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Stack thread, recent purchases only.

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> the magic mountain
why did you get this book

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Here you go.

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because its thematic breadth interests me. what kind of question is this

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Here you go.

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It's a question about a book that sounds cool "the magic mountain" I've never heard of it.

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based, enjoy infinite jest

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it’s a book set in a mountain top sanatorium in pre-WW1 europe, where time seems to stand still

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Just started my collection
Currently reading The Iliad and Mythology
Most of it is secondhand and was very cheap
Still waiting on my copy of Industrial Society and it's Future to arrive from the US

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Just finished Zodiac. Great book, would rec.

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I've been looking for a used copy The Histories for ages you lucky dog. What translation of the Iliad is that?

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I have the same version of IJ and reading it now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am now!

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three appearances of Against Nature in this thread. there is truly a Huysmans renaissance

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Yeah i picked up the Histories, Odessey and both plato's works from one seller who had a lot of stuff for really cheap. Great find.
Im actually unsure what translation this is, its a pretty shitty edition honestly, by a publisher called "VIVI". Doesn't even list the translator. There are almost no annotations or explainatory notes, except an index of characters and places.
I think after some looking that its the Robert Fitzgerald translation.

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based wasp factory

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My man

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I took away 3 books from your stack and no one else in this thread has posted anything I didn't already know about or care about.

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My backlog has gotten out of control, im done buying for a while

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kundera, what do you think of his book? was it good?

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>set theory
>on feminine sexuality
Pseud cringe.

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basado my fren

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>unironically reading Guénon

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$8 at Goodwill. Not sure about that Dante translation if anyone knows about it.
Its amazing and a pillar of German literature.
Based, only have the pdf.
>not buying every book someone rec's and putting it on your shelf
Derrida and Kerouac blow

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first one that didn't make me want to sleep

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What if? sucks massive cock

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That was a gift, alongside the other two to it's left.
It's honestly not that bad as a goofy little book. I like XKCD, and it's pretty similar.
I could see if you didn't find XKCD amusing why you wouldn't like it.

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I like his comics but his book just wasn't that funny and the questions really didn't interest me

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based. post pic of hrt pills together with the stack.

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holy shit i thought it's just a meme

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>Mascaro Bhagavad Gita
You done fucked up

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Based and brontepilled

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What do you suggest?

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>hr book

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I needed it for an HR course for my study.

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>studying hr
it just keeps getting worse

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Public Administration, actually, but I doubt you'd consider that any better.

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We don't.

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>Gene Wolfe
>Cormac McCarthy

>Magic Mountain
noice. i haven't heard of the others

>wasp factory
>big sleep
decent. what's leviathan wakes like? i've heard the tv series is successful but i get the impression that it's like some space opera schlock

pretty gud

what if is cringe but otherwise decent

absolutely based

damn bro, big brain over here


>gravitys rainbow
good, idk abt the rest

actually fell for the meme lmao


are the brontes (and Austen) actually any good? i get the impression that they're boring af but i'd like to be proven wrong


how can one man be so based?

mine pic related

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I’m halfway through now, I love it. I’m a big fan of Kunderas prose and style so he’s really enjoyable to read and frequently hilarious. Not plot heavy, more so just an exploration of his characters. I recommend checking him out.

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Have you cracked open that new Enrigue? I really liked his earlier stuff like Hipotermia, El cementerio and Vidas perp, but Muerte súbita and Decencia felt like let downs after a brilliant beginning.

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Not him but I recommend Shankara's Gita commentary translated by Sastri or Gambhirananda


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>are the brontes (and Austen) actually any good?
Absolutely. I f you've never read any of them, start with Wuthering Heights, Villette and The Tenant for the Brontës and Sense and Sensiblity for Austen. After that, you can start to tackle George Eliot who is on another level.

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I haven't read it yet but I'm excited to read it. I've only read Hypothermia and Sudden Death so far and I liked both. Also where did you get El cementerio de sillas?? I couldn't find it anywhere.

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>where did you get El cementerio de sillas??
I live near UCI, so I like to spend hours reading hard-to-find books in there.

