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Counter-Currents has been blacklisted from all payment processors, forcing them to rely on boomermail while Amazon continues to remove their books. Supporting nonwhite identity politics is fine. Being against all identity politics is fine (and also completely futile). Supporting white identity politics - bringing a gun to a gun fight - is not allowed. Rightists who support capital are battered wives. Leftists who oppose capital are infighting.

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You are asking people to allow you to be a racist.

This is like you going
>they won't sell me rope so I can hang this n*gger!

of course they shouldn't give you a platform to sell things that advocate violence against other races. what are you even thinking here?

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>starving Nazis dying broke and alone
Just like Nietzsche!

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They should be blacklisted from life

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>be white nationalist
>get BLACKlisted

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I doubt any people in all of history have ever been as cucked as modern day whites. How the fuck do you convince an entire people to not advocate for their own interests and let other people walk all over them. Got to hand it to the Jews, it's impressive honestly.

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+1 for troll effort.

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To this day white nationalists have not put out some kind of infograph confirming who is white because no one will agree on it, which confirms the fact that it is a social construct

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>You are asking people to allow you to be a racist.
Wb Anti-white racism do they have it coming? I am Jewish and say what you want about that on this board, but I find half-wits that listen to the neo-liberal establishment's justification for maintaining power to be revolting. There are differences in race and we will not harmoniously get along.

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>Got to hand it to the Jews, it's impressive honestly.
Sure, it's only us. Look at the cucked anglo's in Britain where there's hardly any Jews. How is that our doing? Granted I don't fully understand the conspiracy as there appears to be a lot of gaping holes in it.

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I mean I dont think it's actually literally the Jews as such. There are many Jews involved with it, a suspicious amount of them, but it's more complicated than that. A few hundred years ago Europeans were happy to just throw the Jews out their countries, so the question is really whence Cromwell and his ilk. And I mean if Jews control the press then how did they pull that off.

I have to admit I like the narrative aspect of it being the Jews though, makes for a nice little story of conflict and subterfuge. And it is just fun because it's so taboo, Im not actually sure if its even legal for me to be saying these things in my country

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>fact that it is a social construct
>social construct
are you underage or just severe fetal alcohol syndrome?

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Even yt nationalists can't resist a BBC

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>I have to admit I like the narrative aspect of it being the Jews though, makes for a nice little story of conflict and subterfuge
I don't know how to feel about this. I think the true or "first" cause of what we call "degeneracy" was the emancipation of what was to become the bourgeois class, but this doesn't get people riled up in the same way. Of course the Jews disproportionately benefited from this emancipation but it's not like they have always been "behind everything". They are behind more than everyone but the eternal Quaker though.

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>To this day white nationalists have not put out some kind of infograph confirming who is white because no one will agree on it, which confirms the fact that it is a social construct

White Americans are self-definable. White globalists like Richard Spencer are stupid

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BBC posting is good from a yt nationalist perspective because it gets everyone to think in racialist terms, that is, to conceive of races as discrete categories. The leftoids that snicker as they post BBC memes "as a joke" are having their circuitry rewired against the "we're all human beans" shit of their youth

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>yt nationalist
I wonder what a nation composed entirely of youtubers would be like.

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>I wonder what a nation composed entirely of youtubers would be like.

Contemporary America

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Go back.

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Personally I think degeneracy sets in as soon as civilization emerges, it's just a force of nature almost. The Reformation was a massive outpouring of degeneracy but the Protestant nations of Europe had very based eras following it nonetheless. The bourgeoisie were another obvious degeneracy, as were the American revolutionaries, who were of course a related phenomenon. Any ethnic tolerance whatsoever is in a sense degeneracy, but it also leads to fertile cross-cultural creation. The Nobility starts as a literal warrior class who degenerate into impotent inbreds. Our present society is unimaginably degenerate but I like a lot of stuff about it anyway.

Jews are just one force among many, the myopia certain people get about them is that they appear to be unique. Trying to weigh whether Jews have contributed or taken away more from Western civiization doesn't interest me, it's a childish view of history. They have done good and bad like everyone else, their story is just rather more dramatic than most.

In the context of the 21st century internet though, pointing out Jewish shenanigans surrounding white identity politics is hard to pass up, it's just such fertile memetic territory

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>Counter-Currents has been blacklisted from all payment processors
>forcing them to rely on boomermail while Amazon continues to remove their books.
This shit is hilarious, is it possible to fuck them even harder?

