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>fortunate enough to have English as his native tongue
>fortunate enough to be born into the most expressive language in the world
>fortunate enough to speak a language with most potential readers.
>still haven't written his masterpiece
explain yourself

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I have a good understanding of the rules behind English, but I'm such a boring, apathetic hermit that I have nothing of importance to say.

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American English rots your brain. Only the Brits speak real English

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Londonfrog btfo

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Being bilingual is better.

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>not indian english

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Britain's literary scene got stuck in mid 20th century. America's is the one that took it from there and still taking it

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I'm in the planning stages right now.

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Britain's literary scene got stuck in mid 20th century. America's the one that took it from there and still taking it

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>the most expressive language in the world
you misspelled Russian

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>implying American lit is still good

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always doing the needful

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better than Britain at least

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what do you plan to write about

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Your brain can only get good at one language, atleast good enough to create literature.

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can someone educated in linguistics let me know what they believe the most expressive (in whatever way you find it meaningful) language to be? shills stay away

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Samuel Beckett

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it’s german of course

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both are equally shit.

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English. Because it has influences from a lot of other languages. No language on itself is perfect

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Maybe, but the idea is to obtain ideas from other literatures, not to write in every one of them.

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What do you mean by "expressive"? English has both limitations and qualities.

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As an ESL who visited neither of the countries can you (or anyone) explain this that I've heard so many times? Why is it said Americans speak 'distorted' English and Brits speak the 'real' English?

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fucking this

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what are its limitations?

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I have, but I can't get it published because not enough trannies and pocs in it.

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cope. If your book has merit, you'll be able to impress a publisher anyhow

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Nah, it's in no shape or form expressive.
Yes, it has a lot of words, but the grammar is both limited and vague.
The loss of the informal form was one of the biggest blows to English.

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>muh ego
other people already have written masterpieces

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Watch YouTube and compare. Burgers speak like in a reggin tier dialect.

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>The loss of the informal form was one of the biggest blows to English.
what's the informal form?

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I'm ESL I can speak English, Italian, French, Latin, Greek, some German. I don't know if it's for subjective reasons but English is the most expressive.

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You just happen to see lots of English media.

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Well British accent is inherently better sounding so that may cause bias

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"Thou" for example.
Other languages have ways of saying things to someone formally and informally.
For example, you can address someone using "du", which means you know each other well, and are close. (Known each other for long/Friends)
While "Sie" is reserved when you're talking to someone who you're not close with or you have to show respect towards them (Your teacher or boss/Someone you haven't met before.)

Finno-Ugric languages have it to. In Hungarian for example, informal is "Te", while formal is "Ön".

This died in English somewhere after Early Modern English for some reason, only leaving the polite "you" as a way to adress someone in second person.
It's immensely limited, and often-times erases a complete layer of meaning.
Personally, I haven't got any other issues with English besides this. Makes the language as a whole feel a bit primitive, despite the colossal vocabulary building on both Germanic and Latin sources.

Personally I like German's ability to form large compound words to describe new concepts.

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As a Germanic language, English still has the ability to create large compound words. We just put spaces between the words in the compounds now.

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There’s no accurate method for qualifying expressiveness. Maybe someone would want to make an argument that it’s the language with the largest vocabulary would give a speaker the most options for expressing an idea. Our perception of what makes a language expressive is also subjective and molded by the language we grew up primarily using. A speaker of Nahuatl would think that the poetry of Nezahualcoyotl to be vastly more expressive than some poem introduced to him from another language. That all being said, I’m partial to English for how I need to express myself

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they use better words too

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Books for this feel? The pic I mean, not OP's brain-vomit greentext

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In Search of Lost Time
Great Expectations
The Fifth Head of Cerberus

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This. At school and university we learn british english.

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>explain yourself
i'm too busy playing video games and being sad bc tfw no gf

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Because Americans are fat retards.
They created a schism between themselves and the English, both culturally and linguistically

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Only Australians actually.

