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Why is there something instead of nothing

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that is the question

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Negation requires an opposite

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It involves a separation from temporality, but I will tell you soon.

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big if true

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Based and redpilled

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Can "nothing" be without "something", without "nothing" being "something".

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Based sophist anon

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This thought requires existence

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>"God lets the oppositional will of the ground operate in order that might be which love unifies and subordinates itself to for the glorification of the Absolute. The will of love stands about the will of the ground and this predominance, this eternal decidedness, the love for itself as the essence of being in general, this decidedness is the innermost core of absolute freedom."

- Heidegger

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Because non-being cannot be

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Since when did the requirement of a something give reason to its existence rather than a necessity to the false, as is a dream? At least false in authentic activation.

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Okay we had our fun guys. Only non cringe answers from this point onwards

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But it can non-be!

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I know he's a meme around here now, but Parmenides actually does kind of solve this dilemma

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For existence to exist it must love itself. We just see that by principle of ourselves(which is more than ourselves!).

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He gives epistemic ground to stand on. He doesn't solve the ontological question.

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How do you know that something exists

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I Drink Therefore I Am.

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Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

/thread and amen.

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Are you just throwing around words you don't understand, because this sentence is incomprehensible in the context it was posted and if you know anything about Parmenides' philosophy.
Parmenides INTRODUCED the ontological question bro!

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Unironically doesn't give a reason hence>>14547036 and
>He gives epistemic ground to stand on. He doesn't solve the ontological question.

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There is no answer then.

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Because why wouldn’t there be?

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what's a nothing

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obviously cause there's no being nor non-being

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This question assumes that “there existing something at all” is a state in need of an explanation, while “there being nothing at all” is somehow the default state.
That might sound intuitive, but consider this: just as there is an uncountable infinite amount of real number unequal 0 and just one 0, there are uncountable infinite possibilities of “there being something at all”, while there is only one possibility of there being “nothing at all”. The a priori likelihood of there being something is therefore much higher than there being nothing.

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Cool refutation bro

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>there are uncountable infinite possibilities of “there being something at all”
How do you know that?

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By the ontological argument God is the greatest being.
Therefore creation must be the necessary act of God.
Alternatively because God wanted something instead of nothing.

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>Because why?

Because there are things that you don't know and will never know, and that in and of itself should tell you something.

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Good points. I'd also add that -possibility- itself is a something.

I'd go even further and say that there's no reason to suppose that 'nothing' is anything other than an abstract concept of convenience... In which case, it isn't sensible to talk about 'nothing' as if it is a potential state in the first place.

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Nothing arrives soon enough, anon
Enjoy asking such questions while (you) can

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A state of affairs is something too, even if it is null.

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How do you know that here is something? How do you not know that there isn't nothing?

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No it's not.
You're an idiot. Something will always be. Nothing is, as you fellows say, a meme.

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>positions on something

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Because when you deny existence you utilize and assume something that exists (language, awareness, predication, thought etc.) and that leads to a contradiction. Therefore there is 100% chance that something exists.

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So where's the nothing then

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Is there really though?

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Truth necessarily exists

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>instead of
that would just be another something, nothing is only itself as much as only paradoxical language can refer an idea of something about something that is impossible to conceive since it doesn't exist.

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>because God wanted something instead of nothing.
Is God not something?

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The five psycho-physical aggregates


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Why should I assume that nothing must be a "default state" rather than something? I see no reason why something can't be the normal.

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The thread that DESTROYED /lit/ pseuds

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In what state were you before conception and birth?

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Check out Derek Parfits article Why this, Why anything

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All the atoms that currently compose me were around.

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>Not sure if serious.

Nothingness is an abstraction. It is the negation of being.

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Perhaps in ontological terms this may be a valid reason to terminate this line of questioning, but in physical terms things only happen because there is a preference for one state of existence over another, ie entropy ie laws of physics, so if the entire universe is “reacting” to reach a preferred state of being the question is why is it not at the terminal state in the first place. Why are we moving towards a destination (e.g time) when in order for us to be “here” relative to “there” something must have caused us to be “here” and not “there”. If the universe spontaneously formed why did it form at a higher energy state than optimal?

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We share in nothingness while we are conditioned by was and will be. This degree of reality in which we are is conditioned by being but it is not being (it is and is not). Nothingness is not a mere concept of convenience, it is a reflection of Being, not sharing in eternity but in its reflection (indefiniteness).

