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>Bro, all religions are pathways to the truth
>And islam is the most true one
>Despite islam literally denying sacred texts from the religion i'm claiming is a pathway to truth
>And the fact that all of the religions are contradictory to each other in multiple ways
Was all of his work simply autism?

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Why hyper focused on critiquing islam if you know its not the truth? for a better argument that wont convince others?

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Whiteheadians are absolutely seething lmao

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come on, JP II wasn't THAT bad

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okay whiteheadposter

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Either way those texts were written based on subjective data, of course they might be contradictory
Denying other religions is a common thing too, not everyone in human history understood the idea that "all religions are pathways to the truth"

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Dont bother arguing with him, people either get it or they dont. Subhuman Hylics cant see beyond the exoteric dimensions of any religion. Thats just the way Yaldabaoth made them

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I don't understand this meme, what do Guenon and Whitehead have to do with each other?

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Damn, why was he so based?

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Whitehead was retroactively refuted by Guenon

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> all religions are pathways to the truth

Does this include cults like American protestantism and Scientology?

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Retrocausally defeated by the absolute necessity of tradition's true being in the future which is certain yet not.

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I suck.

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yeah, you do. and you also posted pornography. delete it coomer

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Since Perennialism isnt an Orthodox "doctrine" it will change depending on who you ask, but Generally no. Perennialists dont believe 'all religions are true' It is definetely well within the bounds of being a perennialist to consider certain religions superior to others, or consider some religions to be completely made up for monetary/political reasons, or for no reason at all. (Theosophy.jpg, Bahai_Faith.jpg, Ahmadiyya_Islam.jpg)

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>He thinks Jordan Peterson supports Islam in any way whatsoever

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>The one where we know for a fact that most texts are later fabrications is the most untainted religion

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he meant john paul 2 you brainlet

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this but unironically

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>Despite islam literally denying sacred texts from the religion i'm claiming is a pathway to truth
>he thinks a man whose role was to convert western materialists, useless intellectuals and decadent philosophers was not allowed by a muslim jurist to use all means necessary, including spreading some small teachings that conflict with Islam sometimes

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alright but unironically what's the deal with guenon? does he really say that all religions lead to truth and to just pick one and stick with it? how's that work when they all teach different stuff? like for instance zen buddhism directly adovactes against stuff in say judaism for instance. pls help i wanna know

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Yes and No. Like was said here >>14251132
he is critical of certain religions and their practices (especially pseudo religions). But generally speaking, any of the major religions of the world can lead to God, provided they are practised the way they are "supposed" to be practised, according to the "original" tradition, that was handed down. He did believe though that Islam was the most direct and easiest route for finding God.

Hinduism also was very good, although it is basically inaccessible to westerners, as it requires you to be born into the caste system in India

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70iq post

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>Islam being a religion of truth
Fact is, Islam is the least /lit/ religion. One must be an authentic brainlet to follow a religion created by an illiterate nomadic thief. Not only is it wrong by /lit/ standards but also from a moral point of view.

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Ok seguro

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The exoteric elements of the religions contradict eachother, not the esoteric.

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>Islam seeks the truth
Truth is, one must be an authentic brainlet to follow a religion that was created by an illiterate nomadic thief. Being muslim is not only wrong from a /lit/ point of view but also from a moral standpoint.

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Oh shit, whiteheadians are absolutely terrified of Islam taking over their country.
I on the other hand, am looking forward to the coming culture war and will happily convert to Islam

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expand upon that anon im interested in your point of view

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I guess you're referring to the Abrahamic religions. Well of course they are similar since they were heavily influenced by the Jews. Moreover Islam is just a mismash of Christanity and the Talmud, a real irony since muslims hate both with a passion.

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>Bro, all religions are pathways to the truth
Not necessarily, he considered things like Protestantism as having little relation to the truth
>And islam is the most true one
He wrote in his letters that becoming a muslim/sufi was a matter of personal spiritual convenience and that it didn't imply the superiority of Islam over religions but that "he who knows the unity of traditional forms is really unconvertable to anything'
>Despite islam literally denying sacred texts from the religion i'm claiming is a pathway to truth
Quran 5.48. We have sent down to you the Book with the truth, confirming whatever of the Book was revealed before it, and guarding over it. Judge, then, between them by what God has sent down, and do not follow their desires and caprices away from the truth that has come to you. For each, have We appointed a clear way of life and a comprehensive system. And if God had so willed, He would surely have made you a single community; but in order to test you by what He granted to you. Strive, then, together as if competing in good works. To God is the return of all of you, and He will then make you understand about what you have differed on.
>And the fact that all of the religions are contradictory to each other in multiple ways
They contradictory on the level of the exoteric but when one gets to the esoteric there is much more alignment.

