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>introduction is like 50 pages long
>book itself is only like 150
why do publishers let their editors do this

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Perhaps it's a historically important work of literature that deserves an indepth examination accompanying it for those who wish to read it for an indepth study than merely gratifying their own desire for amusement

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to add page count to short books

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>go to /lit/
>people are complaining about getting more material to read in a book

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Introductions are a waste of everyone's time

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What book?
If it's historical account or a diary, I'll personally kill you.

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Goethe's Faust

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>book itself is only like 150 pages

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It's only part one. Part Two from this publisher is a separate volume with a separate introduction.

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150 pages? Really?

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>buy the communist manifesto
>over half the book is the introduction by someone trying to explain what Marx is even trying to say in the second half

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Explanatory notes start on page 149.

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>person spends years studying the era and the writer, and sums up their knowledge that might be useful to the reader
>lol that's a waste of time
Why don't you just skip it if you dislike it so much anyway?

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That's exactly what I do.

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Great. You can delete the thread now

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I'm not OP

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He's not the OP.

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Introductions are really annoying. It's like going to meet a friend and suddenly a stranger turns up and delivers a long, unwanted monologue, then tries to sell you insurence, which you decline, which angers him so much that he takes out a Japanese single-edged blade and kills you. It's just so unnecessary.

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Am I supposed to read these sorta things first or after?
I just acquired a Oxford Worlds Classics copy of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for like a dollar secondhand. Absolutely bargain, so I'm not complaining.
There's about 40-50 pages of Introductions, notes of the text, appendices and explanatory notes, for only a couple hundred pages of actual story.
Don't get me wrong I understand the motivation, but do they expect me to read all that before I start the book? And the 3 appendices after? Or is only for people who have read and are now studying the book?

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you may as well read it. introductions are generally a hit or miss. sometimes they can give you insight onto the text and other times it can be just a bore that you sludge through

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I'm not that poster, and I'm not the OP.

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Dude they are entirely different works written 20 years apart. The first is kind of a traditional story while the second is nearly a philosophical treatise on life, and combined they are arguably the greatest work of German literature, and their author WAS an era. No shit there’s gonna be a long introduction. Just skip it if you aren’t interested, moron.

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I'm not the OP either

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I am the OP

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That's a terrible analogy and you know it.

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