Traditionalist authors with links to their writings such as journal articles

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Baste! Who knew, Guenon(pbuh) was such a chad! So handsome!

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>Reminder: This isn't for shitposting. Serious discussion of Guenon(pbuh) only, brothers.
I wanna invoke this. You faggots have me hooked on this long faced nigga, can anyone elaborate on what, if anything, he has anything to do with Whitehead? And what Parmenides and him had in common? Is there anything of substance to the meme?

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No. Nothing to do with Whitehead. The only connection to Parmenides is that Parmenides was an early Greek rationalist who argued for the undifferentiatedness of being, i.e. that all change and differentiation is illusory and everything is ultimately just one uniform (and spherical) "being."

We don't know much about Parmenides because we only have fragments. They are some of the most disputed and reinterpreted fragments in the history of philosophy, but the general consensus on them is usually that they are rationalistic and logical arguments for the illusoriness of becoming. He also apparently inspired a school of people who had similar arguments, like Zeno's famous paradoxes aimed at showing motion and change etc. are impossible. Some interpretations wonder whether Parmenides' extant rational philosophy was just the exoteric side of an esoteric and mystical philosophy, but these are only hints and suggestions. We know almost nothing concrete about early orphism or other Greek mystery traditions, although they seem to have existed.

The Guenon spammer learned about Parmenides on some Wikipedia binge, or in some traditionalist footnote making the facile association between his philosophy and Shankara's nondualism, which is actually more or less Mahayana nondualism turned into a paradoxically nihilistic absolute idealism. Mahayana is also fairly late so it may have been in significant dialogue (we really don't know) with Greek and even Christian ideas, and since Shankara's Advaita philosophy is nearly completely reliant on Mahayana's framework, any influences or resonances with Greek thought would obviously be carried over.

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Guenon and Parmenides both retroactively refuted Whitehead. That's what they have in common.

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these reflect tech guenon edits are creeping me the fuck out

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lord have mercy on us

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joe roguén is going to be giving me nightmares

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lmao elon musk looks the same

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>he hasn't transcended the duality of books
excuse me, I learned about Parmenides while watching a summary youtube video at 2.5x speed.

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Whatsa poobah?

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does he?

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the head honcho, the big kahuna, the chief, you know, the boss man

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little known fact is that musk is a direct patrilineal descendant of Guenon(pbuh). they're trying to keep it secret for the future.

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he’s going to reestablish the primordial tradition on mars. mars is actually the original hyperborean homeland of the aryan people

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it would take 30 seconds

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based bump

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based thread

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i can't even figure out if this is an edit or real anymore

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based jared leto, i just got the joke kek

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Bros, what is the best website to order Guénon (pbuh) books from internationally if I despise Amazon as a profane manifestation of the Kali Yuga?

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Ali express?

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Did Guénon (pbuh) actually believe in Agartha?
>pic related

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that one is real

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>8 (aka infinity sign)
perfect. Guenon is truly the metaphysical BVLL

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Yes. He also believed in werewolves. We was quite based.

>There is evidence worthy of belief to the effect that there exists in a distant part of the Sudan a whole population of at least twenty thousand people who are 'lycanthropic'; there are also, in other African countries, secret organizations, such as that to which the name of 'Society of the Leopard' was given, in which certain forms of lycanthropy play a predominant part.

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holy based...

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This shit has to stop, guys.

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Very based.

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Bros. How do we do proper Dawah with regards to spreading the works of Guénon (pbuh)? I have been preaching in my university but people just think I am retarded.

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Parmenides was refuted by Gorgias though

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>Serious discussion of Guenon(pbuh) only, brothers.

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Post on /lit/, remember, /lit/ is a /guenon(pbuh)/ board.

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How do you people feel about that other thread, where Guénon (pbuh) got exposed as an epic brainlet?

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>Guénon (pbuh) got exposed as an epic brainlet
Blasphemy. Absolutely counter-initiatic.

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did you even read the other thread? that guy was shitposting larper. Completely intentionally missing the whole point of Guenon(pbuh).

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What is the proper language to venerate Guénon (pbuh) in? Would he accept prayer in English or do I need to learn French/Arabic?

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Those would be considered lay languages. Those are fine for making prayer requests, but veneration should be done in Sanskrit or ancient Egyptian.

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I was so mad that I nearly choked on my boyfriends penis

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that's extremely trad anon :3

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>lmao guenon spam is a wacky meme XDD it has nothing to do with guenoARE YOU INSULTING GUNEON? THAT GUY WAS REFUTED THAT NEVER HAPPENED I REFUTE YOU

guenonfag status: still insane

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this is a thread for the serious discussion of Guenon(pbuh).

