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post pseuds

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ok, you start

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Alan Watts is the opposite of a pseud because he specifically identifies as nothing but a "spiritual entertainer". Regardless of the quality or accuracy of his discussions, he admits that he's full of shit, that it's all just a sort of mental game. He might be an idiot, but he's certainly not a pseud. Many much smarter "thinkers" are much bigger pseuds than Watts.

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Don't think you'll find a bigger pseud than this man.

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Is this Lisa Left-Eye Lopez

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OP, the biggest pseud of all

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What is the difference between pseud and hack?

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Absolutely not pseud: Chomsky, Nietsche, Russell
Probably not pseud: Sartre, Jesus, Dostoyevsky
And those are just the ones I recognize desu

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>ruins philosophy
heh, nothing personal, kid...

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And yet he's right about everything

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Not LindyBeige!!!

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this, leftists are cringe

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Every Western philosopher to have ever existed

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arguably best philosopher since plato desu

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pseuds believe what they're saying

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Only in regards to philosophy of mathematics

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seriously what was he thinking with these

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i actually had his political philosophy in mind. truly socratic

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You don't have autism anon?

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people who claim to be nothing are the ones you should listen to

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Lost it when I saw they couldn't find a picture of DFW and settled for Jason Segal

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Everything about this guy makes me want to punch his teeth out

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>Sam Hyde twice
A lot of the long form earnest talks he does are really quite compelling, especially the ones with Nick. Not intellectual by any stretch, but interesting.

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Who the fuck thinks Filthy Frank is an intellectual? This pic is retarded.

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>anyone slightly popular is a pseudo

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so close yet so far

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His philosophy of mathematics is the worst part. Read Poincaré, Hilbert, Husserl, Godel on the subject.
Yes, I include the whole cuck thing in th rest of Russel. His mathematics are that bad.

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nuff said

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What a fucking fat retard.

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I once put bourbon in a french press.

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All psychology is pseudoscience

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You know, Watts IS a Psued, but he's still correct. He's like a cocky nerd, flaunting his knowledge in that smooth, trained, practiced voice. If you're like me, you'll enjoy the following works and authors more.
Psychonaughts Complete Field Manual (Free online pdf.)
Promethius Rising by Wilson
Info Psycology by Leary
Principia Discordia by Thornley
Undoing Yourself by Hyatt
Abrahadabra by Orpheus
Yoga Sutra's

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He was an insufferable liberal in his politics, the embodiment of squeamish middle class do-gooding. I won't call the man stupid or anything, he clearly wasn't, but Wittgenstein was right about Russell's books being worthless outside of his contributions to logic.

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Biggest pseud of them all

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how come?

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I am reading The Last Superstition now and Feser constantly tries to make jabs at liberals, usually bordering between cringe and ridiculous. My favorite so far is comparing sorting your rubish to different kinds of trashcans for recyclement to religious rituals. He also makes "politically correct pronoun" jokes but I will spare you those.

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I still can't get over how he has the nerve to complain about modern philosophers being too obscurantist

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I like Alan Watts but I believe he was a pseud for reasons people never talk about: he was an anglican priest for decades, yet he never got anything on christianity right. Then again, it may have to do with him being a former anglican and all.

how did he make so much money holy shit

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Was a materialist (or as he reskinned it, "behaviorist") who rejected any approach to understanding people that involved seeing things from their perspective. As a psychologist.

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why do you assume being behaviorist = pseud?

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what the fuck, why is Mahler there

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This ugly doughball seriously tried to lecture people on aesthetics

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based post, fuck Russell

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Who ISN'T a pseud then??!

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me desu

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I dont think intellectual means what this image suggests

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Jung acknowledges that you can only partially base psychology on science because people are not mechanical enough to treat wholly scientifically. Anyone that doesn't understand that is memeing.

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is Jung a dualist? Or by not mechanical enough does he mean the mechanism is so complex it can't be understood

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>not included: Philip K. Dick
Ok based

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this fag really put kurt vonnegut next to jim carrey

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The only non-meme answer so far

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100% this

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I'd say both, he specifically states that people are too complicated and far too subjective to create algorithmic diagnoses with our current understanding and therefore the treatment of any given person can alter radically. One of the reasons that people are so complicated is i suppose a form of dualism, that you can physically injure yourself with mental ailments and vice versa.

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Without a doubt. Blackpilled, crypto-ecofascist, obscurantist drivel.

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how does he reconcile his 1980's coke dealer aesthetic with his orthodox faith

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