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>are the brontes (and Austen) actually any good? i get the impression that they're boring af but i'd like to be proven wrong
I've only read Emily's stuff so far, but it's not boring in the slightest. Wuthering Heights is densely plotted and very dramatic, I love it. The essays she wrote in Brussels are also really interesting, the Norton Edition of Wuthering Heights has two of them. I especially like the ending of The Butterfly (English translation):

>God is the god of justice and mercy; then surely, every grief that he inflicts on his creatures, be they human or animal, rational or irrational, every suffering of our unhappy nature is only a seed of that divine harvest which will be gathered when, Sin having spent its last drop of venom, Death having launched its final shaft, both will perish on the pyre of a universe in flames and leave their ancient victims to an eternal empire of happiness and glory.

Her poetry is awesome as well. It's all metrical couplets, so you might not like it if you're into more free form modern poetry.

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I am him, and I suggest W.J. Johnson's translation, published in Oxford World's Classics.

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Leviathan Wakes is really poorly written but still entertaining and has some legitimately cool sci fi concepts.

Jane Austen is a fantastic novelist. Pride and Prejudice is a great character study, a sharp societal critique, and incredibly funny and cozy all at once. Persuasion is my personal favorite as it has a clearly autobiographical sense of sadness and regret as Austen was growing older while writing it.

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I'm not buying any new books in 2020.

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The Mezzanine's fantastic.

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Not the one who posted the Bronte stack, but to answer your question Wuthering Heights is untamed and lurid, not boring. Recommended.

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>Wuthering Heights
it sucks desu

>> No.14579994

I cant even read

>> No.14579999

>Jared Diamond
beyond cringe

>> No.14580036

also i find most of his work retarded but i enjoy this one because I find small tribal societies very interesting. his theories about adopting tribal customs into our society are braindead and naive, but it's still an interesting read.

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t. Heathcliffe

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>pkds exegesis
You are best stack

Anon... I love that album

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excellent on the sada

>> No.14580407

what about old books?

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How is Devil in White City?? HH Holmes is pretty interesting to me.
Good luck you fucking faggot.
Always with the foreign language books.French is a nig language.

>> No.14581949

>To Kill a Mockingbird
>not reading Intruder in the Dust, aka the patrician original version

>> No.14581973

>Always with the foreign language books
Imagine being this delusional and anglocentric. That Anon is obviously French.

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All recent-ish purchases. Right-hand stack is most recent, though. Some are from my university library, for coursework, and several others are personal purchases.

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literally all fagguette incelcore
Why are there so many fucking French people on this board. If you live in Paris kill yourself right now you have to because dubs

>> No.14582033

>delusional AND anglocentric
We won the culture war, it's over. Your language is worthless and your culture is dying.
u indian bro

>> No.14582054

>We won the culture war, it's over. Your language is worthless and your culture is dying.
Yet still people read in French. Lots of them. You're just salty one rebel man here reads in French, like the insecure Angloid bugman that you are.

>> No.14582073

> lots of them
basically just retard pseuds who want to look cultured so instead of learning a valuable skill or actually working they decide to LARP as a cosmopolitan man in the 18th century.

>> No.14582079

Nah, reading is quite common in French culture. And they mostly read their own.

>> No.14582100

>reading is quite common in French culture
You know where else it's common? Literally everywhere else with written language you fucking frog you're not special

>> No.14582126

It's different in France. You wouldn't get it. And if people read in their language anywhere then why are you pissed about French readers? lol cry some more, you Angloid bugman.

>> No.14582211

lol that's like the third time you've said that do you really think it's clever enough to repeat?

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>this thread

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These are old products, lad. And books can't be "consumed".

>> No.14582358

>Buying secondhand books
Are you retarded
Even new books isn't the same as consooming. Unless you don't actually read them. But if you think that you might be projecting.

>> No.14582376

>Jared Diamond
cringe and bluepilled

>> No.14582379

I'm going to read those books retard. Children grow up smarter when they're from a house with lots of books.