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based bump

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>"That's not Guenonfag, I am"

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Where would even be as a nation without our Great Teacher (pbuh) leading us?

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>Monsieur la Guenon's monkeying around amuses me. What a wheeze!
What did Aleister Crowley mean by this?

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He meant Monsieur Wahid Guenon is a profound primate.

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they're owned by amazon

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>as a nation
Did Guenon (pbuh) form a covenant with the 4chanians to create his chosen nation?
Holy based.... How do I join?

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Where do i start?

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Write out the words on goat-skin with some ink and learn the sacred initiatic craft of bookbinding.

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>Reminder: This isn't for shitposting. Serious discussion of Guenon(pbuh) only, brothers.

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Very based...

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I just got unbanned bc of tranny /his/ mods and I felt great pain that I could not spread the good word of Guenon(pbuh) over the past 72 hours. May God bless all Guenonfags

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i feel for you anon. dawah and blessings are essential

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>Guenon magazine
anon, I...

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NEIN, the time for dawah is long gone. It is time for KRIEG, for JIHAD. We must spread the word of our Traditioneller Führer through the sword and conquest.

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did you not see the thread? we have many submissions and are in the editing phase now. release should be by the 24th.

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Poem submission. Pbuh! Please submit stuff to the magazine, brothers!

Miley Cyrus wanna eat my rosebud
but i only fuck trad hoes
rad clothes, trad woes
i only got trad bros

Reap what you sow,
Refutations we got a lot of those
Whitehead dunked on,
by Parmenides, like Derrick Rose

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Holy based...
Guénon be tripping on opium brehs...

>> No.14769952

Based, please submit things too brothers!
Here's another poem.

Refutation from a metaphysician
larpers on these threads
like Crowley, fake magicians,
Trad bros, we being kings.
like Guenon(pbuh), a real Capetian.

Turn up on a bottle,
Like a Djinn
I don't drink gin tho,
I only drink Bowmore Mizunara,
I told you, I'm traditional

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Guenonfags better learn to cope
There is only the one true church and the pope
Your master did nothing but smoke dope
All Sufis and muslims will get the rope

A band of heretics and LARPers
Expect the same outcome as the Cathars
Your cities burned and women raped
All because you followed the words of some desert ape

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oh shit!!!!! /RG/ eternally BTFO'd!!!!

>> No.14769969

looking forward to the laughs

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based lmao

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absolutely based

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topkek, OP needs to make a 'haters section' in the magazine for seething hylics

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Monkeying around, you're so sorry
Like Martin Luther, you're just horny.
You're a broke like Aleister Crowley.

I got 3 wives, you so jealous, I'm traditional.
You the real Cathar,
tell me again why you got 2 popes?

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>Like Martin Luther, you're just horny.

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very based

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We must unite the warrior ethos of Evola (radi'Allahu anhu) with the pure intellection of Guenon (salla'Allahu aleyhi wa'salam).

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Guénon he be praying
On his knees humble
Allah (swt) be listening
In Cairo's rubble

Kuffar destroyed the land
Truly subhuman they are
Guénon raises his hand
The hylic has gone too far

Now the hour is near
The hylic repents like Pharaoh
Allah (swt) to Guénon lending his ear
Guénon cries, placing the hylic on death row

In the Kali Yuga it is too late
The seething hylic knows the Jihadi hymn
Many were the kuffar Guenon that day slayed
Verily, peace be upon him

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>he hasn't read Guido de Giorgio
time to learn italian anon

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ill just wait for the inevitable translation from arktos or inner traditions or whoever

>> No.14770064

this guy's blog translates some bits of his philosophy
TLDR, read Dante

>> No.14770076

thanks. im familiar with gornahoor, though i don't visit his blog often and didn't know he translated di giorgio. have you read his book? (the gornahoor guy's book)

>> No.14770084

no I really don't know much about gornahoor besides the fact it's the only place on the internet that talks about de giorgio. what's the quick rundown on the book?

>> No.14770086

explain the 2 popes thing.

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i haven't read the book (pic related), that's why im asking

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Say my name

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Monsieur René Guenon (pbuh)

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You're goddamn right

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>My name is Abd al-Wāḥid Yaḥyá, Commander of the Armies of the Traditional School, General of the Sufis, loyal servant to the true emperor, the Prophet Muhammad. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

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guenobros... i just witnessed a beautiful angelic manifestation of Dante (pbuh) urging me to write this poem as he dictated.

guenon, like a sweet poppy plant
initiatically smoking you is my desire
with my barely pubescent niece shall i know the gland
the one you created for tasting this tantric fire

profane moderns will no doubt seethe
but so be it with their sentimentalist ire
my niece and halal opium for eternity will i eat
as shankara teached, achieving sweet gnosis

when a hylic i see your warning shall i heed
always united with your hypostasis
radiating an eternal light destroying all maya
forever in pure-bliss in a perfect non-dual stasis
while the hylic burns in deep profane fire

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Is Islam platonic or aristotelian?