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just read Guenons work? thats what its all about

No. its all religions. The God of Israel, Brahman and Ahura Mazda are the same.
Although Guenon points out, like in Gnosticism, the separation of the creator God from the absolute Godhead (Brahman vs Vishnu)

>hurr durr Muslims just mishmashed together Christianity and Judaism

God, clearly favoured Muhummad in warfare and in the very quick spread of Islam. he was remember, just one man and the whole Pagan world wanted him dead, and they tried to kill him on many occasions, but it couldnt be done

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>just read Guenons work? thats what its all about
just explain what you mean with exoteric vs esoteric aspects of religion

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Brainlet? you must be retarded. All religions are sacred identities, and no religion is superior than any other. Islam i a rich tradition in and of itself, that you media-infested boomers won't get.

That its founder was illiterate is a good thing, since it shows that he was a master of poetry to remember his revelations and pass it to others. He wasn't a nomad, retard. He was a merchant who the pagans forced out of their city, of course he was going to raid the oppressor who persecuted and stole from his community, it was fair.

I'm just urprised he didn't kill them in his final conquest of Makkah.

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On the surface, Hinduism is polytheistic. But people versed in the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, and certain schools of Hinduism can (and very often do) make the claim that it is Monotheistic, with Brahman being the absolute Godhead, and all the lesser Gods being manifestations of him.

In Abrahamism, we would call these "lesser Gods" Angels or Archangels, rather than Gods.

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can the same be said about the trinity

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>Winning battles due to Mehmet being favoures
Yes sure, definitely not due to great generals of war who were mostly Persian. The fast expansion was a direct result of violence being used against more peaceful tribes. Moreover don't forget that Mehmet was most likely poisoned, so I doubt your God helped a lot, or most likely wanted him dead.

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>The God of Israel, Brahman and Ahura Mazda are the same.
You can not be more wrong.
YHVH is an angry incel desert demon, envious of ever other god in existence, Israelite supremacist and visciously destructive.

Brahman is The One, the highest reality, pure Being while Ahura Mazda is a product of the inversion of old Indo-Aryan gods.

You're either a brainlet or an Abrahamist which is basically the same.

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You still didn't refute my argument that Islam was just a ctrl+C ctrl+V of other more complex and thought out religions

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islamism is christian heresy based on the christian syrian communities.

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I could never gake the word of a man with such a terrible moustache.

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How do you explain the fact that Indians are ready to incorporate other gods into the pantheon and see them as an expression of Brahman while Abrahamists are exclusivists and consider everything non-Biblic as demonic/satanic/idols?

There's a huge esoteric difference

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christianism is judaic heresy based on worshiping of a man as God.

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>All religions are sacred identities, and no religion is superior than any other. Islam i a rich tradition in and of itself, that you media-infested boomers won't get.
Not true, some are better than others due to the literary craft and philosophic thought that went into them. Islam is defnitely not one of them.
>Mohammed remembered the revelations
Most likely made them on the spot each time he went into seizure due to being an epileptic manlet.
Ps.: seeth more fag

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Judaism is a sumerian Pagan heresy that replaced the entire Sumerian Pantheon and Mythology with Ieova the God of Israel

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I agree. Christianism is just down the shit stream of Semitic conglomerates.

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some anon has been forcing a meme against him for some reason

pic related

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>Not accounting the centuries of philosophy that was incorporated in the Christian books, with ultimate ideal the truth.
That is why I 'll never account muslim fags as anything more than Brainlets.

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Whitehead did admit that Guenon and Parmindes were right though

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>Not accounting the centuries of philosophy that was incorporated in the Christian books, with ultimate ideal the truth.
(pagan) Greek philosophy. There is nothing inherently philosophical about the Bible. Jesus was not a profound thinker.

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yes he did, according to page 41 of Process and Reality he said that;
>Guénon was a pseudointellectual rheoritician with a bad reading in comparative religion. He was the Jordan Peterson of his time. There is nothing of value in his works and you should probably just read theory.

