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/lit/ humor thread

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could someone explain ops joke for me please

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Alfred North Whitehead wrote a book called Process and Reality. Alfredo sauce is a sauce used in many dishes. The process of creating the Alfredo sauce is on the left, and the reality of the completed dish is on the right.

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That was so unfunny that I secretly think this meme thread is opened by Guenonfag

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also when you get asked about Marx's other works

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Its a joke because he worked at an Italian resteraunt before writing the book

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Looks like Billy Corgan now

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I don't think it's true. He had a boring life.

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Look up his book "One Hundred Years Together".

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Anybody got the cap of that cute story where the anon gives a book report to his literature class on Snow Country but gets nervous and goes on and on about his waifu from the book? I need some wholesome spaghetti-dropping in my life right now.

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Peterson always praises Solzhenitsyn but Solzhenitsyn was kind of antisemetic in his other books. I say kind of because Solzhenitsyn didn't hate Jews as people but he was very critical of Judaism as a body of ideas.

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That sounds cute.

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It was very cute. I used to have it the cap but my PC unfortunately crashed. I know at least a couple people here have to have it saved in some folder somewhere...

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This is a good one. Of course the original comic bore the spark of divine inspiration

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Disingenuous. He actively believed and promoted the idea of the judeo-bolsheivk conspiracy propegated by the Nazis. >>14363479

Pic related is for you Guenonfag.

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Communism is Jewish the way the M.A.F.I.A. is Sicilian. Everyone knows that.

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>propagated by the Nazis
More like "propagated" by the military intelligence of literally every country that was not Bolshevik Russia including the U.S. and the U.K.

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>judeo-bolsheivk conspiracy propegated by the Nazis.
You believed the fake quote on the internet, right? The "these weren't real russians" or whatever it was?

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Wtf i love jews now

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Based Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ post

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I do have Butterfly filtered and I can still see her fucking taint in every thread she enters, because 4chanx filters all replies to her as well, so any time she posts, I can see threads with "79 posts" but zero are showing. Why? Because the whole thread, as always, has become a circlejerk with her at the center.

It's amazing how effective she is at it. Her posts are the most one-note, bland, boring, ignorant, shallow statements imaginable, but they somehow provoke people without fail. It's something to do with the way she says absolutely nothing but acts all smug and self-important about it. This is very specific to tripfags too, the tacit assumption that your input is more important than everyone else's, the assumption that everyone else is just a bit-player but you're the star of the thread and we've all been implicitly waiting for you to arrive. Even though other people are actually posting interesting full-length comments, and you're writing one bland sentence that adds nothing except a trite opinion. She just packs so much fucking smugness into that one comment, so much "heh, stand back everybody, here's what *I* think ;)," that it makes you want to fucking kill her. Even before you digest the comment itself and realize she said nothing beyond a sophomoric boomer "personal opinion" with no substance, no depth, nothing backing it, nothing in it that is conducive to discussion.

It's like if I went to the fucking car forum, /o/ or whatever, adopted a tripcode, and started positing "Not quite up to my standards." and "Yeah uh, not interested." in random threads featuring cars. People would inevitably go "who the fuck asked your opinion, retard?" The problem isn't that I dislike the car, presumably many other people in that thread are shitting all over the car, this is 4chan after all. It's that I'm ADDING FUCKING NOTHING. THIS IS WHY I HATE BUTTERFLY. I HATE YOU! I HATE THAT EVEN WHEN I RESIST YOUR HORRIBLE POSTING, EVEN WHEN I GO SO FAR AS TO FILTER YOU, I HAVE TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE FALLING PREY TO YOUR BULLSHIT!

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Propaganda doesn't mean falsehood. It means political messaging.
To say Bolshevism wasn't Jewish is simply to lie.
Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, more than half of the commisars and officers/officials in the revolution and resulting communist governments were Jewish.
If nazi propaganda said that water is wet, the sky is blue or traps are gay, it doesn't mean it's false just because it was nazis saying it.

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sorry m8 this is a funposting thread, maybe you should chillax

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You just know it was the three Finns who were responsible for the majority of the damage

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What if I don't know how to chillax?

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Nonsense, he believed bolshevism had roots in Judaism which it most certainly did, and was critical of those aspects of the doctrine. That's not at all the same as hating Jews.