>> No.14770198

im touched, truly i am brother. peace be upon our master, the shaykh abd al wahid yahya

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Very based.

>> No.14770229

Thank you Guenonposter, for introducing the Guenon meme edits. Might be the only good thing to come from this shit.

>> No.14770233

the new guenon poetry is based as well

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Based... I have renamed myself to Yahya (pbuh) to honour both our Great Teacher (pbuh) and Yahya the Baptist (pbuh).
Merely reading these threads (>>14757917 >>14767592) has baptized me into the mysteries of His (pbuh) magnificent writing.
I confess my undying faith in Shaykh Abd al-Wāḥid Yaḥyá...

>> No.14770389

holy based...

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>with my barely pubescent niece shall i know the gland
>my niece and halal opium for eternity will i eat

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kek thats a great edit

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based lannister. what’s the esoteric significance of incest?

>> No.14771658

and ye shall get your head cut off too heretic!

>> No.14772178

>all these based anons venerating Guénon (pbuh)
Holy based...

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Guenon converted to atheism on his deathbed.

>> No.14772522

Rene Dawkins might be the best face swap yet topkek

>> No.14772530

This statement is almost an oxymoron. People often turn to a god on their deathbed, not go renounce one all together.

>> No.14772584

>Metaphysical contemplation is interesting and if you don’t agree you can fuck off

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who has read pic related?
and what did you think of it

>> No.14772716

Haven’t gotten around to it since, unfortunately, I still haven’t read Dante

>> No.14772818

if i've only read guenon and dantes introduction wiki page, will that be enough?

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Same as the brother in >>14772716
I can't wait till I have the time to read Dante (pbuh) and get initiated into the deeper meanings hidden in his work.

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I recommend looking at these engravings done by Gustave Doré, a 19th ce French artist. No one wanted to publish his work but, when he put the money up himself to do it, immediate fame and money. Really helps visualizing what's going on as I read.

>> No.14773073

More poems.
Please anons, submit art for the magazine! We need submissions!

Transcend non-duality
Peace be upon him, verily
Workin like I'm Dante in Piazza Santa Croce
Sublime work ethic, cause I'm tradizionale

I'm also Parmenides
My life is Divine Comedy
Comedia by Alighieri
She can suck these
but she ain't my Beatrice

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what would guenon (pbuh) think about hybrid vigor?

>> No.14773099

holy based.....

>> No.14773114

>All because you followed the words of some desert ape
>follows the words of some other desert ape by the name of Yehoshua

>> No.14773126

Based and redpilled

It's an alchemical process of combining albedo and nigredo into rubedo

>> No.14773136
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Evola retroactively refuted it.

>> No.14773142

Evola can retroactively suck my dick t b h

>> No.14773145
File: 65 KB, 700x700, Evola on Mutts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not an argument, mongrel.

>> No.14773153

Lmao, I guess I got rekt into oblivion. Well played my friend

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File: 172 KB, 800x450, Khomeini.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 546 KB, 683x1024, reflect_f2302ab4-7d2c-45a8-bc13-c1111a2a25be.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy... Based...

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File: 122 KB, 317x318, Moldbug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14773506
File: 369 KB, 480x628, Depicition of Jesus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All because you followed the words of some desert ape
>There is only the one true church and the pope

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>> No.14773568


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>> No.14773732

is that a fake quote?
>i think -> i am
equivalent to
>i am not -> i do not think
why does he consider a non-thinking amerimutt a counterexample to this?

>> No.14773741
File: 330 KB, 1000x667, reflect_55f8751f-82a5-4d3d-abe1-3f24d68966ba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did Vladimir Guenon (pbuh) have to say on Eastern Christianity and on the Slavic peoples?

>> No.14773897
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the greatest thinker

>> No.14773909

holy based...
words of truth coming from the great teacher as always...
which book is this in? i have sadly not yet memorized the entirety of his writing.

>> No.14773912
File: 174 KB, 1080x743, 1582433895186.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very based.

>> No.14773928

Why is he doing the mason thing with his hand? Didn't he refute masonry and leave it after moving to Cairo?

