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So uhhh... *sniffs* where do I begin with Zizek

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Start by watching his lectures on Youtube

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fuck off

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Start with Swabians.

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Look at his face. If he looks like that why would you want to listen to anything he has to say? Physiognomy doesn't lie, anon.

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Start reading Lacan and Capitalism Realism

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Unironically, what I'd recommend would be:
>a smaller work or two - Welcome to the Desert of the Real, First as Tragedy then as Farce
>a bigger but nontechnical work - Living in the End Times may be good, Parallax View,
From here you will know if you give a shit. If you do, you'll want to read:
>the Sublime Object of Ideology (even if you don't understand all of it)
>something Christian, maybe Fragile Absolute or Puppet and the Dwarf
>Absolute Recoil
And eventually you will want to tackle Less Than Nothing

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>If he looks like that why would you want to listen to anything he has to say?
He looks like total lad, though. The kind of guy that is fun to have a beer with.

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Why does he look like a dirty hobo in every single photo that exists of him? I can smell the piss and the sweat from here.

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violence. its one of his shorter, more digestable books.

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Which lectures do you suggest I start with?

The former is of my interest, I might go to him after I finish with Jung. The latter I have already bought, ready to read it

Thank you so much, very useful!

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Wasn't Lacan a conman/charlatan/quack?

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Less Than Nothing is his magnum opus but hope you've read Hegel. Parallax View is another excellent one.

The Essential Zizek series (first four) are a pretty good intro:


If you like Jung, I encourage you to read Freud and Lacan. Zizek has a decent intro as well as does Fink.

Lacan is mayhaps a bit charlatanish but a genius regardless. Badiou is a Mao cultist but still worth reading too. Badiou's lectures on Lacan are pretty fascinating in fact.

PS: Am I the only one who would love to see Zizek take LSD?

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>tfw look like zizek
Fuck off, dad

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Watch the Pervert's Guide(s)

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start with his joke about the balkans

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Yeah. Just like Zizek.

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If you have some background in philosophy and want his more serious stuff start with Sublime Object. If not then >>14186791

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He did have some very interesting and revolutionary insights, but he is unnecessarily obtuse and you will understand him more by reading works on him rather than by him.

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start with his debate with Jordan Peterson

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What's a good first book on his work?

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Lacanian Subject by Fink

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This dude looks like Ben Finegold but with chronic alcoholism

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Not OP, but I recently bought the essential zizek collection, should I be reading Hegel and Lacan before I start reading Zizek?

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Don't bother, just read Zizek's shorter works first - they're his most accessible. After you have the foundational concepts you can move onto his other works deciding on a case by case basis whether you need Hegel and Lacan to advance.

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Why does he sniff, bros?

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>Ben Finegold
Wait, Finegold is more popular than Zizek?

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