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Counter-Currents does a lot of good work, bump

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I agree with the force of nature take. Abundance makes complacency and liberalism inevitable. Liberalism starts out providing some advantages, but once that genie is out of the bottle it's only a matter of time until it breeds civlization-destroying trends.

I view the jews as consumate opportunists. High verbal intelligence, high in-group preference, high level of unscrupulousness when dealing with out-groups. Of course they accelerate the decline, because it's an environment in which they thrive... They're like pigs in shit. That only makes them opportunistic parasites however; the actual disease is endemic to civilization itself.

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Nobody cares OP

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Anyone can think and be w/e they want cuck it is non of your business. We will come for the cucks first

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based kosher anon

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Being against identity politics is neither fine nor futile. If you're just a wageslave with no influence, you can hate the stuff all you like, but if you're doing anything in a media field, education, or anything public, you have to genuflect to progressive identity politics or face marginalization.

You're begging the question of your white identity politics (which you're using here as a euphemism for white nationalism) by simply asserting they're the only alternative to progressivism. Your "gun to a gun fight" analogy is neither persuasive nor accurate.

Individualism is where it's at.

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It's only marginal cases that are disputed. The problem is that Europe isn't this perfectly isolated island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It has margins, and on the margins there has historically been a lot of mixing and intermingling. That doesn't somehow mean that there are no "pure" Europeans. That would be like saying that black and white don't exist because of the existence of grey. There were areas that had basically no contact with Asian or African people until the 1970s. The reverse is true as well. There are places you can go where the locals will stare at you because they've never seen a white person before, or because they've only seen a few in their entire lives.

Also, a lot of the people saying "x aren't white" are just trying to stir up trouble.

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If other races are allowed to have solidarity and keep their cultures and countries then why are white people seen as devils for wanting this? The only nonwhite country that gets heat for this is Japan

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The white identity is the default identity. To exist is to have whiteness. Trying to explicitly expressing your whiteness is fucking dumb and a racist power play because it's already omniscient in all ideas and words.

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Good, fuck this moralitycuck.

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>Nobody cares

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>Book about how white people deserve to be seen as normal people again is suppressed by multi billion dollar company along with being black listed.
>Blahhh racist white nationalism

The only person to coin the term "white race" before the progressives picked it up was Hitler. It's actually pretty meaningless as there's so many different types of "white people". It's only used today to target pale skins to make them feel guilty.

The only reason liberalism is ingrained in you is so that Amazon get bigger profit margins.

The Nazis loved individualism.

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>Individualism is where it's at.


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They believe they are acting in their own interests, and that a multicultural society is more in their interests than a nazi ethnostate. The challenge we have is to change their minds

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>To this day white nationalists have not put out some kind of infograph confirming who is white

They have. I can’t find the graph but it’s basically everyone who descends from an European country that in 1500 was Christian majority

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That’s why 90% of all the BBC posting is done by rightoids

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That's because you don't actually pay attention to what they say or understand what they advocate. White is a genera that encompasses many different ethnicities. Nobody is an actual "white" nationalist so it doesn't make sense for them to have to define white. White nationalism is a loose coalition of nationalists.

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They need to shut it down because they legitimately don't have any answers to their arguments.Counter Currents will have a few cringy moments but they're generally some of the most reasonable white nationalist on the internet. They're not neonazi caricatures and that makes them the most dangerous.

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>How the fuck do you convince an entire people to not advocate for their own interests
Liberalism, idealism, worship of abstraction while the rest of the world understands the real zero sum nature of power.

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counter currents' movies analysis were fucking great

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When will white nationalist realize that extreme violence is the only solution? They're getting cucked by corporations left and right.

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>Counter Currents will have a few cringy moments

This one almost killed me. What the fuck were you thinking Greg?


Imagine you're one of the leading white nationalist intellectuals in the world. You are interviewing a retard who calls himself "Buttercup Dew." Instead of leaving immediately, you instead acknowledge that he identifies as a character from a little girl's cartoon made by Jews. And then this happens:
>Johnson: Let’s begin with some biographical information. Who are you? Where are you from? When were you born? Who are your people?
>Faggot: Ah, Buttercup is being asked to talk about himself! His favorite thing.

"Buttercup Dew" literally talks about himself in the third person and says some gay autism shit. And instead of leaving immediately, you continue the interview.

What happened Greg?