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but Lenin wasn't Jewish

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wth I never actually laugh at these edits

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once youve read (or in my case heard) one youve seen them all

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I've been here for like 5 years and I haven't laughed close to tears at threads like this since 2014. Granted i'm new to /lit/

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the guy with the spear or flag or whatever it is saying 'im here from /pol/, tell me about Julius Evola' cracks me up

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>using Greta for a proto-fascist image when she clearly spoke how the environmental struggle is aligned with those indigenous and refugee rights

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i don't think you know what "against the wall" means

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hi dieso

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its a Swedish idium for "holding someone accountable"

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based & mämmipilled

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It's all yours my friend.

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in english it means to execute someone by putting them against a wall and shooting them desu

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good to know I'm not the only one

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The pausta sauce was retroactively refuted.

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Lenin wasn't Jewish, his maternal grandfather was and had converted to christianity before marrying a German-Swedish woman.

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And you may have forgotten the part where trotsky was assassinated in Mexico in a move some modern Communists still approve of. Anti-semitism has been a fairly consistent attitude in the far left for a good part of the 20th century.

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Nobody gives a shit

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I don't know how to tell you this but Judaism is more than just a religion

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yes and it's passed down maternally you stupid fuck. Also, why would he have acted in favour of Jewry if he was unlikey to have known about his grandfather's long-past conversion?

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Lenin was raised in a culturally Jewish household, considered himself Jewish, and was considered Jewish by other Bolshevik Jews such as Trostky. We can argue about whether or not he was a "real Jew" because he wasn't Schmutzed by a Rebbi on the day of his Blaghach or some other autistic Jewish legalism, but that doesn't change these fundamental facts.

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>Lenin was raised in a culturally Jewish household, considered himself Jewish
This is a lie

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Trotskys assassination had a hell of a lot more to do with his numerous books and at that time continuing statements against Stalin and the USSR, proclaiming it irrevocably lost to beaureaucrats.
Orthodox Communists may be ok with this because he split the party, but it was a political assassination, not a pogrom

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You can dislike it, but it's true. Or, rather, the carefully crafted propaganda around Lenin's origins say that it is true.

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Lenin was fucking baptised what more do you want? Was he raised as a secret commie jew sleeper agent? The convention of maternal Judaism isn't some kind of obscure kike ritual it goes back millenia.

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Reread my post. I have no stake in this "debate", I'm just stating facts. If being raised by people who considered themselves (culturally) Jewish, considering himself Jewish, and that being "Jewish enough" for other Jews isn't enough for you to consider him Jewish then that's your problem. I'm just letting you know why other people say he was a Jew, because these facts are enough for others.

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You're not stating any facts. Would jewish parents baptise their child? One of his parents had literally no connection to Judaism.
He said in a policy statement about Ukraine in 1919 "Jews and city dwellers on the Ukraine must be taken by hedgehog-skin gauntlets, sent to fight on front lines and should never be allowed on any administrative positions (except a negligible percentage, in exceptional cases, and under [our] class control)".

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Ok so first of all nowhere in that article is the "457 jews" figure used so I don't know what's going on there- it's Putin saying that the first Soviet government (presumably the council of people's comissars) was 80% Jewish- which is also a lie. Only two of the 16 comissars were verifiably Jewish, with another three who's backrounds are difficult to pin down. Apart from that, 6 of the 21 members of the Central Comittee were jewish and about 5% of the party as a whole was jewish. You literally have no idea what you're talking about.
Page 96

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you just know a crypto-redditor twitter tranny made this garbage meme

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This thread isn't very funny

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I cant fucking believe a retarded lit humour thread became a discussion on jewish foreskin removal and the number of jews on the soviet government

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wow, this is kinda interesting. Might check Ted in the future

has /pol/ raided /lit/ recently?

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Root out mistruth wherever it grows

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Is there anywhere the Jews have been a positive influence?

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What do you think

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the qu'ran is in the Top 10 on the voting poll for this year's chart. /pol/ wouldn't allow this.

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i just read the segment on oversocialization from the manifesto and i feel like i shouldn't have

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>the chad ted vs the virgin jordan

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the /pol/ guy is so accurate it hurts

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They are probably pendular lurkers

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The largest failing of Kaczynski's philosophy (beyond just being regurgutated pop-philosophy) is that this statement applies just as much to himself as it does to the perceived target he's attacking. Kaczynski was blind to the fact that his actions were not original or anti-systemic, he was railing against the illusion of a system as an action of a truer system. He lacked the mental caliber to perceive the world in a lens greater than his own interpersonal viewpoint, as we all do, but deigned to assert his capacity to do so otherwise. Probably one of the most pathetic examples of missing the forest for the trees.

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I wish this was less accurate

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