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In his literature, what does Rene Guenon say about initiatic organizations such as NASA?

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Read it then you tell us lol

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Monsieur la Guenon's monkeying around amuses me

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Based questions, OP.

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I still believe that not a single person on /lit/ has read Guenon

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He claims " the serpent never speaks the truth".

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He was a flat earther

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You should slightly change your belief: Only a single person on /lit/ has read Guenon.

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Make it two... Guénonians rise up!

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I can't believe guenonfag's spamming worked.

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Extremely based, verging on upper limit of based.

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my niggas

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Based thread.
Based collections.

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Based thread.

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Glad to see so many Mahayana followers ITT!

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Is it true that he mercilessly destroyed pretty much all of modern western thought?

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>reading translations

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the sophia perennis covers are pure a e s t h e t i c. it almost feels like Gunon dwells near those collections of books.

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yes, except for maybe Simone Weil

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>he reads and studies Guénon

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Based. Thank you for the suggestion, anon.

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He does not mention NASA in any of his works.

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Why not? He seems like someone who would have a lot of truth to reveal on the matter.

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he died years before its foundation

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even if true, i don't necessarily see how that would stop him.

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>He doesn't know about retroactive refutation


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guenon (pbuh) bump

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>even in death, he will keep refuting and btfoing western thought
Holy based... May he (pbuh) rest in peace.

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>may he (peace be upon him) rest in peace

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Do you read the Sanskrit originals tho?

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based thread

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>the discussion in this thread

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Why is this thread so damn based?

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I hope you guys didn't actually buy Guenon's crappy books for some stupid meme.

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he was too good for this world, ʿAbd al-Wāḥid Yaḥyá (pbuh)

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We bought them for meditating upon the verses within.

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Sould we just cancel all other thinkers? I doubt we will need any of them.

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Guénon (pbuh) already did, there are simply those who are already aware of it and those who are ignorant of the truth

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nah, i was interested before guenonfagging became a thing (assuming its not just one or two retards forcing it).

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>i was interested before guenonfagging became a thing

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Based thread

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>Simone Weil
What did her thought consist of?

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i hope reading on my phone counts ^.^

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Baste. Read it in one sitting. It's one of his easier reads, in a good way.

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in what work does the great Sufi master talk about counter-tradition and counter-initiation?

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Le Theosophisme, histoire d’une pseudo-religion
L’erreur spirite

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