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What did everyone else get for Noam Chomsky Day?

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Die bitch.

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Apple pie!

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Foucault kicked your ass

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I got a copy of “After the Cataclysm”. It had all the passages highlighted that repudiate the slander that Chomsky was a Pol Pot apologist.

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never ready anything he wrote

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91 years of going clean shaven aand he finally grows a beard

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Foucault didnt even give a clear position he just pulled some post modern magic

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good one, tranny

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Why would someone make this?

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He has a new Latina (Brazilian) wife who is 35 years younger than him

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Sly old bastard.

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based khmer rouge propagandist!

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Based Chomsky can’t tell you what love is, but knows that life is empty without it.

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>reads Bernays once

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Poor woman

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>Yfw the entire British media and public still believe the allegations of Jeremy Corbyn's 'anti-semitism' after you - a Jew - write a column explaining how fucking bogus they are.

I'm thinking we're fucked Britbong lads. Also Chomsky is based happy 91

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Reposting absolute Chompsky Kino


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I'm pretty sure this is /pol/bait, but Jesus died at the age of 33

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>Say Something Nice
He will die soon, G-d willing.

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God has been alive forever brainlet

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I usually don’t cry when celebrities die but I’ll weep when Chomsky dies. Would give my life force to this man if it would extend his life.

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>I’ll weep when Chomsky dies
Why is the tranny left so cringe

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imagine being beta enough to be a willing sacrifice to a jewish vampire

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>Uses an anime girl to make him feel like a proud Nazi

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>وَالَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا وَكَذَّبُوا بِآيَاتِنَا أُولَٰئِكَ أَصْحَابُ النَّارِ ۖ هُمْ فِيهَا خَالِدُونَ - 2:39
>"But those who reject Faith and belie Our Signs, they shall be companions of the Fire; they shall abide therein."
>يَا بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ اذْكُرُوا نِعْمَتِيَ الَّتِي أَنْعَمْتُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَأَوْفُوا بِعَهْدِي أُوفِ بِعَهْدِكُمْ وَإِيَّايَ فَارْهَبُونِ - 2:40
>O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favour which I bestowed upon you, and fulfil your covenant with Me as I fulfil My Covenant with you, and fear none but Me.

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Nazis do not worship HaShem, blessed be (H)is name. They (as well as unbelieving Children of Israel) will return to Hell (from whence they came) immediately after fulfilling their G-d given plan of punishing those who turned away from (H)im.

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>I usually don’t cry when celebrities die but I’ll weep when Chomsky dies. Would give my life force to this man if it would extend his life.

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I don't find any aspect of this man impressive, and I don't see how anybody does. He's always seemed so manufactured.

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>He's always seemed so manufactured.
He quite literally is. All vampires are manufactured.

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hell be fine

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Is that Megan Boyle?

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Pinker is a romantic. He shouldn't get so much criticism

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Megan's feet are a bit wider at the fore and more narrow toward the heel, for shorthand, I regard Megan's feet as half-heart shaped, whereas these are more crescent rolls

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never read chomsky but he's libsoc gang so we tight

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The beard is a good look for him.

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>my group good because my group


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yeah but my group is centered around a political philosophy, not something dumb like race or sports

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b-b-b-b-b-based chk chk *gun shot*

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>a political philosophy, not something dumb
Political philosophy is dumb and you are dumber than racists for having that as core of your identity. Even traditional religions are more sophisticated in their idea of group identity.

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this is hilarious for some reason

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>Megan Boyle
Do you even /b/?

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anarcho communism is dumber that any sport

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i'm really not a pol type but goddamnit these fucking jews are everywhere

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Noam no!

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Perfectly captures the salient essence of previously prestigious American universities. How the good stuff can be salvaged

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Fuck Noam Chomsky.

The policies he supports result in massive poverty in third world countries.

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The marketing of Noam Chomsky is so tiresome.

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There's literally nothing libertarian about socialism.

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There is no form of libertarianism that is not a form of socialism.

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>he thinks you need a state to enforce private property
>he think abolishing money is liberty
yikes, you people will grow up one day
your ideology results in the working class being poor and oppressed and mine increases their living standards and allows them to work less

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In your dreams, Koch shill.

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>muh koch brothers
Ahhh, I see another brainwashed leftist pseud drone.
You people don't even understand what free markets are and just continue to believe your retarded strawman version of them.
Imagine supporting central banking.
Imagine thinking taking over the means of production will actually benefit the working class and allow them to consume more goods or work less hours lol

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The phrase "libertarian socialism" came about way before mutts started calling free market capitalism libertarianism. You are using the wrong phrase, not libsocs.

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>muh central banking
Oh look, it's that guy again.

