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>mom: you shouldn’t be readingNick Land’s books, anon. I heard he’s a Nazi!
how are people this retarded?

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they have retarded parents. it's genetic

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Your mom is right, just for the wrong reasons.
And you're a faggot.

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You shouldn't be reading books in general. It makes you a sissy.

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imagine listening to what a literal monkey has to say
wait I have an idea
how about i push my fat fingers into the face of a girl and convince her that i should penis her, maybe then we can produce an intelligent organism capable of suffering and fall short of being responsible adults to that child - perhaps then i can claim authority and moral high ground because of something as niggerdly stupid as 'parenthood'

it baffles me that as eighteen year old, i have to duly respect my nigger progenitor but that my same behaviour would be more than tolerated if i had a child

i could be the most obstinate of niggers but if i had a kid i would always be number 1# authority

what a bunch of bullshit
we should nationalise reproduction
what the fuck

anti-natalism isn't a personal question but a political one

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t. future parents who believe completely in their own adequacy to raise a child AN ACTUAL HUMAN BEING

how egoistical, how megalomaniacal, how fucking self-absorbed would one be to raise a child without recognising their full responsibilities

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Babble on. Small brain, no points.

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based schizoposter

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Shit b8 OP. Nobody outsides 4chins and shitty forums know who Nick Land is.

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fallacious phallus who's in needing of getting defiled, little nigger hurry along and knock up some wench but don't you dare pretend that you are not a dirty, little, unwashed animal who might aswell be harvested by hospitals to aid actual humans

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Babble babble blah blah. Go on, twiddle your little piddle until someone cares.

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You are doing this out of spite you godless mongrel, spiteful just as I am.

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this is the worst bait ive seen on this board and people are falling for it..? Nick Land is a literal who

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