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I'm not even French, faggot

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>he doesn't recognize virtue

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this fucking thread, jesus christ

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That edition of Emerson is actually a very good primer for anyone new to him because it organizes the selections chronologically while inserting highly relevant journal entries from throughout his lifetime (Emerson, like Henry James, used his notebooks and journals as the proving ground for his ideas), so like Montaigne you can have the whole man on the page. I've never seen that copy of Thoreau but the selections sound eclectic.

>> No.14583019

not bad, but too much anglo shit

>> No.14583097

Glad to hear I didn't fuck up on my Emerson selection. I picked it up on a whim yesterday. I really like that there is both a huge amount of journal entries, as well as poems. I usually only see one or the other for author collections. I'm excited to learn about his life behind the poetry.

I'm a sucker for interesting mass markets, and the selections in the Thoreau book were perfect. For $2.95, I felt like I had to get it.

>> No.14583110

what do y'all think of the modern library Emerson collection? just bought it because it seemed pretty extensive and I loved the essays of his I read. what am I in for?

>> No.14583479

>a huge amount of journal entries, as well as poems
With both Emerson and Thoreau, their respective journals are their life's work. Also, they are both seriously under-represented as poets.
"The Essential Writings" is a very good omnibus of Emerson, although I do not own it because I already have a few such "Collected" and "Selected" editions by other publishers. Often, with writers who have written many separate works of various and variegated subjects, the editors will fall into publishing their works in a sort of prescriptive order which has no real bearing on the work as a whole and only serves to reduce the life-long work of a man into a classification game. My recommendation: don't read through the whole damn book like it's a chapter book, let yourself wander, read something because it has a passing fancy, if you like the title, don't read all his poems at once and think you've got him down. Like Gass (speaking of another book) sez:
>how many have actually arrived at the last page of Proust or completed Finnegans Wake? What does it mean to finish Moby Dick, anyway? Do not begin this book with any hope of that. This is a book you are meant to befriend. It will be your lifelong companion. You will end only to begin again.

>> No.14583607

Reading isn't the same as buying

>> No.14584198

6/10, new fag tier but not too cringe
6/10 alt right mid thirties male tier
8/10 crime enthusiast, Not afraid to read normie tier trash like IJ, you’re probably young but I’d hang out with you >>14576188
6/10 garage sale finds
8/10 nice job starting with the Greeks but you don’t need a fucking dictionary
9/10, eco, Tolstoy, Europa editions, best stack so far
8/10 nerdy but comfy, would hang out with
7/10 boring Latino student
7/10 boring student
9/10 nice classics and under the volcano fuckin slaps there’s a great bar named after it down in Houston
I don’t know who that is
8/10 Dante and Dune is a fun time, good on you for buying used and cheap
7/10 for being italian
9/10 Brontes, why not. I’ve never read the lesser sister.
7/10 good biographies but how do you have two on Charles de Gaulle and none are his autobiography
5/10 for fantasy and the subtle art of not giving a fuck. You can do better
6/10 do people actually read this much hollecubeque?
8/10 nice spread, not too obscure or useless but not pure normie drivel
7/10 I bet you’re a cute girl
6/10 not enough diversity and stack is suspicious
9/10 new favorite stacks would drinks Coors with

>> No.14584203

>how do you have two on Charles de Gaulle and none are his autobiography
I put De Gaulle's biography on my christmas wishlist and got one from both sides of my family lel

>> No.14584270

Dictionary was a gift from an old great uncle who found out i was going to uni and gave me some of the books he had when he went.
It's interesting enough, not super useful compared to just googling for quotes, but it's still nice to have.

>> No.14584472

What is it with the hat of Frenchies on this board? I'm not even French, I'm Austrian, but I've been speaking and reading for a long time.
The way you dismiss the linguistic capacity of another Anon really highlights the jealousy of character.

>> No.14584474

>7/10 I bet you’re a cute girl
thanks, but I identify as a cute chinese boy

>> No.14584584

Anglophone simpleton can't imagine a non Frenchman reading in French (the superior language).

>> No.14584723

this copypasted meme from reddit letter media doesn't apply to literature.

