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I had a dream last night where I was reading Guenon and pondering his teachings. Whilst this was happening, a great tsunami, 10,000 feet high, rose from the ocean and began to demolish everything in its path. I however, was protected. I sat upon a large stone statue head of Shankaracharya, and an orb of energy shielded me. After the destruction, I moved around to survey the damage, in a serpentine manner, akin to the snake who gave Gnosis to Adam and Eve. Several minutes had gone by, I suddenly was struck to the ground and a swarm of bees attacked me. Great Mother Gaia had assaulted me with hundreds of bee stings. I felt intense pain, and slowly, my body began to numb, and right before my death I awoke.

I believe this dream was my intuition, my spirt, speaking to me. It was alerting me that Guenon is only the beginning; it is Evola, rather, who completed the Perennial Philosophy.

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Don't know if this is bullshit but I liked it.

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The problem with Guenon is that he's reliant on a Buddhist framework (Advaita Vedanta) reinterpreted by theosophists and neovedantists. Evola at least goes beyond this.

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Based prophetic Gué-anon.

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>Advaita Vedanta
>literally translates to 'Without Buddhism'
>Buddhist framework

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>it is Evola, rather, who completed the Perennial Philosophy.
Evola had a bad reading in Guenon (pbuh).

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Where do I start with Guénon? He wrote so much and I'm intimidated...

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Dear brother, be not afraid, for The Most Sacred One is on the side of those who seek knowledge. I'd recommend praying before embarking upon your journey discovering the works of the greatest intellectual of the last century, besides Schuon; so that you may be righteously guided through them.
However, if you wish for a recommendation, start with Man and His Becoming According to the Vedanta.

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Based guenonposters.

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Based, thank you so much. I will begin reading it immediately.


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>traditionalists tell me "there is no such thing as change" that man is a static being, not an everflowing river becoming
>so they tell me we should all change to become traditionalist

huh? what's going on here?

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Quite a disastrous interpretation of your dream, most loved one. Evola is a sour fruit close to Guenon (pbuh). He had but virtual knowledge, and was too immersed in the world to actualize Man's potential.

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>I will begin reading it immediately.
Based. I would add to the other brother's suggestion and recommend inculcating oneself in the γνῶσις hidden within his The Multiple States of the Being. It is recommended to read each verse and repeat it numerous times until it penetrates the higher intellect; this will allow one to peer into the deeper layers of meanings in Man and His Becoming According to the Vedanta.

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>>so they tell me we should all change to become traditionalist
No, brother, they tell you to revert to your primordial state by recognizing non-duality and the illusory nature of 'change'. As the Prophet (pbuh) said:
>“No child is born but that he is upon natural instinct. His parents make him a Jew, or a Christian, or Magian. As an animal delivers a child with limbs intact, do you detect any flaw?” Then, Abu Huraira recited the verse, “The nature of Allah upon which he has set people,” (30:30).

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just came here to say: based

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a form of change isn't it. I'm unsatisfied. The human experience seems to contain underlying instinctual structures, yet, also an element that exists on top of this, that is superior to them, and cannot be quieted.

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Guénon is indeed very based

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Based. As the most great Al-Jili has said:

Thou didst manifest Thyself in things when Thou didst create them.
And lo! In them the veils are lifted from Thy Face. Thou didst cut man off as a piece from Thy Very Self, and he
Is neither joined to Thee, nor is he separate from Thee.

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Is this the basedstation?

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>a form of change isn't it.
That is merely symbolic language for elucidating a concept one cannot even begin to put into words. 'Reversion' is itself a non-temporal action where you recognize your primordial Traditionalist state of being.

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Based. As the most great Al-Jili has said:

Thou didst manifest Thyself in things when Thou didst create them.

And lo! In them the veils are lifted from Thy Face.

Thou didst cut man off as a piece from Thy Very Self, and he

Is neither joined to Thee, nor is he separate from Thee.

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it's the guénon thread so yes

who is everybody in the discord?

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Could you inform me on it, dear brother, somehow?

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saved, based anon (pbuh)

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That image is pure cope. The great Shankaracharya (pbuh) completely obliterated the illogical heresy known as Buddhism and vanquished it from India. He completely destroyed as incoherent and logically inconsistent ideas of the Hinayana and the Yogachara, and dismissed Madhyamaka as being unable to give any good reasons for their claims of emptiness (which is true). The Buddhist scholar Richard Robinson later went on to debunk Nagarjuna and Madhyamika (pic related), in fact there isn't an early school of Buddhism which hasn't been exposed illogical and contradictory, there simply is no logical Buddhist philosophy. I couldn't summarize it better than the infallible sage Shankaracharya (pbuh) himself when he wrote

"From whatever new points of view the Buddha's system is tested with reference to its probability, it gives way on all sides, like the walls of a well, dug in sandy soil. It has, in fact, no foundation whatever to rest upon and hence the attempts to use it as a guide in the practical concerns of life are mere folly. Moreover Buddha, by propounding the three mutually contradicting systems, teaching respectively the reality of the external world, the reality of ideas only and general nothingness, has himself made it clear that he was a man given to make incoherent assertions or else that hatred of all beings induced him to propound absurd doctrines by accepting which they would become thoroughly confused…Buddha’s doctrine has to be entirely disregarded by all those who have a regard for their own happiness."

