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>Have we not reached that dreaded moment envisaged by the Sacred Books of India when " the castes shall be mingled and even the family shall no longer exist " ?

what do you think?

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>Have we not reached the dreaded moment envisaged in the Sacred Books of Rene Guenon when the guenonfag would retroactively refute himself in the Nagarjuna thread?

what do you think?

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Locomotively absolved by GJ Chadchurch

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Didn't Churchward locomotively absolve himself?

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Bros I fell for the meme and read Guenon. He has utterly ruined all Western thought for me, I have thrown away my copies of Hegel, Kant and Plato. I'm at a loss as to what to do, where do I find out more about the Hyperborean Hindu wisdom? Does this really nullify the entire Western condition? I feel like my very essence and identity have been torn to shreds by this man, and simultaneously I have been liberated. I no longer feel the need to argue about Wittgenstein or Heidegger, it just seems silly now.

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not much

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You have to realize that Guenon explicitly identifies "true metaphysics" with the metaphysics of Adi Shankara, and he doesn't acknowledge any other approach. The problem is that Shankara's metaphysics is deeply flawed (check out the Nagarjuna thread). Once you realize that you can sort of rehabilitate those thinkers, and find some value in them. It doesn't mean you have to reject the value of traditional knowledge and the occult. I have moved past Guenon, you can too. It's possible to appreciate multiple metaphysical frameworks, don't get caught in a crypto-Buddhist straightjacket.

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Guenon again? Sorry but he's last year's news. 2020 is the year of Charles Peirce.

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His time has not yet come, but keep shilling him, you've almost got me interested. Make some memes and reading charts and copy pastas. I'd like to learn more.

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any of you guys got a nice clean pdf or epub of Intro to Hindu Doctrines?

thx in advance

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Holy based... I did the same thing to my copies of all profane 'philosophy' (in hindsight, should've burned the God-forsaken things). It gets easier with time anon. Give it a couple of months and you'll look back on it with a clarity of viewing a beautiful landscape from a peaceful Hyperborean non-dualistic mountain.

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It's not that hard to find. The fact that you have to ask gives you away as a retard who would probably not understand the book anyway.

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criminaly underrated

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This, Guenon is an interesting thinker within the german idealism episteme, but not much beyond that. His actual esotericism amounted to lame orientalism, and the shittiest branch of vedanta (neovedanta-advaita).

His shit on symbolism is good though.

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i have found a copy, only it isn't clean and certainly isn't an epub
you could be a bit nicer, wouldn't want to upset the balance. catch my drift?

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Kill yourself. Brahman theory is about going after the ultimate, something a flesh slave will never, ever, ever be able to do. You will be condemned to suffer for all eternity for posting these images here under the guise of asking a holy question.

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>His shit on symbolism is good though.
Yes, that's mainly what stuck for me after I moved past his metaphysics. Also, Initiation and Spiritual Realization has some very interesting essays.

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>Influences: Hegel, Kant, Cantor
Isn't he just another profane philosopher the likes of which (mentioned above) have been utterly retroactively refuted and cancelled for eternity by René Guénon (pbuh)?

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Actually that woman's asshole IS Brahman

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based and tantrikapilled

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how does her vagina look so unused?

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On the contrary, after having thought more about this key issue. I believe that assholes fall outside of the sphere of a non-dualistic interpretation of the primordial, infinite Spirit.

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you are just as much of a flesh slave as i am. all i ask is a simple epub.
you have the option to help enlighten a flesh slave
why don't you fulfill your role in the highest caste as a teacher?

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fun fact: Ramakrishna, who Guenon greatly admired, used to meditate on his own erect cock until a "precious pearly" came to the surface.

don't be such a prude

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big time Brahman energy.
Asshole intercourse is a perversion against nature.

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>don't be such a prude
I found a sex positive community for you, bud.


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>rubbed sandalpaste on the boys

Is this how one becomes initiated into the sublime metaphysics of the Hindoo?

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>Asshole intercourse is a perversion against nature
Only if you coom inside and waste seed. The Jews wouldn't lie to us about this.

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Such arguments are refuted by establishing ordered use.

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>Asshole intercourse is a perversion against nature.
There is no defilement in the wedding bed. You can do kinky butt play with your wife as long as you're not using her for mere selfish pleasure.

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The Jews are unironically the final boss of all metaphysics.

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why are his eyes locked so intensely with the camera? Is he in predator mode looking for his next quarry? Did he beat the photographer to death with his shoe after this picture was taken?

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Until you have revealed unto thyself the great secrets of the Kabbalah, do not call yourself initiated.

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He is the photographer, the camera, the photograph, and the photographed. All these are indissolubly united in his infinite Being.

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Based Demiurge-worshippers.

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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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Gnosticism is for people who failed to comprehend Kabbalah and the teachings of Christ correctly. This is probably due to their Western biases and autistic misinterpetation of Plato.

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Divulge to us the knowledge of the Kabbalah. Is Christ the Adam Kadmon?

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Even Muslims know that much.
>Indeed, the example of Jesus to Allah is like that of Adam. He created Him from dust; then He said to him, "Be," and he was.

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How do I into Christian Kabbalah (for lack of a better term)? I'm even willing to learn Hebrew if necessary, but I don't want to get psyoped into false Neo-Judaic beliefs by using Neo-Judaic sources.

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Who gives a shit, the opinions of some fucking retard poo in loos from 1000 years ago does not matter.

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>Christian Kabbalah

Kabbalah was invented by Germanic pagans and only later co-opted by European Jews in the Middle Ages.

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and a doubles

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Kabbalah was revealed to Adam in the garden of Eden which Plato learned from Jeremiah when he was in Egypt and later handed down to the Neoplatonists.

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