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Leave this board if one of these apply to you:

>you only speak a single language
>you read for the plot
>you read solely for entertainment
>you mostly read contemporary literature
>you rarely read for more than two hours straight
>you read fiction

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Leave this board if
>you make shitpost threads

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>>you only speak a single language
>>you read for the plot
>>you read solely for entertainment
Only pretentious imebciles read for muh intellectual endeavor
>>you rarely read for more than two hours straight
I have a life
>>you read fiction
Again, you're a pretentious imebcile

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Gatekeeping faggot

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>you read for the plot
>you read fiction
Op is such brainlet, he put fiction there twice without realizing.

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I'm going to stay on this board and post in the threads YOU LIKE.

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Why is reading for entertainment bad?

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85% of /lit/ is underage and has only read a few fictional books, if that. they just come here to larp

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Excuse me but I decide the rules of who gets to stay on /lit/ and this isn't it

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leave my board

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Reading is a job, kid. If you're having fun you're not reading challenging material.

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Tired of fucking squish heads like you telling me what to do policing my fucking life did you feel good making this thread give me your address so I can fucking beat you to death with copper piping faggot

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You know that you can have fun intellectually challenging yourself, right?

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Sad that you have to leave op. Not gonna miss you tho, just being polite.

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>leave if you read for the plot
please leave /lit/ you absolute pseud, dont you have a mcdonalds drive thru shift to attend with your english major?

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