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I hate Indians for ruining Hinduism. It came from persian-indic aryans and spread nearly half of Asia.
>Visited India and they acting as they are the know it all of Gods when it was actually Persian-Indic Vedic Aryans wrote the ancient book.
According to The Upanisads:
Hinduism lets you eat cow meat. No concept of god, only karma and reincarnation. Hinduism didnot create Caste system.
I believe in Trinity tho but India has fucked up the religion with its superstition'

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The more one reads about Brahmins the more one realized they are the Dravidian poo element in Hinduism that dragged it down into poo

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India is a secular state.

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That's incorrect, the amount of steppe, i.e. aryan ancestry has been shown by gene studies to increase the farther one travels up the caste hierarchy with the Brahmins having the largest amounts

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>I'm white actually, I am high caste Indian which is basically Aryan
>skin is brown
>5 foot 6
>shits in street

Whatever does it for you Patel. Thanks for ruining the Indo-Iranian substrate of the Vedas by turning them into a shit worshipping filth religion.

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Jorjani, go easy on the Iranian nationalism.

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If anything it tells what happens when you race mix

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>Thanks for ruining the Indo-Iranian substrate of the Vedas by turning them into a shit worshipping filth religion.
the Iranians were brainlet dualists, it is only with the Vedic Indians and the Upanishads that the great Aryan metaphysical teachings fully flowers into perfection

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Lmao. He's so predictable.
>YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE what I discovered in my research about George Washington historical personage...
Gee I don't know Reza. Let me guess... he's Iranian?
>YES! And I'm proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that his name comes from the Iranian Garshasp Hashendoon, and he was a proud Zoroastrian from an Iranian noble family

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so why did iran have multiple empires while india is the asshole of the world

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so why did Iran have its native religion/traditions obliterated and a foreign religion imposed on it while India was able to survive as a Hindu polity and is on the cusp of becoming a superpower

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>is on the cusp of becoming a superpower

Proof of your claims? Your GDP is less than a country 1/50th your size

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in other words, you're mad that the aryans colonized people and spread their culture without being able to keep it themselves? sounds like they fucked up and you should be mad at them and not the people they race mixed with

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The parts of the Vedas that were actually composed when the Aryans were still in the steppe or straight out of the steppe are the most brainlet shit ever, consisting pretty much entirely of hymns about flattering the gods and asking them for favors.

Everything of depth in Hinduism came much later, when they were heavily mixed with natives.

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This, thank the Greeks

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It's the other way around. Persia has an actual religious and esoteric tradition, Hinduism has sterile ritualism. Buddhism at least gave Hinduism an interesting metaphysical framework later on, but brahman autism ruined that again by diluting it with poo.

Really the native Indians ruin everything they touch.

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literally the other way around, your own myopia and racism is causing you to lie to yourself in order to cope. embarrassing

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>fuck the people who practice the ancient Vedic religion of their conquerors for blending it with their native beliefs
>no I don't believe in the Vedas I follow a monotheist Abrahamic prophet who spoke Aramaic but the way Indians practice religion is baaaad

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>it's not what you said its OPPOSITE

Okay poo. The fun thing is, when we both walk away from the computer, you will still be brown and short, and I will still be a beautiful tall Aryan. Look down at your skin. You're stuck with that forever.

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Based Arya sumerian.

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I can't remember where I read this, but I have heard that much of the ancient Sanskrit had been lost and untranslated by the poos until British and Germans took an interest.

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i'm a 6'1 europoor, shut up retard lmao i am prob whiter than you amerifat loser

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Dualism encourages "objective" belief, therefore enabling man to overcome doubt.
Much like "reincarnation" with the germanics allowed them to be fearless against the Romans in battle

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Very true.

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historically illiterate

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Oh you're not a poo, then we cool. I thought you were a poo stepping out of line and pretending to be worthwhile.

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