>> No.14584882

Uninstall your toilet

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Everytime I scroll these threads I can't help but think how ugly english/american books are. Especially those colourful spines with big letters. An eyesore, really.

>> No.14585041

Based Thomas Mann reader.
Have you read Betrachtungen eines Unpolitischen? I've only read Der Tod in Venedig and I'd like to get into his essays.

>> No.14585055

>stack is suspicious


>> No.14585062

>Have you read Betrachtungen eines Unpolitischen?
Not yet, it's a recent purchase. I have finished Doctor Faustus the last November and it was great. If you like his short stories I recommend Tonio Kröger.

>> No.14585142

I've already read two or three of those books. It helps to own them to read them because you can read at your own pace.

Not that you care about any point, you're just mad because you're poor.
Oh man that DFW is next on my list. You've got a pretty good spread here. Moby dick is unusually based. Same with Lolita. Good haul.
Use English fag.
fuckin foreigner.

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>Voyage en Italie
Based. How is it? I might want to get it.

>> No.14585381

Ok, so now you're just being flat out racist.

I'm about a third of the way through. It's short letters and journal entries, pretty relaxing stuff. Apparently Chateaubriands wife died on the trip and I'm eagerly waiting for him to get to that part.

>> No.14585455


>> No.14585482

>Apparently Chateaubriands wife died on the trip and I'm eagerly waiting for him to get to that part
Very interesting, thank you. Do you also know anything about the Voyage en Italie by De Sade? It's not as popular as others, but I feel like it could be worth the read, given the particularity of the author.

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>wasp factory
unironically the worst book I've read in decades

>> No.14585611

I don’t get it

>> No.14585617 [DELETED] 

I instantly disregard what someone has to say if thet use "y'all"

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I instantly disregard what someone has to say if they use "y'all"

>> No.14585661

bibliomania is a disease

>> No.14585678

What is Lispector like?

>> No.14585694

wtf is the title of that book?

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>> No.14585758

Austro-Anon, >>14581973 was defending you.

>>14581938 Is a retard who probably says "This is America so SPEAK ENGLISH" when he walks through Chinatown.

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File: 2.50 MB, 2620x3439, 85A9DC11-D8AD-46A0-8099-E37534F99D9D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.14586055

What is that K-Punk doorstopper? I thought the only worthwhile thing by him was Capitalist Realism.

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About to find out. Pic related is from The Passion According to GH, and I was told the complete stories are better. She was recommended to me by several people independently

>> No.14586154

>written by a woman
>Born to a Jewish family

>> No.14586210

>Covering the period 2004 – 2016, it includes some of the most incendiary and influential posts from his seminal blog k-punk, as well as a selection of his brilliantly insightful film, television and music reviews, together with his extraordinary writings on politics, activism, precarity, hauntology, mental health and popular modernism for numerous websites and magazines. Also included is his final unpublished k-punk post, the unfinished introduction to his planned book on “Acid Communism”, and a number of important interviews from the last decade.

>> No.14586289


>> No.14586307

Okay, so it's a sort of Fanged Noumena but more bloggy. Thank you.

>> No.14586524

>Ayn Rand
Based fellow capitalist thinker! I FUCKING HATE those lazy retards who cannot afford a Fucking Macbook! It is 2020 For God's sake!

>> No.14586733

imagine even caring what consoomption device someone uses as if it's particularly worse than any other.

>> No.14586811

Has anyone else noticed that a few of Gaddis' paperbacks on Amazon have bloated to $50+? Recognitions has been on my list for a while and now I can't get it at a decent price.

>> No.14586866

Really? That's bullshit. Mine was $11 + shipping.

>> No.14586958



>> No.14587091

versobooks () com/books/3016-the-authoritarian-personality

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I like that ass crack in the background

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This is textbook projecting. Just because people can afford things and not really think much of it because it wont affect their budget or savings doesn’t mean they are textbook consoomers. It just means they are better and more successful than you, wagie.

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>> No.14587332

>Buying shit because i can doesn't make me a consumer! It just means i'm rich

>> No.14587336

>itoddler pc
>ayn rand
8/10 bait. Make it a little more subtle next time.

