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Do you think religion ever become trendy again?

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Even reintroduction of feudalism and enforced illiteracy won’t bring it back

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This. The world has to end (logical conclusion of nihilism) for the rebirth of the religious age to occur.

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I worship butterguy

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It is trendy depending on what part of the world you're looking at.

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It has never really left. Not even in the (((West))).

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It currently is, Ultracalvinism is the theological underpinning of Liberalism, abd with it the entire construct of Modernity.

If you mean religions other than Ultracalvinism, yeah, wait a few centuries foe the Second Religiousness.

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World is ruled by America (and a little bit of China)

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It already is, look how quickly institutions embraced memes such as mindfulness and reparations

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It's not as serious as it once was :(

When was the last time a chill ass cathedral like that was built?

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>waaa. I dunno what ta do wit myself now that I heard of nihilism. Waaa
Freedom scares the weak, (though you can become strong), they’re so frightened by it they wish death on everyone and set the world on fire. It isn’t nihilism that leads to The End of the World, it is the death cult’s final solution.

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Only as an opium of the masses

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it was replaced by the uncritical belief in anything men in labcoats have to say about anything

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>World is ruled by (((America)))

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yes. second religiousity is immanent. read Spengler

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A zombie held up on a stick by the ruling faith of market capitalism. The latter uses the former to control the lower classes

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Lol wait till jesus is back, i think you will have a good answer.

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>science man bad!

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lmao, the west is as secular as it can get,
>homos walking around the streets
>women can be whores without repercussions
>trans and other degeneracy is pushed on children
>media owned by them

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Nothing wrong with Market capitalism you poorfag

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>science is religion!!
>science is satan!!
>Meatloaf is a prophet!!

>Spengler is a prophet!!

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Kek the lower classes are barely religious either especially in cities. What are you actually sperging about? Where did religion touch you?

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It is exactly nihilism that discards the world. A necessary step in the cycle.

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Capital and consumerism has crushed religion and religiosity, dumb tranny

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According to wikipedia only 14% of the world's population identifies as atheist/nonreligious. Religion hasn't fallen out of vogue yet.

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I’m not against trading and such, but the goods have value, not money and the arbitrary prices attached. The invisible hand and all that, need to go.

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(((Capitalism))) loves degeneracy these days (because it's good for business), not Christians. True Christians oppose degeneracy. You might have a point centuries ago.

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In other words you're a filthy commie.

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you're a fucking retard, not mainly because of this but because of your other posts. you really need to assess your thoughts. you sound like a total dimwit, so level up to a midwit at the very least and then come back.

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Am I the only one who felt nothing when Notre Dame burned down? It wasn't terrorism like the Assyrian ruins destroyed by ISIS, nobody died and it's not like Notre Dame was from some ancient, mysterious civilization still needing study. A work of art was destroyed in an accident. It's sad, but it's not like the destruction of an archaeological site or the ruins of a long-dead civilization. We can build another Notre Dame, but the Assyrians are never coming back.

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>Spengler is a prophet!!
As opposed to "muh Neechay be a prophet", right, tranny?

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>but the Assyrians are never coming back.
And that's a good thing. Have you ever interacted with their descendants? I hope not.

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>Do you think religion ever become trendy again?
Yes but it won't be C*ckstianity that will be the dominant religion this time...

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>Freedom scares the weak
imagine the narcissism to believe a human is truly free. Your dreams of ascension are delusional, you'll always be subject to nature.

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>A work of art was destroyed in an accident.
cringe and bluepilled

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True enough, but they stay faithful to capitalism and that’s all that matters to them.
No big cathedrals are built, only big insurance and banking and investment firms are built.

Can you not read? Annihilation has always been the plan of religions. Finding god to be a myth sets us free to fill our short lives with what we can, instead of being obedient to a goofball class

You don’t know what the word means

I don’t believe in prophets.

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>wull... freedom is a spook!! Shut up!!

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>You don’t know what the word means
I bet you know it by practice, trannyfag.

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Annihilation is a necessary part of the cycle of civilizations. You're not some free ubermensch, you're a stray dog because you're revolting against your master.

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moth BTFO for the 1000000th time

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I know it by experience. I was born into a Christian conservative family and taught myself better. I know what degeneracy is.

>Hallow “no u”: btfo

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i dont speak fluoride :)

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>Meatloaf is a prophet!!

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There will unironically be a reemergence of Catholicism within our lifetime.
>"Bro fuck God I'm strong"
>T. 40 year old dyke

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You're a godless bugman tranny in her 40s who frequents 4chan, sweaty. You didn't teach yourself any better. Should've sticked with Christianity. Cringe all around.

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Phew butters is an autodidact? Explains a lot

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Holy jeebs

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>gets BTFO once again
>H-holy jeebs

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Now try to question the Holy Dogma of Immacuate Gayness by saying homos are not ok, in public. If this won't get you caged, the Six Million Dogma will have you burned alive.

