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Post them

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Mods are deleting a ton of good threads right now.

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I don't know but I've already seen 3 threads get pulled within minutes of eachother and they were all /lit/ related.

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You're right, I can't see the Kat thread.

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what ones?

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This made me laugh Anon.

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I made the first routine thread on /lit/ back on 2013. There was a post on that thread I will never forget. It wasthis one:

"I arise at the ungodly hour of 5:30am. From here I peel myself away from the comforting embrace of sleep and into the harsh world of reality.

I stumble to the shower and cleanse my body of all positive energies. I then rid my face of excess hair and begin to curse the morning sun. Loudly, and with much gusto.

This is followed by a quick breakfast of triple shot espresso and cigarettes, occasionally bookended with plain toast. 6:30 rolls around and I am trapped within the confines of my metallic coffin, chugging away toward my employment destination.

Depending on traffic I arrive at 7:30. I work at a primary school so children are already congregating outside like vultures. I ignore the little shits until humanely possible and settle behind my desk, preparing for the mental anguish that is teaching simple minded infants how to grip a pencil and not damage the desk with their illegible scribblings.

From 9:00 until 11:00 it is two solid hours of pain before a caffeine break and solitary weep in the toilets that are broken but not actually broken just not used by staff because a dead rat was seen in it once and has been "quarantined" until further notice. This is followed by another hour and a half of pain before the solitary joy of lunch.

It is over too quickly however. Back to the grind. Babysitting someones illiterate and foul mouthed progeny until they can be bothered to get off their arse and collect them.

From 16:00 until 19:00 it is the usual routine of marking and assessment. Dante had an easier time. Pure torture.

From 20:30 and my return home it is a quick check of the news and bank details before retiring to bed. An escape into beauty.

On weekends I drink. And plan."

I wonder if this Anon still browses /lit/

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looks like rousseau

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I remember this from the Hobbes thread a few days ago. KeKed good.

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tbf it could really be either since they were both talking about nature in dirrect oposition to Hobbes.

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Better version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM33Hr94SKw

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Christ that's vintage.

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>tfw we already live in cyberpunk

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Fuck off with this footfag roll shit

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if i made a hegel edit of this, what should he be striding over?

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I dont quite get this image

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check your internet connection

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good to see my OC make it's way to /lit/, krautbro. is /lit/ prepared for corona-chan? will Guenon retroactively refute corona-chan?

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I chose to avoid this life in favor of becoming a flaneur. I wonder, in this masochist mood, whether I chose right.

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die foot faggot

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Based Peterstein. Minecraft is really based.

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Ummm what? What is this from?

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I am deeply saddened by the fact that I wasn't on /lit/ (or 4chan in general) during its golden days. Where can I find those magazines now?

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What is the meaning of that image and how would Hegel fit in?

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It's the "Colossus of Rhodes." It depicts Cecil Rhodes (namesake of Rhodesia famous for his administration of British colonial ventures in Africa) showing of the telegraph his people built across the whole of Africa from British settlements in Egypt to South Africa.

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It's such a good pic and I'm not even fascist. I just keep it on hand to send to idiots who get too into Woodie Guthrie or other moron college kids LARPing as rednecks as if they aren't actually terrified of us. They really, really don't like it for some reason. Very few see the humor in it, sadly.

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I don’t get it.

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I really wish you were him.

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Tempting Fates

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Im not a fascist either, but I can recognize good irony, good wordplay, and a hint of a positions actual assertion all in one when I see it. It is just a good image overall. If one cannot appreciate something on its own merits, and engage in a bit of ambivalence, you are probably not that fun a person to hang around with.

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Here goes

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the fuck is this about?

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>Hey Gordon, watch out for those headcrabs

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bamb nice thread btw

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That’s Gaskun, genius

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Twitter screenshots are memes

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Not many good memes in here, take this

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4chan is not funny anymore. No OC originates here anymore and most of the humour is so recycled and unable to be self-aware it's like I am viewing a boomer facebook page.

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I dongeddit

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Or just say the grass is greener on the other side.

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Kierkegaard's position gets me every time.

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Have tons of stirner memes.

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This shit was more embarrassing than I anticipated. I expected Zizek to mop the floor with that retard but it was like watching a child walk onto an NBA court.

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His writing was so complete shit but I'm glad that he would always post writing threads and kept them alive.

