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>Guenon(pbuh) is forgotten

Where to start?

In English: https://archive.org/details/reneguenon

Chart made by another great poster:
https://i.warosu.org/data/lit/img/0114/61/1531605382277.png (embed)

Learning French to read Guenon(pbuh) in his native tongue:


Anymore resources or advice regarding this is very much needed so please think about it and post.

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>I have ascended

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Reminder that all scholars and most Hindus think Shankara was a cryptobuddhist.

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This thread is for serious discussions of Guenon(pbuh) only.

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guenon was not a muslim, literally all muslims except a few white youtubers think he's a crazy heretic

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>Together we can become One

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all muslims (read: sunni muslims) hate any subsect of Islam aside from their own.

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Do I need any reading prior to starting with Guenon?

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oh, what's this?


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imagine the smell

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>p...please my son....*cough* s..save the eastern canon....save the primordial tradition.......ya'allah im...i'm dying........ahhhhhhh.....

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no thanks, i'm not interested a jew who converted to islam, very cringe lol

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Je suis français et passionné de Guénon depuis des années, j'ai même lu ses lettres, je suis toujours étonné de voir le succès qu'il a ici, il reste pourtant très méconnu

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Here is an excellent article summarizing some of the general principles of Guenon's (pbuh) metaphysics, it deserves to be added to the OP post for future threads


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>this is the person calling you a hylic

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>je suis toujours étonné de voir le succès qu'il a ici,

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We perennial now.

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>who converted to islam

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look at those soft hands and pudgy dysgenic face lmao traditionalists are always 20 year olds with low testosterone literally compensating for being a beta by reading edgy books and fostering a superiority complex for it

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explain the meme to me please.

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Guenon is as Islamic as a new age crystal healing dipshit is "Taoist"

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>Monsieur la Guenon's monkeying around amuses me. What a wheeze!
Have traditionalists ever recovered from Crowley's BTFO of Guenon?

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Guenonfag is notorious for forcing unfunny memes and samefagging

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cope, he literally moved to egypt, fucked an arab girl, joined their religion, etc. you guys can't handle that your little faggy gayboi writer became muslim, the religion of masses of disgusting brown savages and that he was of jewish descent as well lololol

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wrong, "WOLOLO" is used by guénon's detractors to mock him, join us


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>Guenonfag (Hindu nationalist) can't fathom his literary father figure choosing Islam over Hinduism

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>Have traditionalists ever recovered from Crowley's BTFO of Guenon?
no they haven't HAHAHAHAHA i'm prepared for the cope though

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Come on. Please man, we just want to discuss Guenon(pbuh) in peace in our one general thread. Can't you give us that?

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Why would guenonfag do this though?

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he's schizophrenic

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Vengeance is best served WOLOLO!!!

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mentally ill

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dun dun duh dun dun duh dunm dunm dunm dunm dunm dun dun duh dun dun duh dunm dunm dunm dunm dunm DUN DUN DUH DUN DUN DUH DUMN DUMN DUMN DUMN DUMN DUN DUN DUH DUN DUN DUH DUNM DUNM DUNM DUNM DUNM







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Post more rare Guenonfags. Here's a variant on that one.

>Guenon is a mathematician and taught western philosophy for years kek. Open any of his books and he dismantles western philosophy with actual arguments, examples, quotes etc... what more do you want? Oh, you've never read him. Far worse, you started reading philosophy late/ after high school so you feel to need to clinge to 'notorious' philosophers because of your own lack of experience in philosophy. you need intellectual credit; you are a pseud. Contrary to myself, I've been reading the canon since I'm 8 so I can read Kant then Guenon then whomever I wish because I actually read according to my own intellectual inclinations, not for external factors. Too bad you are dumb.

But here's my all-time favorite.
>It's been 24 hours and none of you ming-mongs have replied to this. All the more embarrassing considering YoU CaN't HaVe Up WiThOuT dOwN mY dUdEz loooooollzzlz lmafaooo :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!1!111! was intended to be the epic GOTCHA retort. Writhing animals.

