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Why is atheism so depressing?

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Because it's weak and dull.

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Are you serious? Are you telling me that you’re depressed because you don’t need to rely on faith for anything? Anon, you have TRUTH and REASON. That’s literally all that matters. Yes, the worldview can seem a bit dull, but at least you’re not possibly wrong about anything. That’s worse than any hell, in my opinion.

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If I ever became atheist I think I would kill myself. Life just isn't worth living if it's true.

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because you have to find meaning for yourself like a big boy instead of just receiving readymade meanings. such responsibility is too much to bear for some

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It's not to me. I've been an atheist for a decade now and my life is full of meaning and purpose. Maybe the important distinction to make is that I don't identify as an atheist. I only called myself an atheist here because I don't believe in any higher power, but it's not something I ever spend much time thinking about. However, to be clear, I'm not making the positive statement that God doesn't exist. I remain an epistemological skeptic.

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Atheism is devoid of life. It's a spiritual lobotomy.

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So you're agnostic?

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>thousands of years of human civilization result in a plethora of readymade opinions
>all of them are wrong, you have to create one yourself for reasons
I don’t understand this reasoning. Is this just an ego thing?

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Even Sartre says religion is a good way to find meaning, idiot.

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If you think you've found meaning as an atheist then all you've accomplished is a form of delusion.

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Sure, but also an atheist, since I don't believe in God. The way I see it, if you don't believe in God, even if you're simply unsure and suspending judgment, you're an atheist, since atheism is a lack of belief and belief is something positive.

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Because religion, or its residual effects, broke you.

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You're an atheist if you deny a substrate. "God" is irrelevant.

Don't let the (((Abrahamists))) fool you.

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Pretty sure convincing yourself that your abusive sky dad made your life shitty because he loves you is way more unhealthy and delusional.

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Go back

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Christianity wore me down like a bad habit, I started to feel a lot better after I kicked it.

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>abusive sky dad
Go back

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So you're agnostic atheist?

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The evidence says otherwise:










But if you need to cope with your faith that atheists are happy, then whatever, go ahead.

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>no, your delusion is worse than my delusion!
The absolute state of atheists.

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>abrahamic god
Hello I am athist gib free eternal happiness for being existant

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Triggered the christcuck, huh?

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>Triggered the christcuck, huh?

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It's actually the other way around.

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Evidence says otherwise

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What's the point of criticizing delusions if you acknowledge yourself as delusional as well?

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wtf your random assortment of links is gonna make me religious now

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there's a difference between saying religion helps a suicidal depressed person and saying religion gives the average person a better more fulfilled life. Also there is an argument that its more ethical for a chronically depressed adult to have the opportunity to die rather than live in pain for decades, so the correlation between religion and suicide prevention as an absolute social good is not ironclad

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Lying to yourself is more depressing

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That's how they think going in, yes. But it really isn't, you see.

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So don’t deny God; we agree.

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Because you placed the value of life in shit that was never real to begin with!

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at least you admit that you dont create meaning lmao

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>Is this just an ego thing?
Yes its pride.
>muh strawman version of god

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It’s the same reason day-to-day life is depressing. Sure, it would be nice if we were living in a fantasy book with elves and hobbits going on an adventure to destroy the Ring, but were not, were just going to work and following our inclinations without much thought fully knowledgeable of the fact that we are going to forget everything we did today in the long term.
Similarly, it would be nice if there was a religious god who loved you personally and gave you meaning and certainty and a purpose but the fact is that there’s no reason to believe in such a being so we don’t believe in them.
Reality is boring and depressing. Atheism is an acceptance of that reality. Theism is being like Don Quixote and convincing yourself that you’re some knight on a quest.

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>religion gives the average person a better more fulfilled life.
The average person is religious and loves it.

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Nothing is real, everything falls away

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Not a literature thread.
Fuck off

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This life is real. Everything else is nothing.

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Life's not worth living if you're not somebody's doll?

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