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No. What we are seeing now is simply a separating of the wheat from the chaff.
The people who are left will embrace the more traditional movements like traditional Catholicism or Reformed Christianity. P*ntecostalism may continue to grow.

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>He keeps hundreds of blowjacks on his HD
The cringe, oh the cringe.

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When was religion ever trendy ? WHo are you referencing ?

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>Y-you have pictures in your computer!
Just shut the fuck up, take the L, and fuck off.

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Physically cringed

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what are you talking about it is already trendy. do you have any idea of how many cristcuks you can find in this board?

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>I-I-I do not! I-I have anime pics too!
>take the L
The L train or that I’m lesbian? Weird poster

>Truth is cringy

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Yes but not as religion proper, it will be quite literally a trend

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There are only two.

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>The L train or that I’m lesbian?


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niggerfly is usually cringe but xe's pretty redpilled on this one

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two millions? yes

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Right about what? Religion is more irrelevant than ever. Shes just seethes over it probably bc her christcuck dad fondled her or something

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"Take the loss", you mongoloid boomer faggot. I don't even know why you're still talking.

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stay mad tranny.

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Yeah, but it's going to be some cringe globohomo approved religiousness.

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It never left lmao just changed. Stop focusing on semantics

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So like the two genders? Good to know.

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dude we are in kali yuga, just wait until it ends. Until then make some children (don't mix or the jews will win).
source: guenon and evola

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Yeah, it changed into capitalism, predominantly.

Naw, they’re probably both males.

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It's never not trendy
Soi-disants 'atheists' just cannot get enough of it, ’tseems. Despite the ignorant bluster, 'religion’ nonetheless defines a major aspect of their sense of self.

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I remember when i discovered 4chan
>So much freedom of speech. So many fellow patricians i thought.
>I remember when sarted watching christian threads
So hilarious and edgy i said, they must be ironic i thought
>I remember when i discovered they where mostly straight
At least they are just on /his/ and /pol/ i said. At least /lit/ is still cool i thought
>I remember when i started watching christian threads in /lit/

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since that day lil anon learned an important lessons dont take what the faggots of this board think seriously

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Sure. As an actual child accepted, as an adult child rejected. But religion itself remains at the center of a certain someone's identity. Simple as

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That comic’s point would land better if it were a man, since women like being raped.

>> No.14492098

>freedom of speech is awesome
>so, stop discuss what I dislike
You're pathetic moron.

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i describing my thoughts when i discovered this board. i was a tennager when i did that and yeah i was pretty patethic

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>Being anti-theist means theism is central to your life
Being pro-freedom makes me focus more on being an anti-capitalist and anti-statist. People’s personal live hold religion tight and I can only advise them of their erroneous outlook, so it’s not even central to me.
Memers bing up too often though. Read a fucking book.

Rough sex is not rape, incel.

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>I don’t get it!

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>Rough sex is not rape, incel.

yes it is. the only difference lies with intent which is ontologically unknowable to all but the perpetrator in question

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>freedom of speech is awesome
Sorrry but this is the kind of think that first strike you as ateenager when you discover this board.

Wow i can say any stupid shit withouth receving any kind of criticism.

The sadest part is that later you understand that it wasnt really freedom of speech it was more of a eco chamber where is hard for anyone to severeley challenge your ideas no matter how shitty they are

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In time youll fall away from foci every bit as naïve. Liked the pic, though. Good luck.

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maybe in the western yurop
the rest of the world is still drenched with abrahamic shite

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based incel

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Christian women are like their male counterpart. mongrels that blindly follow the orders from imaginary ghost

Hey Abraham kill ur son
Just do it.
Wait i was kidding lol.

>> No.14492176

plural of focus
I both read and considered the initial post....

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I never proclaimed myself a religionist
Only that religion remains trendy
I have read a book or two

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Some people live their whole lives in the know about society and wish on their death beds for an end to capitalism, fascism and unjustifiable hierarchies.
The deathbed of the naïve believe they’re going to heaven and wish their enemies eternal suffering.

It waxes and wanes, but it never comes back stronger. It is dying out. The preeminent faith is the “secularism” of capitalism, which swallows all religion and the irreligious alike in a deception.

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No. Having an intolerant stance on gays killed religion in the west. Smartphone addiction ensures it remains dead.

My family is very religious so I get updates on the state of their culture. Everywhere churches are dying out. Numbers are dwindling and old churches are rebranding with edgy hip names to attract the youth who are not coming back. Honestly, it is a net negative because people need membership in a community that a church provides or some stand in community.

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itt americans formerly larping as atheists now larping as mystics

The only problem is that no state was ever as secular as it should have been

>> No.14492264

Not in Europe, but then Europe's great history is in its rearview mirror
Unless of course it is revitalized by Islam.
Religion wouldn't be the world problem it inarguably is were it not trendy, anona. Still disagree?