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>has no explanation for why those exist

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Why is something even wondering why there’s “nothing”
Clearly “nothing” as you’re imagining it now, doesn’t exist.
“Nothing” in the proper sense is just space between somethings. This we have lots of.
“Why is there something and nothing?” It hurt your feelings?
Fear not. You will pass into your constituent parts and fade.

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Lmao jesus christ brainlet, at least you made me chuckle

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This was stupid but I laughed.

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Fake posts

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who cares?

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It's either a meaningless question, or one we're not currently equipped to answer.

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The deepest questions being technically meaningless is not therapeutic but maddening

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Physical necessity necessitated it.

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>Ex Nihilo creation
Heretics begone.

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Emptiness naturally leads to cyclic existence which in turn leads back to emptiness.

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Maybe it is more natural for there to be something rather than nothing. Language allows one to construct all kinds of non-sensical questions: what ist the srite of ploot? The speed of red? The amount of abstraction in football fields?
Maybe this is such a question. Maybe one ought to ask why is it like this instead?
Then again we're human and naturally inclined to ask this question and either way you can't prove it's just a semantic misconception.

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>cyclic existence
God is not schizophrenic. There is a specific Telos.

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>space between somethings
I would like to say that this post was retroactively refuted by based Parmenides, but he also refuted the idea of time, and thus retroactivity

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read Parmenides

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>Only non cringe answers from this point on
>biggest cringelord in this thread

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Madhyamaka sunyata was logically refuted by Richard Robinson, who showed how Nagarjuna's logic was full of holes (pic related). Anyways there are no known examples of "emptiness leading to (cyclic) existence" as you posit and until a good example or reason why this could be true is given it should be rejected as being completely untenable because it contradicts logic and common sense and lacks supporting examples/evidence. If you say that X is empty but leads to or causes the existence of (cyclic) Y then you are forced to say that Y either springs out of nothingness (which is clearly wrong and incoherent) or that Y was already contained in or inherent in X and emerged from it, in which case X is no longer empty because it had Y as it's latent content. Also, your answer doesn't explain why there is emptiness to begin with, or how emptiness could give rise to the world (it can't) or how we could be sentient entities having this conversation if emptiness is the nature of everything (we couldn't). From start to finish the Buddhist notion of emptiness is completely incoherent.

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A 'Why-question' is a request for an explanation. In the case of "Why is there something instead of nothing?", no such explanation can be given non-question-beggingly since any argument with existential conclusions must have existential premises. This paper is a good overview of the the topic:


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hello schizo, here are the other 600 times you've posted this image

btw, this is what this guy replies with if you don't respond to this random jstor article he found:
>>It's been 24 hours and none of you ming-mongs have replied to this. All the more embarrassing considering YoU CaN't HaVe Up WiThOuT dOwN mY dUdEz loooooollzzlz lmafaooo :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!1!111! was intended to be the epic GOTCHA retort. Writhing animals.

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yet it still is

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>something instead of nothing
Because nothing is unstable.

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Read Hegel

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>God is not schizophrenic
He is when he enters my being, yet remains outside.

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Glad to hear he used a condom.

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There is no spiritual condom on gods dick, my son.

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This is such an easy question that it was answered fucking 2500 years ago. Parmenides, born 515 BC, said "we can speak and think of only what exists, ex nihilo nihil fit." Uneducated fucking mouthbreather retards who have an affinity with the "wisdom" of modern-day slave-science, Carl Sagan retardation, and Rick and Morty trivia, who have never opened (and read, though I'm sure they wouldv'e forgotten that step if they undertook the daunting task) a book of worth up in their lives, who have no knowledge of history (other than internet trivia), who are artistically retarded, who are heavy on their feet, clunky, ugly, stupid, would still ask such a question.

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Zizek literally explains here:


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It can neither be nor non-be, for it is nothing.

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Nothing: It neither is nor is not.

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Were nothing something it would not be nothing.

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But you were not.

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Nice coping with the fact that Nagarjuna and sunyata are garbage and were refuted, lmao.

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And how is the asking built into the hunting

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define something

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Unironic answer is nobody knows. Anyone saying otherwise is dishonest

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not anything; no single thing.
"I said nothing" · [more]
not a thing · not a single thing · not anything · nothing at all · nil · zero · nowt · [more]
having no prospect of progress; of no value.
"he had a series of nothing jobs"
not at all.

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Because there are demonstrably uncountably many real numbers that are

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