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>tfw Réné Guénon's thought finally clicks
It is like I am born anew. Is there a feeling more sublime?

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i bet he thought long and hard about it

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Have you grasped his retroactive refutation of Whitehead?

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im glad she is finally wearing a hijab.

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QRD? For all the guenonfagging I don't think I've ever seen anything substantial posted.

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Now it's dawning on me! What if the Taleb shill was just satirizing guenonfag? If that's the case then I must apologize to him. He was indeed very based and redpilled.

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>thinks they actually read more than 20 pages out of a guenon book
lol. jokes on you

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Maybe if shills like you weren't out in full force in every Guénon thread, more "substance" could be posted. Or you could simply read him, but I've a feeling that is far above your cognitive abilities.

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Yes there is it's called sex

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well, only when you are in love.

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Hylic detected

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all entities are in a state of non-dualism in relation to any given anime girl.

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The matter hating Gnostics have found lit I see

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>Is there a feeling more sublime?

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I love how guenonfag pretends to disagree with himself.

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He still hasn't overcome the Maya of duality yet it seems

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Based, guenonfag is truly the most mysterious poster on /lit/

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This, but unironically. I usually can't take in more than 10-15 pages of his more divinely-guided texts. God willing, I'll be able to finish at least one book before the new year begins.
But this just shows your ignorance. There is no anti-guenonfag, since to say so is to make a dualistic distinction.

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How am I a shill for asking for something to be posted other than refuted memes?

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I love how everyone mentioning him or accusing people of being him inevitably acts more unhinged and schizo-like than the person they are accusing

>t. guenonfag

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>pretends to
A truly enlightened entity (which I fully suspect him to be) would not even need to pretend. Just realize non-duality and the disagreements become manifest and as plain to see as a single dewdrop of water glistening under the sun.

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No one has refuted anything? You are the one making unsubstantiated claims about Guenon, without posting anything of substance yourself

Why are the Buddhists on /lit/ such schizos?

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>Why are the Buddhists on /lit/ such schizos?
They consume too much McDonalds.

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Why the long face?

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Kek, he was kinda slimmer then.

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t. guenonfag

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so wait, what perennialist stuff have you read so far?

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it's been a long day

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Delet this

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u gotta live with it now, nibba

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ok seguro

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which one is even the real one i can't tell anymore

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This is the only real picture of Guénon

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Forgot to post pic

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We were here before you were Hylic fagget

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What is this "hylic" shit, are you the yaldaboath guy? Is this some fucking discord meme like the "read theory" faggots

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It's something an hylic cannot comprehend. Please learn to pray anon. I feel there is still hope for you.

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In Valentinian Gnostic Theology, there are three kinds of people in the world.

Hylics, Psychics and Pneumatiucs.

Valentinus taught that Hylics are not technically real humans, they are purely materialists and only run off their base functions

Psychics are the next level up, they are the people who follow "Exoteric" religion. they have some knowledge (Gnosis) of the immaterial world but still fall for the illusion/maya. They can be saved from Yaldabaoth given the right environment.

Pneumatics are the people who are either fully awakened or are a Neophyte currently undergoing initiation. They are fully capable of achieving Gnosis and can escape the Samsara

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Sometimes there is crossover between Exoteric religious followers and Atheist materialist.

About 50-70% of regular Christards are Hylics, the rest are Psychic

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What group (aside from 4channel /lit/) would have the highest concentration of pneumatics?

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European hindus.

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>13 posters
>41 replies
why do autists shill for this mudslime faggot?

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it's just 1 shitposting mudskin

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irl? some Sufi orders, Buddhist temples (probably not western ones). Some Hindu groups, mostly in the east, or Taoists. Generally these types of people avoid technology to communicate anyway

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There arent many, definitely not any on social media but you might get lucky with some discords. Pneum's are heavily outnumbered in this day and age. there used to be a few on /fringe/ before it was taken down

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How does one know if one is psychic? I was an atheistic faggot until relatively recently and now I feel this warmth in my heart whenever praying and remembering God. Is this a good sign that I'm not hylic?

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any idea if he's a real Muslim? That'd be pretty lame, bc the guy became Catholic right before dying.

A lot of Guénon threads are being pruned. Guess mods got tired of this spam.

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He said the shahadah right before death bro, I saw it recently in a vision I experienced whilst in a contemplative prayer

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Based. Everyone knows that visions are the highest form of knowledge.

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keep seething Christkek. Islam is the one true world religion

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Why does he hate Guenon?

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cause Guenon does not approve of cheaply made fastfood

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>going to Cairo today
Where is his grave, /lit/?

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Damn, could Wheeler really be Guenonfag?

