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The first and last redpill.

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but that's like a mental fabrication dude

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Ah yes, the No-Doctrine doctrine. Very profound.

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Self refuting
By his own logic, his philosophy and this satement as well is wrong.

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true... but that’s non-duality i suppose

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Sure but I can make doctrines that approximate pretty well and do stuff with it

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But how does that prove his claim wrong?
If every philosophy is a fabrication, his is too. Therefore he's right in being wrong.

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>muh law of non-contradiction
All it does is presuppose that language paradox necessarily contains a proof. But why is the logic of language a finality? If not, all this would mean is that there are things which language cannot express. And is this necessarily wrong? Is language's power necessarily infinite? Is the world made of language, logic, or cause and effect? Or are they illusory, are they just a dream of the weakness of the senses?

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There, fixed it for you picky faggots. Refute it now

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I'll take your word for it, my nagar.

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>Everyone is wrong and I am right .
Wow great thinking there

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>haha dude what's wrong with being self contradictory lmao
so this is the power of Eastern Wisdom...

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>t. don't know what Wittgenstein's ladder is
there is nothing paradoxical or contradictory about elucidating the absurdity of philosophy by demonstrating its absurdity. Nagarjuna (and W) was simply restating the Buddha's raft parable.

jesus I didn't know there were this many brainlets here, thought this was a high IQ board...

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>no actually self contradiction is fine because a famous guy said so

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>no actually self contradiction is fine because a famous guy said so >based

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Lol nah they're non mental fabrications that can't ever be less wrong

Fucking idiots

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nagarjuna is low iq and a philsopher

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>he doesn't "get" dialectics

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He actually took it from Sextus Empiricus who describes skeptical propositions as that of abandoning a ladder once it was been used. Zhuangzi also used a similar metaphor with his fishnet parable.

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>no actually self contradiction is fine because a famous guy said so

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I agree with most of the posts here but there is a feeling when in the depths of healthy meditation that transcends all of the mental bullshit you've built for yourself. It really is an experience like no other. Where spiritual faggots fail is to think that's the only state of consciousness worth cultivating, as if that's going to help you survive, or build a community, or relate to people.

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I doubt that it is. Don't know much about Buddhism but I know they love their jargon and I imagine "true essence of things" likely refers to a technical term in Sanskrit, or whatever language, relating to a specific attainable state of being rather than just plain syllogistic consistency.

Maybe a Buddhist familiar with the text could step in and help clarify the language.

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>But why is the logic of language a finality?

Claiming that it IS NOT is a categorically Philosophical statement.

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If taken for his word, he has no authority to say it and no one has any reason to consider it. In fact, the argument would be worse, not better, than "all Philosophies" combined.

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that pic was refuted, next.

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Bump and Amen
Luke 11:52

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subjectivity is the truth because of subjectivity. Poor bastard got taken down by linguistics. I'll be over here as a materialist predicting things, tell yourself it's only to my imaginary friends way over there across the internet.

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that pic was refuted, next.

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that pic was refuted, next.

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No it isn't. It's an observation. You are conflating definitions.

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>dude dont even try just give up
This is just nihilism wrapped in a "muh esoteric eastern philosophy" package

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Prediction isn't a philosophy. Nice try. Materialism doesn't funnel to accurate predictions.

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