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Good. I reported that pseud-cuck months ago on paypal

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What's the problem?
If anything, WNs should reach out to more audiences. As it is right now they're mostly stuck in their own echo chambers.

>> No.14178715

Jesus, I was referring to some of the alt-right days where they would use "4chan speak" in their articles but I didn't know it got that bad.

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>In the cellar was a tunnel scarcely ten yards long, that had taken him a week to dig. I could have dug that much in a day, and I suddenly had my first inkling of the gulf between his dreams and his powers...

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Holy shit, white nationalists are so fucking pathetic. And what makes it even more hilarious is that just as this guys believes he is a cartoon pony, you can see people here everyday, even in this very thread, who believe they are somehow "warriors" because of their blood and need to take "Western Civilization" back or something.

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white people are just as worthless as black ones, sweatie

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To this day no taxonomist has come up with a perfect definition of species either. It's irrelevant. Everyone knows a native Dutchman is white. Everyone knowd a native Kongolese is black. Everyone knows a native Chink is Asian. Whiteness being a social construct is meaningless non-argument. The definition of White is a person of European descent, by the way, it's not some mystery.

>> No.14178893

>The only person to coin the term "white race" before the progressives picked it up was Hitler.
If you don't think "white race" is an American daydream left over by an oversemplification of racial matters by Spanish conquistadores, I suggest you pick up a history book.

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>is born in Amsterdam to a Dutch mother
Nice double Hitler dubs tho

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uhh check your israeli priviledge you oppressor, do you know how many children are starving in gaza right now because of your problematic imperialism? neo-fascist yuck

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>I doubt any people in all of history have ever been as cucked as modern day whites. How the fuck do you convince an entire people to not advocate for their own interests and let other people walk all over them. Got to hand it to the Jews, it's impressive honestly.
Because they're seen as so inferior that it wouldn't be very nice to not kowtow to them. It'd be like going up to a person with downs and asking them why they're so dumb. Progressive liberalism literally sees africans, arabs, indios etc. as childlike and lacking moral agency or the ability to know right from wrong.

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>invent everything worth inventing
>create the best art, best literature, best philosophy, best science, best laws, best civilization, best everything
>be the best at literally everything
>chill out for a while
>get bored
>conquer basically entire world in the span of a few generations
>draw pictures of yourself standing astride continents
>rename brown people's entire homelands after your fat bitch queen
>import all the good stuff god accidentally put on the continents of lesser peoples, turn them into factories to produce it
>chill out for a while, content to have defeated space and time
>get bored again
>try having some massive planet-spanning internecine wars
>develop ability to destroy entire world because why not
>finally get bored of even that
>need to devise a new way to fuck with inferior races
>decide to invite them into our homes, let them shit all over the walls, condescend to them and patronize them
>even tolerate them becoming whiny and spoiled and feeling entitled to it
>even tolerate their insults and pathetic admonishments that they are entitled to our homes and we don't deserve them
>lift our inferiors onto our shoulders for a goof, the view ruined by the knowledge that they only have it at the sufferance of the giant who is lifting them
>give everything to them when it is precisely not having things handed to you that makes you strong some day, permanently othering them
>remain the eternal Same
>remain kings of the universe
>still run their homelands as slave factories for mass producing baseball hats and tampons

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The white man's burden is heavy indeed, apparently.

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Yeah, all people are kinda shitty and the current state of white people in general isn't great. So trying to sell white nationalism is tough. Unless someone has a natural/instinctive dislike for other races (or he understands the benefits of a homogeneous society) he'll just shrug it off.

Nationalism by itself is kinda boring and uninspiring. People have gotten a taste of globalism and they know it's not so bad from their first hand experience. "That brown neighbor is actually a nice guy." "I like that Indian restaurant." And so on.
So ideally you'd need to pair nationalism with some other message that inspires and mobilizes people, like some supremacist ideology for example.

That being said, it doesn't matter much what people think, what people want or don't want, because we don't live in actual democracies. So at the end of the day the people with power call the shots and decide things.
If nationalism gets enough power things will move in that direction.

>> No.14179040

Extremely based

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there are tons of jews in britain, especially in L O N D O N

>> No.14179260

You can still buy their books on bookdepository. Just ordered some Devi books.

>> No.14179266

They're racists

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>t. seething dysgenic mongrel abomination sexual reject

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No one thinks that, you projecting nigger lover. You clearly weren't battered hard enough in high school.