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Jesus was the ultimate Chad, if you like it or not. Even though he was a carpenter he was very well read concerning religious topics even impressing Jewish scholars when he was just a teen. Compare this to Muhammad who just started a cult in order to coerce other people.

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>the Logos Himself
>not a profound thinker
if you pay attention to the gospel you'll see divine authority in each of His words

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Guenon fags just got BTFOd

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Oh yes, the virgin is the real chad, and the man with 11 wives is the virgin

Christards have to get tired of coping eventually. Islam WILL replace your shit religion, weather you like it or not

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why haven't perennialists made an effort to kind of take over the bahai faith, it's relatively young from what I understand
Around the same age as christianity was when most of the church fathers were writing and really shaping it into what we have today.
It seems like infiltration in order to build an actual religious/ tradition that recognises this supposed underlying Truth yet without needing to start with no support whatsoever is a good idea

Maybe I'm just LARPing though

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1 man managed to coerce all of Arabia into following his religion


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no fuck off with this heretical shit bro I'm not joking

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I'm not in favor of Jesus nor Mohammed but being a "my wife's son rape baby" and an incel for whole life is far from chad. He even died on a cross like a fucking criminal.. b-but he totally rose from the dead and now he rules from heaven m8.

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because the Bahai Faith is a Jewish psyop that is basically a shitty liberalised form of Islam with Perennial characteristics.

Also, they deny that reincarnation is a thing even though they believe the Buddha and the Hindu avatars were manifestations of god.
Its a religion aimed solely at dissatisfied Abrahamists, there are many many more things I could criticise about it but it would take too long

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may God have mercy on your soul and pour His grave upon it so that you can be saved and stop blaspheming

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>Logos Himself
Yea lets just steal this Greek philosophical idea of logos and ascribe it to some rebellious jew, makes sense.

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Atleast the Gnostics did it with style and Originality. The Church is just shit

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This. How dare you speak ill of The Propheht (PBUH). On the day of judgement, Allah will remember this mistreatment of Mohammed (PBUH).

>> No.14252068

You're boring af m8, apply yourself

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>Ethical degeneration being a sign of piety
Trust me, God will stop seething muslims at the gates just as he has done time and time again. Unfortunately you're not going to make it, just like your muhammedan friends

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grow up, you're acting like an edgy teenager this entire thread.

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>>14252056 is just seething because he knows that he will never have the brain or the Charisma to "Trick" a whole nation into following a random religion he made up himself, and then have said nation wage wars against other nations for him.

Muhummad was the ultimate manifestation of "The will to power"

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Sorry but I immediately disregard anyone who uses this dumb made up word

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And Solomon having 700 wives isnt degeneracy?


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So you're saying there is no common basis for Judaism, Christianity and Islam?

>> No.14252086

Following a wandering jewish carpenter is better?

>> No.14252087

he is just a seething brainlet, ignore him.

Everyone knows that Abrahamism refers to all the Abrahamic religions as a collective

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you think it's all about a fucking egoic game. how miserable you are to confuse things of the spirit with the psyche. is religion just an adornment for you?

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I'm saying that it's a dumb internet word made up by LARPagans who's entire spirituality is defined by jokes about how jesus is a kike on a stick and God is a "desert demon". As if the fertile crescent was even a fucking desert in antiquity even
It's a low IQ signifier, yeah Christianity and Islam have roots in jewish theology (as well as plenty of other traditions), I'd be an idiot to deny that. You're kind of missing the point

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deep irony on this one

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gtfo brainlet

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>They contradictory on the level of the exoteric
Why is that insignificant?

>> No.14252109

I happen to have great respect for Jesus.

And to me, Christians are the ones treating his religion as a Joke. Larping and decorating your churches with statues of him being nailed to the cross "JUST ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR AND REPENT"

>> No.14252114

Friendly reminder that most muslims will be sent to Hell, by Allah himself, due to not doing Jihad the proper way. Truly one of a kind religion, where it btfos its own followers.