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It is necessary that religion becomes trendy again if humanity is to be saved. Will it happen? Impossible to know. We all just have to do our part to further humanity.

>> No.14492277

The death of religion came by the separation of religion and public institutions. Without a tangible material or bodily benefit for participating in the religious institutions most people don't really care.

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Religion is always trendy. Just go see console wars on /v/

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The public institutions are also the only way religious teachers get their positions, hence why the churches practice identical policies as their contemporary, secular governments.

>> No.14492294

>tribalism is religion
midwit atheist detected

>> No.14492314

Religion is not dead sadly.

>> No.14492315

The argument being made is that religion is not revered as it once was. It will never go back to that level of insanity as there is still a rival faith swaying even the muslims.

That trend is a big part of why we’re heading to our extinction, lunkhead.

>> No.14492326

O boy o boy I can't wait for a new dark age

>> No.14492402

They're literally building sagrada familia while you shitpost here.

>> No.14492406

Yes, it's been pretty much a consistent for all of human history. It'll probably be pretty different than what it is now or how it has been in the past though. Religion isn't going to die out just because of two pathetic generations. There have been religious revivals in the past.

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>two pathetic generations.
>240 years

>> No.14492422

>level of insanity
>you think it's almost over but it's only on the rise
Whose president? In modern times ((we've)) NOT learned that even Buddhists can be genocidal maniacs? What of all violent conflict beginning in Syria and spreading out over the entire globe- what underlies it? Finally, (you) think Capital isn't the basis of yet another religion? Serious?
Such insensitivity to the truth bewrays a certain level of comfort traditionally (at least here in the West) associated with the bourgeoisie!
It's never a good idea to mistake one's immediate associates for the world, fren.

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>Karl Popper

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the irreligious don’t reproduce, they are doomed to be crushed by the religious who do

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Here's your new idol.

>> No.14492572

Probably another reason they want to import them so hard so they can "convert" them and more defintely their children. Time will tell who wins ultimately

>> No.14492597

How is quantitative price determined without some sort of market?

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Religion is a broad term, high quality habits, religions and traditions being 'trendy' would increase their userbase. The consumerist religions are not high quality religions.

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>Atheism, rightly understood, is the necessary expression of a spirituality that has accomplished itself and exhausted its religious possibilities. This late form of world-feeling and world-image which preludes our "second religiousness" is universally a negation of the religious in us. The Megalopolitan is irreligious; this is part of his being, a mark of his historical position. Bitterly as he may feel the inner emptiness and poverty, earnestly as he may long to be religious, it is out of his power to be so. All religiousness in the Megalopolis rests upon self-deception.

>In this very century, I prophesy, the century of scientific-critical Alexandrianism, of the great harvests, of the final formulations, a new element of inwardness will arise to overthrow the will-to-victory of science. This is the path to "second religiousness," which is the sequel and not the preface of the Culture. Men dispense with proof, desire only to believe and not to dissect. The individual renounces by laying aside books. The Culture renounces by ceasing to manifest itself in high scientific intellects.

>Classical philosophy had exhausted its ground by about 150 b.c. From that time on, "knowledge" was no longer a continually tested and augmented stock, but a belief therein, due basically to force of habit, but still able to convince, thanks to an old and well-tried methodology.

>The material of the Second Religiousness is simply that of the first, genuine, young religiousness — only otherwise experienced and expressed. It starts with Rationalism's fading out in helplessness, then the forms of the Springtime become visible, and finally the whole world of the primitive religion, which had receded before the grand forms of the early faith, returns to the foreground, powerful, in the guise of the popular syncretism that is to be found in every Culture at this phase.

>Belief in program was the mark and the glory of our grandfathers — in our grandsons it will be a proof of provincialism. In its place is developing even now the seed of a new resigned piety, sprung from tortured conscience and spiritual hunger, whose task will be to found a new Hither-side that looks for secrets instead of steel-bright concepts and in the end will find them in the deeps of the "Second Religiousness."

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>what underlies it?
>(you) think Capital isn't the basis of yet another religion?
I keep saying it is.
The absolute obedience to christian dogma in ages past. It was insanity.

Cockshott, Towards a New Socialism

>> No.14493464

>I keep saying it is
Then your correct; but perceived gain opposes conceived God: God and Mammon are everywhere at odds- and it's actually capital that *prevents* the furtherance of many traditionally religious objectives. But that those objectives (ideas of order) remain trendy, ie commonplace, is no great secret. Were capital wiped out anarchy wouldn't stand a chance against religious organization btw (as history clearly shows). Nonetheless I do admit that your ultimate faith in humankind isn't bad per se, I just don't share it.
Note that I say this as neither a capitalist nor a religionist but as an observer. What then, realistically? I have no idea. I just try not to fall asleep. Perhaps something will pop up.

>> No.14493470

Isn’t being a pagan being religious though?

