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Bookshelf thread

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this is mine btw

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Your sister is cute

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He is perfect

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>Richard Dawkins
I just lost all respect for him. Better just have it as an ironic joke

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Fucking faggot

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>that visible dust
buy a duster for fucks sake Q

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You're magical sky daddy isn't real, idiot

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I know! This is so cringey. I hope he inherited these books or something. He better have a good defense. Im going to ask him on Discord

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His girlfriends books are mostly on the shelf on the right, his are mostly on the left one.

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>You're magical sky daddy isn't real, idiot

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>Autism is not wanting a cm of dust on everything
Only slobs and the senile let dust collect like that.

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shut the hell up

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I still have to organize my bookshelf a little bit more.

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>the ancestor's tale
Have none of you read this? It's a fucking great book, it goes backwards throughout the entire evolutionary history of life starting with humans and adding on groups of organisms based on when they diverged

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Calm down everyone, Quentin is a Roman Catholic. He probably put it there as a meme or read it to know who he is arguing against

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It’s fine how it is, just get Revolt Against the Modern World and you’re set

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The Dawkins book I could forgive but not him being a papist.

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That was false information, Quinton Reviews is an agnostic atheist idiot

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Also here are some of my bookmarks. Currently missing my pocket watch bookmark that I got from etsy.

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That is his alter ego you brainlet

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Why would an English person want to be Roman Catholic when they could just be Anglican?

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He's Welsh

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based if true. his content is still shit though

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Why do you have to be so mean, be constructive

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how do i eat less? i hate being pudgy so fucking much.

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fork putdowns 3 times a day

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I posted in the other shelf thread, might a well shit up this one too
who is this FtM
nice bookmarks, also Julius Caesar is the best Shakespeare play next to merchant of Venice

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Just exercise, your metabolism is probably meant for harsh winters and mostly starvation. Exercise endlessly

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What's p. Orridge like in comparison to chaos magick stuff like psychonaut

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I'm just tired of the post-modern act of criticizing everything and only responding in irony

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Mad respect for England’s Hidden Reverse, I’ve been meaning to get a copy myself

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the TOP stuff is interesting because it was originally a " fake " cult movement that became drowned in Gen's own ego. The book is well worth the read if you want to see how the ego and illusions of grandeur can cloud spiritual ideas. I don't like Gen ( even though I love his front man work in TG and PTV ) but his insanity is always worth a glance

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Noise music a history was pretty bad but plus size elf redeems this shelf

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it's such a good read on the topic, especially because info on COIL us so hard to come by. I would love an OG copy with that beautiful hardcover with all the photos of them

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What the FUCK? Why the hell would anyone want to be something so pathetic as an Anglican?

>> No.14307294

So you can go to mass without Italians and Hispanics, duh
long as it's not episcopalian...

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Where's his noods

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on her yt chanel

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Who ever told Sadler about him is based. I hope he actually does watch the videos

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Anglicanism is based, got rid of the pedo pope without tearing out a bunch of books from the bible like the protshits

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>waa waa someone brown sat next to me

Grow the fuck up.

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>filthy papist, the queen of England is the TRUE leader of the Christ's church on earth

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>he doesn't know Anglicans are Protestant.
I bet you don't know they are (were) Reformed Christians too.

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He's naked in like every other video

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yeah they got rid of the pedo pope and instead got loads of pedo kings and princes

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30 year's war 2: Musket Boogaloo

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I'm just intimidated by the way they take communion straight to the tongue. Much more comfortable watching people take the Eucharist into their wrinkly old pale hands first, no kneeling

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Who is this guy? Link me his youtube.

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It's a /lit/fag who watched too much MDE

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He's probably going to hate it

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hows that heaven taken by storm?

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all these plebs and their collection. OSHO has the best library in the world. You niggers can never compete

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Convicting. It's the book every young person in the Neo-Reformed camp needs to read imo.

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Never thought I'd see paradise lost and the hunger games on one shelf

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Why do you feel that way?

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None of them look read.

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unfortunately, none of them look burned either

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The cloth-bound ones look like that because I only use them for devotional reading. I have cheaper editions of them that I make notes in.

I try to keep my books in good shape because they aren't just for me but for my family one day.

Rude. I wouldn't burn my copy of the CCC even though it is blasphemous.

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Based book burner.

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>unread copy of city of god
>no mathew henry bible commentary


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Fuck off christnigger larper

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Seeeeethe harder.

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I still can't believe Youtube finally banned him

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You can say that I like to read :^)

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The epitome of /fitlit/

>> No.14309497

What subject/author would you like to see him tackle next?

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Start by not eating anything today, then you can eat regularly tomorrow. Don't eat anything the day after, and so on until you reach your desired weight. This should ideally be combined with exercise on eating days, and with a proper limit on carbohydrate intake so your body more easily switches into ketosis on fast days (ie more efficiently tuning to fat-burning for fuel). This will have a ton of other health benefits too, if you are in risk of diabetes or other lifestyle diseases.

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>still using the sky god trope
Move on

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Something substantial instead of lefty academic meme bullshit. Wittgenstein was a step in the right direction.

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must suck being stuck in 2009

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>Better stand up for the bearded genie in the sky I worship!

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>plus sized elf
this has to be the most based shelf i have ever seen on /lit/

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his hegel video

>> No.14310539

How tall is Q, bros? Looks like a 5’10 manlet, got that kind of energy and look about him

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you can feel the reddit coming off this post

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Cool Mishima stuff

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>sun and steel

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Here you go, frens!

(Red shelf is still a WIP.)

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He has a disc?

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310109 # >>14310158 #

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KOOM hahahah KOOMER hahaaaaaaaaa
yellow shelf CUM

>> No.14312513

If I wanted that, I'd be Lutheran.

>> No.14312673

is q irish

>> No.14312683

looks pikey to me

>> No.14312707

leev thred femoid

>> No.14312759

lel u hate aesthetics y?

>> No.14313380

He's gay

>> No.14313738

I hate rubbish aesthetics, femoid

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blessed shelf

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that tape delay book is sexy

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Checking in.

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So embarrassing.

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I don't believe in a god by any means, but Dawkins is straight-out fucking cringe. He is the atheist equivalent of stupid american protestant pastors, like that cuck Anderson. He is pretty much a "pop-star" of science, and a loud one at that.

>> No.14317095

being an athiest is cringe, stop it

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nah, being vocal about your religious beliefs is cringe, christcuck, neckbeard atheist or LARPing pagan, keep that shit to yourself

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Some of the books I own in double because I spend money to feel happy and bought terrible editions that are hard to read.

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If God is all powerful and all loving, why is he so determined to make sure you're alone and not just unloved, but actively hated and laughed at by women?

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Note: that Harry Potter book is not mine.

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unironically neck yourself, we have come to a point in which we can't have any resemblance of a discussion without retards like you coming in and shouting "X IS CRINGE BRO, STOP IT, IT'S CRINGE"

Same goes for you >>14316325

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I have more books but they are disorganized. I'll post the other 3 rows if someone asks me to.

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>Guns germs steel
super fag

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