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The gf broke up with me and told me it was because I define myself through taste- especially literature. Anyone else been through this?

>> No.14233907

Mine broke up with me because I told her I hate niggers

>> No.14233917

Was she a nigger herself?

>> No.14233925

just date a girl from an undeveloped area . including africa probbably . they ll be fine with racism cuz they see its true

>> No.14233930

i feel like even poor black american girls would be fine with u being racist. it only becomes an issue when they start going 2 college

>> No.14233935

That's just a round about way of saying your standards are too high

>> No.14233937

This has nothing to do with my thread

>> No.14233943

She’s a qt white city girl from Minnesota

>> No.14233945

Who cares nigger

>> No.14233948

racism us a form of taste niggaa hahahahhahaha

>> No.14233959

bruhh minnesota girls <3_<3 they are super woke but nice thick asses smell good and only wear patagonia, the clothing of the thinking man LOL I define myself by BRANDS !H

>> No.14233960

The real question is what types of books did she like

>> No.14234007

Mostly post-1998 SE Asian Cyber-Nihilist writings, both fiction and non-fiction.

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>It's nearly 2020 and you're still out here taking a w*man's verbal justification of her actions at face value.
More likely reasons for her to leave you than you being pretentious: she's fucking someone else, she's mad that you don't hit her, she wants to ~travel~ more, she thinks you won't make enough money, she's on birth control and just riding the hormonal tiger, your dick is small.

This is not an exhaustive list but one thing you'll notice they all have in common is that if you were to actually say out loud that they were motivating your actions you would have to admit to yourself and others that you are a giant piece of shit.

>> No.14234081

small dick fellas are king tho

>> No.14234125

How old was she? Did she have any life experience?

>> No.14234191

lmeo fuck your thread. as other anons stated, you have been bamboozl'd. "taste" was not the true reason she left. more likely you are effeminate or ugly or a loser or she stopped laughing at your jokes a long time ago. sorry bud.

>> No.14234316

She was only 20 and no. Typical sheltered college girl

>> No.14234359

Always double down on it. She dumped you cause she called you a racist and then you went "u-u-uh.... sorry haha I love black people sweetie haha just joking haha sorry" like a pussy.

If you would've said "yeah I hate niggers and until you provide proper scientific evidence to convince me of some faux equality then you should remain quiet on the topic" she would've been fine with it.

>> No.14234392

So your chick was SE Asian? You do indeed have a questionable taste.

>> No.14234395

Lmao I doubled down so hard it went overboard. She mostly just couldn't handle how much different I was than she originally thought. I don't sperg out when I'm sober and never mention politic outside of how I think most college aged kids are Degenerate faggots. Strong cognitive dissonance.

Really, I was breaking up with her since she didn't share the same views as me and I knew she'd never change. I just took opportunity of being drunk to finally bring up how I hated that she never wanted to have kids and that she's basically a retarded city townie trying to chase a career that would make her miserable. My only mistake was going back the next to day get my jacket that I left when I stormed out drunk at 3am

>> No.14234450

Your story's changing pretty fast there.

>> No.14234474

Technically she did end the relationship, but I forced her hand. Didn't necessarily want it to end at that moment, but I was getting fed up with wasting me time and was already slamming a couple other girls on the side. I could've kept my mouth shut but somedays you just go with the flow.

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