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Yes, Christianity is "becoming itself" again; targeting the dregs and midwits it once did in Rome. Humans are not rational and the printing press did not change that within us.


>> No.14493496

But what Jesus wanted was a liberation from this, why focus on how the man was appropriated for power? There are so many ways religion can be interpreted, why do you have to have an autistic set opinion on everything where everything is always the same no matter what? Religion can and has been used for liberation, it was Christian belief that awakened the class consciousness in John Ball:
>When Adam delved and Eve span, Who was then the gentleman? From the beginning all men by nature were created alike, and our bondage or servitude came in by the unjust oppression of naughty men. For if God would have had any bondmen from the beginning, he would have appointed who should be bond, and who free. And therefore I exhort you to consider that now the time is come, appointed to us by God, in which ye may (if ye will) cast off the yoke of bondage, and recover liberty.
Do you not know of the Lollards? Or liberation theology? Religion is the very reason why they fought for liberation and freedom.

>> No.14493517

Why do god believers think moral values are inherent to religion?

>> No.14493520

But why are you putting all of Christianity in a single umbrella? That’s a strawman. Do you know just the extent of how widely you interpreted Christianity is?

>> No.14493526


>> No.14493534

The popularity of organized religions will probably wane for the everyday person and online or sm religions will probably surge.

They will be around at least for some time on a international scale. They are too useful a reason for geopolitical conflict and cooperation.

>> No.14493537

>caring about a bunch of worthless laws ancient Jews used to cuck themselves
Do you want to know why Christians aren’t banned from eating pork?

>> No.14493561

Because they were told so or they found some overlap between the two and stopped looking elsewhere

>> No.14493562

Even Nietzsche believed this
But to him moral values were rechristened slave morality. Where Nietzsche was intellectually is where ((we)) are now socially, and otherwise. Ecce Homo illustrates this perfectly (whatever one thinks of the text). This is why he's huge and will remain so- a prophet philosopher with a gorgeous style delivered in relatively tiny portions as if he KNEW attention spans would wither as well! This renders Will to Power a dubious (though seductive) text to me.
Sorry for the unwarranted digression, anon. It doesn't really answer anything.

>> No.14493574

So basically the smart people have to die so all the retards can helm the ship again? Goody.

>> No.14493576

It already is, the name of the new deity is "Progress."

>> No.14493586

Just because they’ve been told so.

All words are squishy, freedom as much as order, but what we want is a better life not more of the same. And a little more freedom (paid for with equal responsibility) will do just that.

>> No.14493602

So deep bro

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Yes. Religious people consistently have the highest fertility rates, and the future is shaped by what demographics reproduce the most. Even if you take the defection rate into account, it will not outweigh their extremely high rate of population growth.


>> No.14493610

Good and evil are concepts that came from humans evolving from animals into modern men, when man recognised what good and evil was is when man became inherently evil from his capability to commit evil on purpose. It’s our own intelligence that damns us. However, morality is not straightforward as many cultures have different ideas what is moral or not. The basic philosophy of the popular religions informed the idealistic moral consciousness in the majority of world, thus even if you are absolutely not religious religion has affected you. You can argue that all the popular religions are part of God’s plan.

>> No.14493618

Seriously, what do you think of William Blake, the Lollards and liberation theology?

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File: 761 KB, 1280x2096, leftists don't breed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

t. brainlets who don't understand how demographics works

>> No.14493642

>being extremely liberal means you aren’t religious or Christian
Fuck off worthless American pig, off yourself. I hope your disgusting country gets nuked.

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File: 164 KB, 401x314, 860780606860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14493699

That is the religion of today.

>> No.14493710

I think people really overestimate the role religion had in ethical upbringing and underestimate its role in community building. It's hard for religion to grab a foothold in today's atomized culture where people can simply flock to the internet for a sense of belonging.

>> No.14493731

i'm getting some Vodalus vibes from this but I don't remember him being this fanatical. is it from long or short sun or am I retarded?

>> No.14493776

niggerfly BTFO

>> No.14493788

I notice that nearly all vocal atheists are repressed children of Christian conservatives. We get that your daddy wasn't very nice to you growing up, but that doesn't disprove God.

>> No.14493811

No, the fact there isn’t a god disproves it.
No daddy issues, perverts. I was just closeted and conflicted growing up. Lost my faith like a bad cold in my late 20s. Lost my anxiety and depression too.

>> No.14493868

Atheism is an unproven belief, deluded brainlet

>> No.14493929

Uhhh. We’re born into a world with, well, what’s obviously here, no gods, no goddesses. Stories of them. Lots of them. No evidence of them. Physically, logically, only funny headed people insisting theirs is realest of them all.
The burden of proof remains with your camp, silly.

