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What book was it that you finished reading that caused you to be a smug superior cunt?
C'mon, I know you think you're better than the general populace...
Which book was it anon?

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Finnegans Wake

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Fight Club, I was like 10 though, ive been an asshole most of my life.

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I probably started Ulysses with that intention, but the book showed me how much of a brainlet I am and made me more humble lmao

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How complex can James Joyce really be?
Also 2nd question that will be ignored by the those who answer the 1st
Does he offer any good ideas or philosophy, or is it just difficult English nonfiction for the sake of being difficult English nonfiction?

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The Recognitions

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I was already smart before I started reading.
Beyond Good and Evil and 48 laws of Power.
Also if you ignore other people's opinion/criticism pretty sure you're not very smart.

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>Also if you ignore other people's opinion/criticism pretty sure you're not very smart.
the more you listen to them, though, the more you realize they're retarded and have no idea what they're talking about.

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all of them?
democracy in america, most murrikans don't have a clue how federal republic is supposed to work. even more importantly, people don't know the value of "chinese walls", barriers which are only abstractions

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You're right. However even broken clocks become right 2 times a day.
The image posted is also bigoted. You need to tell them what's wrong with their opinion not ignore criticism and think you're smarter than them.

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