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>penis size
>last book read

for me it's
>22 cm
>The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

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>the bible

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Fucking CIA threads

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>8” (full)
>The thing on the doorstep

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>2 miles

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18 cm but I’m actually telling the truth
The Histories - Herodotus (pic related)

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>6.5 inches
>The Technological Society by Jacques Ellil

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lmao everyone laugh at this dicklet

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7.14 inches.

The Secret.

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>1,5 inches flaccid (erection no longer possible)
>Turgenev - Torrents of Spring

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1,5 inches flaccid (erection no longer possible)
Turgenev - Torrents of Spring

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Explain please.

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1 inch
The Crisis of the modern world - Guenon

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12cm erect
Infinite Jest

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14 inches flaccid
6 inches erect

Last Letters from Stalingrad

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7 inches
The last days of Socrates by Play-doh

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Fanged Noumena

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8.5" uncut
Céline - Journey

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i got a put on every antideppresant out there starting when i was twelve and i became infertile before i graduated highschool. now i have a varicose or testicular cancer or something similar

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2 inches soft
7 inches hard
Tarzan of The Apes

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>16cm (flacid), 24cm (erect)
>René Guénon - The Multiple States of the Being

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pics or gtfo (no homo)

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Simulacra and simulation

lmaoing at your life

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12.5 inches
i aint read no fuckin books

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>very small
>novelization of kimi no na wa

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it looks like this except on both balls and the benis is permanently shriveled up

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Damn, that's brutal.

Are you sexually apathetic, or is it just a physiological problem?

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ew this is your body on jew pills

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holy based... how does a a 1*-year-old take in the full 24cm?

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no. i have extremely low testosterone but i still masturbate a couple of times per month. i am able to orgasm but cum doesn't always come out.
it should be illegal to prescribe to people under 20

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what were the medicines you took?

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>6.5 inches
>of Kings and Things

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7 in hard, uncut
The Golden Ass

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don't worry buddy, i have the test levels of a demigod and i will use it to avenge you.

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Myth of Sisyphus
Last completed would be Repetition

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Can you Vitor your way out of this or are you boned for life?

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Neruda selected works

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30cm, uncircumcised.
The Bible.

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7 inches, Dune

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I strongly suspect most people here claiming 7 are lying. In fact, I have an easier time believing the 8's than the 7's. 7 is the lie most guys feel they can get away with.

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>tfw partially circumcised
I still have some foreskin which is nice but I would prefer having it all. Also /b/ said it looked weird.

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A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again
>Last completed
Imagine dropping books midway through

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Paul says circumcision is unnecessary. I'm amazed that Protestant America became modern Galatia, and that secular America never budged on this question.

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I’m still reading Myth

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>>tfw partially circumcised
what? how?

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Complete the job yourself anon. Follow Abraham (pbuh). He did not pussy out and circumcised himself when he needed to.

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I have some foreskin left

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All praise the most high

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25 cm
As I Lay Dying

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The Diary of Satan

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Dr. Goldstein didn't do a good job.

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28.9 cm
Diary of a Young Girl

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>5.5 in
>finished meditations
>reading the storm before the storm, and Seneca's discourses

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>Paul says
Paul didn't even speak the Holy Language. Who cares what the cuck though?

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>7.2 inches, and proud of it
>The Painted Veil; (it was shit)

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16 cm
Count of Montecristo

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Capitalist Realism

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they are. the average world penis size is 5.5'.

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17 cm
Heart of a dog

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>95% of /lit/ is above average

I'm 13 cm erect
Reading The Tartar Steppe

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4.5 inches
The Monk - Matthew Lewis

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>5.5, it depends of how horny
>1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles c .Mann

i wish i had a longer dick, since i have a decent circumference

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>breathing: chaos and poetry by franco "bifo" berardi

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Child of God

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6.33 inche
David copperfield

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>wishing for 0 cm
>"Tears and Saints" by Cioran

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18.5 cm

William Gibson - Neuromancer

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>Confessions of an English Opium Eater
His writing was horrible, felt like it was a lot longer than one hundred pages

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>6.15 inches erect
>The Overcoat and Other Stories of Good and Evil by Gogol

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>the complete stories of leonora carrington

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8.9 inches
12 rules

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>Light in August

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>the TV program

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>On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects

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>6 inches
>simulacra and simulation

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-69 inch
the book of Job

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>12 rules by Peterson
>gif is me being "alpha as fuck"

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The myth of Sisyphus

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>an apology for raymond sebond

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only every 3rd man here is telling the truth. All these 7ers are coping

6 on a good day
Robinson Crusoe

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>on a good day

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>have never measured it, a bit bigger than my phone
>No Longer Human

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nobody will believe me

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..you do realize the average for men is 7' right?

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just a hair under 18cm (7in)
slaughterhouse five

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12 cm
Baudrillard "America"

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six centimeters
tymmy pinchman braggerman's brainboom

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Half of males don't get laid so there's a difference between average male size and average size of guys who get laid.

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5.5" nbp, 6.5" bonepressed
How to stop smoking by allen Car

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5", Anna Karenina. Loved it. Intellectually stimulating but super easy to read. Constance Garnett translations of Tolstoy are truly the comfort food of literature.

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>15 cm (don't laugh)
>The Civilisation of the Renaissance in Italy

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Truth and Method by Gadamer.

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7 inches is 98th percentile pornstar dick you moron.Its just what 5 inches say to cope with actually have an average dick which nearly all men have.

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7 inches, the whiteluck warrior

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>17 cm
>The Treasures of Darkness - A History of Mesopotamian Religion

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erect penis size isn't static

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7", although I'm 6'6" and think it's a a little disproportionately small.

Hobbes' Leviathan

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18 cm
the frogs by aristophanes

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>i got a put on every antideppresant out there starting when i was twelve and i became infertile

Is this an actual thing, or is it just you?
I also got put on antidepressants at 13, but I have a 'normal' sized cock for the most part (about 7 inch hard, size of an iphone 7 + 2 sideways thumbs), and I don't want to be shooting blanks.

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Starting Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep now then moving on to Hunger probably by Monday.

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If I'm going to lie about my IQ, you better bet I'll lie about my cock size.

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small dicks actually being average is just something the capitalists made up so wagie dicklets won’t an hero

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Poetics of Space

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8.5 inches

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Short, but that's offset by how thin it is
In Search of Lost Tyme

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My sides

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