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René Guénon ended philosophy. I love how some people try to cope "r-reading a bunch of dumbass Gernans from the 19th century who had never been initiated or studied proper metaphysics is muh real philosophy.." Lmao give me a break. Daily reminder that if you haven't read Guénon you'll never understand what's wrong with modern philosophy. True philosophy is love of wisdom as the word etymologically means in Greek and this wisdom is only preserved in Traditional metaphysics which are timeless.

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>René Guénon ended philosophy

there is only 1 person who accomplished this feat

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Wrong Rene G though...
I think you guys meant Rene Girard.

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Hegel was a hermeticist and possibly a freemason.

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Stop Bacringsed!

t. biz baza

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actually just order Multiple States of the Being but i have very little knowledge about Guenon's philosophy. what am in for?

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That is Guenon's arguably most difficult work. Extremely poor choice to start with. You will be out of context. It is the last in a series of three books on metaphysics.

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Should have started with Introduction to Hindu Doctrines

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There is no end to philosophy

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what a handsome plumber

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>In the summer of 1939 I went to visit my friend in Cairo and when I was there the war broke out. I had a lectureship in Lithuania at that time and, being unable to return there, I was forced to stay in Egypt. My friend, who had become like a member of Guénon's household, collecting his mail from poste restante and doing many other things for him, took me to see Guénon. A year later I was out riding in the desert with my friend when his horse ran away with him and he was killed as the result of an accident. I shall never forget having to go to tell Guénon of his death. When I did he just wept for an hour. I had no option but to take my friend's place. I had already been given the freedom of the household and very quickly I became like one of the family. It was a tremendous privilege of course. Guénon's wife could not read and she spoke only Arabic. I quickly learned Arabic so I was able to talk to her. It was a very happy marriage. They had been married for seven years without children and Guénon, who was getting fairly old -- he was much older than she was -- had had no children with his first wife, so it was unexpected when they began to have children. They had four children altogether. I went to see Guénon nearly every day. I was the first person to read The Reign of Quantity, the only book he wrote while I knew him since the other books had all been written earlier. He gave it to me chapter by chapter. And I was able also to give him my own first book when I wrote it, which I gave him also chapter by chapter. It was a very great privilege to have known such a person.

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I don't really understand guenon.
I'm making my way through the crisis of the modern world and he constantly talks about what is bad about modern thinking and philosophy but never really delves into what the proper alternative is beyond just 'traditional'.
Does he explain what the alternative is cause I don't find him very convincing. What are the greater/deeper principles that real science is supposed to aim towards/follow?

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Hes basically saying that there was no good western philosophy after Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Plotinus

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Literally not even close. He praises Aquinas and the Scholastics very heavily and says that Leibniz was close to being tradition.

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Did Guenon ever read Schopenhauer? I reckon Guenon would have liked Schoppy

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Aquinas is just christian Aristotle

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I thought he disagreed with greek philosophy and saw it as emerging from decadence?
Close to which tradition?

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In crisis his focus is criticizing modern society and ideology. The more positive doctrine can be found elsewhere. Guenon writes very methodically. He often references other works where he has already dealt with the topic in order not to repeat himself.

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It's GIRARD not Guenon... Figure out the proper Rene

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Guenon might have liked Schopenhauer, but that doesn't matter. Schopenhauer, at best, would have only insulted him.

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What makes you think that?

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lol oops. what would you recommend?
if ive read the Upanishads can I skip that or would you still recommend it

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I was actually just reading an essay by Schopenhauer and he was talking about how the Greeks incorporated Hindu Esoteric Knowledge into their Philosophy. He was Guenon ahead of his time. Ignore the copecel >>14458836
I would still recommend reading it, because half of the book is about traditionalism, the whole book is an introduction to Guenonian thought. See picrealated, thats the order im reading at the moment

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did guenon even write anything about islam?

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>I would still recommend reading it, because half of the book is about traditionalism, the whole book is an introduction to Guenonian thought. See picrealated, thats the order im reading at the moment
cool thanks

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in his books on metaphysics he occasionally refernces Quran passages and the writings of Ibn Arabi to show how there is a unity shared between them and other traditional metaphysics

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>Greeks incorporated Hindu Esoteric Knowledge into their Philosophy
Do you mean the part he said Pythagoras might have had traveled to and studied in India?

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He looks like a rat

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Ye I love reading the GerNaNs too

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nope that's leibiniz your thinking up

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Tfw you solve reality as whole.

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lol. According to Guénon, Leibniz is in fact the philosopher closest to principles, who was halfway initiated into rosicrucianism but never got to the end which is why his philosophy is incomplete and confused, sometimes incoherent.

