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Why hasn’t a woman or a nigger written a masterpiece yet?

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Closest thing to a masterpiece written by a nigg is Monte Cristo

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>doesn't know that masterpiece only refers to a single author's best work of their career.
But taking your implication at face value, Lives of Girls and Women is a masterpiece by Alice Munro.
The Bell Jar is the masterpiece of Sylvia Plath.

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because they have small, underdeveloped brains

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>who is Virginia Woolf

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One great Negro writer.

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Why haven’t YOU written a masterpiece yet, you retard frog?

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imagine having 80 IQ like this guy >>14140281

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right-wing people have low IQ on average, though.

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Right wing people are on the extreme ends of IQ scale.

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>he hasn’t read Hamlet

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Middlemarch, Giovanni's Room and Invisible Man exist.

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>he hasn't read Middlemarch

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Octavia E. Butler

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>he doesn’t know about Sappho
Heh. Almost took your bait, kid

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Invisible Man is honestly very good, and I say that as a racist.

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>who is Tertullian

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