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>The phrase "libertarian socialism" came about way before mutts started calling free market capitalism libertarianism.
So what?
Deal with it babby.

>actually defending central banking
Oh look that proud slave again.

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Decentralization is inherently authoritarian. Anyone who refers to themselves as “libertarian” in any sense is a cloistered authoritarian.

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happy birthday to my homo snack

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I got an Real Grade RX-178 Gundam mk ii.
I thought it would only be an appropriate gift for myself on Chomsky day.

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So saying there's nothing libertarian about socialism is wrong because you're clearly misunderstanding libertarianism and socialism.

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>no argument
capitalist firms would pay higher wages than worker owned ones and are more efficient for consumers
you would make yourself poorer by living in an "anarcho" communist commune
also don't pretend that there are no laws and rules, there definitely are, it's not anarchism
Catalonia was a state

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Not an argument. There have thousands of prominent Jewish antisemites. Although i do agree Corbyn isn't an antisemite, only the Paki members of the Labour party really are.

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That photo really looks like a staged antisemitic piece of propaganda.

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They look like average white dudes. /pol/ has destroyed your brain

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Stay strong, comrade.

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People like him just reafirm the idea that most libsocs are AIDS ridden invalids going through female hormone treatment.

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Chomsky’s own thoughts on this issue are spot on the mark: Labour has grown by leaps and bounds since Corbyn became the leader until it is now the largest political party in Europe. Now, with an influx of so many people, yes, some of them will bring in unsavory ideas, and of course the party should work hard to denounce them. But the rate of anti-semitism in the Labour Party is at about the same background rate as UK society in general, and in any case, anti-Muslim sentiment is a greater scourge to UK society in any case, so why aren’t people making a bigger deal about that?

>> No.14312475

How is anti-Muslim sentiment a greater scourge? It is normal and healthy for a society to react aggressively when a great number of foreigners flow in in just a few decades. The role of government is to ensure a rapid assimilation (as opposed to integration) of the foreign elements to ensure that the period of friction is as short as possible. Incentives, such as social pressure, to encourage foreign elements to give up their previous customs (like Islam) are a good thing provided they are tightly controlled to not create violence.

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This has me really disappointed.
In the US, the meme that Donald Trump is a Russian asset never really caught fire beyond the Democratic Party base, which didn’t like Trump in the first place.
The the UK on the other hand, it is disappointing how the meme that “Jeremy Corbyn isn’t doing enough to stop anti-semitism in his party” caught on, especially since other dumb memes were tried before like, “Corbyn sympathized with the old Communist Eastern Bloc and passed state secrets to Czech intelligence.”

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If Bernie Sanders weren't Jewish, we'd be seeing the same shitstorm here in the US. Neolibs just love stirring up idpol drama.

>> No.14312557

It caught on because, aside from Chomsky and a few others, Jews, especially British Jews, are convinced it's true. More specifically they would like Corbyn to discipline the Pakistanese members of the party.

>> No.14312573

They already tried that shit with Bernie.
Bernie’s original base of support was with White leftists in the Midwest/Rust Belt, so commentators spread the myth that Bernie was too vanilla to make headway with communities of color. There was also the “Bernie Bros” frat boy gangs that the Clinton campaign literally made up themselves.
Now that the likes of Cardie B, Killer Mike, Ileana Omar and AOC are backing Sanders, pundits are asking, “Is Bernie’s base too ‘urban’ to attract Rust Belt voters?” This shit is endless.

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Holy shit go away you larping ancom retards.
You will NEVER get your way, you'll just keep whining forever.

>> No.14312777

>ancom retards
I'm not a lefty, genius. I'm just stating that your pet subsection of progressivism is particularly gay from the perspective of everyone else, including other reds

>> No.14312795

>tfw transgender and ancap
I piss off righties and lefties. :3

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God, you're so gay. Marxists in the 19th century would see you as some sort of effeminate eunuch. It's so sad that you socdems represent the modern left. Might as well cut off your cocks to fight neoliberalism or whatever it is that you're fighting now

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I just told you I'm an ancap, brainlet. I hate all marxists and ancoms.

>> No.14312907

No you're not. Ancaps aren't around here anymore, they aren't even popular on reddit. You're just some bored chappofag falseflagging.

>> No.14312917

>Ancaps aren't around here anymore,
We're everywhere, dummy.
>they aren't even popular on reddit.
ancap subreddit has 100k subs, libertarian has 350k but whatever

>> No.14312926

Diminishing numbers, diminishing relevance on the right in general. Most ancaps on /pol/ now larp as ultraconservative as well. None would admit they are trannies. Few commies on 4chan would as well. Safe to assume you're just lying for attention.