>> No.14587337

Yes. And it’s not my fault you are not. Maybe you just didn’t try hard enough.

>> No.14587393

>actively participates in monopolization which inhibits individual wealth accumulation
>mocks others for not being rich
When you die the world with be a measurably better place

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>> No.14587457

9/10 because beautiful books and multilingual

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Good stuff anon. I don't know if you read prose translations (I do because I'm a retarded burger) but it's good you got the French edition. I have a bilingual copy of Les fleurs du Mal coming in the mail I'm very excited about.

>> No.14587485

Good on you for getting the bilingual copies, they are a vast improvement over just translations. I speak french obviously.

>> No.14587804
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>reading retroactively refuted cuck authors

>It pains me to say this, but concerning the rumors about my wife, yes. They indeed posses some veracity to them, or to be exact, all of them are true. I found out that she was seeing an Algerian man who wooed her with the piquant exoticism so common to his people. After the fight I had with him in my imagination, no other man would dare touch her, but after all that I paid a visit to the baccarat casino, and after being, you know, heavily paraded I was afraid to even look at my wife's pretty neck again. When she realized that I knew, she went into town in the middle of the night and I was so terribly dejected that I insisted on a divorce.

>> No.14587815

Don't give a shit about memes. I'm reading Bataille for the literary value, not the based value.

>> No.14588110
File: 1.92 MB, 4032x3024, 11BB9E48-A43B-4236-B87F-808BDD18821C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14588427
File: 154 KB, 900x1200, EOtsMDxVUAA3OY0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14588593


>> No.14588611

same shit happened with Barth sot weed factor. Dalkey Press can lick my asshole clean.

>> No.14588664

lol look at this bitter bum. There's one in every thread. Sorry I succeeded in life.

>> No.14588671

This anon enjoys quality literature and has nothing to prove.

>> No.14588692

only one of those books is any good.

>> No.14588953

Might as well toss them in the trash instead of reading them and finding out for myself, right?

>> No.14589697
File: 3.53 MB, 4128x3096, 20200123_055503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All from second hand shops in rural England and Argentina- so very cheap (most expensive item was £2.50 - most were £1-1.75). Am very happy with this haul.

>> No.14589711

Was based until I saw Ulysses

>> No.14589815

I sincerely hope that in your lonely old age you can scrape enough bachelor's rainy day money together to pay a Jamaican male nurse to help you steady your penis and wipe your ass.

>> No.14590169
File: 137 KB, 1200x727, 88B4579E-AE2C-4228-A105-FCD339D0EF78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

man, have i got a stack for you. you never seen a stack this good.

>> No.14590202
File: 64 KB, 720x556, 1579508816815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

akutagava, game of glass beads, Mishima's plays and novellas, Pavic's landscape drawn with tea. 13$ total

based secondhand brother
i fucking wish we had any bataille in the foreign language section
mann is god tier. i wish this was longer than 100-something pages

>> No.14590375

I read Miso Soup last summer, pretty comfy.

>> No.14590389


>> No.14590419

>De Martino
Holy fuck this is why Italians are patrician

>> No.14590421


>> No.14590834

read it last week in a single evening. ryu is a guilty pleasure

>> No.14590838

>Voyage en Italie by De Sade
I wasn't aware of it's existance. I just checked, the library I'm at right now owns it. Time to read a bit.

>> No.14590841

That's great, let us know what you think of it.

>> No.14590849


apparently nyrb classics bought the rights to The Recognitions and is going to release it october 10.

>> No.14591119

thanks, good to know. I will check him up. I heard a lot about him lately and since he is a countryman to me, i think it is a disgrace to him to pass his works.

>> No.14591149

>How is Devil in White City??
sorry mang, i cant say, i haven't started it yet. i just picked it up because i heard there was gonna be a film adaptation, apparently changed to a hulu series now, but I've heard it's good so u should def get it if ur already interested

>> No.14591157

Why do wojack posters fit their own reaction images so well?