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Vladimir Nabokov, Joseph Conrad, Albert Caraco, Emil Cioran, Fernando Pessoa, Arthur Koestler

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lf can never be btfod

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Both North American English and NA French are closer to their respective languages of origin a few hundred years ago than what is spoken in present day England and France

They're not distorted, a better word would be stagnant

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English is an aggregation of Latin, French, Greek, and Germanic influences and continually reintegrates new components from every interaction the West has with the rest of the world. It’s the universalizing global standard of communication allowing for a level of novel flexibility in a continual rapid reintegration of influence constantly adapting and adding elements where the sheer growth allows for an ability to create neologisms on the fly and gives you opportunities for new expression you simply can’t find in other languages. English’s internationality itself as it’s distinctive aspect is the dynamo for linguistic generation and unparalleled playfulness [expression] hinges upon.

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>Why is it said Americans speak 'distorted' English and Brits speak the 'real' English?
It's said by British people who get assmad easily. You shouldn't take jingoistic nonsense like that seriously.

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Based. Beat me to it.

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Some language which gives you:

very large and diversified vocabulary (like English) + facility to form new words (like German) + complex syntax filled with declensions and cases (like Latin) + great musicality (like Latin and Italian)


image-based alphabet (like Mandarin)

If a language has all of that, it's the perfect language for poetry. I don't think any language has all of that.

Of the languages that I can read (with varying degrees of ease), Latin, Provençal, Dante's Tuscan, and English are the best ones for poetry. The first one for music and declensions; the second and third ones for music; the last one for the vocabulary.

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Australian here, it seems most Australians speak Chinese these days. The ones that speak English just say "fuck" and "cunt" an exorbitant number of times.

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Lmao still pushing this meme.

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why the fuck would I wan't an 'image-based alphabet'???

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You faggots could know the most expressive language in the world and still fail to do anything with it.

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>the most expressive language in the world
>most expressive

is this a bait.....?

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>English bad! Because I learned ... uh? German or French or something... and man it's just so expressive! Because it has noun genders... or something. Man English is terrible.

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the fact that english needs foreign loanwords like "schadenfreude", "saudade" and "macho" is because its inadequate

its a simple language made for low IQ third worlders to pick up in a month

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Rather it is the fact that we assimilate weaker languages' vocabulary into our imperialistic borg that makes us stronger than you.

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mandarin chinese
theres a lot of high IQ word play in it
you can say the same basic thing with many different words/phrases but they'd all have different implications and "tones"

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lmao german is getting colonised by english so hard rn

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What a retarded argument. Languages have mixed and borrowed from each other throughout history. And it’s not like we don’t have English synonyms for those words lmao. English IS the most expressive language, that has been proven by linguists.

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This post alone tells me you’re a self hating monolingual Angloid. Learn any European language right now, even the more obscure ones like Lithuanian, and go travel to their countries and see how people speak. You’ll notice that they use English words and English spin-offs of their own words WAY more frequently than the converse. This is just natural; languages mix and borrow from each other all the time.

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ITT: monolingual amerimutts defending english while their own countrymen spell "lose" as "loose" and mix up "they're" with "their"

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it has quite rigid word order

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Fucking idiots

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Well what should I write about?

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Henry James

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>English IS the most expressive language, that has been proven by linguists
Are you just saying that or is there a paper or something you know of? If so I wanna read

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bump for interest

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do you think the regular unemployed chav or Muhammad on the street is smarter than a middle class American?

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>people who agree with this post: 1 billion chinese

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You spelled "russian" wrongly.

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ITT: britbongs desperately trying to stay relevant by insulting American cannon fodder

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I don't like it, but it's probably true. The exception possibly being if you live in a country where the language is the native one for >7years, but otherwise difficult.

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Yeah I'd like some source on that one pal. Source. Source. Do you have a source for the outrageous claim you're staking. I'm asking for a source here. Provide a source now please.

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Thanks for source, feels good to be reminded it's superior in every conceivable way to be an anglo.

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