>> No.14180056

Not really. To be an ethnonationalist doesn't mean you have to hate other people. These guys aren't the spergs you'll find on /pol/.

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good, you don't need worthless fiat

>> No.14180091

>be white nationalist
>get BLACKlistED

>> No.14180129

What? Colour is a social construct we made up? That's a horrible example to prove that race isn't a social construct. We arbitrarily divided the light spectrum into a set of colours we found useful for our purposes. There is no objective reason why the lines on the colour dividing the colours are where they are except that we found them a useful way to classify light as.

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I don't know why people act like race isn't a real thing or that we can't truly tell them apart. The US had no problem deciding who was white before 1965, when they opened up the borders to non European immigration.

>> No.14180205

>The US had no problem deciding who was white
They had huge problems whenever a new ethnic group arrived. Pajeets got classified as white and not white depending on the situation, same with Irish, Jews, Italians, Mexicans (still with Mexicans really)

>> No.14180240

Irish and Italians were never considered not white. The reason immigration from those countries was opposed was because they were very different on a cultural level, and those concerns were justified by history. Those groups caused massive conflicts that took a long time to settle down. As far as the other groups go, of course there were discussions and controversy, but that doesn't mean we don't know what white is. I could ask what the color violet is and this could cause some controversy on whether or not it's purple or blue, but this doesn't mean we don't know what purple or blue is.

>> No.14180245

Also, these controversies arose before we had any understanding of genetics.

>> No.14180246

>Italians were never considered not white
They aren't considered white in my country now

>> No.14180252

What authority are you referring to? I don't care what some jackass on /pol/ says. Every biologist or relevant expert in the world considers Italians white.

>> No.14180254

Genetics is irrelevant to the American concept of race, which is based on the one drop rule

>> No.14180260

I never saw the "one drop rule" in the federalist papers. You're confusing actual historical policy with neonazi spergery. Get real, dude.

>> No.14180288

I don't know much about CC but I read the WN manifesto and that was pretty great. Shame to see they're being targeted, but that's to be expected when you're spreading love for whites.

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>> No.14180308

Rangeban Americans

>> No.14180324

I don't see Nationalism making much headway. Much more likely is a regression to city states. Some democratic, others corporate Company Town utopias.

>> No.14180372

Payment processors don't just decide this on a whim.

It happens at the behest of so called antiracist orgs that they work with, as well as race-based community orgs who attack any white group who do the same as them. It is pre-crime.

We without doubt live in the most Orwellian of times. One is not allowed to protest the situation of White people without losing everything at the hand of well funded organisations set up to ensure there can never be resistance.

>> No.14180402

>uhh check your israeli priviledge you oppressor, do you know how many children are starving in gaza right now because of your problematic imperialism

I don't give a fuck about Israel you slavish coward. Fuck you, fuck Israel, and fuck Palestine.

>> No.14180417

You just don't see b8 like this on most other boards. /news/ is probably the only one but it's not b8 there.

>> No.14180422

The most damning thing is that CC is one of the more moderate and peaceful white nationalist publications. They don't go around calling for genocide and violence and they advocate for peaceful methods to achieve what they want. Richard Spencer doesn't have problem with payments though. Silencing the reasonable ones is a strategical move.

It reminds me of when the studio behind the Ghostbusters remake would delete all the moderate critiques of their movie but leave up all the hateful comments, that way they could point to it and get some media attention.

>> No.14180424

A lot of this confusion comes from what people consider "natural". For most people and conservatives in particular natural means "that which tends towards health", which is a noble but problematical definition. Noble because we don't want to acknowledge an internal principle of death and decay, problematical because these are inevitably a part of "nature".

This is relevant because degeneracy serves the death function to civilizations as actual death serves it to individuals. We who want to grow and thrive don't want to acknowledge an internal and thus inescapable principle of decline. With this it is obvious that those who seek to resist the decline have to pathologize it if they are to keep their courage. That is, they have to conceive of it as an external and alien principle.

In a roundabout way this explains what l*berals call scapegoating, but for them there was never anything to scapegoat against anyways because they either don't believe in decline or see what we call decline as a good thing.

I guess the practical takeaway from this is that if degeneracy is to be resisted we have to take down the internal agents of decline and not just the "foreign" and apparent agents, as they would say, da jooz and da commies. But this self-awareness shouldn't be considered a concession; we just have more enemies than we thought.

