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Absolutely shameful the lack of Guenon(pbuh) threads recently.

Lit used to be a Guenon(pbuh) board with great intellectuals discussing how a great scholar rose and retroactively refuted all of western philosophy.

Where to start?

In English: https://archive.org/details/reneguenon

Chart made by another great poster:

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at this point i cant even tell if you people are actually serious

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Ask any question related to Guenon(pbuh)'s philosophy. Contrary to popular belief, I and tons of other anons in these threads have spent quite a long time reading Guenon(pbuh)'s works. Let's start a discussion like this thread was made for.

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Ah, yes, the man who wanted to consume every drop...

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Misinterpretation. Learn french.

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Guenon treats metaphysics as unquestionable and not open to critiques.
How to verify metaphysical knowledge claims?

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So, how much Negroid Male Nectar (as Guenon calls it) must one consume to be able to understand The Reign of Quantity?

Asking for a friend...

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Daily reminder that advaita vedanta is cryptobuddhism, and was destroyed by Ramanuja and Madhva

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what did guenon think of pic related and his school

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The traditionalist or perennialist perspective began to be enunciated in the 1920s by the French philosopher René Guénon and, in the 1930s, by Schuon himself.

On October 11th 1991, Frithjof Schuon, the leader of an international religious order, was indicted on the felony charge of child molestation. committed under "cult pressure and influence". The indictment, passed down by a five member Grand Jury, headed by Lucy Cherbas, stated:

"that Frithjof Schuon... did perform fondling or touching [on three girls] 15 years of age, 14 years of age and 13 years of age, respectively, with the intent to arouse or satisfy sexual desires of Frithjof Schuon, in violation of I.C. 35-42 43. [And that] said persons were compelled to submit to touching by force or imminent threat of force, to wit: by undue cult influences and cult pressures, in violation of 35-42-4-8."

Jesus Garcia Varela, a high ranking inner circle member of the cult, had been investigated by the Louisville Police in 1991 for nude photos of his 2 young daughters. He escaped prosecution of this episode by claiming that it was a common practice in Spain to visually record a girl's puberty.

Michael Fitzgerald's son was present at the Gatherings. The boy, then perhaps 14, had been made to watch his mother and her sister, Jennifer Casey, dance nude for Schuon at one of the Gatherings.

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nobody knows what the fuck he wrote...

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It may now be stated that metaphysics is essentially the knowledge of the Universal, or, if preferred, the knowledge of the principles belonging to the universal order, which moreover alone can validly lay claim to the name of principles; but in making this statement, we are not really trying to propose a definition of metaphysics, for such a thing is a sheer impossibility by reason of that very universality which we look upon as the foremost of its characteristics, the one from which all the other are derived. In reality, only something that is limited is capable of definition, whereas by definition metaphysics is on the contrary by its very nature absolutely unlimited, and this plainly does not allow our enclosing it in a more or less narrow formula.

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Study the Gnostics Guenon hung out with. He ate human semen. Why do you think he moved to N. Africa? The same reasons Paul Bowles and other homosexualists did: Negroid nectar and acceptance of his perversions if done discreetly.

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>How to verify metaphysical knowledge claims?

Listen to this guy on the internet, he knows all the answers!

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I don't think that particular Guenon(pbuh) poster is even here, anon.

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With a jaw like that he must have given great head. Deep throater for sure!

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stop fantasizing about some dead french muslim sucking your dick on a vietnamese traditional fishing board

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>he said Chine won't become communist

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>Rene Guenon General
More like Rene Cocksucker General, LOL! Know what I mean?

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I just got intro to Hindu doctrines. What are the key takeaways I should have by the end?

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guys this is a serious discussion

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see >>14597435

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>Lit used to be a Guenon(pbuh) board with great intellectuals discussing how a great scholar rose and retroactively refuted all of western philosophy.

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do you actually watch bb or just using the gif?

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what could be more serious than the eternal metaphysical truth
fake quotes, you've been spamming that for like a whole year now Crowleyfag
when you study it yourself (in particular the actual writings of the various thinker's that Guenon (pbuh) references like Shankara and Ibn Arabi and not just his books), you are able to personally verify it as true, it dawns on you that it's correct and that it accords with your immediate experience as you study it (assuming you are very smart)
That's wrong, everything that people call 'buddhistic' in Advaita appears first in the pre-Buddhist Upanishads, Ramanuja and Madhva failed to understand Advaita and failed to refute it (see pic related), buddhism is mostly a ripoff of the early Upanishads, which is why later buddhism resembles Upanishadic Advaita Vedanta
I'm not aware of him referencing him but it's the closest to Advaita in all of buddhism so he probably would have written favorably about it
homosexuality is haram
he said though that if they did they would modify it to become more Chinese-like and compatible with their culture which is what happened, although he didnt anticipate how much they would destroy traditional Chinese culture/teachings/etc

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Nagarjuna was a complete brainlet who was destroyed by Richard Robinson (pic related)

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what does that have to do with most hindus and scholars agreeing that sankara is a ripoff of nagarjuna?

that just means robinson btfo'ed sankara too

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Damn, that image overwhelmed me with its magnificence

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I know. Truly an avatar of God on earth, and his Shakti.

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>that just means robinson btfo'ed sankara too
wrong, because Shankara doesn't accept the flawed logic Nagarjuna uses which Robinson BTFO him for

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but the scholars and nonadvaita hindus all agree that sankara is basically 90% nagarjuna. so it's the leftover 10% where he doesn't make nagarjuna's mistake? that would mean nagarjuna was 90% right as well

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