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guenonfag is the WOLOLOs not the AYOYOYOs

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please guys i dont want the jannies to archive this thread. it's for serious guenon discussions only.

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The WOLOLO thing seems like Guenonfag or his "Mexican Intellectual" friend forcing it to me

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>yfw all of Guenonfag's antics were just a psyop designed to get the butthurt shills and schizos to flood into every Guenon (pbuh) thread to post about Guenonfag and posting their screencaps of him, thus bumping the thread dozens of additional times, ensuring that way more people on /lit/ become exposed to and become aware of Guenon (pbuh), but all of his antics have just the right element of humor while referencing Guenon's (pbuh) ideas that the people who see the screencaps are not turned off from Guenon (pbuh) but on the contrary have their curiosity into him ignited

Bravo lad, well done

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so fucking based.

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doubt it

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The root ontology of Traditionalism is a hodgepodge of late 19th century esotericism and hermetic syncretism, post-Kantian Religionswissenschaft and Protestant theology, the Religionsgeschichtliche Schule and its early 20th century offshoots, which also had a post-Kantian epistemology, and a healthy dose of Romantic theory on religion and myth, which has been described by Beiser and other scholars as "neo-Platonist," or as the "archetypal" strand of Kant interpretation. Read any myth-related text of Schelling and you will see Traditionalism. Actually, read Paul Bishop's book _The Archaic_ for a decent discussion of the core concept(s) from which Traditionalism sprang. Its ontology is part of a general response to Kantian rationalism that involved a re-introduction of archetypal (i.e., Platonic) metaphysics with a vaguely emanationist structure -- that is, bootleg neo-Platonism.

This movement was (and remains) deliberately syncretic because when you identify the primary forms or archetypes with a symbolic and mythic structure (as ALL of the traditions I just outlined did), you get a philosophy and history of religion that makes all traditions into particular instantiations of underlying immutable principles (as all of the traditions I just outlined concluded). Just read _The Oriental Renaissance_ by Schwab, which was praised highly by Mircea Eliade, about whom both Guenon and Evola complained in correspondence that he was a Guenonian Traditionalist who wouldn't cop to the fact and that he was getting credit for Guenon's ideas especially. Eliade agreed; so Guenon, Evola, and Eliade agree that Eliade is a reasonably faithful transposition of Guenonian philosophy, and Eliade embraces Schwab's diagnosis of syncretic, Fruhromantik neo-Platonism as the basis of the Traditionalist worldview, e.g., as its syncretic neo-Platonist framework effortlessly reduces and re-appropriates Hinduism, Islam, Platonism, and everything else to be simply an emanation of its own "central, really real" myths and archetypes. That is why "Hinduism looks like neo-Platonism," a favourite line of Traditionalists -- real similarities between the two systems, perhaps owing to some real underlying Indo-European metaphysics, are in fact bowled over and destroyed by Traditionalism's extremely lazy neo-Platonist framework, which has been called "all-reducing." Traditionalists did not save or invent the method of comparative religions -- they killed it, and laminated its corpse.

tldr: Traditionalism is an esoterically-oriented synthesis of scholarly paradigms that go back to Kant, under which paradigms traditional neo-Platonism, and Christian and especially German mysticism were reinterpreted by the early Romantics. And it's a late-comer to the game at that.

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anyone who sees guenonfag's posts are going to be turned off from guenon, so his plan won't work

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ok guenonfag, don't need to 'based' your own post again we know its you

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>yfw guenonfag's old trad general threads were so disingenuous and creepy and he was so unwilling to let people disagree with him or question his despotic control over discourse that he wound up getting his threads permabanned from every board
>yfw as a consolation prize he dedicated himself to another 2 years of shitposting to deaf ears while making himself more and more hated

It's funny how his original posts were all polite and LARPy and now he spends mid weekdays on 4chan shrieking at 20yos who aren't even reading his posts. I like that this place sucked him down to its level and now he's stuck.

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>tfw you just described my physical characteristics

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it's a rough fucking life man. i don't know what to do. tell me what you would do? im lost. what do iread?