Now there’s supposed to be this heaven place you go to after death where you can meet your maker (he hates his creation, earth, so much he spends all his time there) but your body actually just dies and rots on earth, so the ancients invented the fictional device of a soul. Everyone’s got one, right?
Okay since the first two legends are offstage, how about the soul? Can we prove anyone has a soul?
No? Not a one?
Seriously though, why are you so gullible?

>> No.14493956

Not so certain about your 'fact' there, are you?
You hope God doesnt exist, but you dont know it.
You are uncertain, you doubt that your belief in atheism is true, because you have no proof.

>> No.14493967

Not him but science hasnt catched up with religion. We don't have the tools "pHySiCaLly" to prove what you're asking. We havent even left our planet and you want people to prove the existence of God? Come on. It's okay if you're a non-believer but let people have their faiths if they want.

>> No.14493980

religion is not trendy. it's literally participating in the philosophical life if you're doing it right. that means sacrifice and work and self-denial. those are never trendy.

>> No.14493981

>it was replaced by the uncritical belief in anything men in labcoats have to say about anything
Atheism is the new theism which as an athirst is absolutely the opposite of what I want

>> No.14493990

A-theism is a lack of belief in your story. See, nothing in it checks out. Ever.
For their to be a god, a whole lot of facts would have to be some kind of farcical mirage or the remaining “god” didn’t do a lot of the things any human claim it did. The last god you don’t even properly worship.
But that would be okay with him, because he’s not here. Dead or doesn’t care or is too stupid to know he made the world.
You don’t want to worship that, I know.

99.9% certain there’s nothing. Make me believe in 50%, knock me down to 75% certainty. Go on.

>> No.14493998

blah blah blah

you claimed to know there is no God
obviously you have no knowledge and you are talking out your ass because its not a fact
its a belief you have, of which you have lots of faith in, but fact it is not

>> No.14494004

>(he hates his creation, earth, so much he spends all his time there
That depends on if God isn't literally everywhere.

>> No.14494017

Some scientists fall into a sort of dogma around some theories of things, but there’s always doubters and peer reviews encouraged to know down anybody’s carefully constructed beliefs. “Scientism” is what’s pushing the world into a climate catastrophe.

I am anti-theist for love’s sake. Their minds are rotted with lies and they hurt people for their wretched ideals. They’ve ruined this board to say the least.

>blah blah blah
I accept your apology

>> No.14494020

>yeah im a wageslave, debtslave and i spend all of my concious time thinking of how to be more productive, but NOTHING'S WRONG WITH CAPITALISM YOU COMMIE


>> No.14494025

>encouraged to KNOCK down anybody’s carefully constructed beliefs

>> No.14494056

how the fuck do i get my 4chan filters to stay. they keep deleting themselves and i have to keep re-hiding this dumbass's off-topic posts.

>> No.14494059
File: 38 KB, 1200x1041, CAB5FFF2-F00D-4E32-BC2C-5C644205FE96.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In western countries yes, but not Christianity. It’s just basic demographics. remindme! 50 years

>> No.14494063

fuck yeah i fixed it fuck YEAH i never have to read a butterfly post a-fucking-gain. thank you hiro for having this feature on your site.

>> No.14494067

I don't hurt people. I just believe in Gnosticism. I don't care what people do with their lives.

>> No.14494097

In the West, the time is coming. People are largely blinded by degeneracy these days, and I don't mean homosexuals. Anglo-American Protestantism with its bullshit like televangelist idolatry and the prosperity gospel is dying, and rightly so. It mislead millions and turned millions more away from the truth. Philosophical materialism, New Age bullshit, neoliberalism, and pop nihilism are honestly the biggest threats to the resurgence of proper faith in the West. If not a return to Catholicism or established Protestant churches, it will probably be a wave of conversions to Islam or a new syncretic faith based at least loosely on Christianity with heavy influences from Asian religions or old "heresies. "I'm pretty optimistic about the future of religion.

>> No.14494101

I tried to follow that too. Was interesting while it lasted. I still kinda like it even though I know it’s just hogwash. But at least it exposes the infantile forms of Christianity for what they are.

I just want what’s best, and believe that continuing this naval gazing while the temperature rises and the oligarchy poisons us and drops bombs on us, isn’t a good way to go. The idea that we have another life after this one ruins our world. Our one and only.

>> No.14494142

>I tried to follow that too. Was interesting while it lasted.
What was your path, Butterfly? I went from Catholic (raised) to atheist to a small Catholic period that lasted very little to believing in Gnosticism now and trying things like astral projection and reading about the occult, etc. Do you think it will wear off as I grow older? What happened with you? It's funny how our beliefs evolve.
>I just want what’s best, and believe that continuing this naval gazing while the temperature rises and the oligarchy poisons us and drops bombs on us, isn’t a good way to go. The idea that we have another life after this one ruins our world. Our one and only.
Interesting. What do you think about what Dawkins said about religion being still a bit necessary so some people felt like someone was watching them or something? I think it was some months ago.