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Kendra doesn't like to be called guenonfag.

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>nothing but a bunch of ad hominems
He hates Guenon and thinks he was a straight up mental midget. He likes Coomaraswamy and Evola though.

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>He hates Guenon and thinks he was a straight up mental midget.

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can anyone repost the link to the guenon discord plz?

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The one true world religion of incest, yes.

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He says it on basically every stream he does and a lot of the metaphysics videos.

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Wtf are you talking about? I just asked for a rundown and some quotes and you sperg out. Guess there's no reason to read Guenon if you're the result.

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It is because Guenon retroactively refuted him for not directly participating in any tradition and thus for presumptuously presuming to have knowledge while being uninitiated?

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Seems legit.

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This one seems to be the correct location.

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does the OP book describe this in more detail? Also, does it imply what I think it implies?

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>achieving Gnosis and can escape the Samsara
How painfully lacking in self awareness do you have to be to use the term maya and samsara in a gnostic context. I don't care if there are correspondences. You are muddying the waters of religious terminology and corrupting the meaning thereof by taking terms out of proper context.

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Is that you Jack?

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>"they reject dogma"
>somehow this arbitrary, unfalsifiable, three-fold division of humans is not dogma

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>tfw no pneumatic gf who can detect higher angelic beings hiding in human form

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Hylic detected. Truth is literally and by definition unfalsifiable.

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>(aside from 4channel /lit/
fucking lol

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relax this shit is basically like MBTI

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Most people are hylics, most Christians are psychics achieving a lower state of salvation through faith if they stick to it, otherwise non existence like hylics.

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I want to go someday

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Modernistic sex is usually highly degenerate and can easily lead to one foregoing enlightenment altogether.

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>he hasn't transcended the need for sex

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guenonfag confirmed for incel

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Why does it make you so angry that the same concepts sprang up independently in multiple religions?

You aren't even a Hindu or a Buddhist, you are just arguing on their behalf because you are terrified of Perennialism being true.

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then have some trad sex in a barn inbetween animal feces and hay.

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I would imagine most non-married Guenonians to be volcels, not incels.

>> No.14387222

Can I get a chart for the Left and Right Young Guenonians?

>> No.14387226

volcelism is based
See >>14386151

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No you idiot. Samsara is a concept that doesn't make sense in Gnosticism. It is foreign and carries other philosophical implications than merely the transfer of Atma between states of existences. You are corrupting the same religion you pretend to advocate for by using such sloppy vocabulary.

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You're both idiots.

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I watched many of his metaphysics vids awhile ago and never mentions guenon which makes me think your trying to distance yourself

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No, you are.

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not him but I've seem it on a few videos myself before, if you think about it it fits perfectly with everything else he does, he constantly disparages religion (which guenon saw as essential to genuine participation and initiation into metaphysical teachings) as 'secularized metaphysics' and he never mentions Sufism at all despite much of it aligning heavily with the Vedanta that Ken constantly praises

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seething whiteheadfag

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t. Schizo
I never mentioned whitehead at all. This is a thread about gnosticism. Take your meds honey

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ok antiguenonfag

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i just finisheg fucking my afro-caribbean gf no joke
t. guenonfag

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How did your understanding of Guenon's writings lead you to conclude that spending all of your time posting on 4chan is a good idea?

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Based, Guenonposters confirmed for Chads

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He is an enlightened entity trying to spread the good word.

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absolutely based

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excuse me?

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You're excused

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Same, When Deleuze and Guattari clicked for me I become unconscious.

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Should I buy Man and His Becoming According to Vedanta or Multiple States of Being?

>> No.14389853

>buying shizo material
just pirate it bud

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Man and His Becoming is essential for understand Guenon's later books on metaphysics, he cites chapters of it repeatedly in his later books so he doean't have to explain the same idea twice and to keep his books from getting way too long

the beat reading order for his main
books on metaphysics is 1) Man and His Becoming 2) Symbolism of the Cross 3) Multiple States of the Being

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guenon is the worst forced meme in /lit/'s history

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his books are easier to find in english although i can read french...i dont get how a translator can fuck up "les etats multiples de l'etre" into "the multiple states of THE being"

there is no need for "the" even though the french technically has the equivalent...brainlet move

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>tfw Réné Guénon's thought finally clicks
>It is like I am born anew. Is there a feeling more sublime?
Yes, we know Lindsay.

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reading Coomaraswamy's writings on metaphysics on rare occasions surpasses even Guenon

>> No.14391034

Start with Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines

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damn, do you know me irl?

>> No.14391783

i already have

>> No.14392297

rene :)

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Try refuting one of his ideas. Pro tip: you can't because they're all One.