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that one thread with the discussion of guenon and landian sythesis was so based.

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Resume politeposting. Give up your schizo goals of controlling discourse. Accept that people will disagree with you or will post stupid things from time to time. Stop obviously samefagging your own threads and posts like a creepy psycho or at least stop being so obvious about it. Stop thinking of 4chan as a venue for force-feeding people pdfs to convert them to your new age religion, and learn to have an actual conversation. Stop posting ten threads at once.

It will be okay Guenonfag. There is still time for healing.

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>Stop posting ten threads at once.
in particular, this

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wow that was surprisingly well thought out. thanks, but im more looking for a direction towards happiness that isn't hedonism. Guenon(pbuh) gives me that feeling. what else could? what could substitute?

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lmao lift weights and get more sun, you'll be fine

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guenonfag has been schizoposting for 1.5 years now and there hasn't been any genuine movement in this board, just 1 sperging retard spamming the same recognized pattern of posts and then going 'see how much of a perennialist board /lit/ has become in the last 2 months!'. Poor sod thinks his forced meme was working all this time.

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it did work. i ended up reading some of Guenon(pbuh)'s wikipedia page. i'm not the original Guenon(pbuh) poster.

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>it did work.
well that's just cuz ur cringe

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simpler please

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what's cringe? i ended up reading about an author i probably never would've heard about.

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oh damn guenonfag got 1 person in 1.5 years, I'm actually surprised he got through to someone

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>guenonfag cant accept the fact that he's savior choose the religion of the conquerers of india
how do pajeets cope?

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please reply :(

This has been retroactively refuted already. Please read up.

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I know right? at this rate his movement could actually be kicking off in the next 2 decades.

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>René Guénon died on Sunday, January 7, 1951; his final word was "Allah".[21]

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>nooo noo sufis aren't muslims
you dumb poo sub-human, sufis base their doctrines and philosophy on the Quran and the Sunnah, they say and believe in the islamic creed. you've been cucked even by your horse faced savior

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source : a book of 2005

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I am currently learning french and plan to read him as im finding the traditionalist school very interesting.

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i did 3 years of french in college. how long till i can read guenon(pbuh)?

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>source : a book of 2005
its actually 1958 by a french publisher who was a contemporary of Guenon

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>guenonfag confirmed for Wikipedia level knowledge

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he's a coping pajeet

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why do you think he's indian?

please reply :(

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only an indian with low self esteem will do these kind of mental gymnastics

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what if this is an arg?

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he admitted it once by accident (pic related). He makes these freudian slips quite a lot.

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Let the spermophagia commence!

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I'm just a Mumbaikar trying to discuss Guenon(pbuh).

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Please keep the discussion serious. Yes, I could be Indian but so what?

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poo in loo, stop spamming the board with your MUSLIM horse faced jew

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To those who are perhaps curious about becoming Muslims, the majesty of surah Luqman, brothers.

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Lings' A Sufi Saint of Twentieth Century, Burckhardt's Introduction to Sufi Doctrine and Tabatabai's Kernel of the Kernel: Concerning the Wayfaring and Spiritual Journey of the People of Intellect are good introductions. All of them were wrote in the last century, too- the sign of a living tradition.

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>Yes, I could be Indian but so what?

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If you are truly an Indian, just become a sannyasa and stop waisting your time on the internet.

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alright nogs, i'm gonna start Guenon this week. gonna try to get into yoga too so I'm hoping his hindu related books are helpful

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>Rene Guenon
How did this man (pbuh) achieve such a profound level of clear-sight? I've just read the first ten chapter of his Reign of Quantity and it's quite based if I do say so myself. Everything is so simple yet deep, and requires much pondering.

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>guenonfag please make better posts
>"I will soon commence my reading of the great and wonderful Rene Guenon (retroactively refuted pbuh OH NO NO NO based epic) who I have not read but he is truly wonderful to read and I will read him. He truly is BASED and OH NO NO.

the inside of your mind frightens me

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I am a qualitiatively distinct entity from whomever you name as ``guenonfag''. In other words: >OH NO NO NO he believes everyon on this board praising guenon for the genius (in the traditional sense of the word) he is is the guenonfag.