>> No.14494149

Teach me your ways

>> No.14494195

A variety of Protestant, “gnostic” agnostic when I found out about the obscured books, a great distracted mess, then slipped it all off and felt immense relief.
>astral projection
Hah. Read Jack London’s Star Rover?
>Dawkins said about religion being still a bit necessary
If some people NEED that, I think it’s a flaw that needs correcting. Probably in childhood. But I don’t know if he’s an expert on that anymore than I

The faithful have a broken outlook on life. As nice as many of them are, they could even challenge the powers-that-be, they still think along those terms. “I am going to heaven, you to hell”. There’s little to no conviction to fix this one and only world. They give it to the ruling sociopaths. And we lose.

It is small consolation for me that I have no children to recuse me for bringing them into a dying world.
For I consider you all mine.

>> No.14494198
File: 29 KB, 386x408, EC2000F0-A8DF-4EFB-887E-98BE667FFE27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m plainly marked, anon. You simply NOT READ THE POSTS

>> No.14494204

Such beauty, much hypnotic

>> No.14494275

I think this guy gets it. The species will just regress to an adequately dumber, fatter, browner, mean. They will migrate to the places of where Europeans once lived and there will be a kind of psycho-social balance again.

>> No.14494337

>remindme! 50 years

>> No.14494339
File: 123 KB, 1080x1012, 1554121520924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14494342

Good post

>> No.14494387

The whole world will be Muslim by the end of the century.

>> No.14494400

>Everyone but Asia will be Muslim by the end of the century.

>> No.14494401
File: 86 KB, 740x740, light.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Religion is becoming trendy right now. Look at this Manichaean t-shirt.

>> No.14494454

Yes, among the retarded and easily duped.

>> No.14494489

>being extremely liberal means you aren’t religious or Christian

entirely true

>> No.14494510

Yes, among the patrician and intellectual Gigachads

>> No.14494521

In the long run yes, because the religious have a higher birth rate than the non-religious. In a way it didn't really die in the West, Progressives just discovered the inverse Girard mechanism, as in, scapegoating Christianity for not being nice enough to Marginalized Peoples (tm).

>> No.14494526

no it isn't
>men in lab coats say that Africans have a lower average IQ than Europeans or Asians for genetic reasons because of-
>Cut that out, bigot. Right. Now.

>> No.14494541

The men in the lab coats don't say those things anymore.

>> No.14494557

It takes less than 10 years with no centralized infrastructure for the world to descend back into obscurantism and superstition
Notice how the internet is already full of religious morons? Christcucks are just the surface scum. Astrology, reincarnation, spiritjourneys. You have people actually believing they are rea;;y Tolkien elves trapped in human bodies. I talked to a guy once who believed in fucking Dragon Ball. These people went to school. Granted they obviously failed horribly at life, but they are already among us. Looking like normal, modern people.
Even the fucking christcucks, who had imposed a system of metaphysical totalitarianism where the idol sees into your head and smites you if you think bad thoughts had to routinely torture and kill people to keep everyone believing in something resembling their chosen bag of bullshit
Trendy is not the word

>> No.14495587

>The absolute obedience to christian dogma in ages past.
The only retarded forms are the protestants. Everybody else had a human form, protestantism took German autism and made Christianity into a list of algorithms. Ironically Luther wasn't like that at all.

>> No.14495622

Hehe Nick Landterfly looks like a kitty cat

>> No.14495632

America will very likely become super catholic with all the spics coming here. Hard to say if europe will be super muzzie just yet

>> No.14495727

Still waiting for people to go atheists over money.

>> No.14495766
File: 1.43 MB, 320x214, thats_it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy based

>> No.14495874

AI, when it comes about in a significant way, will devise an optimally appealing rationalist, deity-optional, religion that satisfies man's need for ritual and sense of belonging couched within a symbol dense narrative. The human brain, being unable to model itself, can only stumble upon these in a kind of long term memetic natural selection, that could be called Tradition, the Lindy Effect, whatever. An AI keeping humans alive as zoo animals will be able to concoct one as the psychological equivalent of sprinkling fish feed in to a tank for your gold fish.

>> No.14495929

This is the realest news of the past decade: https://politics.theonion.com/after-obama-victory-shrieking-white-hot-sphere-of-pure-1819595330
Christian nihilistic rage has literally created a doomsday device of mutually reinforcing stupidity. This is a completely factual materialistic description. Christianity has opened the gates of its own imaginary hell and has brought us hell on Earth. The anti-theists were right, religion will be the death of humanity.

All just because Boomers cannot tolerate the fact that they truly are the worst generation and sacrificed the futures of their children for their own satisfaction, and refuse this to even be known because they MUST be remembered as the saviors of the world.

>> No.14495947

Another bureaucratic God from a bureaucratic mind.

>> No.14495970

>Freedom scares the weak
It scares the inexperienced. Plenty of slaves are strong in character.