Brahma Sutra Bhasya 2.2.32.

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>The great Shankaracharya (pbuh) completely obliterated the illogical heresy known as Buddhism and vanquished it from India.
Simply based.

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this has nothing to do with the post you're replying to but ok cryptobuddhist

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>It was alerting me that Guenon is only the beginning; it is Evola, rather, who completed the Perennial Philosophy.

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It has to do with the image I posted because Buddhists try to make unsubstantiated claims of Sri Shankaracharya (pbuh) stealing from Buddhism as a coping strategy to distract from the fact that he completely destroyed Indian Buddhism

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>modern scholars
refuted, retroactively.

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oops meant to quote this >>14594191

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Hahaha saved, Guenonfag fucking fails at everything he does. He's like the court jester of /lit/.

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The maker of that image lied, Robinson never accuses Nagarjuna of equivocating but rather points out how the logic Nagarjuna used in an attempt to expose the contradictions of his opponents views was actually heavily flawed. Hayes had a different objections to Nagarjuna and the person who made that image is trying to falsely imply that because Hayes was wrong therefore Robinson is to, but actually nobody has yet shown that anything Robinson wrote is wrong. The holes that Robinson pokes in Nagarjuna's logic are fatal to his whole system of Madhyamika, as his basis for claiming that 'having no views' is correct is the alleged contradictions of other views, but as Robinson points out Nagarjuna attempts to prove this using demonstrably fallacious reasoning.

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>Believing there's a particular entity that can be denominated by the epithet "guenonfag."

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>even other hindus think shankara is a cryptobuddhist


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>spend literal years picking e-fights with buddhists and pushing tradshit
>only result is humiliating yourself and getting guenon/traditionalist threads banned on /his/ and /lit/
>still come back every day to do the same things that never worked in the first place, only making it worse

poo in loo

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I'm new to Guénon, but is it fair to say that he was essentially a bleeding heart liberal who wanted to revert back from technology into a world more suitable for workers and the likes. Is this analysis far from the mark?

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I don't believe in a primordial tradition.

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Your diagnosis is extremely faulty.

Poseidon was angered by your ignorance, obv

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I dreamt of a tsunami after which I ejaculated in my undies.

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holy based guenonians...

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>multiple-meter-long red tail
>blue face
>very expressive and human-like
>high metaphysical aptitude
Is the Guenon truly the patrician pet of choice?

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Based Guenonthread

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Monsieur la Guenon's monkeying around amuses me

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so much imgur in just four posts

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I wonder what Guenon would think of corona-chan

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Believe in the Guenon inside you that believes in you.

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Advaita is still closer to Buddhism than other schools of Hinduism, and its focus on jnana (knowing) rather than bhakti (devotion) puts it in the same realm as Buddhism. Shankara may have refuted Buddhism in some ways, but in others he was quite similar, and not in line with more traditional forms of Hinduism.

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what did he mean by this?

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It’s by Sorrano, so you should just ignore it.

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Race of the spirit just refers to the person’s racial intuition. It makes perfect sense that if each caste has a different intuition, hence why they are the caste they are, that such applies for race as well (granted that there is a degree of overlap between racial spirit and caste spirit; which has been the case since the original Hindus invaded the subcontinent of India.)

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I fucking love Guenon!

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Literally this... I am so thankful to the guenonposter for spamming him relentlessly. Guenon (pbuh) changed my life.

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I, too, thank guenonfag so much. He's the most based poster on lit.

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At least nofap gave you a better force shield than Evola's

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I assume Guénonians would know this so I'll ask before (((they))) delete this and black-van me.
How do I join the Freemasons?

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>I assume Guénonians would know this
they don't know shit

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I have had deep insights from reading the local Guénonians.

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I thought it translated to non duality

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He would refute it

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Lmao that image

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Lmao so funny

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Kek! Classic

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have any of the guenonfags even read guenon or evola?

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Look at that cold, unflinching death stare on Whitehead

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he hasn't read evola, maybe only a bit of guenon in wikipedia

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>maybe only a bit of guenon in wikipedia
likely the case. i never see guenonfags actually discuss his ideas, mostly just defending "his character."

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They're just establishing his essentially prophetic character so you will want to go and read his works for yourself with this in mind. There is no need to discuss clearly laid out truths like 2 + 2 = 4.

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>his essentially prophetic character
wtf is that even supposed to mean?

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>wasting time with trad drivel

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Beyond in what timescale friend.

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the garbage he spewed has nothing to do with perennialism.

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