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baste and quality-pilled.

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I'm so happy I read Guenon 3 years ago before all this autism erupted. Good riddance and I thank whoever created this containment thread.

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You read my mind.

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>How did this man (pbuh) achieve such a profound level of clear-sight?
From studying the writings of Sri Shankaracharya (pbuh)

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I would read Guenon if he actually read the Western Canon.

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he did

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>tfw i learned something because of /lit/ shitpost wars

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Brainlet comment, in his works Rene Guenon (pbuh) discusses at length Plato, Aristotle, the Scholastics, Aquinas, Decartes, Kant, Leibniz, Bergson, Pascal and many Christian theologians.

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this. Guenon(pbuh) was also a mathematician and a man with holistic interests.

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Nagarjuna was refuted by Richard Robinson (pic related) as a result of Nagarjuna's failure to fully work out the ideas that he got from the Upanishads. He is a mere footnote to history and can be forgotten along with a whole host of other failed thinkers. Only the great and infallible Shankaracharya (pbuh) fully worked out the doctrines of the Upanishads, and unlike Nagarjuna he's never been refuted.

>> No.14562260

It's fine that you think that within your religious beliefs! It's a tiny minority view but that's cool, your religion is your religion :)

>> No.14562789

He was truly refuted. Shankaracharya (pbuh) doctrine is the finest expression of true gnosis.

>> No.14563185

Richard Robinson is a buddhist lol

>> No.14563261

bruh it makes you look worse not better when you samefag so obviously

>> No.14563618

Which makes his defenestration of Nagarjuna all the more devastating because you guys can't try to attack and discredit the messenger like you normally would

>> No.14564036

Not me.

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Based, good luck and happy readings my brother!

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he got his first operation

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his second
he is getting longer

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ultra based. adding this to the collection with the Guenon light of my life, fire of my loins copypasta.

>> No.14565684

you have no idea how right you are.
Guenon's secret master wrote this interpretation of the Mass: https://www.parareligion.ch/eucha.htm
> if we seek to realise the sense hidden under the allegories of the Old Testament, we see every page teeming with allusions to the sacred spermatophagia, the traditional mystery of the sacerdotal caste, the hidden mark of the divine ministry and of the superior intelligence of the priests.
>Ever since that moment, the real Eucharist was no longer accorded to the faithful; it was no longer permitted except to the priests and those who would voluntarily associate themselves with their practices; the body of Jesus Christ was no longer given to the Christian by the minister of the divine love, in the form of the sperm emanating from a saint figuring Christ himself.
>"It is by the manducation of the fruit of the tree of life, that the Holy Spirit must come upon us. It makes us full of life, this wine which germinated the virgins."

>> No.14565725

Quite the opposite, if he refuted Nagarjuna then he wouldn't be Buddhist in the first place.

>advaitin IQ

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don't forget this one

>> No.14565902

He did refute Nagarjuna and is still a Buddhist, not all Buddhists accept Nagarjuna's teachings but he is rejected by the whole of Theravada

>> No.14566066

I wonder why he isn't an advaitin. Surely he must know about it. Hmmm.....

>> No.14566145

Advaita is simply the most elegant and refined expression of the eternal metaphysical truth, but there exist many other ways of approaching the sane truth that correspond to various inclinations and levels of aptitude, Robinson was drawn to one of these alternative paths.

>> No.14566151

*same truth

>> No.14566227

explain me his ideas

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Happy with all this Guenon posting to further traditionalism.

However action is superior to contemplation.

>> No.14566351

>However action is superior to contemplation.
Prove it right here and right now and I shall accept it.

>> No.14566373

I agree with the assertion that 99% of people should not be allowed books or knowledge.

>> No.14566516

This image is so appropriate for the semen eating Guenon.

>> No.14566661

This thread is a good example. Good discussion of Guenon(pbuh) ruined by spammers that didn't even meme. Disappointing.