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he can only be retroactively refuted by himself, which is impossible

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>There is no anti-guenonfag, since to say so is to make a dualistic distinction.
you cant make this shit up

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It's the truth. May Allah (swt) grant you a heart that can see this.

>> No.14395381

>Is there a feeling more sublime?
Yes. Bumping a guénonic thread to shit up this board even further.

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No, the feeling of truth you get when reading Guénon is unmatched; it is a euphoria you will never feel again.

>> No.14396895

Literally this. Been doing it for hours. Keep it up boys, we can completely ruin this board

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A loli wearing a hijab is absolutely the most beautiful thing on this earth

>> No.14397277

You wouldn't be on this website if you had.

>> No.14397599

I love being a guenonfag.

have a bump, OP.

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This, 100%

>> No.14398156

>gettin succed

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So how does one get initiated into Guénonic non-dualistic Advaito-Vedantian Sufism? Asking for a friend.
Verily, it is so, brother.

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what would he think of Guenon?

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I am going to sleep but I hope that some knowledgeable anon answers this when I wake up. Have a gueno-bump.

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>So how does one get initiated into Guénonic non-dualistic Advaito-Vedantian Sufism?
There is no syncretic school aside from wacko ones like Schuon's Maryamiyya. If you want a real initiation into Sufism you'll have to become a devout Muslim. If you want a real initation into traditional Advaita you'd have to go to India and abandon your posessions and former life and become an ascetic monk. The Inchegiri Sampradaya teaches fairly traditional Shaivite non-dualism mixed with some Nath influence and have been known to initiate random people who seek them out even without those people becoming ascetics but you'd have to become fluent in Marathi for this to work since almost all of them don't speak English.

>> No.14404617

t. hylic

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epic guenonic bump

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I know that feeling.

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damn... Guenon looked liked THAT?

>> No.14407158

ggguenonfag? hi!

>> No.14407341

not him, but is there really no difference in the possibility of achieving enlightenment by following these paths (Islam and advaita)? Seems like asceticism is very core to one thought to be a mere variable or external element.

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mfw i finally understand the brahman-allah non-distinction.

>> No.14408629

Am I the only one who realises that Ken Wheeler/guenonfag has a youtube channel?


>> No.14408635

Thanks. Might do it if I have the time.
t. Egyptian

>> No.14408639

What translation of hindu doctrines should I get?

>> No.14408644

I don't think it's Ken. Guenonfag is clearly ESL. Also knows French. Seems to be a brown guy living in France.

>> No.14408646

I will dive into theology because I think religious people are the true pessimists.

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What would Guénon (pbuh) think of Dugin?

>> No.14408666

shilling your channel again Kendra?

>> No.14408672

Probably the same criticism he made of Evola. Guenon was Apolitical and didnt want his Philosophy to be used politically. Obviously Guenon was a fking cuck but his Philosophy has served as a good basis for the Evola-Heidegger-Dugin 4th position mysticist Neo-Fascism.

Guenon had no idea of the Chaos he unleashed onto the world

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>""revolt against the modern world""
>has a fake fire on his apple consumer product screen
>has a mcdonalds premium membership card
>larping Nippon easterner cosplay he probably borrowed from an anime convention
Is this some kind of elaborate troll?

>> No.14408679

Its hilarious. As you can see, Guenonfag >>14408666 dosen't want people to know its him

>> No.14408680

we forgive him

>> No.14408683

>elaborate troll?
this isn't 2005 anymore, nobody would be dedicated enough to get morbidly obese just for a cute internet act.

>> No.14408688

Why is the woman not wearing a hijab?

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We have accelerated so far into the Kali Yuga that nothing makes sense anymore.

>> No.14408704

What he's saying there is trivially obvious if you define morality by some law of the jungle might makes right meme.

>> No.14408714

nobody except that bald fraud.

Daily reminder that he got caught samefagging his own ebay page to sell his camera lenses.

>> No.14408719

ok Ken

>> No.14408738

>Guenon had no idea of the Chaos he unleashed onto the world
guenon was just an early accelerationist.

>> No.14408744

If Might Makes right is the only form of logical objective morality, then, objectively, there is nothing wrong with raping a child as long as you can get away with it without being caught and suffering consequences.

The only way you can refute this, is by saying that there is a higher point of morality above the law of natural selection.

>> No.14408767

Imagine Karl Marx except after laying out his Labor Theory of Value/Dialectical Materialism he then said he didnt want his Philosophy to be used as a Revolutionary Political framework.

Unfortunately Guenon didnt know much about Politics or Economics, but Evola and Dugin have him covered on that

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