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>why yes, i do love the harry potter series. how could you tell?

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Literally only women-hating incels don't like Harry Potter.

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How do you think she comes?

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with a fork

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I want to stuff my face between her unshaved asscheeks and lick and slobber her to a violent orgasm.

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...and Harold bloom

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That's what I said...

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I think most people who didn't read it as a kid wouldn't like it.

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Not any more.

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Middle class female, all you need to discern this piece of information

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She looks exactly like my roommate's shithead girlfriend. Bitch doesn't cook, clean, or help with anything. She can sleep 18 hours a day.

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I bet she gives great head.

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is he black?

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Maybe. Lord knows she is good for nothing else.

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she sounds based

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No. I'd prefer a based nigger over these two any day. Luckily I can afford to live on my own now. I just have to wait out the lease.

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take and post some sneaky photos of her

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this please. i need something to keep me up while i study for this gay final.

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Some daysI miss my big tiddy Harry Potter fan ex...

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>based nigger
Kys you tolerant piece of shit.

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My one regret in life is the fact that I'll never get a titfuck. No relationship/sex until in uni, meet my then gf, five years later we're engaged and getting married next april. Holy christ she has a nice arse, but her tiddies are only handfuls, not monsters so she can't get me off with them. Ah well, c'est la vie.

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Do you mean hotdogging or actual anal? Both are great, but something tells me a good pair of oiled up tits wrapped around your cock is something else entirely.

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Yeah it is great anon

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>somewhere between the age of 25 and 28
>getting married
>only able to think about his soon to be wife in a sexual context
you will get a divorce in 1 year 4 months 5 days after marriage

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Obviously not, mate, it's just that the topic was a sexual one. I love her very much for many different reasons. Also, we're both 24.

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3 months 12 days is the new prediction

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I think it's fun but really not the epitome of litterature which reddit make it out to be.

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It's fine in the moment, I feel like hotdogging is more penetrative than an assjob (like deep in the cheeks vs grinding/dryhumping), and i would go with even a plain ol assjob over titfucking pretty much any day of the week. If the relationship's closed just be happy dude, they'll get bigger if you make a baby anyway.

Such a get for such a post. Sex is extremely important in a relationship, let us never forget that.

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Oh for sure I'm very happy, just being wistful, you know? And yeah it's closed, we're not into that nonsense poly-shit.

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I can only imagine farting on that little face of hers and watching her waft in it.

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>we're not into that nonsense poly-shit.
but she did fuck 3 other guys before you

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>Oh for sure I'm very happy, just being wistful, you know?
Still, incentive to have a baby dude.

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Girls age like 20 years after getting pregnant. Their tits, ass, and stomach look like deflated balloons after.

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Nah we were both each other's first for everything.

Can't wait to have kids. Just worried about finances because she's a PhD student on a small stipend and my job pays peanuts. Oh well, we'll make it work somehow.

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is this thread about books?

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don't have kids if you're poor muppet

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>Just worried about finances
anon there is NEVER a "good time" to have a child, its a serious commitment that will require dedication and sacrifice but it's a fantastic thing and a necessity.

Just keep in mind that a woman giving birth after the age of 32 starts to head into medically unsound and unsafe territory. 35 is the absolute limit.

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>35 is the absolute limit
where did you get that? /pol/?

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Oh for sure I'm aware of the clock. We want two kids ideally and we're both 24 so plenty of time. Maybe the first in a year or two and the second a year after that.

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No dude do the research it took me like 10 minutes in google to determine this.

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>do the research
im in med school and can tell you that a woman can have a safe pregnancy in her late 40s to early 50s. it just becomes less likely to BECOME pregnant in one's late 30's to early 40's.

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A woman CAN have a safe pregnancy in her 40s and 50s, but the rate at which birth defects, genetic lesions (in particular stuff like trisomy 21) and neonate pathologies occur is significantly higher than for mothers who give birth in their 20s and 30s.

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>A woman CAN have a safe pregnancy in her 40s and 50s, but the rate at which birth defects, genetic lesions (in particular stuff like trisomy 21) and neonate pathologies occur is significantly higher
they are still all at very negligible odds of happening

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What does this even mean?