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im done for now

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Ive seen this a thousand times, yet somehow the last line always fucking gets me

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Well how does it feel to be whispered about by the Fungus people?

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Does anyone have socrates holding up a book that says I am always right please post

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She's literally DFW

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Candied toes. Skittles, M and Ms (Ms. Who?), smarties. Colourful sweets sprouting saccharine from sand. A desert dessert. Dessert desert? The sand some kind of sugar. Delectable. Pop one in your mouth. That anon on /adv/. Sad story really. Little chicken nuggets (don't bite!). KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Toe Lickin Good (geddit). Apparently there's a Beastie Boys song "Finger lickin Good (Capitol 1992)". Not the Beach Boys, that would've been apt cos of all the sand. Wouldn't it be nice?

Two sand caked feet, toewards, nails acrylic. A background of sand. Something says beach, maybe the colours? It goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes: yellow, blue, purple, yellow, blue, blue (again), yellow, purple, blue. But wait there's a toe missing. The polish on the rightmost toe is impossible to make out but symmetry would suggest yellow. How does a foot fetishist judge an individual foot? It can't be symmetry because feet aren't symmetric. Well feet are, but not a foot.

I guess I should say I'm not a foot fetishist. Do nothing for me by themself, non-sexual bodypart. I can get around the intent though. The fun is in the imbalance: Lick my feet! Yes Ms. Who. Looks like Whore unfortunately. Paying someone to suck their toes, peak degeneracy. Do all fetishes of submission come from self confidence issues? Mine certainly does.

For me it's the side pectoral muscle (hint of breast) or back muscles. Anterior dominance vs posterior dominance. Funny really. Some say that breasts are nonsexual. Papua New Guinea ankles more scandalous than breasts. The christian missionary influence. Can grab em if they're not covered. Can't even see the ankles from that position. Reminds me of a joke I can't remember, I think Laura told it to me. I wonder if they do titjobs in Papua New Guinea? We don't do anklejobs. Feetjobs though.

I guess the most striking thing about the image is the sand. There's this weird contrast between the well cared for feet (seemingly supple skin, painted nails, the list doesn't go on) and the gritty reality of sand. Raises a lot of questions really. Who paints their nails before going to a beach? (I am assuming beach) Does it wash off in the water? Did they come just for this photo or is there a whole set. Feels like others would almost ruin its appeal. Who took the photo and how? Could prop a phone on your feet. Real long arms? Someone else involve surely. Squatting as if to take a dump? Sitting on them? Oddly intimate really.

Do it on a public peach?
"What are you two up to?"
"Oh nothing just photographing her toes"
"Thank god, for a second there I thought you were taking a dump on her chest"
Standard really public beach. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission really. Hotter to ask for permission though if you catch my drift.

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Running out of things to write. Running. Not with those toes. My feet always look vascular as fuck after a run. I miss running. Feel like fucking Hunter S. Thompson. I wanna swim. I wanna ride. I wanna do acid again. Peyote. Even just weed. Woe is me. Toesy woesy. Footsy tootsy. I'm just padding at this point. The pad of a foot? Like the bottom part. Slightly calloused is way hotter to me for some reason. Shows comptetence. Someone who goes and does things rather than just some ethereal perfect footed princess. Guess that's the reason the back muscle thing too. Padding around? Like walking softly. The pad of a leopard (leopad).

I wonder at the position of the person photographed. It must be some kind of respose. Toes too high to be standing. A funny flex to them though.

Man imagine if I rolled a 0. No way I could do 3000 words. There's only so many death grips songs to reference. Maybe the lyrics of an entire song? Some kind of mid story act. A song and dance number. Bit Pinchonesque. Pinch things (my fucking cock) between those toes, mmmmmmmmmm

The left foot has a patch uncovered by sand that appears oddly to be wrinkled. I looked at my own feet and I don't wrinkle there. Maybe something in the pose. Should I end these sentences with question marks or not. Makes them a bit insecure? Female foot fetishists. Say they don't exist. Definitely not true though. I've seen em in the wild. Wonder on actual stats. Why men? Why men. Evolutionary biology is bullshit though, convenient narrative and all that. Anything fits (overfitting). Can use regularisation or crossvalidation to combat. Dropout not so popular these days. Machine learning. How many years before a machine learns a foot fetish? At least ten. Ten good years.

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Well did he succeed?

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