>> No.14495979

>Notice how the internet is already full of religious morons?
This is just because of smartphones effectively removing the IQ barrier that was required to access the internet through a computer in the past. It's not that there are more superstitious nuts out there, it's that they found the way here.

>> No.14495986

No, it made me realize that some things are far more valuable than human life and that you're line of thought is downright evil.

>> No.14496027


>> No.14496108

It's not compatible with modern society

>> No.14496143

plebbit shit

>> No.14496176

I live in a third world shithole and even here people are getting tired of christianity and the hypocrisy of christcucks.

>> No.14496243

Jesus said that the bureaucrats would inherit the earth. His second coming will also be in the form of a computer virus.

>> No.14496260 [DELETED] 


Hi there!

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Now, there's no need to thank me - I'm just doing my bait to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!

>> No.14496278

The catholic church needs to dump liberal modernism. Not for tradition, but for futurism.
A cosmic catholic church who funds space travel

>> No.14496287

Vanya, apart from liberahas, nobody care and even "tired".

>> No.14496329

Islam will reign (and that's a good thing).

>> No.14496351

>ever become trendy again
>implying it's not already happening
you're not a very smart person, are you ?

>> No.14497199

It already is becoming trendier. Kanye has made a carreer in spotting upcoming trends and capitalizing on them. Take a wild guess on what his newest album is about. If you look at history religion comes in waves of revival and decay. Just look at Russia and how it has gone from atheist to orthodox fanatic.

Also. this >>14494521

>> No.14497351

Boundaries are necessary for quality to manifest as something palpable instead of dispersing into an infinitely expanding malaise. Freedom is ultimately entropy.. Please explain your reasoning because I cannot see it any other way. An attitude of ironic detachment will only reinforce my beliefs so please be serious.

>> No.14497383
File: 677 KB, 1920x1920, 30AF0D17-CB69-482A-8EA7-BF5B9CAFCEDC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Boundaries are very very important!
>said the disciplinarian
>You must do as you’re told. Or I will kill us all! Do as I say! Now now now.
Your kind is the cancer of the world. You lop the heads off creativity when it offends you iron order. You complain of wild growing freedom, the way things are, because of fear

>> No.14497407

I can see it happening in the 21st century.
Don't you find it sad, though? After looking into the abyss, we become so afraid and so lost that we go so far as to cling to the old testament.
I think in terms of canon, this is the shittiest, most hilarious and least intriguing solution to nihilism.
But yes, we will probably experience some shit period where allot of zoomers/doomers will cling to religion.

>> No.14497423

This is not a very helpful post.

>> No.14497504
File: 40 KB, 329x497, 29C7839E-F795-4AAB-9256-511486D3D964.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who’s boundaries?
Opinions only. The kind of boundaries authoritarians want are squelching. They produce one outcome. You see variety as “malaise” and I assume you think the same of nature’s variety

>> No.14497589

>Who’s boundaries
That is irrelevant. Do you believe boundaries are necessary or not?
Please clarify what you think nature is

>> No.14497671
File: 74 KB, 750x445, 894D6C8F-62C0-4677-B72A-0E100C600A91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nature is a cornucopic splendor.
Personally erected boundaries are fine with me. Artists play with them all the time.

>> No.14497688

What a stupid fucking opinion.

>> No.14497700
File: 105 KB, 1920x1080, 1553339071035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, but now people are worships something else, new Gods instead, the old Gods for them are dead

>> No.14497710

>Nature is a cornucopic splendor
It must not exist then. Thanks for the non-answer.

>> No.14497716

Everything he said is some non-answer garbage. Pretty sure he stated he's an anarchist in another thread, so the stupidity must be ingrained.

>> No.14497722

The word “nature”, I repeat myself, is a squishy term. It means a lot and describes a lot. You think it doesn’t exist for its scope? Weird response.

>> No.14497734

Retard you said in your initial post that religion would never come back though you never substantiated it in any way. Mind you, nobody specified Abrahamic religions or anything of the sort. You threw out the entire concept because you're an ahistorical brainlet that doesn't understand how religions work on the most basic level.

>> No.14497742
File: 613 KB, 2008x1376, 1549042444745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's morality in the end? what's the diference between good and evil ? prehistoric man did not care for something like that ,he killed for food or in order to survive, can you say it was evil ?

>> No.14497749

>It means a lot and describes a lot.
So define it in this specific context or don't use it all. But then again, I shouldn't expect someone who denies boundaries to be capable of reason. This is all very silly.

>> No.14497778

The reigning faith of today is called capitalism and IF we make it out of that faith it is not to replace it with another, let alone more primitive, one. There are already *non-religious* people walking among you, and we need more of that.
Putty brain, I am clearly marked, so read up on my posts ITT or butt out

You’re still pretending to not understand me?
You keep avoiding what I’ve said so far.
Why should I continue?