>> No.14591217

>Less Than Zero
eyy, im reading that right now and it's so good. U should get the picador classics version as well tho, coz the introduction by Ottessa Moshfegh is crucial to elucidating the biggest theme

>> No.14591263

kek, compare the sizes of regular NYRB editions and the Dalkey Recognitions, are they going to publish it in multiple parts?

>> No.14592421


>> No.14592960

Mind taking a pic of the Plato without the dust jacket?

>> No.14592982

Yes, I mind.

>> No.14593555
File: 2.40 MB, 4032x3024, B131F78A-871B-4DA2-9F41-3AE4DDF5C09B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14593562


>> No.14594105

>de sade
Nice. I can't read anything else here though. The art on the 3rd book looks like magical realism which is cool and interesting.

>> No.14594443

love that Huysmans - looking for La Bas next

>> No.14594455

revisionist trash

>> No.14594463

Reading "The World of Yesterday" by Stefan Zweig would unironically have been a better choice than "The World Until Yesterday". You already got The Magic Mountain which will display German autism at its finest so you should of balanced it out with some thoroughly Austrian autism at the same time

>> No.14594489

>how ugly english/american books are
this is the one thing I'm jealous about, and literally nothing else

>> No.14594494

amazing, of course.
I couldn't decide whether the Screech or Frame complete translations were better, so I just got both - knowing I wouldn't regret it

>> No.14594501


>> No.14594527

Gibran +1

>> No.14594547

imagine a traditional Japanese person born in a medieval society belonging to the first generation that grew up able to interact with non-Japanese art, encountering the most extreme stylists and thinkers in Europe, frying his brain on it all and spitting out enduring fiction vibrating with this furious, nervous energy

>> No.14594635

>and eventually it turns out that guenonfag is Italian
Absolutely mind-blowing.

>> No.14595436

new classics styling is looking gay af

>> No.14596144

Fucking based my man. Set theory and Tristes tropiques. A true man of culture.

>> No.14596248

To speak of the manifest form of a unique guenonposter implies a confusion between different orders. Guenonposters manifest cannot be one, nor can the number one apply to an unmanifest causal aspect. At no stage can unity be taken as the cause of anything, since the existence implies a relation and unity would mean existence without relation.

Though, in its manifest form, guenonposter is of necessity multiple, in its ultimate essence it cannot be said to be either one or many. It cannot be in any way defined. Guenonposter is represented as that which remains when the reality of all that can be perceived has been denied. It is Neti neti, "Neither this nor that," nothing that the mind can know or words can express. We cannot say that it is one, yet we can say that it is not-one, not-two, not-many.

>> No.14596299

What book should I read first Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky or some Tolsoy, probably Ressurection?

Lit really needs to start making QTDDTOT threads

>> No.14596352

Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground are probably the best places to start

>> No.14596385
File: 114 KB, 347x344, 1551448109106.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Big Sleep

>> No.14596417


Now I'm wondering if I should wait until the NYBR of The Recognitions or just buy it next time I'm in America? I can wait until October it's just that Gaddis books are hard to find here for some reason.

>> No.14596462

it's Game of glass beads. i've read Siddhartha and Steppewolf by Hesse, was very comfy, but i figure this one is different from anything else he wrote
i also have Madonna in black (a collection of his stories mostly related to euro culture), nice to know xenophilia is just as universal as xenophobia. this "first contact" must have given him the characteristic schizo subtone, i'm curious about a story titled Eternal Kike, as a jew a get a good kek out of such things, although i doubt it's some classic anti-kikery

>> No.14596561
File: 39 KB, 300x414, acd40b27bdd9960d9071a05093cc6999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Set theory
Retroactively refuted and btfo by Guenon (pbuh) as a degenerate perversion of true mathematical thought.

>> No.14596680

>this "first contact" must have given him the characteristic schizo subtone
"Spinning Gears" references Strindberg - who wrote his own account called "Inferno," about his own mental unraveling and extreme neurosis - which he wrote the year he killed himself
>a story titled Eternal Kike
none of my collections chose to include this - I wonder why...
but looking at his bibliography, I can't find a trace of it - is it a Russian translation?

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