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What is /lit/'s relationship to music? Do you listen to music while reading, and if so, what?

I have something of a personal problem. I used to read constantly as a child and young teen, but since getting into music I'm listening to music pretty much constantly, and it has really cut into my time and focus for reading. Can anyone relate to this? I love music so goddamn much but I still wanna read most of the western canon sometime.

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>What is /lit/'s relationship to music?
One of retroactive refutation.

>Concerning non-vocal music, by which I mean one involving any use of pitched musical instruments, it is humbly and with all deference my opinion that all such activities should be abandoned in favour of purely vocal chants handed down through the oral tradition. It is more than likely that if a free reign of music was permitted in a society displaying even a slight state of decadence, there would remain very few musicians who display a true understanding of the traditional order and the purpose of music within it, which is a role purely subordinate to that of the traditional institutions; instead, as in the case of Europe, we might face ourselves with certain groups infiltrating the musical tradition and subverting it from within. Certainly, the historical record would bear this out. The events of the past few decades with the emergence of the most vile and repulsive 'composers' such as Erik Satie and Erwin Schulhoff offer the perfect example.

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why did it have to be you

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Same happened to me anon.
I still try to read atleast 30 pages a day, but I usually spend most of time listening to music or playing an instrument.

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I'll do about 30 on a good day, or when I'm to awake to sleep at night. I recently lost my headphones I use when out and about, which has actually been nice in some aspects. Going around and just observing the city life is kind of meditative, and it has made me read a bit while commuting and whatnot.

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fuck you're an obnoxious gimmick

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lmfao this is so based

imagine thinking satie is repulsive but thinking it is okay to rape camels in the desert and shove metal rods in your cock

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the fate that awaits guenonfag bi'idhnillah
>Ibrahim Pasha (Mohammad Ali's son) completely destroyed Abdullah's forces and took their capital, Diriyah in Najd. Abdullah bin Saud was captured along with two of his Wahhabi supporters. They were then sent to prison in Constantinople. Abdullah and his two followers were publicly beheaded for their crimes against holy cities and mosques.[1][3] Prior to his execution, bin Saud, a Wahhabi who forbade to listen music, was forced to listen to the lute.[2]

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>who would win

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>third pic collar
Didn't know Guénon converted to Catholicism.

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Absolutely despicable. My life became so much better when I stopped listening to all stand-alone music. Now I only listen to it (rarely) whenever it is merely a soundtrack to something, and even then, I try not to focus on it and drop the volume or use the mute function if that's an option; same goes for hearing it outdoors. You should really cut out music from your life, anon. That will leave you more quality time for contemplation and tending to your inner thoughts; thoughts you'd otherwise kill or trivialize by endlessly blasting your brain with music. Just look at >>>/mu/ and the absolutely vapid pseudo-intellectual bugman-subhumans it breeds. Hopefully, God willing, I will move to a quieter place soon and avoid all music whatsoever.

Absolument basé.

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But music is my absolute main interest in life.

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Wow that is the assymetrical face of a spiteful mutant. At least his weird jaw allowed him to deep throat while engaged in his belovéd ritual of jism eating...

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Then develop another one, or realize that music never was a truly deep (in the proper sense of the word) interest of yours. As you say, you were even interested in literature as a kid. It's better to explore that than degrade yourself with obnoxious music. If you really want to listen to music though, keep it contained to stuff like Palestrina or Josquin and only strictly within given days where you allow yourself some music.

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Baste upanishadic gnostic saint saving /lit/ from falling into degeneracy

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>realize that music never was a truly deep (in the proper sense of the word) interest of yours
Why would my interest in music not be "truly deep"?

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Because depth is required for an interest to be deep.

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Monsieur la Guenon's monkeying around amuses me.

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>sharing a board about reading with """people""" who feel accomplished when they can quit fingering their own assholes long enough to read "up to" THIRTY (30) pages a day
Jesus wept

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I listen to music for atleast 5 hours everyday but never while reading

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No-one said this. Maybe you aren't a very proficient reader?

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>try to read 30
>read 30 on a good day
Even if it was double that it'd be pathetic

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I listened to dungeon synth while reading the Wheel of Time series, very satisfying, I recommend it.

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Based. It is not suprising that in Southern parts of India where the Dravidian influence isn't strong, Guénon (pbuh) is commonly venerated alongside Śaṅkarācārya (pbuh) by many brahmins and even commonfolk.

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Rude... They're clearly trying their best, anon.

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just listen to dub ambient whilst reading when you need to block out noise. this whole album is great.

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This is the worst aspect of islam

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>Do you listen to music while reading,
I'm not a fucknig retard

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