>> No.14180427

Based as fuck

>> No.14180428

based retard

>> No.14180434

There's other sites to go to if you want to upvote and downvote people

>> No.14180436

White is just a mental midget way of saying "the subcategory of caucasians that are native to Europe".

There, I did it. All the glory goes to me!

>> No.14180443

I'm surprised no one has tried to ban blacked porn because the people who like it see it as basically a legal form of bestiality

>> No.14180453

>Richard Spencer doesn't have problem with payments though.
He's been banned from all of them.

>> No.14180465

I practically never give credence to such theories but Spencer rings every single glowinthedark alarm bell I have and has since the moment he popped up. The guy is so catastrophically bad at promoting his own cause that I just can't quite believe he's sincere.

>> No.14180496

So what's your theory?

>> No.14180546

The "problem of taxonomy" will never be abandoned because it's incredibly useful to anti-racists. Basically injecting radical skepticism into and calling arbitrary any process of categorization allows them to make that 2,000+ year old claim of egalitarians that based Aristotle made us aware of:
>the notion that those who are equal in any respect are equal in all respects
Blacks and whites are both sapiens, therefore they are the same. Black and white are both colors on a spectrum, therefore they are the same color.

And beyond all this, "who is white" is a completely irrelevant question when it comes from the enemies of whiteness. These people believe the project of taxonomy itself to be irrational, that is, immoral, and will deliberately posit impossibly precise standards of purity in order to protect the claim that imperfect categories are indistinguishable from useless ones because they could "always be more precise! XD"

It will just be arbitrarily decided by a politically triumphant WN regime if there ever is one, of course races cannot exist if you demand absolute homogeneity within groups for them to be considered discrete from other groups lol

>> No.14180562
File: 39 KB, 634x422, 665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, yes. That's all fine and good. *chuckles* But what is white?

>> No.14180572

It's always Anglocuck that are obsessed with race,always.Pretty patheric

>> No.14180580
File: 510 KB, 1304x591, all leftists are perverts or retards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are a shit ton of Jews in Britain, they control finance and media there as well and have for centuries, that anon legitimately sounds like a retard.

Also the cucks kind of are right that white is a social construct. Though we don't pretend to be autistic and know it means non-Jewish, non-gypo Europeans, it only became such a term in the 20th century and we really should form a more undeniable concept. One that doesn't exclude Slavs or Meds, or include Iranians occasionally for arbitrary and stupid reasons.

>> No.14180588

He's just a bit weird and a pathological narcissist, but he's legit. Also he's been around for a long time and documented his thoughts along the way. Here's a clip from 2007

>> No.14180760

I'm not a fan of Anglos, but it's them who have to deal with other races the most right now, so it's kinda normal.

>> No.14180767

apparently a lot of performers practically see it as bestiality as well. Really gets your noggin joggin when a slut who takes it up the ass all day long refuses to do interracial, of all things.

>> No.14181325

You'd get your skinny white ass slapped back to alabama stfu

>> No.14181337

Every biologist in the world considers the notion of a "white race" to be stupid and unscientific
You still won't get laid in the ethnostate, get over it

>> No.14181343

>of course they shouldn't give you a platform to sell things that advocate violence against other races. what are you even thinking here?
Yes they should.

>> No.14181348

are you a bot

>> No.14181370

>There are a shit ton of Jews in Britain
There's 250,000 Jews in all of the United Kingdom and UK's Population is 65 million. US has 7 million Jews and the population is 327 million, so that would make sense as 7 million is a lot more than 250,000 because they could team together, but I don't know how 250,000 Jews in UK could have any power unless they were all centralized in London, plus you always see articles of white anglo judges acting retarded.

>> No.14181376

His voice sounds incredibly faggy in that video, my goodness

>> No.14181789

I don't know if you've heard of it, but there's this newfangled thing called 'globalism', anon. Oh wait, it's not newfangled, jews have been an in-group network of major players in international finance since its inception two centuries ago.

>> No.14181820

Slavs are a part of the European genetic cluster. So are Meds (although the swarthier varieties of Italian/Greek are at the edge of it).

The point of 'white' isn't to suggest that European ethnicities are interchangeable anyways, it's to point out that we are an extended family (a genetic cluster) and that we should be stalwart allies for the sake of mutual preservation.

>> No.14181845

Apparently Alexander the Great was either blonde or a ginger. Is it unreasonable to assume that Greeks of ancient times were much more white than the Greeks of today, who, after the Völkerwanderung, the ottoman invasion, etc. became a lot more mixed?

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