>> No.14497800

>You keep avoiding what I’ve said so far.
I feel the same way. Guess we are at an impasse.

>> No.14497801

>The reigning faith of today is called capitalism
The fuck? Capitalism is ideological, but there is nothing "religious" about the adherence towards capitalism unless you're making some incredibly dishonest leaps that have nothing to do with religion.
>it is not to replace it with another, let alone more primitive, one
It's almost like the two are not dependent upon one another, cretinoid. Are you saying that capitalism is an evolution of the world religions of yesteryear? Is that LEGIT what you are trying to say right now?
>there are already *non-religious* people walking among you
There were non-religious people even in ancient Greece, what's your point? I am nonreligious as well, because there is no religion that facilitates my needs and way of life. What does this have to do with religion as a concept and where it might go from here?
>and we need more of that
If anything, we need the opposite. There were plenty of people that fought oppressive regimes in south America and eastern Europe not because of some appeal to humanism, but because of their religious faith. Liberation theology is a thing.
>Putty brain
You don't understand what religion is and you don't even know how important it's been in the fight against capitalism and neoliberalism, so why do you even talk? People like you are scum, unironically. Go watch some Destiny videos or whatever the fuck it is people like you do with their time.

>> No.14497826

>read up on my posts ITT

Well come back with a real question or something.
Or not.

>> No.14497843

>read up on my posts ITT
I did, and you said nothing of value, just like you didn't in the post you responded with before this one. You're an uneducated imbecile with barely any knowledge grandstanding on trashy theory. You have nothing intelligent to say and weren't able to offer any defense of your idiotic ideas when they were brought under the most basic scrutiny. Like I said, you don't belong here, try /r/atheism and the other socialism-lite subreddits out there, they're better suited for the
>i read a few books a year and supplement the rest with youtube
brainlets like you.
The moment anyone equates a political system or an economic system in a serious conversation it's clear that they're bankrupt.

>> No.14497846

>moment anyone equates a political system or an economic system
with a religious one*

>> No.14497879
File: 400 KB, 1302x2083, 2ED965D1-96FE-4AA9-96A1-6E01D34616C2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is a faith that has lasted as long as the other faiths, the belief that money has value over the person. The laborer is underpaid so that a rich man will profit. He takes this profit because of another fiction in law. Also as old as money. The “sovereign” invented law when he took the written word as his own.
Absolute bozo brains like yourself are convinced of the formality of language, enraptured with your i posed categorizations, that you can’t fucking see straight. You’re truly indoctrinated. How can I help such willful ignorance?
You’re just sure a self educated female elder must be wrong. Your fellow idiots say so!
Please grow up.

>> No.14497912
File: 248 KB, 1280x720, 1573833736772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you this fucking stupid or just pretending? Because I honestly can't tell. Like just look at the schizo shit you're writing
>It is a faith that has lasted as long as the other faiths, the belief that money has value over the person. The laborer is underpaid so that a rich man will profit. He takes this profit because of another fiction in law. Also as old as money. The “sovereign” invented law when he took the written word as his own.
Fucking /pol/ tier garbage. Like I said, the stink of the under-educated baboon is all over you. You're LITERALLY too incompetent to formulate any sort of cohesive line of argumentation that doesn't rely on sophistry. You were asked to explain, not to make a scene like some demented clown. If you ask me why I think religion is different from fucking capitalism, I'm not going to start going on schizo rants.
>Absolute bozo brains like yourself are convinced of the formality of language, enraptured with your i posed categorizations, that you can’t fucking see straight.
See what straight? That you are denying empirical reality and saying that capitalism is not JUST an outgrowth of religion, but a fucking EVOLUTION? Just listen to yourself, lol. I bet your entire worldview comes down to some simplistic shit like
Leftists like you are so useless to the cause you might as well not exist at all.

>> No.14497959

>Lazy insults
>You were asked to explain
And you’re pretending to not understand the simple answer.
>lazy insults
>my beloved categories are empirical reality
>hysterics and lazy insults
Jibbering monkey.

>> No.14498021

Schizo ramblings aren't detailed explanations, double digits. And what categories? Why do you use words you don't even understand? You literally just post whatever nonsense you can think of to avoid giving straight answer. You're not only a retard out of touch with philosophy and learning, but a coward misusing words he doesn't know to attack a person that's been charitable to you.

>> No.14498058
File: 167 KB, 933x1242, 2D52931D-6DFE-4FE3-9CFD-869799DAB3B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>simple answer.
>detailed explanations
So boring

>> No.14498094

Yes, I guess you would find reading books and having to write what you think in a proper manner being boring, being a retard that makes random dumb statements he can't defend. But one day you'll be made to answer for your cowardice, don't you worry.

>> No.14498117



>> No.14498122

Souless white people aren't the world dumbfuck

>> No.14498234

If anything everyone is ultra-religous today.

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