If you are interested, pick up Principles of Infinitesimal Calculus, in which Guénon quotes Leibniz on almost every page. It is an essay written to show how studies, in this case, mathematics - cannot be complete if not based entirely upon metaphysical principles. Very interesting, Guénon show you step by step how Leibniz conception of Infinite and Indefinite is flawed. If you are mathematically inclined you will surely enjoy it.

>I reckon Guenon would have liked Schoppy
He despised him. He calls him an orientalist, completely caught up in western prejudice, incapable of studying eastern principle. His analysis of the Upanishads is one of the reason the West has such a distorted view of Hinduism. Guénon uses Schopenhauer as an example of retardation extensively in his introductory works.

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>One has the impression that Guénon must have himself had an intellectual illumination at quite an early age. He must have perceived directly spiritual truths with the intellect in the true sense. He fills in gaps by explaining the meaning of rites, the meaning of symbols, the hierarchy of the worlds. In modern education the next world is left out altogether whereas in the Middle Ages students were taught about the hierarchy of the faculties and correspondingly the hierarchy of the universe. Now I must for the moment speak on a rather personal level, but perhaps it may not be without interest. When I read the books of Guénon in the early thirties it was as if I had been struck by lightning and realized that this was the truth. I had never seen the truth before set down as in this message of Guénon's that there were many religions and that they must all be treated with reverence; they were different because they were for different people. It made sense and it also was at the same time to the glory of God because a person with even a reasonable intelligence when taught what we were taught at school would inevitably ask, well what about the rest of the world? Why were things managed in this way? Why was the truth given first of all to only the Jews, one people only? And then Christianity was ordered to spread over the world, but why so late? What about previous ages? These questions were never answered, but when I read Guénon I knew that what he said was the truth and I knew that I must do something about it.

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Guenon's wrote a thesis at university called 'Leibniz and Infinitesimal Calculus', im not sure if its the same as his book under the similar title.

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Guénon posters, please pray for me. I am spiritually, physically and intellectually weak. I once reached great heights and helped many here once upon a time. I hope you can lend the same hand in the dark that helped pulled Guénon out of the pit that he found himself in as a young man.

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whats up bro

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I have not touched a book as of late, no longer have a routine, and am enmeshed in bad habits. I'm still functional, even have had much success lately. I am content but spiritually, creatively, intellectually I'm very far from my prior apogee. Conventional secular methods have failed to return me thence. I see the Guénon posters are of a good character, and have read anecdotes of the man himself and so thought such a solicitation for metaphysical alms would be worth an attempt.

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I'm not exactly guenonian, although i appreciate some of his ideas. As a catholic I'll pray for you. On my way to church.

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>even have had much success lately
Well, that's your problem right there.

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Thank you, I was baptized catholic and still consider myself one despite not going to Church for over a decade.

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If Rene Guenon ended philosophy, then how the fuck did his whole bloodline get ended in the Siege of Osaka? Checkmate, Guenonfags!

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ok guénonposter

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ok guénonposter

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>I consider myself one despite
Orientalism in a nuthell: it's all about pretending.

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ok guénonposter

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>pulled Guénon out of the pit that he found himself in as a young man.
Where can I I read about this?
I will pray for you anon.

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>Where can I I read about this?

in Guénon

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>in Guénon
Sounds extremely gay...

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>When Rene Guénon was a young man in France, one night he set out for a long walk through the woods. During this exercise in “peripatetic contemplation,” a practice to which he had accustomed himself, he accidentally fell into a ditch that was so deep it was impossible for him to find a way out on his own.
>Stranded in complete darkness in this pit in the middle of the woods, with no one within sight to be summoned for help, Guénon thought he had finally met his end. As he prepared himself for what seemed to be an inevitable death, a hand appeared from above, seemingly out of nowhere, and pulled him out of the ditch.
>No sooner, however, had he been rescued by this unknown figure, that he took off and disappeared into the woods, as swiftly and mysteriously as he had appeared. While Guénon’s attempts to catch up to him to offer his heartfelt gratitude were unsuccessful, he did manage to get a clear look at his face. Many years later, while in Cairo, Guénon attended a Sufi gathering involving a majlis of dhikr, only to find the man who had rescued him years before in France seating at the center of the gathering.
>As Guénon went into a shock, ecstatically pointing at the man who he recognized from years before, the mysterious figure who happened to be Shaikh Salāma Ḥasan al-Rāḍī, a Sufi master, stood up, smiled and embraced Guenon, acknowledging their previous encounter. The miraculous nature of the incident — well-known to the members of the shaikh’s order — lay in that Shaykh al-Rāḍī had never stepped foot in France in his life. The charismatic power of the shaykh was so strong that he was himself not the member of any ṭarīqa, having instead founded his own.