>> No.14312938

>Diminishing numbers
We're increasing in numbers.
I'll admit that the right and left have outpaced us.
We still exist and when the US dollar collapses you're going to be hearing a lot more of us.
>Safe to assume you're just lying for attention.
I have a copy of man economy and state on my shelf next to my estradiol and cyproterone .

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Too bad "ancap" is an oxymoron.

>> No.14313026

Imagine thinking you need a state to protect private property.
No examples of real anarchism in history worked the way ancom theorists prescribe.

>> No.14313044

There is no way this is real. Every American city should be bulldozed into a mass grave if this is a legit twitter thread.

>> No.14313090

lmao, no. They don't.

>> No.14313100

Sadly she's being honest. Tranny here and I've met plenty of ancap trannies. They're all retards and I hope they're gunned down by glorious ancap Blackwater death squads when they're scavenging for water in the upcoming late capitalist climate dystopia

>> No.14313108

In the absence of a state, there is just "the stuff I'm using" vs "the stuff I'm not using". There is no property.

>> No.14313109

legit and relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkH93zPzaaM

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>chomsky tried to btfo skinner
>btfos himself instead
I just love how much jews need to prop other jews in order to keep their whole charade alive

>> No.14313167

Jesus Christ shit the fuck up you retard.
Also climate change is a threat to us all and in a free market these companies would be brought to justice.
You people are just extremely upset that our ideology was actually tried and successful many times in the past and didn't turn into the ancap strawman memes.

>> No.14313174

>late stage capitalism
Do you redditors realize how cringe you are?

>> No.14313182

Sanders didn't win because of Black Boomers in the South lel

>> No.14313203

The term "late capitalism" was coined by Werner Sombart, not "redditors" you embarrassing buffoon.

>> No.14313216

The DNC was the real bad actor, on behalf of Clinton of course.

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Happy birthday gnome linguistics man!

>> No.14313261

Might not have been coined by them, but they sure like to throw it around

>> No.14313288

>in a free market these companies would be brought to justice
You are delusional. Anarcho-capitalism only makes sense to are those who don't believe in climate change, or those who have enough money to hire security firms to protect their capital, and I'm guessing that's not you. Please tell me how ExxonMobil would be persuaded to do anything differently under a free market. The only thing I can admit is that state capitalism has been helping to prop up oil companies up for decades, but they have enough power over the global economy that they aren't going away under a free market. Sustainable energy is not realistic under capitalism and never will be.
never been there

>> No.14313313

The term has become quite popular among journalists in the last few years. Reddit just reflects that.

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Thought about responding for a second there, nice one

>> No.14313530

Even if wages were lower, employees would receive dividends making up for it. Why would wages be lower if all firms were employee owned, and what makes them less efficient for consumers? Most product development and manufacturing decisions are made by teams of employees, not the directors. Have you ever worked in a company headquarters, and not just in something like a supermarket?

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Not antisemitic but I agree with you completely when it come to Chumpksy vs Skinner. It's especially bad because Skinner preemptively refuted all of Chomsky's in Verbal Behavior, knowing full well in advance that some upper-leve-midwit like Chumpsky would come along.

>> No.14313568

>Chomsky's *"arguments"*

>> No.14313607

Skinner had some important ideas, but he shit the bed when he tried to apply his approach to language. He was the equivalent of John Money thinking he could "reassign" the sex of David Reimer. Some things are just in-born and not learned. Everyone gets that now, but Chomsky's demolition job on behaviorism was groundbreaking at the time.

>> No.14313622

>The policies he supports result in massive poverty in third world countries.
How does his policy of not illegally carpet bombing third world countries make them poorer?

>> No.14313635

Advances in neurolinguistics have revived and vindicated Skinner's theories on language acquisition and linguistics.
> Everyone gets that now, but Chomsky's demolition job on behaviorism was groundbreaking at the time.
Hardly a demolition job if all the arguments he had were already pointed out by Skinner himself in Verbal Behavior.

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show tits

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This guys was a complete psycho, wasn't he?

>> No.14315559

Can't believe based Jim would hang out with this chomo

>> No.14315580


I still cherish the idea that he shall die while Trump is president. It may not happen, but five years is a long time, especially for a nonagenerian.

>> No.14315587

looks great with the beard

>> No.14315596

>Imagine thinking you need a state to protect private property.
That is what you’d have to establish. Hence ancap is oxymoronic

>> No.14315728

>Sustainable energy is not realistic under capitalism and never will be.
What about nuclear power and fusion?

>> No.14315745

Medieval Ireland, medieval iceland, the American midwest during the 1800s did it just fine. Private property was protected in the absence of a state.
Step out of your ideological bubble for once
You people aren't anarchists
Even if wages artificially rise, prices would be forced up as well, negating any benefits
You people completely ignore the consumer from your theories.