>> No.14252115

You're going to hell, unironically

>> No.14252117

instead of resorting to a google search learn this quickly:

pneuma = spirit = animus
psyche = soul = intellectus, anima
soma = body, corpus

this is tripartite nature of being is common to all traditions

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I gotta do it. Neech was right about your fake religion
Get back in this thread >>14238929 and tell me what the Kingdom of Heaven means

“One must not let oneself be misled: they say 'Judge not!' but they send to Hell everything that stands in their way.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ

>> No.14252122

spirit = intellectus*, sorry

>> No.14252123

Just because a gentile does something you dislike doesn’t make them Jewish

>> No.14252128

Yes, I too like Gnosticism very much

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Oh vey

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>/pol/turd thinks that his idiocy will fly on every board

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not that anon
esoteric hinduism = total unity of reality and everything
esoteric islam (aka persian religion in disguise) = total unity of reality and everything
judaism the same
platonism with the One
even ancient native american religion had a concept of a great unity behind the polytheism

the unitive mystical experience may be universal

>> No.14252535

Hylics won't see it, its physically and spiritually impossible for them to see esotericism. Materialists are gonna be Materialists

>> No.14252539

252525 based digits confirmed this Gnosispilled post

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What are some works where Guenon talks specifically about Islam and Sufism?

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Not an argument buddy, don't stray off topic

>> No.14252730

None. But you would be lead to believe from the shitposters on this board that all the man ever did in his life was preaching islam.

>> No.14253079

>>And islam is the most true one
He never said that.
Actually it's Hinduism

>> No.14253094

There's a book with collected articles on taoism and sufism, I don't know if it's been translated in english, however.

>> No.14253393

ok guénonposter

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I wonder if it had something to do with "convert or die!"

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reminder, stay safe out there people

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>The God of Israel, Brahman and Ahura Mazda are the same.
No, they're not. Fucking idiot.

>> No.14254036

Guenon was unironically sympathetic to Mormonism.

>> No.14254048

The truth is Guenon is popular among Satanic elite because his philosophy promotes antinomian tendencies, which they adore. Both light and dark are seen as two sides of the same coin of absolute unity, so one is aligned with god while either sacrificing children or helping them. To kill or aid one is one and the same in the absolute.
Thinkers like Guenon and Crowley are immensely popular among the black nobility, CIA, and so forth. It helps them feel validated in their actions of human, child, and organ trafficking. A lot of Guenon's writings also hint at heavy nihilistic undertones.

>> No.14254067

He never said any of that. He claimed virtually all of the Abrahamic and Pre-Abrahamic religions had traditional elements. He just believed Christianity and specifically, Roman Catholicism, didn’t have enough to be satisfactory. As far as I know, Christianity is the only major religion that relentlessly persecuted all of its mystics. Islam, specifically Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam, was the simply the most accessible to Westerners for obvious reasons.

>> No.14254099

>Islam, specifically Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam, was the simply the most accessible to Westerners for obvious reasons.

Why not Judaism or even Mormonism, which is like a Christian Islam.

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The truth is, all of West Eurasia has trash religions after the spread of Abrahamic filth. I actually grit my teeth towards both Christians and Muslims. I would gladly kill you all. You are all Satanists in disguise following vile Jewish traditions.

>> No.14254122

Judaism isn't easily accessible and is a heresy of Islam.

>> No.14254128

I get mixed signals from Guénon. He believed in the Resurrection but was a Muslim. Part of me thinks he was only in it for the aesthetics.

>> No.14254138

The reality is all Abrahamic traditions are filth, and the world would be better off without any of you.

>> No.14254146

What part of my post suggested that I'm an Abrahamic? Rent free, faggot.

>> No.14254177

Judaism isn’t as accessible as one might think, at least not the traditional elements. Mormonism probably wouldn’t be considered traditional at all since it seems to me it comes from the less traditional aspects of Christianity, which is itself somewhat anti-traditional. I think it’s only similar to Islam as a whole in regard to polygamy. It’s specifically the traditional, perhaps more mystical aspects of these religions that Guenon is concerned with. I’m also not entirely sure Mormonism had much of a presence in Guenon’s knowledge sphere at the time. I won’t claim to be a historian of Mormonism so I don’t know, but that’s my guess.

>> No.14254183

What do you follow?

>> No.14254191

Hinduism is closest to the truth I'd say

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>Hates Abrahamics
>Believes in Satan

>> No.14254203

Mormonism is almost entirely non traditional, a guy just made it up in the 1820's, writing new scripture about space Jesus

>> No.14254217

And what benefit is there for me to tell you? It's a waste of time incessantly talking about this stuff.

>> No.14255190

Ah, so you are an epic fedora who doesn't follow any tradition. Got it.

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>called guenon
>looks like a monkey
>there is a kind of monkey called guenon
This is far better proof of a divine plan and God than any Guenon himself ever presented

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