>> No.14773934
File: 24 KB, 639x213, xd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh it's the first quote from Adorno I could find.. It's not from Guenon (piss be upon him). You Guenoncels are truely pathetic by the way.

>> No.14774039

Guénon (pbuh) spoke this verse to me in my morning prayer to him. So either you are lying or Guenon (pbuh) was plagiarized by a seething hylic.

>> No.14774052
File: 80 KB, 546x562, 1581372158131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bros... i'm thinking guenon (swt) might be based..
based. pbuh.

>Guenon (piss be upon him)
cringe. cope.

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File: 212 KB, 580x516, reflect_9f553023-1978-4b91-be48-f3dd253ac55f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14774096

Dios mio...

>> No.14774352

Rene Rogers

>> No.14774552

Brothers, the magazine has arrived.

>> No.14774629

We will be oppressed, like the Christians in Rome, but we will gladely be martyred for our lord and savior in order to spread his Word.

>> No.14774660

Write a poem for Guenon(pbuh), brother. Dawah is an essential part of the faith.

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Holy based.
I vow to keep the Guenonian (pbuh) bloodline strong.
I shall sire children with an Egyptian woman after I do enough Dawah to convert her to Guenonianism (pbui).
Brothers, if any of you are from Egypt, we should trade Egyptian wives and multiply and spread all across the Holy Land brining the Eternal World of Guenon (pbuh) along with us. It will sustain us in the desert and shall be our lifeblood.

>> No.14775678

why does guenon think tradition is so important?

>> No.14775791

Oh yeah I'm 'coping' with the fact that... ...you thought an Adorno quote was from Guenon?

>> No.14775856

National Socialism is just Guenonism plus Panzer Tanks

>> No.14775984
File: 36 KB, 400x388, hitler-exits-landsberg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*blocks path* and retroactively refutes all of Guenon

>> No.14776330

Very based thread, bros....

>> No.14776710

Who here actually converted to Islam?

>> No.14776755

>holy based...
Why do you always use the ellipsis. It's like he's so based that you're at a loss for words, like you truly witnessed something holy.

>> No.14776878

Explain the pbuh meme to me

>> No.14776964

sandnigger shit

>> No.14777247

Masterful comeback monsieur guenonfag

>> No.14777256

Excuse me brother. Whilst we congregate amongst ourselves, we prefer not to use vulgar language. Please respect our community and the divine presence of Guénon (pbuh).

>> No.14777773
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>> No.14779432

Shameful cope. Evola is a midwit- and is for the lesser intellects, therefore- compared to Guénon.

>> No.14779593
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>Reminder: This isn't for shitposting. Serious discussion of Guenon(pbuh) only, brothers.

Brothers, how many Guenonians (pbuh) are necessary to gather in one spot for the Guenonian Presence (pbut) to descend onto the praying believers?
For now I pray alone, as there are not many Guenonians (pbuh) where I live... This makes me cry a little because I want to experience the fullness of communion with our Teacher (pbuh).

Very based.

Very cringe. Guenon (pbuh) was a great mathematician and had full control of even the pure-quantity aspect of numbers.

>> No.14779833

Holy based...

>> No.14779945

Which of guenon's books should I read if I found the last section of the essential guenon to be the most useful?

>> No.14780009

What does the last section of the Essential Guénon contain?

>> No.14780039
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Essentially discussion of symbols.

>> No.14780049

Guénon's greatest book: Symbols of Sacred Science. After reading it, The Symbolism of the Cross- and text that could be difficult, since it deals directly with metaphysics.

>> No.14780336

bros, how do I deal with the burning desire to feel Guenon's Lingam inside me? I get it whenever I read his work and I'm not even gay.

>> No.14780972


>> No.14781540

if it’s his (pbuh) metaphysical lingam then it's not gay

>> No.14781576
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Holy based...

>> No.14781584

he looks pakistani

>> No.14781869

>burning desire to feel Guenon's Lingam inside me
Holy based...

>> No.14782468

>so many devoted followers
Yeah, I'm thinking Guenon is based.

>> No.14783012

Are there actual people discussing Guénon here?

>> No.14783422

>Symbols of Sacred Science
Looks extremely based. What should I read before it? I've read Reign of Quantity and Perspectives on Initiation.

Yes, brother.

>> No.14783433

You're good to go, dive right in

>> No.14783550

>he doesn't know about the guenonfags
just how new are you?

>> No.14783981

>people discussing Guénon
Very based...

>> No.14783995

Bros... How do I into Guenonian (pbuh) no-fap?
I've been getting attacked by carnal urges and they stop me from studying the various tafsir of Guenonian (pbuh) writings.

>> No.14784838


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