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Why doesn’t she get smacked around into womanly duties, I bet her pussy stinks

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Kate stop posting yourself on here

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Correct, but it's the relative risk that's important. Most people don't have home births because the relative risk of complications is about three times more likely. Yes, the overall risk across all births is still remarkably low thanks to our modern understanding of medicine, but people simply don't want to increase their risk three fold when they can very easily avoid it (and that's not even taking into account that people with predicted risky births are disproportionately more likely to give birth in a hospital environment, so really the average birth at home is of even greater risk when correcting for the sample bias). Or what about seat belts in cars? Sure, the absolute likelihood of you being in a car accident is very low, but people still take the precaution of wearing a seat belt in the off chance that they are in an accident.

Late pregnancies are no different. Why take the risk? Have your kids young and avoid the statistically significant chances of giving birth to a child that is in some way less healthy than others.

Overall odds are important, but in a world where perfection is impossible you have to consider relative risk and if that relative risk is worth incurring for no real reason.

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please lecture me more with your shitty googled answers. man, we should just scrap med school for google.

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I mean, home births ARE more likely to face complications.


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When Harry Potter was new my parents tried forcing me to read that shit and I couldn't stand it. Gave up halfway through the first book. Wow wizards cool.

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>they are still all at very negligible odds of happening
Depends. Your first child at 40 is a disaster waiting to happen. Your fourth or fifth? You'll probably be fine.

(A woman's reproductive system is biologically 'on pause' during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so a woman who is pregnant for the fourth time is effectively younger.)

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Mine was school when the first book hit the shelves, not parents.

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>liking fiction
Okay coomer

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Just in class we had to pick our favourite author to do a presentation on and some girl picked JK Rowling... She's not even some retarded sjw, she's legitimately a smart person yet it's so fucking weird that women can have be "smart" and have doctors degrees and still act like retards. I remember when I was in high school my math teacher was a woman. You usually expect a math teacher to be pretty intelligent, which she was, but when you looked at her instagram and social media you really couldn't differentiate between her and some basic thot, it's pretty fucked when you realize how stupid women really are,

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>thinks a retarded highschool math teacher is a good stand in for all women
incel dipshit

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women are basically children in adult bodies, lad

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I come from a catholic shithole, a good part of the population here considers Harry Potter a satanist spawn

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catholics are incels

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religious people are nuts, stop the presses!

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atheists are cringe

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>i promise i'm not like other girls, even though harry potter is my favorite book series and i binge watch friends and the office on netflix while posting about it on social media

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He deleted the post, top fucking kek, what did he say?

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Because you act like a child. You were sheltered and coddled your entire life until mommy and daddy sent you off to college.

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I want to fuck Velma.

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have you re-read it since being a child? I loved it as a kid, looking back it is objectively shite, even for childrens fiction

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congrats anon :))

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the illiterate anon said it best

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a T. Rex with feeble prey eyes... my boner is confus

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It follows the Heros Journey to a t. There is a reason people like it so much, it follows the monomyth. I'm listening to them to help learn German and there is nothing bad about them aside from shoehorned in politics. The kid is cinderella but a wizard and conquers his Jungian shadow while realizing it's power and helpfulness. In terms of characters it is better than lotr.

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Imagine bending her over and flipping up her skirt then fucking her until her and watching her white ass slap your pelvis until her glasses fall off then pumping cum deep into her brainy cunt

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Someone post the extreme BTFO of Rowling that points out that the series is the ultimate in liberal pro-status-quo bullshit.

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Yeah I don't get this pol meme one of my family friend's wife and him are 38 and 39 and just had another completely healthy and fine son

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Literally nobody is saying that women past a certain age children are guaranteed to be unhealthy/deformed. What is said, quite rightly, is that after about 35 the risk of almost all deformities, birth defects, chromosomal defects, genetic lesions and developmental pathologies increases in a statistically significant manner. So while you CAN have healthy births at high ages (the oldest mother on record was a few days shy of 67), the CHANCE of a healthy birth decreases dramatically with age.

Maternal age is heavily correlated with unhealthy births and the age at which the correlation takes off is around 35. This isn't some retarded bro-science, this is readily accepted among medical researchers. Most countries with functioning healthcare systems now offer a screening battery for expectant mothers over 35 to test for various pathologies.

Pic related is for trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), and cited from PMID: 10969860.

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i mean c'mon guys its not thaaaat bad

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>Most countries with functioning healthcare systems now offer a screening battery for expectant mothers over 35 to test for various pathologies.

In some places there is no longer any downies born since they are just aborted.

So while having children later will increase the risk of retards modern science also allows them to be discarded before ever being born.

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