>> No.14315751

Why does Pinker respect Chomsky?
Chomsky is an authoritarian piece of shit.

>> No.14315791

You need to List Kissinger as well. Can't believe that guy's still kicking

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File: 400 KB, 1302x2083, BE558F7F-DCB7-48D3-9BCA-BBCB1BC96FA1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Medieval places made castles. Had kings, knights, and other soldiers. People who couldn’t afford castles were taxed by competing “lords”. The whole mess has developed over the years since ancient times. You want that Moldbugs feudalism returned. This isn’t anarchism

>> No.14315833

...except it's origins and etymology. You're not helping your cause any by not knowing that.

>> No.14315846

He's may be a shit political theorist but he's definitely a cunning linguist.

>> No.14315940

Imagine being dumb enough to confuse Irish anarchism during the middle ages to the rest of statist Europe.
Ancap existed there and also existed in the American midwest during the 1800s.
I don't know why you people can't get this through your heads.
You don't need a state to enforce private property rights.
These places existed for much longer and were much more successful than the left wing anarchist(if you could even call it that) experiments.

>> No.14315954

You become that state that enforces your laws, bumbass

>> No.14315964

New book when??

>> No.14316171

No you don't you stupid fucking insect.
A state is a monopoly on law, anarchism is a polycentric legal order.
Left wing "anarchists" were a monopoly on law and extremely authoritarian.
You people crave authority, it's kind of hilarious.

>> No.14316174

Imagine actually being brainwashed enough to read this economically illiterate authoritarian cunt.

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Anarcho socialists always love to decry anarcho capitalism as idiotic because there is no state to uphold property rights. Well I would love to know how they think we could maintain total equality without state coertion. Even assuming there is no wage work (how that would come to pass is beyond me without systematic coertion) inequalities would appear as soon as people started trading and interacting with each other (do they not see that everyone is different?) and division of labor increased.

>> No.14316213

>no argument
And you people wonder why your ideology is a failure and will never take over anything.
You're just going to be a bitter authoritarian loser your whole life lol

>> No.14316220

How would prices artificially rise with more spread out dividends? The amount of money in the economy would be the same, only it would be more spread out as capital gains would be distributed more widely. Wages would still be higher for more skilled workers and people with more responsibilities, before you talk about lack of incentives to work hard.

>> No.14316224

That is exactly what happened in "Anarchist" Catalonia and Aragon. The anarchists started off by closing smaller plants en masse thereby increasing unemployment and inequality. The remaining cooperatives by law had to share all profits equally but the workers of the bigger and more profitable factories simply refused to do so, after all what was the point of taking over a factory if you were not aloud to keep the profits. So what the wealthier workers did was to raise their wages so much that there were no more profits to hand out. Inequality got worse. The Anarchists leaders were horrified some of them admitted that they had not seen this coming.

>> No.14316231

>How would prices artificially rise with more spread out dividends? The amount of money in the economy would be the same
Because the output/supply of consumer goods would stay exactly the same or most likely shrink. The working class is already consuming virtually all of the consumer goods. Prices would obviously rise, massive new demand without an increase in supply.
It's crazy to me that you people completely ignore the consumer in your theories.

>> No.14316454

Most goods have a low Income elasticity of demand, and these are what decide inflation. If peoples income increases they wont suddenly start buying more of the goods that are already staple purchases. If people have twice as much disposable income they wont purchase twice as much bread. Extra income from dividends would increase productivity from extra savings, investments and purchases of non-essential and luxury goods, which aren't at maximum possible demand or supply.

>> No.14316470

This isn't a good look for you butters, you're getting mogged out there.

>> No.14316539

boomer dyke on suicide watch

>> No.14316921

>Most goods have a low Income elasticity of demand, and these are what decide inflation
So? Prices will eventually rise even if people aren't spending that money right away.

There's legit no benefit for workers to take over the means of production.

>> No.14317526

>Cosmo Kramer Regrets "Nigger" Rant
lmao that's even funnier than the real thing

>> No.14319070


Jewish 'anti-semites' are just anti-zionists branded as such by other Jews. And tbf I'm defending Corbyn and not his awful cabinet.

>> No.14319248

his "Chomsky on MisEducation" was very wide-opening, although a bit boring sometimes.

Happy birthday!

>> No.14319270



>> No.14319280

t. cuckservative who still thinks USA should be World Police and that Israel is our biggest ally.

>> No.14319284


You have got to be joking right?

>> No.14319356

tick tock tick tock

>> No.14319365


>> No.14319373

Happy birthday Noam!

>> No.14319383

die kike

>> No.14319393

Why is Sheldon Adelson not on there? He's just as bad as Soros.

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