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Where did the schuon thread go? I wanted to talk about his pedophilia accusations. I feel like it's important to address the fact that traditionalist communities have been rocked by several scandals like this, to the point that one of the most prominent students of Guenon himself was accused of running a sex and pedophilia cult.

>> No.14567056

yeah but Guenon(pbuh) has remained relevant. where is serrano now? nobody talks about him.

>> No.14567094

>In 1991, one of Schuon's followers accused him of "fondling" three young girls during “primordial gatherings”. A preliminary investigation was begun, but the chief prosecutor eventually concluded that there was no proof, noting that the plaintiff was of extremely dubious character who had been previously condemned for making false statements in another similar affair in California.[11] The prosecutor declared that there were no grounds for prosecution, and the local press made amends.

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>> No.14567250


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>tfw guenonfag is mallu expat
this explains a lot

daily reminder that if guenonfag makes a long post declaring how not-triggered he is by something, that means it triggers him.

>> No.14567442

So wait, you're saying the case against Frithjof Schuon having paedophile interactions with his cult members' daughters (and their wives too) was dismissed because of a lack of conclusive evidence?

What would be conclusive evidence for you of Frithjof Schuon's paedophile interactions with underage girls, as he was accused of having? Just curious.

>> No.14567532

>What would be conclusive evidence for you of Frithjof Schuon's paedophile interactions with underage girls,
If the police interviewed any of the girls and they said that he did it, or if the police had any witness on record as saying Schuon did it except for the one guy who had a history of making false allegations.

>> No.14567559

So for the record, you want the underage cult members of a small cult-indoctrinated community, or their indoctrinated parents who allowed Frithjof Schuon to sexually abuse their children in the first place, to spontaneously reject the abuse along with their entire communities and lifestyles, know that being sexually abused by Frithjof Schuon was wrong because they were children, and figure out how to go to the county (not the local) police?

I agree it is not ideal that we don't have conclusive evidence of paedophile sex abuse by Frithjof Schuon, but surely an investigation should have been made. The accusations of paedophilia and sexual abuse against Frithjob Schuon can't be waved away because a 13 year old girl lacked the wherewithal to independently seek out a federal prosecutor.

The prosecutor went on record to say that they had a very good case against Frithjof Schuon for paedophilia and sex abuse, and its dismissal was strange. Would you agree that at least warrants a deeper investigation?

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>> No.14568735

bumping your bump. pbuh.

>> No.14568769

bumping the bump of the bump in honor of the right honorable Rene Guenon

>> No.14569059

You forgot this while addressing the estimable Guenon(pbuh).

>> No.14569229

>The prosecutor went on record to say that they had a very good case against Frithjof Schuon for paedophilia and sex abuse,
source? and was this before or after he said there was no grounds for prosecution?

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>We have said that pragmatism represents the final outcome of all the modern philosophy and marks the lowest stage in its decline; but outside the philosophical field there also exists, and has already existed for a long time, a diffused and unsystematized pragmatism which is to philosophical pragmatism what practical materialism is to philosophical materialism, and which merges into what people generally call “common sense.” This almost instinctive utilitarianism is inseparable, moreover, from the materialistic tendency: common sense consists in not venturing beyond the terrestrial horizon, as well as in not paying attention to anything devoid of an immediate practical interest; it is “common sense,” above all, that regards the world of the senses as alone being real and admits of no knowledge beyond what proceeds from the senses; and even this limited degree of knowledge is of value in its eyes only in so far as it allows of satisfying material needs and also sometimes because it feeds a certain kind of sentimentalism, since sentiment, as must be frankly admitted at the risk of shocking contemporary “moralism,” really is very closely related to matter. No room is left in all this for intelligence, except in so far as it may consent to be put to the service of practical ends, acting as a mere instrument subordinated to the requirements of the lowest or corporeal portion of the human individual, “a tool for making tools,” to quote a significant expression of Bergson’s: “pragmatism” in all its forms amounts to a complete indifference to truth.

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