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what is the authenticity of this hadith on the amrita scale?

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Holy based.
>The author seems to know—for instance—not only that Guénon occasionally smoked opium before he was 26, but also that Albert Puyou (Matgioi), the Count of Pouvourville had taught him. He seems to have cast-iron proof of it: Matgioi has written a book on opium (pp. 58, 283). Mark Sedgwick also wonders—in the manner of a ‘good,’ modern historian—whether Guénon would have moved to Egypt had it not been for his comforting, new lover, Mary (Dina) Shillito (p. 74). Despite the fact that in Cairo many Muslims took Guénon to be a saint (or even more than that), it turns out that during ramadam he did not refrain from “smoking a cigarette and drinking a coffee,” and he did not go on a pilgrimage to Mecca (pp. 75–76).
This makes me like Guénon even more.

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In sedgewick's book it says that Guenon (pbuh) would break his ramadan fasts with cigarettes and coffee, not that he used them during the day

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>cigarettes and coffee
those are for the weak-minded

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Guénon more like gay non-entity

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>many Muslims took [insert some crossdresser name here] to be a saint
Islam in a nutshell.

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>those are for the weak-minded
big brained*

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Sorry, I'm not going to read this junkie propaganda.

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>in denial, the post

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holy cringe

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>nicotine enhances the brain

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What would Guénon have to say about this video and "star wars" in general?

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I do not know.

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Haven't watched/read a western piece of media in years now (switched entirely to Traditionalist anime), did it really get this awful?

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Japanese culture in general and Anime in particular are nothing but western culture, since Japanese like western culture much more than their own culture. The Japanese mimic western culture since about a century now.

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Only exoterically and mostly as a defense mechanism to divert the corrosive modern tendencies.

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a guenon thread? I feel compelled by the power of Allah-Brahman to bump

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you've bumped four guenon threads in a row. we all know you've never read guenon, or any books for that matter. how do I know? I actually read guenon and whenever I try to discuss his ideas nobody replies.

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I'll discuss him with you senpai, what did you have in mind?

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you start.

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no, retard, you're just deluded

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Bump to a based gueno-thread. Discuss him.

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Congrats on completely killing guenon and perennialist posting on /lit/ with your autism, thanks a lot bud.

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t. Steve Bannon

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cringe. cope.

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Did you respond to this?

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>Did you respond to this?
I don't respond to meaningless pozzed drivel.

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Nice argument. What's pozzed about it?

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bumping based trad thread, hail the Supreme Being!

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Whitehead and Guenon were both based.

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Imagine thinking you can critique the perennial tradition. Absolutely counter-initiatic.

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>Whitehead and Guenon
pick exactly one.

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I'm with him. I pick both.

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>he fell for the whitehead/guenon nemeinosis and resulting dichotomization instead of synthesizing the two.
NGMI. Reminder, Whitehead was one of the few philosophers of his era to more or less disregard Enlightenment. He was more interested in Augustine and Plato than he was Rousseau and Hobbes, he and Guénon are quite compatible in that they haven't been tainted by literal shit

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>37 posters

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Sounds like bullshit

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how could one man be so based?

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Imagine being this wrong.

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So you're a traditionalist and a coward. How does that work?

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if traditional societies of asia were so good then why are they being replaced so quick. Not trying to make this a bland argument that modern = good but do you think traditional societies are prone to a certain rot just like modern ones? Or does it only happen when modernity has penetrated to some extent into them that a certain uncanny effect takes place and things don't mix quite well together so full modernity is the only solution out.

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What is this photo from? Keep seeing it

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see >>14461536

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I am feeling the Guénon energy despite having never read the man. I think I will start.

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I too feel that I am a Guenonian and will order all of his books tonight.


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Based, I recommend starting with "Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines"

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Nobody here has read him.

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Daily reminder that Lacan stole all his ideas from Guenon but was too prideful to admit it

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You have a magical journey ahead of you

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In the first edition of Intro to Hindu Doctrines he says Schopenhauer and Germans in general can't understand Oriental metaphysics and always try to fit it into their own world views and more often than not equate Oriental metaphysics with nihilism.

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>i just looove the way you do things, sarcasm, the stuff you like is sooo stupid, unlike the stuff I like wich is correct, for your knowledge I'm right and you are wrong

Repeat this shit over and over and you have your average monkeynon thread

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t. metaphysics illterate

>> No.14474638

>yo like, somephin in happening
>whoa yeah, let's find out what is "it"
>nah, ain't gonna move a single mussle, ear me out cause imma tell ya what it is...

Metaphysics, nigger tier explanation of reality

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unironic cringe

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