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What would literature look like in an anarchist society?

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If it actually works out
Borderline kitsch garbage

If it doesnt (most likely scenario)

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Same as it does now. We live in anarchy. You'll notice that in this anarchy, currently a large group with guns has taken over and they generally decide what you can and can't do. It's anarchy.

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No more books written just for profit, & no more pay walls

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It really depends on the quality of peoples. There could be less copyright which could allow for more creative freedom. More crossover stuff would occur. More books concerning how to live might come since a society that peacefully embraced anarchy would already be a very open society and so there might be more paths easily taken in life... And often good ways of life stem from philosophy. An anarchist society probably implies that there is a great deal of abundance in the world which probably means more leisure time, so more reading and creations of writings due to people being more able to do things they actually want to do.

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wrong but interesting

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White men will be forbidden, as will all non homosexuals, unless they are Jewish, because, you know, 6 gorillion lampshades, soap-bars and sausages. And secret death showers. And the rollercoasters of death. In school 40 years ago they taught me about all of the above, plus fountains of blood spurting up from all the mass graves.

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the inescapable conclusion of viewing history as power struggles. Which...what else could it be?

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We could expect a lot of art, but localized tastes would be the judge of most of it. Without marketing, hidden gems may just linger for quite a while before finding their audience.

That’s not anarchism

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Anarchy relies too much on the individual, and is over faithful about that. With time we'll get there but we're not advanced enough, socially speaking.

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You need to burn your house down with you left inside.

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That is individualist anarchism alone.

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Interesting but wrong, but also right

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It’s not interesting. It’s the current model of bully tyranny. The complete opposite of what anarchism aims for. That’s the only way it’s “right”

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It would mostly be the political manifestos of the various Authoritarian groups that would form, seeing their chance to implement novel forms of actual, serious political organization in the weak, pathetic and timid seedbed of the temporary state of Anarchy.

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Anarchism doesn't "stand" for anything, it's a surface upon which actual societies form, all of which are hierarchal and ordered.

Anarchism quite literally lays down while the rest of us stand on it, grinding our heels on the teeth of those who choose to lay down with it.

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>Let me explain why I said this was based
All government is warlordism, Marx was right about a lot but over his grand native is a shot in the dark and hopeful wishing. (I guess this makes me an unironic Postmodern-NeoMarxist?) Everything is about property and power. Hobbs was right about the state of nature, which is what Max Steiner's text basically describes.

A lot of people in this thread have no idea what anarchy is, Butterfly is right.

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Shit literature.

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A mad race to the bottom untill the true lowest common denominator is reached. The artistic ideal would be something like a kinkadr painting.

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Anarchy is a term which contains a lot of potential philosophic thinking and ideas or ideals. Stop trying to reduce the complexity of it. The kingdom of heaven is anarchy.

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>only white women would be allowed to write
>lots of goofy idealism and cargo cult neopagan shit
>intersectional dyke fantasy novels
>"radical self-theory"
>everything would be formatted like hipster runoff

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Why 'would', there's plenty of acephalous societies.

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You have not read a single page of the political philosophy of it, dipshit.

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>The kingdom of heaven is anarchy.
For there being no god-king in it, okay

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Anarchy is you being raped and then strung from a lamppost and then your tighs sliced of like kebab by semi-nomadic tribesfolk roving through the ruins of civilization, or lone predator if you like to get real anarchic.

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Sounds like capitalist patriarchal norms, anon.
You’re masturbating, aren’t you? Fucking degenerate.

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based and butterfly pilled

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You don't know God. You only know statist who worship a statist idol and anarchist who hate that idol. But in time you will see that being in an association with god implies self-divinity. God has no need for a king. He does have a problem with many of his idiot children but it is a passing phase.

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Never said it was a dude you FUCKING NAZI. Hell, it could be hyena-pig people where femmes have giant clitorises that could facilitate the rape.

Little known fact, the empress of china during the boxer's rebellion was known as having the biggest "dick" in china. This by her possesion of an enormous clitoris which she liked to use on the anuses of her courtiers.

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>Never said it was a dude

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>God has no need for a king
You venerate this fictional character as a king when you call it a “kingdom of heaven”
I am my own divinity.

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>capitalist patriarchal norms
>rape, roving and semi-nomadism are tied to the historical manifestation of capitalism in patriarchal societies

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Who the fuck are you, butters slave?

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>I am my own divinity.


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My diary desu

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>butters slave
Not allowed to have an opinion or agree with someone ?

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Have fun while you learn

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Hdkwofbdhe idbd did d xisbdy idbfis vfhfbdk fur eiegrb jfutbdk dhfjdofv job fvdie hfifbskshf jdbdgsodvd hduecej

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If you want a better term then i could use "persons creating a realm of goodness" but they are just words trying to express something real. As i progress to better understandings i must continue to strip myself of the dross that the truth tried to express itself through, but i don't currently think that God as a "super personality" is a bad thing. In a sense this very superperson is all of the best potential selves of all. So truth and god is not ultimately outside of me or you just as much as it transcends and encompasses more than just us. At the same time i find an "otherness" to be very important in holding all persons as distinct beings as well. Because "oneness" can be a kind of tyranny of it's own. So multiplicity and oneness are equally important in understanding and becoming in reality.

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If you call this anarchy , how does non-anarchy look like?

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it wouldn't exist.

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>''M.I. Finley"

>Moses Issac Finkelstein

The World of Odysseus should be marketed only as a Jewish interpretation of Homer

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Based af sign me up nigger

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You are pes the cringiest human have encountered on the internet.

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only based posters in here

for the rest of you, enjoy your video game anarchy LARP. pure anarchy can not exist without the absence of government (CIVILAZATION), and regardless of how things play out, we will always return to it (unity).

itt pretentious brainlets

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The anarchist society is the delusion spun off of the mind of the man suffering capitalism.

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Theocracy. God is the only legitimate source of authority.

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It’s a historical reconstruction of the actual period. Or did you believe Troy was as palatial as the Roman imperium, and that Homer was telling all truth?

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