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The best post or threads in /lit/ history

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You’re gonna wanna find the thread that started “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” And then anons kept expanding it into a longer and longer sentence. It was a fun thread and some actually decent writers showed up.

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these posts are not related, stop quoting the preceding one

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kys newfag tagging the previous post is how you get around the identical (empty) post filter. try contributing to the site sometime.

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how long have you been on 4chan8

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I literally can't express how much better my life has been since I attended Oxford. I went to a state school and gradually became the stereotypical moody, withdrawn sensitive type who both despises the quality of his immediate culture and feels a weird pride for having been raised in a sort of anti-intellectual and brutal environment. I was all set to take my Russell Group humanities BA and spend my life working as an anonymous, insecure wageslave forever thankful of being offered a job and forever too insecure to pursue my creative ambitions. The chip on my shoulder had become something of a wedge, and I felt too out of place regardless of my environment, too resentful and bitter to even attempt to make it in the artistic world. Then I finally applied for Oxford and got in to study an English MA, with reassurance that should I work hard enough a career in academia or within one of Oxford's affiliated companies would be almost guaranteed. I turned up as apprehensive as usual, and the first few days were spent regretting my decision and desperately feigning a cultured personality. But then I realized that the people there were just interesting and that the snobbery and exclusivity I had anticipated was just a myth borne out of my working class upbringing. I've since graduated, having spend the year dining in grand halls with groups of interesting people, dating several girls (one of whom, a petite Russian whose family traces back to the aristocracy, is now my fiancee). I work four days a week at a publishing company and earn £38k a year. I regularly meet up with friends from my college and visit Oxford for nights out and for meetings with my professors. The Martin Eden-esque novel I have been writing for two years has been selected for publication at a major British publishing house and, honestly, I could not have imagined a few years ago how great life could be. I come on /lit/ and see how pathetic you all are and just shake my head and chuckle. If I saw you guys on the street I would of course throw you a penny or discuss Bukowski or whatever "realist" writers you enjoy, but ultimately I would be able to tell within ten seconds if you're an Oxbridge grad and would dismiss you as a potential source of good company if you are not. I never thought I'd know what it was like to be objectively better than somebody else, for the value of my existence to be superior to the value of a stranger's, but now I do and I've never been happier. People are awed by power and prestige. All I need to do is mention the university I attended (if only for a year) and they immediately begin to hunch and look at their feet because they know they are in the presence of greatness.

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over a decade
I just never tried uploading multiple pictures in a row and assumed people only did that because they wanted to signal that the epic chain of images they had saved were all from them
or if they actually were connected like if you're dumping a comic

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how many years out of that decade were you underaged?

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I'm embarrassingly old

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>tfw got to 4chan last year and you spoonfed me this delicious morsel so now i can flex on other newfags

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this is the depth that guenonfag sinks to, posting his own screenshot of his own posts in a "best of /lit/" thread

everyone who browses through this thread, take a moment to really enjoy how pathetic guenonfag is, take a moment to savor the fact that everybody on this board knows this guy as one of the most pathetic people to ever come here.

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i'm not guenonfag, i'm a christcuck who dislikes nagarjuna and dumb advaitaposters.

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This, Shankara's whole philosophy is basically ripping off Nagarjuna so if you hate Nagarjuna you should hate Shankara too

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this anon knows

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I literally could not imagine what it would be like not to attend the illustrious, globally renowned, historically insurpassable University of Oxford. I mean, it would be so very unbearable to attend some inferior institutions where "lad culture" (and indeed "board culture") takes precedence over a life of academic curiosity and career ambition. Furthermore, it has to be said that anybody with an ounce of genetic potential should be studying at the University of Oxford. If they aren't, they should be considered an embarrassment to their family, their nation, their race and indeed themselves. I mean it would hurt me physically not to atten such an illustrious a university if I had even the slightest chance of doing so. The range of amazing colleges, the wise, witty professors, the ancient traditions and peculiar formalities which truly make an education at the University of Oxford such a Hogwarts-esque experience, while, to stay true to this particular image an education at literally any other university - barring, perhaps, Cambridge - is no more romantic or exciting than some third-rate Muggle institution such as the one Harry would have attended had he not learned of his magical abilities. Lets look at the facts: over 50% of University of Oxford undergraduates come from privately educated, Elite backgrounds; 80% of students have parents whose job is regarded as being among the most challenging and well-paid occupations in the countr, and the statistics relating to the kind of careers former University of Oxford students successfully pursue are known to all. And of those students, those English Roses and dashing young Gentlemen, how many indeed go on to marry and mate with one another, rather than risk a life of financial destitution and social ostracization by allowing themselves to be carried away by some fleeting infaturation with a member of the working class. The question is of course rhetorical, as the vast majority of University of Oxford students do coincidentally end of marrying fellow members of the Elite, genetically distinct upper class.

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>birth video leaked to porn website

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>a mile of dense, esoteric prose
followed by
there, now you don't have to go on /lit/ ever again

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>guenonfag is so pathetic also I constantly obsess over him and accuse people of being him nonstop and have 40 pictures of his different shitposts saved that I repost constantly but he's the pathetic one! p-please validate me...

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i don't get it.

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The whole Peterson/ Zizek debate has to be my favorite threads. The Peterson side was just completely defeated.

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>baby shaken or crushed by uncle
>op is the uncle

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plz explain

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>The arrogant professor smirked quite Jewishly
holy fucking kek

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>talking during seminars
This must have been a tiny lecture in a tiny community college.

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Good post

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>citing a belt

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holy shit

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pdf of the book

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Who are they all holding up?

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Based schizo anon's ramblings

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anyone has links to images he used in older posts btw?

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I think .jpg was part of it

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there is absolutely no way this is real i refuse to believe it im sorry thats too much. i just cant believe it

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Why the snark? Fuck off faggot.

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The Foucault one cracks me up

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Did you find it yet?

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The dfw is perfect

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I can't be mad when your meanness and snarkiness is so pointless that I can't even tell where you could be coming from.

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>meanness and snarkiness
Good luck finding a gay hospice for your terminal faggotry

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Good luck not being so rude and mean in the future fren

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I was in that thread. Good times.

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Does anyone have the screens saved of the thread with the Infinite Jest guy, who embarassed himself in front of a lot of people in an exchange with his professor, and was known as ‘the DFW guy’ for years after on the college campus?

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my favourite

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ww.jpg and ww1.jpg, I think

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based wholesome anon

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Not only the fact that Peterson's influence has been on a rapid decline since makes me happy but to see my boy Zizek to win is astonishing. Like that old weird sniffing hegel guy actually won vs a sharp looking smartass.

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Somebody post Clarence the Carrot

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Wasn't there a thread about L. Ron Hubbard using a double to fool people while he and Philip K. Dick hung out in Cali, eventually faking their own deaths? Or something like that...

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god old 4channel was basically reddit

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